Doctor Reacts To 9gag Medical Memes #15

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Doctor Mike

3 måneder siden

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9gag has some of the funniest memes on the internet, so I combed through their IG @9gag to see if the had any medical ones. Low and behold, I found a treasure trove of savage memes about spine curvature, dyslexia, the band Disturbed being “down with the sickness”, Spongebob, prior authorizations, heart health, and so much more. Got some more memes? Send them my way!
My OFFICIAL ranking of medical dramas from least to most accurate:
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Lais Batista
Lais Batista Time siden
Caralho esse meme do normal é ser zero dor sou eu todinha
Addyson Draws
Addyson Draws 3 timer siden
Mike is longer than Bear!
Robin Acosta
Robin Acosta 3 timer siden
Dr Mike is longer than Bear
Void_ agro
Void_ agro 9 timer siden
9:55 he went from 🤬 to 👼. 😂
•Ana_logue• 13 timer siden
Rafa S
Rafa S 15 timer siden
This man has the most BEOOTIFUL green eyeballs I have ever seen... The video is great too
Lance Nocturna
Lance Nocturna 16 timer siden
The label said "from the 1700s" not "from 17 dogs"
Maggie Galbraith
Maggie Galbraith 19 timer siden
Bear is longer than Mike
sonia pimentel
sonia pimentel 20 timer siden
Mike is longer than bear ✍️
Micah Baga
Micah Baga 22 timer siden
Is it just me, or does he Lowkey sound like James Charles when he goes on that rant about getting the inhaler authorized? It’s not just me Right?
MalK s
MalK s 22 timer siden
Mike is longer than bear
Tiffany Hicks
Tiffany Hicks Dag siden
I'm 27. I have been dealing with asthma my entire life and yes.... insurances do NOT like people with asthma.
Roman Olashyn
Roman Olashyn Dag siden
8:25 the vein finder is actually a thing now, I had this used on me to find a vein to get an Iv
SoftyTurtle 232
SoftyTurtle 232 Dag siden
Mike is longer than Bear
Cow Onaboat
Cow Onaboat Dag siden
Mike is not longer than bear
Plasma2145 Dag siden
There is a near infrared vein finder and various vein finders but nothing like in the meme
amraKsevloW Dag siden
bless you sam! the down with the sickness triggered me!
Alivia Lahr
Alivia Lahr Dag siden
dr mike is longer than bearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emily sordo-martinez
emily sordo-martinez Dag siden
mike is NOT longer than bear
Lame Trash-
Lame Trash- Dag siden
3:31 yo he sounded internally depressed Edit: Mike is longer than Bear.
ash 2 dager siden
After the kiss, Bear looked at the camera like “you wish that was you huh”
Jon Farr
Jon Farr 2 dager siden
I was in a hospital once where they had a vein finder. They still had to poke me four times, and finally just decided to stick my IV in and draw my labs from the back of my hand instead of my arm.
Jessica Eklund
Jessica Eklund 2 dager siden
My hospital that I went to when I went into pre term labor with my daughter had that where they could find my veins that way as the hospital I transfered to via ambulance did a horrible job. It was so cool to see my veins using medical technology
Alyssa Britt
Alyssa Britt 2 dager siden
8:25 actually, I went to the ER last year and they stuck both my hands because the first one wouldn't give blood, they tried and tried, knowing they were in the vein but the blood never came out. This is a common problem with me actually.
Tenzin Yega
Tenzin Yega 2 dager siden
The curve meme reminds me of that “ is she really thicc or does she have lordosis “ haha
Myrthe 2 dager siden
John Lima
John Lima 2 dager siden
1700s = 17 Dogs
Adi Khanna
Adi Khanna 2 dager siden
I am longer than bear in 2 ways
laura orozco
laura orozco 2 dager siden
No one gonna talk about those armpit stains ;)
battle 2 dager siden
Use of diagnosis asthma when I was a kid and the in haters I always let go of the after think what comes out of the hateer ice to have
battle 2 dager siden
I feel the patient 3:01
KQBee 2 dager siden
Eddie murphy: tf did i do?
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 2 dager siden
I've had that done by this awesome doctor she had something like that where I was my veins because the nurse could not hit my vain
Ben Flatt
Ben Flatt 2 dager siden
My sexuality when I met Dr Mike: 4:30
G4Tanas 2 dager siden
Doctor Mike not getting the Disturbed reference saddens me.
Zach Rodriguez
Zach Rodriguez 2 dager siden
Bear is super cute!
Anie Márquez-Villafañe
Anie Márquez-Villafañe 2 dager siden
“170 dogs or 17 dogs?” 😂 1700s Mike. 😂
Kitty Katze
Kitty Katze 3 dager siden
miKe Is lOngER tHaN BeAR
Wafa Rashid
Wafa Rashid 3 dager siden
bear is longer than mike
QUACKED 3 dager siden
3:51 American health care
Saki451 3 dager siden
Bear is longer than Mike
Tamás Kurucsai
Tamás Kurucsai 3 dager siden
The name is either Polish or Czech
Da R
Da R 3 dager siden
Thats not Eddie Murphy in the 'pointing to your temple' meme :x it's Kayode Ewumi
EmilyyAbii TTV
EmilyyAbii TTV 3 dager siden
2:10 My normal amount of pain is... always having a headache, both of my wrists always hurting, and keeping like someone is punching me in the stomach 24/7 under my rib.
edwardelric10001 3 dager siden
Mike is longer than Bear.
edwardelric10001 3 dager siden
Calm down, doctor, the dolphin obviously swam through one of those hats with a strap!
ultimateninjaboi 3 dager siden
Becoming so used to pain, it becomes problematic? No. Never heard of it. I TOTALLY didnt get Scarlet Fever twice as a kid because i thought i was being overly dramatic complaining about a sore throat. .>
UmbreonMessiah 3 dager siden
American Medicine: Garbage.
videogamerka000 3 dager siden
This proves me how bad is actually US health insurance system, glad to be living in Europe
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas 3 dager siden
I had a drs office ask me "How did you get our number? Did a dr refer you" me: "yes here is my referal number and I got the number off of google" them: "okay but we need your dr to call us to make sure they gave u the right number and How did google get our phone number, did you tell them?" Me:" uhh.... What? I dont know maybe yall paid them? Im not sure" them -transfers me over 10 times to let me know that this clinic ...which says they specialise in imunology(idk how to spell it) doesnt have a department for that. Yeah trying to find a new dr for that now. Because yah know I dont think I should be breaking out in unknown itchy welt rash like bad heat rash even if im not hot.
Rachel Kuznetsov
Rachel Kuznetsov 4 dager siden
7:19 the last name is definitely russian, first is a joke. Cmon, Misha
Patty Gould
Patty Gould 4 dager siden
My insurance company paid $400 for a genetic screening because I don't tolerate a bunch of drugs but said $11 for an antibiotic was too much and only paid half of the cost.
TicTacCat 4 dager siden
I’m Russian toooooooooo
Joseph 2HD
Joseph 2HD 4 dager siden
Mike is longer than Bear.
Itz_Elio FTW
Itz_Elio FTW 4 dager siden
NOwindowrs: “We’ll get back to [blank] in a minute but first let me tell you about [Sponsership]”
Keita Kuran
Keita Kuran 4 dager siden
Insurance Company: "Are you sad though? Let's ask your doctor."
Marcus 4 dager siden
You could just move to a single payer direct NHS style system in the USA you all make it difficult no shade
Just Sparkless
Just Sparkless 4 dager siden
Did you ever had a horse girl walking in with a broken foot 😂😂?
Zodiac Cow Rat
Zodiac Cow Rat 4 dager siden
3:02 it sounds like how complicated the government is
cbapiaz 4 dager siden
1:15 My man you need to listen to "Disturbed" .... great music
Srikanth Mandiram
Srikanth Mandiram 4 dager siden
Mike is longer than bear . Satisfied?
Paige 4 dager siden
God this whole video hit so hard from him talking about hating prior authorizations to talking about pain tolerance (I’m chronically ill with pain but high tolerance and on a ton of medications and it just is a living nightmare). The hoops people with chronic illnesses go through when dealing with healthcare are probably more exhausting than being sick itself tbh.
Matisse 5 dager siden
Dr Mike is longer than Bear
Matisse 5 dager siden
2:42 IT SAYS 1700s!!!!!
Ally B
Ally B 5 dager siden
Umm.. some of us ARE straight from that angle, thank you, lol. If you look at my spine from that angle, it looks straight. (I only have curves when viewed from the back/front... I have severe scoliosis that wasn't treated in childhood.)
Panda4422OO 5 dager siden
2:40 it says 1700s
Louis Robitaille
Louis Robitaille 5 dager siden
Just switch to Canadian medical system... much easier 😂
saqib hossain
saqib hossain 5 dager siden
btw pretty sure that bottle said 1700's not 17 dogs lol
MathildaDee_Lillyluvsanime 5 dager siden
My mom uses Thrive. We get great snacks. They have low-to-no sugar candies, which is great for me because I have MEGA sweet tooth.
Cysioland 5 dager siden
Bear is such a nice doggy
Lunar Clipse
Lunar Clipse 5 dager siden
You can always use your medical gloves to tie on the upper part of the arm and the vein will show itself to you
Magnus Flodberg
Magnus Flodberg 5 dager siden
I think Bear is longer than you (snout to tail), but you are certainly taller ;P I will see myself out.
Artmiese 💋Elizabeth
Artmiese 💋Elizabeth 5 dager siden
15 minutes is NOT enough time lol stressful af.
TornadoHyenyaku 5 dager siden
Well the dolphin.... with a hat.... is a JoJo reference....
Thajocoth 5 dager siden
8:42 - I once had someone overshoot & pop my vein when I tried to give blood. It was extremely painful... They then offered to try the other arm... I did not donate blood that day.
mickymc bryan
mickymc bryan 5 dager siden
Capitalism sounds like it’s really breaking your flow, doc!
Ms. Megan Louise McKenna
Ms. Megan Louise McKenna 5 dager siden
I got to see a vein finder at Swedish hospital it was so cool!
mackinzi elizabeth
mackinzi elizabeth 5 dager siden
bear just brings me such a smile
Monette Monet
Monette Monet 6 dager siden
Bear is sooo big now
Dallas Oliver
Dallas Oliver 6 dager siden
Who else died a little inside when he didn't get the "down with the sickness" reference?
Carolien de Vaan
Carolien de Vaan 6 dager siden
I went from "brooooo" to "Are you okay?" to "brooooooooooooooo"
Oliva Jimenez
Oliva Jimenez 6 dager siden
Camera man Sam is the man! He made this video with his fact checker abilities!
Anna M
Anna M 6 dager siden
Dr. Mike: I have patients that are so tolerant of pain that it actually becomes problematic in managing their pain Me: yeah.... about that...
Elizabeth Enns
Elizabeth Enns 6 dager siden
"does it say 17 dogs?" it says 1700s xD
Earl Grey Crochet
Earl Grey Crochet 6 dager siden
You mentioned keto diet, what do you think about it as a weight loss strategy?
ayla guardian
ayla guardian 6 dager siden
My mom still puts her hand on my head when I think i'm getting sick, and i'm 21, she's really accurate on it too, lol
bunjeon kookie
bunjeon kookie 6 dager siden
Mike is longer than bear
bunjeon kookie
bunjeon kookie 6 dager siden
The way mike called that meme guy Eddie Murphy sends-
Daniyal18dec 6 dager siden
1700s more like 17 dogs
John Joerell Bumagat
John Joerell Bumagat 6 dager siden
Hey Dr. Mike! Please react to Hospital Playlist.
Rosilyn Jeffries
Rosilyn Jeffries 6 dager siden
Might is longer than bear
Bethany Wagner
Bethany Wagner 6 dager siden
Dr Mike, you should react to the other Dr Mike, Dr Quinn, medicine woman!
Khang Truong
Khang Truong 6 dager siden
Wait so I don't remember, is Bear longer than Mike?
pug nomnom
pug nomnom 6 dager siden
1:30 them sweaty pits tho 😂😂
Lizzie 6 dager siden
This nurse was putting an IV in my hand and she kept missing felt like like she was stabbing my bone. After like 10 tries she had another nurse come in to do it
Vast Mind
Vast Mind 6 dager siden
I had an Arterial blood draw last week. Doctor drawing the blood missed 6 times and hit a nerve 3 times. Sucked big time! I actually used one of these at a Science museum once. Pretty cool.
katsuki Bakugo
katsuki Bakugo 7 dager siden
Fun fact bear is longer than Mike Mike is just in denial Edit: this is my first time seeing bear. I would kill someone for him.
Zachary Millington
Zachary Millington 7 dager siden
Mike is longer than bear
TheCardolan 7 dager siden
... 1700s ... "does that say 17 dogs or 170 dogs?"
Enter-Username 7 dager siden
I aspire to become a radiologist. So that 1. I don’t need incredibly good lawyers And 2. I don’t have to spend a lot of time filling out paperwork and calling patients’ insurance companies.
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