Asking Michael Reeves About His Exploding Bladder & "Education"

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Michael Reeves is one of my favorite NOwindowrs. He’s extremely creative with his engineering, building robots that do all sorts of hilarious things. He’s made a roomba that screams when it hits something, a microwave powered by screams, an electric chair that tasers you if you can’t find Waldo fast enough. Come to think of it, most of Michaels inventions are somehow scream-related. Unfortunately, Michael is no stranger to scream-inducing pain himself, as he revealed his scary history with a bladder problem that nearly left him passed out on the floor of a Hawaii shopping mall. I wanted to set the record straight with Michael over the “popping” sound that emerged from inside him, the frequency of his urination, his “p-i-s cup” invention, and the claims people make that his urine “turned black."
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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike Måned siden
How did we collab: After the Viral Surgery Robot + Meme Review Video ->
tommy sopian
tommy sopian 23 dager siden
P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳e̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳💯 𝘾𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚⏩ livegirls19. com ⏪ !♥今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, 1618807751
Mat Fab
Mat Fab Måned siden
Dude .. im 3 min in the video but i had to say .. I mean here in canada its freaking free...... F R E E... you know .. so its not a question of I have no insurance W T F. USA system is so sad :(
*cringy dino*
*cringy dino* Måned siden
That's so sweet of you took your money and your time to talk to him to see if he was all right.
Maverick Johnson
Maverick Johnson Måned siden
Hey is it ok if you only use the bathroom once every two days?
Get Lost Squidward
Get Lost Squidward Måned siden
Hey Doctor Mike! I have a question; You've said in previous videos that you don't recommend caffeine for highschool students. Is it harmful If I drink coffee as a substitute for ADHD medication?
꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄ 2 timer siden
KCNotFound 6 timer siden
Michal:If I die i die
Spiffy _
Spiffy _ 7 timer siden
It took me a 3rd rewatch of this video to realize that Michael meant that it was his vision that turned black not his urine.
Darth Citharae
Darth Citharae 7 timer siden
Doesnt want to go to the doctor to be checked out because of a 99% survival rate virus... California, never change.
Archery Luna
Archery Luna 9 timer siden
Covid19 is the biggest and most lethal tiktok challenge
GhOsT 👻
GhOsT 👻 15 timer siden
Micheal is the reason i want to be a programer, to code, to be a software engineer
ECNIV 20 timer siden
Alchemist64 Dag siden
Dont be worry about crack goblin
Brayden, not a nokia
Brayden, not a nokia Dag siden
i learn hella slow
Dakarai Reed
Dakarai Reed Dag siden
The not having medical insurance was a mood!😂
Jonathan Cunningham
Jonathan Cunningham Dag siden
Dr.Mike you sound kind of like Sonic from his movie 😆
ROS Dag siden
Wait is micheal okay???
TrapPanda23 Dag siden
So I’ve got some concerns about this little pocket behind my ear. It moves and it is semi solid. I constantly have a little buzz behind my ear. Ever since it showed up I haven’t been able to think as well. Anybody got any ideas on what it is?
Jessica The Family Disappointment
Jessica The Family Disappointment 2 dager siden
one of the cadavers I was able to work on had a HUGE aortic aneurysm. Just...massive. It wasn't related to the cause of their death, but it's scary to think about the fact that there are so many things that can go wrong as far as our internal organs are concerned, and we may never know.
Kyuu 2 dager siden
*If I die, I die.*
Gireza64 2 dager siden
American : paying for health and education French : no thank you, i'd rather become a doctor or an engineer and being able to go to the doctor, both for free
Conan Ai Hime
Conan Ai Hime 2 dager siden
Broooo!!! I'm now fan of Michael. He's amazing inventor!! He seems cool
Madi Roach
Madi Roach 2 dager siden
this collab omg
Invoke Grid
Invoke Grid 2 dager siden
Mike: *Adds "Micheal Reeves" on the title* Gains 1 M Subs
Jay Abando
Jay Abando 2 dager siden
I dunno Michael Reeves but he sounds like a Moba player. Edit: Oh yeah he is a gamer.
Marcsi Nagy
Marcsi Nagy 3 dager siden
why does this work it shouldnt
Nevry Night
Nevry Night 3 dager siden
I love genki sushi
Lord Willshire
Lord Willshire 3 dager siden
My head, chest, and kidney feel weird after watching this
Shadex 4 dager siden
wow this is a great crossover
Stacy Kassem
Stacy Kassem 4 dager siden
I love how this was made while he was building the Boston dynamics pissbot
Keirra Austin
Keirra Austin 4 dager siden
Two of my favorite NOwindow's
GamersLounge22 4 dager siden
with the price of trips to the hospital for just about anything id rather toss in the towel and say f it aswell
Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson 5 dager siden
I'm genuinely upset that Michael isn't going to the doctor for this. I understand that sometimes it can be hard to treat ourselves with love, but it still hurts to see people be so flippant with their health and wellbeing. If you struggle to take care of yourself, I find that it helps to imagine if a loved one was in your position, and what you would want them to do. If your best friend was experiencing concerning symptoms for weeks/months, would you want them to go to the doctor? If your partner wasn't taking their medication, would you be worried for them? You may not care about your own wellbeing, but remember that your friends and family do! If you ever got really sick because you put off going to the doctor, that would really hurt the people who love you most. It's agonizing to watch a loved one treat themselves badly, so if you can't do something for yourself, maybe you can try to do it for the people who care about you, so they don't have to suffer the pain of watching you ignore your health and wellbeing.
Camsters_Cool 5 dager siden
Wait his bladder exploded is that why he didn’t upload in 5 months
PopMasterAlan 5 dager siden
8:10 just a burning memory immediately starts playing in my mind
Pamela Rotter
Pamela Rotter 5 dager siden
I agree with Michael, aneurisms are terrifying. As well as strokes. Because you can be fine one day and then just dead out of nowhere. Dr. Mike’s explanation didn’t really make me feel any better about it 😂 but now I’m more informed about why it’s terrifying lol
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 5 dager siden
as a male hearing anything about pain in the bladder or something else about the bladder makes me squirm
Clabe 6 dager siden
Everything you need to know about american health care 2:22
MementoMori2070 6 dager siden
"If I die I die" Honestly it's how I live my day to day(Memento Mori) . I have epilepsy and since I've been diagnosed I've accepted the fact that I can randomly pass out and may never wake up again. I don't think it's depressing just a reality that has to be known. Heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms (like mentioned in the video) All could happen at random to anyone so we should just live our lives to the fullest
BlueJagger 7 dager siden
Literally though he could just build a new bladder that pisses beer or something
Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan 7 dager siden
I don't have health insurance so if I die I die is the most American thing ever
Broockle 7 dager siden
so are there any theories? Can a bladder sew itself back together after popping?
GD - 07OS 761313 Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS
GD - 07OS 761313 Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS 8 dager siden
hey "doctor do you know what covid 19 is"? WTF
Dolly 9 dager siden
Dr mike is a very crush-worthy doctor. If I had frontotemporal dementia I would have much to say to him.
GerryBolger 9 dager siden
7:59 "It was the amygdala right?". Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt....
Logan Truong
Logan Truong 9 dager siden
This is every parent's "I TOLD YOU SO" moment 🤣🤣🤣
Wolfberryy 10 dager siden
Okay but what turned black
Randomdud3 8 dager siden
His vision probably
Clever The Loner
Clever The Loner 10 dager siden
Soooo Emilia laughs too much so her blood pressure dont get high .... makes sense ?
A cat on his hind legs.
A cat on his hind legs. 10 dager siden
Bro I drink a 3 leaders of water a day. I pee 3 - 11 times per day.
Roma Flores
Roma Flores 10 dager siden
Modern Sheldon Cooper hahaha
Lonely • xXHEROBRINE GAMESXx • 10 dager siden
This happened to ME a while back I was fine
Carson Paul Lee
Carson Paul Lee 10 dager siden
Doctor mike is a terrible doctor, he’s a sell out.
NurseStacy RN
NurseStacy RN 11 dager siden
I also want to add, I have worked in multiple nursing homes and in a dementia unit at one and I know exactly what your talking about when you refer to the personality change and making inappropriate comments and stuff to staff! It may have been a first time but most definitely will not be the last. Haha
NurseStacy RN
NurseStacy RN 11 dager siden
He is extremely smart! I’m impressed
Jayson Maza
Jayson Maza 12 dager siden
Liver and you name it🙂 but not kidneys.
Mikkebak The Gamer
Mikkebak The Gamer 12 dager siden
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, abbreviated to SARS or more specifically, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (abbreviated to SARS-CoV-2, as it’s official name is) is the respiratory virus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic which is currently still ongoing at the time of writing. It has been going on for approximately 13 months now.
Mason Stiyer
Mason Stiyer 13 dager siden
My grandma survived an Aneurysm but it changed her forever
Artistic Space
Artistic Space 14 dager siden
I have OAB I take medication for it but I still urinate at least 10 to 15 times a day/ night many times it will be at night Ive gone to a Urologist several times and they have just told me that nothing can be done and to drink less water at night and to continue taking the medication. 😞 Ive been dealing with this for about 10 years and Im 32 now.
Kit 14 dager siden
Wow. Thanks algorithm, this was something I had never considered happening to the human body until now. Thanks.... like a lot.
Samra Shah
Samra Shah 14 dager siden
Michael is my spirit… thing
felix hannemann
felix hannemann 14 dager siden
"interesting robots"
Cami Peterson
Cami Peterson 15 dager siden
Nooo you have to talk about what you think it could have been! Miiiike 👎
Silent Mouse
Silent Mouse 15 dager siden
Like how the Boston Dynamics dog is just flipped over chilling their.
Hemang Mathur
Hemang Mathur 15 dager siden
1:49 Michaels influence on Dr. Mike is palpable.
Ali cool
Ali cool 15 dager siden
Yeah since i still quite young I go to this robot class and we learn how to build them and stuff.
Cloudy 15 dager siden
"Its this thing called Covid 19"
Ratz 15 dager siden
i always thought it was weird for me to go to the bathroom every 2-3 hours so is that a normal time, to much, or too little. i drink about 4-5 cups of a water a day.
BabyDevil 16 dager siden
Lol then what turned black?😂
Dath123 10 dager siden
His vision, he discribes tunnel vision.
Cheese Guy
Cheese Guy 16 dager siden
His stream haha
James Deitrich
James Deitrich 16 dager siden
ha i was in that mall a month ago lol
Mike Hall
Mike Hall 16 dager siden
My uncle actually survived an aneurism. He was lucky. The ambulance got to his house really fast and someone who was with him knew what had happened (somehow). They quickly put his head on ice to slow the bleeding and got him to the hospital just in time.
Victoria Likuku
Victoria Likuku 17 dager siden
Dr Mike that’s a cool T-shirt. Mind explaining what the saying on it means?
Khaos-is-online 17 dager siden
My best friend had an aneurysm rupture at 13! She had a really rare type as well. She made a miraculous recovery and suffered almost no ill effects!
Miss Dire
Miss Dire 17 dager siden
"I didn't have insurance. Eh, if I die, I die. It's whatever." Such an American thing to say.
MMFB 17 dager siden
So that's why he made that, i thought he was just doing it cause he wanted to, that makes more sense now
DJ Davis
DJ Davis 17 dager siden
4? Wait really? I pee maybe once or twice!!
AndiPlays 17 dager siden
My friend had the same problem
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago 17 dager siden
I gotta thank him, i have always felt so insecure because I’m not the fastest learner, feel much better about myself now😊😊
Weirdbutneat 18 dager siden
Omg I love you for doing this video
Justin Duane
Justin Duane 18 dager siden
Angie B
Angie B 18 dager siden
React to cobra Kai Johnny when he went to the hospital scene
Keira Battiss
Keira Battiss 19 dager siden
Can you live without the frontal lobe or will you die like chris afton?
Hyena Hammock
Hyena Hammock 19 dager siden
Michael's room looks like it's about to be a Mythbusters set
Fire_boi 19 dager siden
I think his appendix poped
DoRiTo g0d
DoRiTo g0d 19 dager siden
1:41, 3:16, 7:38, 8:14
Sören Petersen
Sören Petersen 20 dager siden
Wild guess: "Diabetes" Also the Zink he is inhaling..
Dan B
Dan B 20 dager siden
How Michael just pours water into his open mouth gives me anxiety
Leon Youm
Leon Youm 20 dager siden
I thought he was talking about his mental health
therealenglish 20 dager siden
Now I’m not eating genki sushi ever again
Julian Danzer
Julian Danzer 21 dag siden
welcome to the americna healthcare system want help? forget about calling an ambulance or going to the doctor make a funny youtube video and hope a medical youtuber reacts to it
Julian Danzer
Julian Danzer 21 dag siden
"we should collab and do somethign really cool like with vr and surgery siulator" ... "asking michael reeves about his exploding bladder"
Chizal 25
Chizal 25 21 dag siden
I'd love to see more collabs with michael reeves! surgeon simulator 2 came out which is a co-op version of surgeon simulator where you get to run around the whole surgery with other people instead of just controlling arms, still wacky physics and everything!
Ng Sebastian
Ng Sebastian 22 dager siden
Genki Sushi should felt bad for being told their sushi taste like chinese food.
Giovanni Lule-Paredes
Giovanni Lule-Paredes 22 dager siden
Anyrisim scary
Locobro8282 22 dager siden
Anybody else learn about phineas gage from Sam o nella?
CoolyGamerz 22 dager siden
He ate GENKI SUSHI?? LOL, my favourite sushi store
Terro 22 dager siden
So no progress on medical knowledge concerning what happened to his bladder? It was just a short talking point, I feel like I got clickbaited lmao
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole 22 dager siden
The only time I’ve peed that much is with UTIs which is like kind of all the time
OnPoint&This Nils lawn defense
OnPoint&This Nils lawn defense 22 dager siden
Every guy after reading the title: °o°
FEVER 23 dager siden
Great, now im afraid to pee
Hisoka Morrow
Hisoka Morrow 23 dager siden
Michael Neutron
E Eeee
E Eeee 23 dager siden
Anyone else thinking of calling an aneurysm a brain blast?
Samuel L. Uzumaki
Samuel L. Uzumaki 23 dager siden
Snake Lover
Snake Lover 23 dager siden
We are literally watching a doctor’s appointment 😂
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