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Hyram Yarbro is a fellow NOwindowr and a skin care specialist… or so he claims. Today I wanted to put him to the test to see just how much of a skin specialist he is by playing my new game show: Name That Skin! I showed Hyram extremely close up images of various skin, ranging from human skin irritated by poison ivy, to the skin of a lady bug, to the skin of a grape, and everything in-between. Hyram crushed it, especially pulling out answers like “Beluga Whale” and “Roof Shingles”, raising $7000 for Direct Relief. Let me know down below how you did playing along and which ones you got correct!
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Takanashi Yomi
Takanashi Yomi 2 timer siden
why is 5:45 wrong, isnt he right? o-o
Zeina ahmed
Zeina ahmed 14 timer siden
Did anyone else think that the Grand Canyon zoomed in was a piece of brownies Just me okay
Meredith 19 timer siden
I totally thought the poison ivy one was eczema.
Rory Cat
Rory Cat Dag siden
oh gosh i thought some doctor was just gonna tear into this poor man
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs Dag siden
I was expecting a dermatologist...
SKIIZM 2 dager siden
Please do a react video collab with Doctor ER 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Jack James
Jack James 2 dager siden
basketball skin?
Meredits 3 dager siden
What do u think of atopic dermatitis?
Mariah D
Mariah D 3 dager siden
Oh, beluga?
Crackhead Kenma Kozume
Crackhead Kenma Kozume 4 dager siden
Hyram's skin is pretty👁👄👁✋
Agente 07
Agente 07 5 dager siden
The best colab in da entire world
Caitlyn Lewis
Caitlyn Lewis 5 dager siden
Wait...since when is money made of cotton?
Noco Roco
Noco Roco 6 dager siden
i got a skin care add WHAT
Aubrey Abi-abi Dulag
Aubrey Abi-abi Dulag 6 dager siden
Ree name Meme
Ree name Meme 7 dager siden
Ok i feel like this is rigged
narcissa clink
narcissa clink 8 dager siden
That shingles one looks like what my husband has and has had since the 1990s.
Wanda Martinez
Wanda Martinez 9 dager siden
hrez 9 dager siden
How did I not know about this collab!?
Anna 9 dager siden
Carol Smith
Carol Smith 12 dager siden
I'm very impressed.
RamboJesus 12 dager siden
This video reminds me of my professor during ACLS. Study and learn normal sinus rhythms. If you know what a normal sinus rhythm you'll always be able to detect an abnormal rhythm. If you learn what human skin looks like maybe you won't get it confused with the grand canyon. 'skin specialist'.
Kupono Bueltmann
Kupono Bueltmann 12 dager siden
shii man he lives in hawai’i? shoots brah
la1498 13 dager siden
I once got poison ivy in my eye.... All my bloodvessels popped and the whites of my eyes fully turned red. It slowly went away and luckily no lasting damage😊
Ian Godzisz
Ian Godzisz 13 dager siden
You should do Brian shutter md collab I think I spelled his name right
Tyler M
Tyler M 13 dager siden
Technically the outer layer of a lady bug is its skeleton and not its skin. So that question can't be answered correctly so he should get an extra 500$
Joelupetz 13 dager siden
I was surprised that they have a collab. I watch both of their channels and they are very well trusted 😊
Hannah 14 dager siden
the fact that- Hyram couldn't figure out his own skin...but knows the skin of a Baluga whale within three seconds...
BabyDevil 15 dager siden
Lol it's funny that's 90% he was always right but he second guessed it😂 and his face is jut like me always laugh on series stuff too can't control it
Petra Ang
Petra Ang 15 dager siden
My favourite skin-care expert !!! When the poison ivy rash pops out, I really thought it was like, halfway cooked pork belly skin. LOL
Sol Velásquez
Sol Velásquez 16 dager siden
Loveee the collab.
Valarie 16 dager siden
This was so much fun! When he got beluga right away I died! LOL
Luke 16 dager siden
Mike: Grand Canyon = skin
Bianca Wolter
Bianca Wolter 16 dager siden
Wait... are dollars made of COTTON?????
Jovial 16 dager siden
He's not even a skin specialist :/
Summer Noybn
Summer Noybn 16 dager siden
money is defo made of fabric ;) except only in the us.. your country may vary... i think canadas is plastic lol.
Caroline Guy
Caroline Guy 17 dager siden
Danny Trejo's chin is an unfair one, it's so misleading 😭
Mara Bruyere
Mara Bruyere 17 dager siden
Is money made out of... cotton??????? 🤔
Joshuquon 18 dager siden
I’m proud to say that I have a strawberry birthmark🙃so many people ask if I have a condition lol
Justice Graceful
Justice Graceful 18 dager siden
Dude aced the test, well done man. Very perceptive.
Random Person
Random Person 19 dager siden
Seeing that poison ivy rash gave me flashbacks to all the times I’ve had poison ivy. I get a really bad reaction so I have to go to the doctor a lot to get antibiotics, and last time my eyes almost got swollen shut so yeah, not fun.
Pro Slayer
Pro Slayer 20 dager siden
When I was only 3 i got shingles by accident when getting a shot
Laurier Chappell
Laurier Chappell 20 dager siden
Maura Jones
Maura Jones 20 dager siden
I hate rocesa
IHazShort 22 dager siden
4:19 I've twised and sprained my ankles a few times, but that it WAY more brutal.
Maddi Piano
Maddi Piano 22 dager siden
could you do a video about sunscreen and skin cancer awareness:( maybe with a dermatologist featured! a lot of high school age friends of mine don’t care ab skin protection;( and even telling them about aging doesn’t change their opinion!
dondrap513 22 dager siden
Danny Trejo getting dunked on
MagpiesNeedle 23 dager siden
Enjoyed that far more than I expected. Even Hyram (whom I could take of leave) but it’s great he did this for charity. And D.r Mike? Well, chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions
David Caceres
David Caceres 23 dager siden
How on earth does one sprain an ankle like that playing tennis?? 🎾 @doctormike let’s play sometime lol
Yoongis Cat
Yoongis Cat 23 dager siden
Alright honestly, Hyram and Mike has the most clearest skin I've ever seen.
Mack W
Mack W 24 dager siden
N Dubbeldam
N Dubbeldam 24 dager siden
lmfaooo the only ones i got right were the blackheads, chin and the rose lol
Kailee 25 dager siden
When they mentioned Brad Mondo 🥺🥺🥺
Edita Chew
Edita Chew 25 dager siden
The legendary collab we’ve been waiting for🥴✨
Syanatanabanga 26 dager siden
I’ve had poison ivy all lover my legs and feet. It was terrible and also on my face.
Syanatanabanga 26 dager siden
Not only is this an amazing fun challenge but it’s a donation project for people who need it
anneboina maansa
anneboina maansa 26 dager siden
Omg one of my favourite collab in yt♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Dalilah Papaya
Dalilah Papaya 27 dager siden
you guys look like you're related
Dumster Truck
Dumster Truck 27 dager siden
I honestly dont know how he got so many of them like the only thing I could day with confidence was the strawberry. And that was the only one I got
Silvia Rodas
Silvia Rodas 27 dager siden
Dr mike this wasnt enough proof
Silvia Rodas
Silvia Rodas 27 dager siden
I still dont think hes someone to follow.
Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk 27 dager siden
Nice i enjoyed it 😊.
Ícaro Cavalcante
Ícaro Cavalcante 27 dager siden
Loved It, but a little cringe hahahaha. Cheers from Brazil :D
maram elshwaf
maram elshwaf 27 dager siden
Wow Hyram you nailed it 🔥♥️
Xx WaffleBean xX
Xx WaffleBean xX 28 dager siden
"Hello folks, I'm your host Doctor Mike and welcome to... *NAME! THAT! SKIN!* "
Paula Carvajal Gonzalez
Paula Carvajal Gonzalez 28 dager siden
Hyram should study medicine
Zachary Dee
Zachary Dee 28 dager siden
Aaand unsubscribed
Selin Schmidt
Selin Schmidt 28 dager siden
You remind me of Derek Sheperd...
Abigale Starr
Abigale Starr 28 dager siden
HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?! My two favorites!
Douglas Gentile
Douglas Gentile 29 dager siden
The skin doctor has very nice eyes
Markus 29 dager siden
Asha Marion
Asha Marion 29 dager siden
How is no one called about his ankle
California Doll
California Doll Måned siden
Why is anyone even entertaining Hyram he literally has no medical education or even any certifications yet he is a self proclaimed skin specialist. He can't diagnose or treat any skin diseases like someone like Dr.Dray can
Mourya Reddy
Mourya Reddy Måned siden
Nathan Carson
Nathan Carson Måned siden
The two gay guys are hilarious. Wish they could see my psoriasis.
Elizabeth Moser
Elizabeth Moser Måned siden
Alternative title: Humiliating someone for 9:54
James Flynn
James Flynn Måned siden
Looks like Dr. Mike is gay for Gayram(Hyram).👀👀
Gio Aprile
Gio Aprile Måned siden
The reality is grape. Same.
Layla Alnahar
Layla Alnahar Måned siden
Mike should have showed him Eczema it looks like a lot of skin conditions so its really hard to guess
Robert Carpenter
Robert Carpenter Måned siden
Did you smoke beforethis?
charlotte Måned siden
Guess that skin! _Basketball_
heaven's angel2.1
heaven's angel2.1 Måned siden
Look at that skin, its a delicious skin! Me: ahh---
Hitch Mercedes
Hitch Mercedes Måned siden
Mikela Aeyel
Mikela Aeyel Måned siden
happi ness
happi ness Måned siden
“Let’s say you have experience with this” Hyram: “a mole?”
msbbdarling Måned siden
BELUGA?!?!?! What! Hyram how the heck did you get that?!
Hilary Pearl
Hilary Pearl Måned siden
I had a strawberry nevus at birth (it wasn’t raised though). It went away by about the time I was 13
B Griffiths
B Griffiths Måned siden
Not gonna lie. Wish this collab was on OF.
Travel Nurse Source
Travel Nurse Source Måned siden
I love Hyram! Please have him as a guest again!! He's such an advocate for skincare! Also, I died when he got the beluga whale.
Mahnoor Imran
Mahnoor Imran Måned siden
Leo13o9 Måned siden
I paused the video just to look for the colab with Brad Mondo and give it a like (watching it later) so Dr Mike gets a funky hair color soon :D
Potatoes_ Måned siden
My sister watches him and always sends clips of him and I showed her this and she screamed so loud that I think I’m deaf now... thanks sis-
Faith Painter
Faith Painter 7 dager siden
BřØkĘń BøŸś
BřØkĘń BøŸś 24 dager siden
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Miranda Jackson
Miranda Jackson Måned siden
I just adore Hyram!
Bonぼん Måned siden
I love this
Anna Szalmás
Anna Szalmás Måned siden
Hey Dr. Mike! I really like your channel. Canyou please do a vid about endometriosis. To increase awareness. This desease effects soo many woman yet so little alout of ppl know about it. Please like my comment so that Dr. mike can see it ❤️❤️❤️ Sincerely, One out of the many endo patients
DummyHead Måned siden
I’m so dumb! I though the thumbnail had a typo and said “does the skin know” 🤦‍♀️
BTG BEAST Måned siden
Now this ia a way to earn money while being a philanthropist
SunRae* **
SunRae* ** Måned siden
We ❤ Hyram. I'll give you a looky-look. 😃
Mezuzah87 Måned siden
"Skin specialist"
Hope Adler
Hope Adler Måned siden
Ayyyyy. I have a midline incision from my colectomy! I have a new one from surgery last month. I got ridiculously excited to see my surgery scar lol
Tiffany Coloni
Tiffany Coloni Måned siden
My hemicolectomy scar is an inch and a half all below my belly button. I have a navel piercing so the docs stayed away from it for me...
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