Doctor Day In The Life: Weekend Edition Ft. Bear

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Doctor Mike

14 dager siden

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I’ve showed you what my days at the hospital are like before, but this time I wanted to show you how I get down on a Saturday, when I actually only work a half day at the hospital in the mornings. Today I got lots of Bear time including some slobbery morning licks and some afternoon training, made one of my favorite weekend breakfasts with California oranges, a good tour around the hospital including inside our lab where we do point of care testing, and even a strong session in the gym. As you can see, even my weekends can get pretty hectic, but that’s the life of a doctor for you!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Eula Garzon
Eula Garzon 5 timer siden
Need more Bear videos please thanks
Muskan Sharma
Muskan Sharma 6 timer siden
I wouldn’t eat that orange toast
Gabriela Zumbado
Gabriela Zumbado 8 timer siden
Annie Banda
Annie Banda 8 timer siden
I wouldn't eat that.... Looks good but I like bacon on my toast
Angles 15 timer siden
6:32 I just know that this footage was abruptly cropped because Dr. Mike was tackled over with a huge floof. 🐻 ❤
Angles 15 timer siden
Galindez Joemel
Galindez Joemel 15 timer siden
Ohhh my God I'm getting jealous to your Bear Dr. Mike🙈🤧🤕😅He so awesome sh*t I wanted to Be a bear like walking with you on the street or waiting when you came back home and go with you when you call my name 😭😄😂
Kimberly Amsel
Kimberly Amsel 16 timer siden
What is almond ricotta?
Apryla 19 timer siden
I wouldn't eat that toast because your girl can't eat gluten. It looks SO GOOD though and I miss that avocado toast.
Megan McBean
Megan McBean 19 timer siden
6:33 talk abt a Bear attack
not me
not me 19 timer siden
I respect Dr. Mike so much. He really inspires me to do things I can't imagine myself doing. Still haven't done them but.. inspired
Leviticus Cornwall
Leviticus Cornwall 20 timer siden
Lol, I can't eat a citrus fruit after brushing teeth. Would taste aweful.
seth lowell
seth lowell 21 time siden
Hey @DoctorMike I was think of including prune juice in my Diet how much should I drink
aqua finner
aqua finner 21 time siden
can you make a video on how you trained bear please
Sonic Mobian
Sonic Mobian 21 time siden
If anyone I want as my primary doctor, Would be Mike. Heh!
-sincerelyelle 22 timer siden
bear is so huggable please 🥺
Ricky Zimmer
Ricky Zimmer 23 timer siden
Do you sleep in your scrubs???
Cindy Peña
Cindy Peña 23 timer siden
I feel like California oranges sponsored this video
Malavika K J
Malavika K J Dag siden
Bear fans assemble here💥🤩💓
Leon Van der deure
Leon Van der deure Dag siden
Nice Jura Coffee machine lurking in the background. Awesome!
nora yasser
nora yasser Dag siden
I have never been so entertained and educated at the same time
James H
James H Dag siden
Conan Ai Hime
Conan Ai Hime Dag siden
Can you shoot a video with Bear more please? I love him so much. Hehehe
Maureen Mooney
Maureen Mooney Dag siden
My son would flip if he got a book every time we went to the doctor!! He's not even 2 yet and when he wants to read he shoves a book at me, "Ook Mama!! Ook!!!" And if Mama got to read something other than "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" I'd be happy too!! He has tons of books, he's just currently stuck on the very hungry caterpillar.
Maureen Mooney
Maureen Mooney Dag siden
I hate oranges. They make me gag. No I don't know why. And I love orange juice. I also love grapefruit, lemons, pomelos and limes. I actually managed to eat an orange the other day, although I mixed it with grapefruit and pomegranate juice, and I really want the recipe for your orange almond ricotta toast, maybe I'll like oranges that way!!
Amy Turner
Amy Turner Dag siden
I just read the description - his last name is VARSHAVSKI? No wonder he goes by Doctor Mike! 😅 That’s a mouthful and a half!
Sarah Capan
Sarah Capan Dag siden
I would not eat it. Citrus is a sensory no no for me.
Dale Lisle
Dale Lisle Dag siden
Bear is so cute.
KJ Dag siden
I loved this video!! Could you please consider doing a video on traumatic brain injuries (mild, moderate, and severe). I believe there should be more awareness on the long term effects of brain injuries, including concussions. Thank you!!!
moss h
moss h Dag siden
i dont know what a glycogen store is 😣
J'sika Dag siden
Serious question. You say brush teeth before eating anything. I have difficulty with the flavour of toothpaste, it's a synthetic mint flavour and makes me want to vomit, and because of that I don't brush anywhere as often as I should. And the flavour remains for hours, and ruins the taste of anything I eat after. Any ideas what I can do? I've tried different flavours but they all have that minty taste I can't deal with. Great video :)
Cupcake Lover112
Cupcake Lover112 2 dager siden
Mike: actual speed=really fast Mike literally like 30 seconds later: Now the key here is to not rush your reps
Talula Brown
Talula Brown 2 dager siden
This video is sponsored by California oranges
sandra B
sandra B 2 dager siden
I would laugh if mike spoke Russian and the translator corrected him.
Angharad Lecuona
Angharad Lecuona 2 dager siden
I kinda feel that toast doesn’t taste good 😂
POTATO 2 dager siden
When you love being a doctor and a youtuber so much you make merch with your logo that looks like skrubbs and you sleep with it..
Juno Wood
Juno Wood 2 dager siden
i love that dog
Trond Brådland
Trond Brådland 2 dager siden
I would not eat that Caus i have allergies
Sumita Mitra
Sumita Mitra 2 dager siden
I see your NOwindow.
Sumita Mitra
Sumita Mitra 2 dager siden
I miss you.
joi 2 dager siden
boii you're actually really tall wtf
Charlie Burkard
Charlie Burkard 2 dager siden
What breed is bear?? he is the cutest!!
Pprism 2 dager siden
7:01 90 degrees?
Aaesha Qamar
Aaesha Qamar 2 dager siden
Dr Mike in gym 👀 we need more vlogs of workout!!!!
Anastasiya Shishkina
Anastasiya Shishkina 3 dager siden
Ok so both the name of your dog and your name in Russian are Misha/Mishka? Fun fun 😊
Chloe Ching
Chloe Ching 3 dager siden
Oh Bear 🐻 what an absolute cutie 🥺 X
thequeenartist 3 dager siden
There was way too much orange in the video for me 🤢. Still love ya Dr. Mike 🤣
T.D.D 3 dager siden
I love how Dr.Mike put in “ actual speed” 😂😂😂😂
MD V 3 dager siden
We need more videos with ft Bear! He is a star 😊
Magic Music
Magic Music 3 dager siden
Dr. Mike makes my decision between being doctor and vet so much harder lmao
Ms Minchin
Ms Minchin 3 dager siden
I wish I was Doctor Mike so that I can be with Bear. I envy you Doc!
mkphilly 3 dager siden
I have to admit, I sometimes binge watch you: educational, informative, humorous... I could go on. Question: I am 74, reasonably good health, so, you being a family Doctor, do you have many older patients, and have you delved into geriatrics to any degree?
Yosleidy Montesino
Yosleidy Montesino 3 dager siden
Hello Babe
fabiola torres
fabiola torres 4 dager siden
James Flamingo
James Flamingo 4 dager siden
According to the CDC, 14 billion lab tests are ordered annually, and 70% of medical decisions depend on laboratory results. That means that laboratory professionals play a vital role in healthcare and patient advocacy.
Thaneesh TSP Productions
Thaneesh TSP Productions 4 dager siden
pls react to monster anime this series has a really good doc ( atleast they say hes good) sooo ..... ye
40ozmangi 4 dager siden
a doc that says play dead....... hmmmm.......
King Solomon
King Solomon 4 dager siden
Bear is 💙
Maggie Dahms
Maggie Dahms 4 dager siden
Just graduated with my Bachelor's in nursing and would looooove to work alongside Dr. Mike- he seems like a wonderful person, especially to work with in a team!
Fortune cookie
Fortune cookie 5 dager siden
I really want blood oranges now I'm craving it loool
Meher Afrose
Meher Afrose 5 dager siden
Why are u still single? 🙄
Jason Eden
Jason Eden 5 dager siden
I’m sure you probably may have already answered this, but do you have a preferred recipe for your almond ricotta?
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 5 dager siden
2:00 Looks a bit like James Charles there.
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 5 dager siden
Mmmmm those oranges look great
satya anonymous
satya anonymous 5 dager siden
I really like when Bear is in the video. Sometime I come here just to see Bear.
han huynh
han huynh 5 dager siden
2aHappyFuture 5 dager siden
post more of these vlogs very entertaining! :)
E B 5 dager siden
Hey Mike, what would you recommend to get the adequate amount of vitamin C for someone who can't eat oranges or any other citrus fruits because of gastritis?
Maja Noer
Maja Noer 5 dager siden
The pull up bar segment was interrupted by an ad for pull-ups, the diaper variant. Intentional or fluke?
Ella Lynette
Ella Lynette 5 dager siden
I used to have a dog named Bear. He was born a year before me and I’ve had him my whole life (I’m 14). It’s such a cute name :)
Kurt Michalsky
Kurt Michalsky 5 dager siden
Watching doctor mike taking a whole day of orange, while i take a big gulp of pepsi and a big meat sandwich
Heather Battiste
Heather Battiste 6 dager siden
Watching his workout like😮. Oh and Bear is amazing!!
Aesthetic vibesss
Aesthetic vibesss 6 dager siden
Mike: tell me you won’t eat that, TELL ME YOU WONT EAT THAT!!! ME: 𝑖 𝑤𝑜𝑛𝑡 𝑒𝑎𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑎𝑡
Gabi 6 dager siden
How do you deal with Bear hair all over your apartment? 🤔
Freedomcat 6 dager siden
My dad had a vehicle without a dipstick and I told him "You are the dipstick"
ONR281 6 dager siden
For the life of me I can not find the songs he used at the beginning. 🤔
Shivam Petumber
Shivam Petumber 6 dager siden
Bear is such a good and cute doggy makes me wanna have a dog too 💙
Heath Doheny
Heath Doheny 6 dager siden
That's not a dog that's a bear name bear!😂
Pooolj 6 dager siden
I wonder is Dr. Mike have ever tried having a cat xD
Maria Elhachem
Maria Elhachem 6 dager siden
Are you orange addicted
Satvik Keshtwal
Satvik Keshtwal 6 dager siden
That gold chain. Dammnnn soo good👌
Abyan Abdul Rashers Ali
Abyan Abdul Rashers Ali 6 dager siden
Me fasting: 🤡 Mike: eating the sandwich and the oranges Me: 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
SlimeCORE 6 dager siden
I don't know if you'll see this or if you'll have an answer for me, but I have intense headaches when travelling on planes, it feels like someone's pricking my brain with a million needles, and I wondered if you knew something about that. I don't know if it's relevant, but I also get carsick (but not seasick) really easily.
Viktoriia Zykina
Viktoriia Zykina 6 dager siden
I worked as an interpreter at Cyracom, the company you are using for interpreting! So cool to see it from the other side, how this all looks, cause I only interpreted over the phone, I wouldn't be surprised if I even interpreted for you from Russian to English lol
GK Ahgase
GK Ahgase 6 dager siden
I wonder if Dr. Mike's neighbours smile everytime they see him walking Bear and go, "there goes the good doctor and his beautiful dog." I bet they'll miss seeing them if Dr. Mike decides to move.
RealPerson888 6 dager siden
Plz react to cells at work code black
Sam Bowers
Sam Bowers 2 dager siden
He did!
Star Killer
Star Killer 6 dager siden
I want a dog like bear omg he’s amazing in every way 😩❤️❤️
MichaNovako 7 dager siden
And I am over here with oral allergy syndrome trying to get more fruits while fighting itchy gums
Adam straus
Adam straus 7 dager siden
Missing some meat in that breakfest if you ask me but still looks delicios
K D 7 dager siden
I finally found someone who cleans their teeth before breakfast!! Everyone thinks I'm weird 🤣
Jon Serino
Jon Serino 7 dager siden
React to the 3 stooges doctor howard, doctor fine, doctor howard
Soda Yanis
Soda Yanis 7 dager siden
His days are so much more productive than my.
Josiah Mlodzik
Josiah Mlodzik 7 dager siden
Besides the protein in the whole wheat bread, I didn’t see him take in much. All those oranges are gonna give him a sugar crash ;)
Maylee Swiney
Maylee Swiney 7 dager siden
Is bear a Newfoundland? If he is my cousins Newfie just had 8 puppies and they named one of the dark brown ones bear 🐻😂❤️😊
Outburst 7 dager siden
Dr Mike teaching us about different oranges
Rafaela Barrio Maestre
Rafaela Barrio Maestre 7 dager siden
i speak spanish, can i be your new girl friend..... ejem... i mean, best friend.
Jordan Young
Jordan Young 7 dager siden
Definitely wish I had a doctor like you that would listen to a patient like me! Good job helping people that need you!
Aim the sky
Aim the sky 7 dager siden
Kindly make a video on topic- As a medical student how can we protect our family and have some drugs handy at home or any other measures with which we can help our parents and neighbours in this corona time. And should we have an oxygen concentrator at home for ourselves and people around us if they need it?
Elaine G
Elaine G 7 dager siden
I watched this at 3ish a.m and thought this was supposed to be a day in my life for Bear
han huynh
han huynh 7 dager siden
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