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We all get headaches. Often it’s from stress or lack of sleep, but sometimes the cause of our headaches might be coming from sources you didn’t realize. For instance, I love cheese so much, but did you know cheese can actually be the source of your headache? How about wine? Your phone? Even your pillow or hat or caffeine withdrawal from not drinking coffee! Today I discuss 10 surprising causes of headaches you probably didn’t know about. Is there anything you’ve found that gives you a headache that I didn’t put on this list? Let me know down below!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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WickedKingLycoan 20 timer siden
I’ve had migraines ever since having a case of sun-stroke when I was in my early twenties. They seem to come on like a storm. You see/feel them coming on the horizon, take an Exedrin Migraine and hope for the best. If I have to use my prescription for it, it’s far beyond reason. It’s always the back of the head. Swear to God, it feels like vengeful/hateful Leprechaun stoving in the back of my skull with a shillelagh, whilst someone kicks me in the gut repeatedly.
Choppy Dag siden
Funny enough, I used to suffer from headaches and neck pains when sleeping in bed. I recently switched to a couch with the perfect armrest height for my head and I've never slept better
Dylan Richards
Dylan Richards 2 dager siden
One thing I noticed for me is that our plug-in air freshener, which had lavender scented oil in at the time, was triggering headaches for me. So we stopped using it.
Mieke K
Mieke K 2 dager siden
2 other reasons why people get headaches/migraines : dehydration and hormones (mostly due to or lack of birth control).
Becca Peck
Becca Peck 2 dager siden
AND parabens, MSG, soy, corn, cellulose, wheat/gluten, and sleep deprivation. Monthly Emgality shot has taken me from daily migraines to 5 in a year!
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez 3 dager siden
im talkin about compression!
Thajocoth 6 dager siden
2:47 - What about belly sleepers? I usually try to fall asleep on my side because I can't fall asleep on my back, but often wind up in what I call the "Cactuar Position" instead by the time I actually fall asleep, which is a form of sleeping belly-down. (A cactuar is a creature from the Final Fantasy series that has a lot of right angles in its positions. Look up an image of one and you'll know the position I often fall asleep in.)
Stacey Phillips
Stacey Phillips 7 dager siden
No, I mean, NO ONE, likes me without coffee. BUT I have stopped coffee after 4 pm, and I used to drink it right up til bedtime. And I have started trying to get 7 to 9 hrs of sleep every night! I also stopped grinding my teeth in my sleep!
Dianne Dixon - TeXXic
Dianne Dixon - TeXXic 7 dager siden
Brüt will make me back up immediately. Can't stand that cologne.
Travis Allen
Travis Allen 7 dager siden
I hope this gets to at least someone who gets migraines, relatively recent research has directly linked your eyes to migraines, most eye clinics now have the machine to test and see if you’re one of these people, they make special lenses for this condition and although expensive, they are very effective or your money back, they worked for me, I used to get 3-5 migraines a week and now get about 1-2 a year, ask your eye doctor about these lenses and see if they’re right for you
Jerry Hofstra
Jerry Hofstra 8 dager siden
In relation to weather. I don't get headaches but I get sleep spells were I go into a hibernation like state.
Ray Allen Villanueva
Ray Allen Villanueva 8 dager siden
not gonna lie I removed my hair tie watching this lol
Agata Wiatrowicz
Agata Wiatrowicz 8 dager siden
I only get barometric headaches. Even when the wind is too strong
Lindsey Meyer
Lindsey Meyer 9 dager siden
my bedtime range wasnt in there, i sleep 7-9 hours..
SaBoTeUr2001 9 dager siden
About the cheese before bedtime: I read somewhere that a study funded by the British Cheese Board (seriously, it exists) showed that eating cheese before bedtime caused vivid dreams. The test subjects were given about 20g of cheese before sleeping. So of course, I just *had* to try this.... Happy to say, cheese doesn't give me headaches. I too love cheese.
Elliot :p
Elliot :p 10 dager siden
Me watching this video with headphones on and easily able to get headaches and migraines: 🎧👁️👄👁️ "lemme just-" **takes off headphones and puts earbuds in instead**
Eoin Gaibhtheachain
Eoin Gaibhtheachain 10 dager siden
Why was "daylight" not on the list? is it not a surprising trigger for headaches?
Rana 1016
Rana 1016 10 dager siden
Cause#10 should be higher on your list. The reason I believe it happens is due to it being synthetically made. Compared to essential oils which are pure from the source, synthetic ones just “stink”! I wish more ppl would realize this. My sense of smell is super sensitive and it’s the first thing that can automatically cause head pain, like a sharp pain upon smelling it. In addition to your excellent way of explaining what happens in the brain during strong scents, I have fibromyalgia which is already an over active nervous system. Double whammy for me I guess. LOL Thank you for a great video Dr. Mike.
Alex Sorensen
Alex Sorensen 11 dager siden
#8 Head Compressions, Head Compressions, Head Compressions!
Stan110 11 dager siden
I also usaly get a marine from: roller-coaster rides, sparkling water and aspirine.
Stan110 11 dager siden
7 is the worst, I get an head ace 60% of the time when it's just raining and 80% of the time with its raining and there are high winds. After school when I have to cycle it feels like I'm tortured before I can fianly rest.
MILWAUKEE MOTOR 11 dager siden
what's the difference between a headache vs a migraine?
Telmar Sylvia
Telmar Sylvia 12 dager siden
Dr Mike: folks why don't you keep your cell phone a little bit far from your eyes Me: (moved my phone a little bit far) I felt relieved
MIKE D 13 dager siden
I have never had a headache
Alyssa Lunsford
Alyssa Lunsford 13 dager siden
For me, the strong scents is sort of a sensory overload thing. If I'm in a dark or quiet room, smells dont bother me. It's even worse when eating because then I'm tasting something too. It's like my nervous system just cant handle it.
20 E's Productions
20 E's Productions 14 dager siden
most of the time i don't use a pillow when I sleep, is this really bad? its so much more comfortable for me though!
allthingsjustice 64
allthingsjustice 64 15 dager siden
My migraines normally have a very clear cause, too much sun, too much sweet stuff day before, too much stress or a change in routine, so changing how much I sleep. I also tend to get them the day before a period
allthingsjustice 64
allthingsjustice 64 15 dager siden
I did my own experiment with cheese when I was younger cause someone told me they cause nightmares, I woke up with migraine
Tarar Amena
Tarar Amena 16 dager siden
Doctor Mike: listing cheese, wine and aged meat as triggers for headaches. Me being French: 👁👄👁w W ee
xdPharoh 16 dager siden
I get headaches from all of these except the glasses. I have a headache watches this right now
Henna j
Henna j 18 dager siden
me watching this having my phone 3 inches from my face: 👁👄👁
Hala Zeisa
Hala Zeisa 19 dager siden
Bras and masks too
30Befree 19 dager siden
Sometimes i get really worried I may have an Aneurisma, because seriously I try not to fall under these bad habits, but I still I have a lot of migraines... I've tried prophylactic medication, but the side effects are terrible!
Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk 19 dager siden
Some times i have a migraine.oh that is reason behind that there's a strong chemical reaction.thanks doctor.
Amber DuBrock
Amber DuBrock 20 dager siden
Or you just have Chiari Malformation. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Julia Ovalle
Julia Ovalle 20 dager siden
mo Bi
mo Bi 21 dag siden
I have cluster headaches so I had to see this
Anon anon
Anon anon 22 dager siden
What about epilepsy related migraines? I've heard some neurologists mention them and it feels as if they cannot pinpoint the epicenter of the migraine so they just use the preexisting epilepsy diagnosis to explain it.
Hunter Lyons
Hunter Lyons 22 dager siden
I get headaches like at least 3-4 days every week
Miranda Boswell
Miranda Boswell 22 dager siden
Does crying count😃
danielle 23 dager siden
I love listening to Doctor Mike He makes medical terms and other things so much easier to understand. 😁♥️
greenromancepark 23 dager siden
As a side sleeper what is the importance over having a solid pillow vs using your own arms and hands as a head helper?
greenromancepark 23 dager siden
What are the reasons you would request your patients to go cold turnkey on caffeine?
greenromancepark 23 dager siden
It isn’t known how far 20 ft away are. That’s the issue
Carla López Gil
Carla López Gil 23 dager siden
I have tinnitus... I don't know why
Ian Franco Leite
Ian Franco Leite 23 dager siden
When I had braces I would have headaches all the time.
Vani Pradeep
Vani Pradeep 23 dager siden
Does the brightness of the screen hurt the eye?
MagicAgr Nub
MagicAgr Nub 23 dager siden
Jokes on you, i'm blind.
Shilah Lewis
Shilah Lewis 24 dager siden
Sugar and caffeine really trigger mine. Caffeine also makes my anxiety REALLY BAD.
Joy Nader
Joy Nader 24 dager siden
Is it weird that I don't even know what a headache feels like?! I think I have possibly had a headache but it maybe it was mild...
Alyssa Lunsford
Alyssa Lunsford 13 dager siden
😲 I can't remember what it feels like to *not* have a headache..
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 24 dager siden
I felt bad for going to the ER (twice) for headaches. The first time, they did a CT scan (I have clotting history), and said they found nothing. The next time, they reinterpreted the CT scan and did an MRI to discover I have a spontaneous CSF leak. Like, I’m in my 30s. We don’t go to the hospital for no reason. A little annoyed doctors don’t take people my age seriously.
Neumo500 24 dager siden
He talks about proper pillows for back/side sleeping, but what about belly sleepers?
Ichoros 24 dager siden
fck weather, really.
Denise Sanchez
Denise Sanchez 24 dager siden
I love the art on the wall!
Evelynn Mayo
Evelynn Mayo 24 dager siden
"You spend 1/3 of your life asleep" Laughs in meth head that stays awake for 10 days straight every 2 weeks
csi2000 24 dager siden
I got a few of these. I sleep on my side, certain smells give me an instant headache or migraine & have TMJ issues. I clench & grind my teeth at night & I know when I've done that at night since I'll wake up with a headache & sore jaw.
Jamie Lehman
Jamie Lehman 25 dager siden
You forgot pickles. It took me 15 years to figure it out. I noticed that everytime I threw up from a headache, I'd have pickles in my vomit from the day before. That's when it hit me 😲
kkiouris !
kkiouris ! 25 dager siden
Me who sleeps on my back and on my side during the night: *screaming*
Shelby F
Shelby F 25 dager siden
Scents, weather and lights and my enemies 😭
Cyber Shark
Cyber Shark 26 dager siden
Did you know that reading a book can cause blindness(I actually do t know that he f dis is true)
Theo Rutherford
Theo Rutherford 27 dager siden
Doctor Mike you are official not stinky
YourNickIsTaken 27 dager siden
Is it true that masturbation and sex is good medicine for headaches?
MariaDeysi Primiani
MariaDeysi Primiani 27 dager siden
Question: Can chewing gum cause a headache?
순Wani 27 dager siden
Not at me trying to google what 20 ft means
Lizzy Johnson
Lizzy Johnson 27 dager siden
I already ground my way through my acrylic night guard. Insurance won’t pay for another one. I have flat teeth in the back now. I would go through the rubbery ones in one night. I have horrible broken, chipped, and flat teeth. I also have a bit of an overbite so my bottom teeth constantly knock against my top front teeth. Very, very unhappy. I think my dentist wants to shoot me. I shredded through 2 acrylic guards. I think I’m just going to have to get duals.
leaderfire 28 dager siden
Well so i have a migrane for abuteba year and my doctor dont know what it is
xSSMega 28 dager siden
Things for Gamers who get headaches. Try getting a lighter headset or take it off in between matches. If you where a hat just don’t tighten it till your trying to make your head shrink. Get a bigger hat if you cant. Just some ideas that might help. Edit: Astro A20 is a light headset, and its actually good quality lasts you 15 Hours. If play longer than that maybe your getting a headache cause u stare at your screen too long. Plus the A20 is cheap for a wireless headset $120.
Aishwarya Rajan
Aishwarya Rajan 28 dager siden
Let that hair down... cute smile... 😍 heart ache for me 💔
mobabyhomeslice Måned siden
I'm surprised Doctor Mike didn't mention sex headaches.
leo_ Afton_official
leo_ Afton_official Måned siden
so the parents are kind of right
Krystina W
Krystina W Måned siden
As someone treated for chronic migraines for nearly a decade most of this was a review. But I never thought about the hat correlation. It makes sense though. The brim of the hat sits right where the neurologist presses during my exams. Also, my favorite migraine tracking app is N-1 Headache (formerly Curelator). It’s helped me figure out my triggers, warning signs, and even protective stuff. By using this app, I now know excessive yawning is a big red-alert for me. I also know that for whatever reason nuts may help prevent or reduce the intensity of my migraines. So much info gleaned from using such a simple tracking app!
Tama Amajiki
Tama Amajiki Måned siden
Tyler Sheehy
Tyler Sheehy Måned siden
I rather grind my teeth no treatment
Tyler Sheehy
Tyler Sheehy Måned siden
My matrise is. 20+ years old older than i been in the family years and years
Kelly Leach
Kelly Leach Måned siden
I have gotten migraines from sitting in front of a computer all day.
AlexMadness Måned siden
I thought I was the only one getting migraines with perfume! (and other strong scents) I'm certainly the only one in my circle tho :c
*cringy dino*
*cringy dino* Måned siden
I never have problem with smell I have a migraine
*cringy dino*
*cringy dino* Måned siden
Actually if I don't take my doctor prescribed headache medicine I get headaches
*cringy dino*
*cringy dino* Måned siden
Oh my goodness that place is beautiful
Hitch Mercedes
Hitch Mercedes Måned siden
im like getting NEVER EVER headaches (and im a 24/7 gamer who's sitting litarly in front of the TV). and im thankful of this!
Cathy Soulliere
Cathy Soulliere Måned siden
I've had migraines since I was kicked in the mouth by a horse when I was 24 years old, my palette was pushed back and lost 10 teeth, I did have surgery to fix the palette and to sew up my gums that were pretty chewed up , but to this day I still get migraines from that
Le Quiano Funestas
Le Quiano Funestas Måned siden
This help alot
poonam dhaka
poonam dhaka Måned siden
When I am laying on the bed and I suddenly get up ,I get the worst headache in the world for 5 seconds and then everything goes back to normal . I am not anemic but this is happening since 2020 nevertheless.
Summer Maier
Summer Maier Måned siden
Those teeth headaches hurt too. For me they right under menstrual migraines
Marwari Rai
Marwari Rai Måned siden
Now its informational
Panky is a food lover
Panky is a food lover Måned siden
Me using a phone on bed: 👁️👄👁️
Ian Finrir
Ian Finrir Måned siden
I've never gotten a headache from tying my hair back.
Britney Dallington
Britney Dallington Måned siden
Hey Doctor Mike, I get short headaches when I stand up, it feels like a pulsating pain and it really hurts behind my eyes and on my forehead, a friend of mine, who is a med student, said it might be (POTS) but what could be the cause of this?
DariusBoss85 Måned siden
I ate a raw potato and got a headache lol
bakazuki Måned siden
I'm hypersensitive. I always (easily) suffer from headaches caused by eight of the ten mentioned here 🥴 it would be amazing if I can go headache-free for two days straight
• D e m i •
• D e m i • Måned siden
me: *stares at my phone for an hour at the least* my parents: stop. also me: *staring at a computer screen, which is bigger than my phone screen and sometimes the same amount of inches away from my face* my parents: oh you’re going to be fine! also *also* me: stares not even an inch away from the tv my mind: how is this not damaging to my eyes?
Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews Måned siden
Why do I feel like I developed a headache while watching this video? Power of suggestion? 😂
Kyla Catequista
Kyla Catequista Måned siden
Watching this @ 12 midnight. I can actually feel my head aching rn.
Steve Måned siden
You get a headache You use alot of painkillers They give you a headache You stop using painkillers Your headache is back
a peaceful world
a peaceful world Måned siden
Set my timer for 20 minutes..
arculululu Måned siden
This is so true. I get migraines very often because of pillows, the sun, compression (it got so bad that I couldn't even touch my head without causing one) and strong scents ):
Slate 27
Slate 27 Måned siden
I never had a migraine before in my life, but then I think I got coronavirus because I had so bad of a headache that I couldn't look at computer screens or get out of bed without feeling my brain explode worse than any hangover. Had a real bad fever too, and vomited/dry heaved every 20 or so minutes for about 15 hours once the headache went away. Caffeine and alcohol withdrawal is nothing compared to that migraine.
Ayan Ahmed
Ayan Ahmed Måned siden
When o see somebody with a headache why do I get it ?
Allyiah Haussecker
Allyiah Haussecker Måned siden
Dr. Mike, I've been allergic to sun screen. Every few years I try a new one, is there one that wouldn't make me swell, blister and scab all summer? I've tried big brands and changing spf levels. PLEASE HELP ME!
passiegames original
passiegames original Måned siden
why i am going to get headaches, just like my grandfather and dad. its because of the breathing go brrrr during sleep
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