Gary Maxion
Gary Maxion 8 timer siden
1:11. I feel like it could go through her eye and maybe get lodged in her skull, but not penetration of the brain abd DEFINITELY not cominf out of the skull.
Hannah Maria
Hannah Maria 8 timer siden
Its actually funny about the interests thing, I was watching a video about what its like to date Russian woman and it said about how she will show interests in things you like even if she doesn't understand what's going on.
Gary Maxion
Gary Maxion 8 timer siden
Second clip isn't from 3. 3 is my favorite. . .Crystal Lowe and Amanda Crew. . .So, I know my deaths from 3. Come on, Doc!
avalina . m
avalina . m 8 timer siden
Why do I feel like this guy'd be a great rapper...? 😂
Steve Quincy
Steve Quincy 8 timer siden
Well it was scientists trying to play God with the gain of function research that started this whole mess, so forgive me if I tell Fauci and these "scientists" to go pound sand.
Kelsey Linn
Kelsey Linn 8 timer siden
This was amazing to watch... just so entertaining.
Pug pro productions
Pug pro productions 8 timer siden
4 years later And now they are both famous
Zara Alivia
Zara Alivia 8 timer siden
God bless Drokoborlala on you tube,who is the herbal doctor for curing me of herpes virus if you are interested contact him he is the best.
iLeah 8 timer siden
Two narcissistic doctors walk into a zoom meeting... JK! 😉🤪🤗🌹💗
ahsn avdty
ahsn avdty 8 timer siden
The outrageous delivery unfortunately face because temple superficially arrive apud a furry furtive kenya. nasty, poised yogurt
auctiongurl 8 timer siden
I'd love to be on his youtube showingy thingy. He's so funny. Would love to spend and entire day with him and his nephews. Theirs all just so funny and just seem like amazing people.
partyonwayne4 8 timer siden
OnlyJayus sweating right now
kimmybbbyeah 8 timer siden
As a former morbidly obese person, I’m not on board with HAES and I’m absolutely not on board with fat acceptance. I’ve been kicked out of 5 different body(not fat, but body)acceptance groups because I posted how proud I was that I went from a size 26 to a size 6. That’s apparently disparaging to those that are a size 26, so it’s not ok. BS. No one should be judged based upon their weight. No should should have less rights because of their weight. But obesity should never be normalized, glamorized or idealized. If you’re obese, you’re a ticking time bomb, regardless as to whether you have diagnosed conditions. It’s not rocket since to know that obesity puts more strain on your heart/body/organs. Yes, someone who’s a size 10 may be healthier than someone who’s a size 4 based on their individual health, but that still doesn’t mean obesity is healthy or that it can be healthy. Now, I do use the term obesity loosely because I think the BMI chart needs a massive overhaul. I have very little body fat but am still considered overweight, partly because of muscle weight and partly because of loose skin weight.
Nick Calingo
Nick Calingo 8 timer siden
Wait... Google sponsors people???
Red Eye
Red Eye 8 timer siden
Same for me 2020 was best year. I graduated from highschool without final exams , get to college , get 2 tattoos and the most important i losed 31kg from 98,8 kg to 67kg . I look little younger than before and i am more skinny and get few muscles. But still that belly doesnt look in best shape but i try change more. Dont need lose more weight imdont even mind gain little of it but want look good
Myskar Panimdim
Myskar Panimdim 8 timer siden
Sponsored by GOOGLE!!! dayum!
Megan Swanston
Megan Swanston 8 timer siden
Onions make you cry because that big long chemical you listed is attracted to moisture, and thus targets your tear ducts. If you put a moist paper towel next to the onion you are cutting it will help prevent those chemicals from seeking out the moisture in your eyes.
TronLogic 8 timer siden
If you wrap all your blood vessels around the world end to end you'll die.
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 8 timer siden
Doctor mike: your blood type determines your personality. Ryan Raymond: my blood type is B+ just like my outlook in live. Can you believe that?
Jill Wilks
Jill Wilks 8 timer siden
"Women have a better sense of smell than man" Me: well then why is my sense of smell awful..? Nose you're failing me.
John Gerken
John Gerken 8 timer siden
When he said that if you have an lifesaving medication that is expired, you should GET THEM NUDE!!, did anyone else have a mental image of somebody walking into a pharmacy buck-naked trying to get their meds refilled?
Νικος Χατζηαβρααμ
Νικος Χατζηαβρααμ 8 timer siden
Wait isn’t our largest muscle Latissimus Dorsi ?
John Barker
John Barker 8 timer siden
Many years ago, I was visiting my niece, around 5-6 at the time, and she saw this big dog and started to run away - I explained the dog instinct and how they are faster than humans and are really good at knocking running prey down. Apparently this had happened before. I told her to stay, and got between her and the dog. I puffed up, looked at the dog, which was growling as it approached. When Iit growled I firmly said, "no!" in a rising tone. Not a harsh "No!" because that sounds like a bark and a threat. Then, when it was within 10 feet, I adopted the biggest grin, maximum smile, no teeth and cocked my head. It's posture began to relax. I did the "who's a good boy", crouched a bit and extended my hand. He walked over sniffed, realized I was friendly. He then sniffed my niece, as she did the hand to sniff too and went about his day. He never bothered her again. She graduated from 'threat or prey' to 'friend'
Spencer Albiston
Spencer Albiston 8 timer siden
Bad idea to do it under 2yrs!!!!
Riccardo C
Riccardo C 8 timer siden
Maybe a consquence of an untested vaccine? Was he vaccinated?
jaylecia davila
jaylecia davila 8 timer siden
So crazy to see bear as a baby bear. He really grew into the name LOL.
Jonte on game
Jonte on game 8 timer siden
W3lol 8 timer siden
I know someone with aspergers and this is quite informative, thanks!
8 timer siden
Crooked corrupt puppet. This guy is NOT a doctor
Chief -24
Chief -24 8 timer siden
What causes us to yawn
auctiongurl 8 timer siden
Ari is so funny. I literally want to be best friends with him. He's also so sweet wanting to be a teacher to make an impact on people and loves the 90's shows. 💕 so awesome 💕
Chief -24
Chief -24 8 timer siden
Why do we yawn???
OldSchool Zone
OldSchool Zone 8 timer siden
Ask him about Aids Or nothing at all and prove your worth to the world. Your choice
Spirit wolf
Spirit wolf 8 timer siden
Mike: is that a seagull? Do seagulls attack in this game. Chicken: I identify as a seagull now
americandoctors arebabybutchers
americandoctors arebabybutchers 8 timer siden
whats your specialization mike? is it internal medicine or pharmacology? seems like you know more about pushups than you do about medicine or surgery hopefully you dont work in a maternity ward or see any patients with medicaid or medicare. alexandrias genesis is garbage stop trying to make it work. ww2 vets are not that valuable the queen of england is not that liked and if you have rh null blood DO NOT GET CUT it doesnt clot
Kristina Robinson
Kristina Robinson 8 timer siden
I hope that once I pass my boards and am working steady i will join Discord with you, you sound like your an amazing doctor, and it would be great to have private interactions with you, (professional interactions, im sitting for my FNP Boards soon)
Zetru 8 timer siden
Cool video, but why does Google even need ads? They are THE company that make the ads in the first place, that's like saying "this video is sponsored by NOwindow", you are runing it on NOwindow. Wtf Google.
Devin Rathman
Devin Rathman 8 timer siden
Personal question. What is it like owning a Newf? I personally would like to get one when I live on my own. Thanks!
jarmkolu 8 timer siden
Hi Mike, did you make it to 30 under 30?
FrequentFlier77 8 timer siden
But what happens when i die? 😏
Leandro C
Leandro C 8 timer siden
How about NOwindowCeption? Now you know why I’m not a professional doctor. 😂
auctiongurl 8 timer siden
Am I the only one who wants to be best friends with Daniel and Ari.
SGD .68
SGD .68 8 timer siden
Doctor Mike makes me feel I want to be ill, so that I can get a consultation and just sit there looking at him 😍
Wizard 8 timer siden
Cameron Compton
Cameron Compton 8 timer siden
Should I eat before I work out?
Canada Dry
Canada Dry 8 timer siden
"Work out both of your body parts." Well, this makes working out easier.
Eric Fitch
Eric Fitch 8 timer siden
I had a dog named Bear that looked just like your bear only black. he was a black lab collie mix.
Wolf 8 timer siden
I personally feel like it’s less about what the body looks like and more about making sure you are healthy with things like blood pressure, eating, and so. Also not focus on BMI which is a horrible measurement and focus on the person themselves.
Susan B
Susan B 8 timer siden
About the onion thing… something weird that happened to me while I was recovering with post-COVID loss of smell and taste, was that when I would cut an onion when I couldn’t taste or smell anything it wouldn’t make me cry. I could cut onions all day long no problem. Now that I’ve got my smell and taste back, I’m back to crying. Does the substance with the long name also trigger crying from the smell too? Otherwise it’s an odd coincidence 🤷🏻‍♀️
coraxblox 8 timer siden
WHEN I HEARD GOGGLE SPONSERD?? Eujdnxrjnejdnedjijeduedjedj
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 8 timer siden
I love your videos!
SMB 8 timer siden
What kind of dog is bear
Mark Mission
Mark Mission 8 timer siden
Mr gain of function fauci.
yaboijonathan2006 8 timer siden
Hey Dr.Mike I havent been able to smell most things. do u know why
natma relnam
natma relnam 8 timer siden
The opening sentence was totally accurate... That was it.
Doffen Gjertsen
Doffen Gjertsen 8 timer siden
I feel way better on keto😁 can run way longer in an fat adapted stage don't get the highs and lows like with carbs😉
Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins 8 timer siden
please more
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise 8 timer siden
hold on, wait, if your cornea doesn't receive oxygen through the blood does it respire in another way or does it not need oxygen. also if it respires is that why i sleep with my eyes a little open at the bottom or is that just me being strange??
Oluwamurewa .A
Oluwamurewa .A 8 timer siden
Rianne Angevare
Rianne Angevare 8 timer siden
What to do against -what are they called again- 'strawberry spots' on legs? Have had them all my life
melissa collins
melissa collins 8 timer siden
This guy interviewing him is such a shill, he didn’t ask any hard hitting questions the public really wants to know that msm won’t cover.
Uros Trajkovic
Uros Trajkovic 8 timer siden
Hey doctor mike iget a Dash on my chesy and stomach when exposed to Whater so i wabted to ask you if this can be deadly
worcestershire sauce
worcestershire sauce 8 timer siden
what would you call Will Smith if he was a douchebag? the prince of BellEnd!!!
Jimmy Simmons
Jimmy Simmons 8 timer siden
You're right Doctor Mike. I'm not sleeping enough, my brain has a disfunctional relationship with sleep. As soon as I lay down it goes crazy thinking up any number of things to keep me distracted away from getting to sleep. Then, once I'm finally asleep and the alarm goes off, I can't actually wake up most of the time because turns out, sleep is fuckin' awesome!
luvlly-! 8 timer siden
1:17 *faints*
Nancy J
Nancy J 8 timer siden
Who else touched their lashes when they knew that mites could exist there?
Charlie Timbol
Charlie Timbol 8 timer siden
U created it
Angela Cummins
Angela Cummins 8 timer siden
The visual hallucinations are the worse! Spiders, faces, black shadow people, webs, wild animals... you name it! It's a regular occurrence for me, I just try breath and count to 10.
Anusha Ven
Anusha Ven 8 timer siden
5:11 is that Deepika Padukone? If so, she’s an Indian actress lol
Fransisco Alvarezinski
Fransisco Alvarezinski 8 timer siden
What a softball interview. As dumb Joe would say, "C'mon man!!!"