Doctor Reacts To Absurd Facebook Health Posts Ep. 2

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Doctor Mike

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Last summer I reacted to some bizarre health posts I’d found on Facebook. I logged back in to see if I could fact-check any more posts that seemed to be spreading like wildfire. Well wouldn’t you know it didn’t take me long to find some dangerously misleading or downright ridiculous health “tips”. I had to fact check things like using onions to cure the cold, baking soda to remove grease from your hair, drinking cow’s urine to fight COVID-19, putting cabbage in your bra to battle mastitis, using toothpaste as a skin cream, and the proper way to hold your phone, drive, and wear your backpack to school.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Lindsey S
Lindsey S 29 minutter siden
The cabbage leaf is actually taught to us in nursing school to help with mastitis...
Zaim Fariz
Zaim Fariz 55 minutter siden
Sunny Bowos
Sunny Bowos Time siden
oopsie I farted out of my mouth
Javiela Carrasquel
Javiela Carrasquel Time siden
Omgggg this guy had me laughing during this whole video
SaberRunTV Time siden
The smelly foot one with isopropyl alcool. She used the onion trick during the night
Chaimaa Faiz
Chaimaa Faiz 2 timer siden
ultimateninjaboi 2 timer siden
As someone who takes an antidepressant (thankfully one that doesnt interact poorly with grapefruit), its infuriating to see people sharing "ignore your doctor, eat grapefruit while on your medication." Like, thats DESTRUCTIVELY irresponsible.
Donald Seale
Donald Seale 2 timer siden
3:45. I think you just had a mini stroke there.
Kate Brady
Kate Brady 2 timer siden
i have heard that cabbage one before tbh. Maybe there is something in them which works?
lianna mkoyan
lianna mkoyan 3 timer siden
Don't drink tea with those bags. It's not healthy
christygc4 3 timer siden
The alcohol for stinky feet (or pits) remedy is actually good. If I am going straight from work to somewhere, and I don’t have the luxury of taking a shower between, I will take a little isopropyl alcohol and wipe my pits before reapplying deodorant. Same for the baking soda on greasy hair. With long hair, washing and drying it is a long process and if I don’t have an extra hour, I’ll do what I need to make it not look like soggy fast food fries. Which is usually the same scenario, washes that morning but by the evening it’s greasy. They’re not cures for anything, just hacks to appear less gross in a pinch.
Ana Nikolova
Ana Nikolova 3 timer siden
Oh my god if you put him on 0.5 speed at 1:20, he sounds so furious I love his passion in this video 😂
Max Miller
Max Miller 4 timer siden
i love your reaction videos, always very informative and your reactions are always really funny so its very entertaining.
Christina Atef
Christina Atef 5 timer siden
This stupid tooth paste hack burned my face 5 years ago .... No one please try it ...
Andrea Noronha
Andrea Noronha 5 timer siden
The BJP is really going places 😂😂😂😂 they are so gonna ask NOwindow to take this video down for hurting religious sentiments if they or any of their fans even watch your channel 😮
Christina Mansen
Christina Mansen 7 timer siden
Dr. Mike your eyes are very red and puffy please get some sleep with an onion in your socks!
Kaylee Shanks
Kaylee Shanks 10 timer siden
Jennet Kenobi
Jennet Kenobi 11 timer siden
LeAvE tHe CabBaGe ALOnE
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen 15 timer siden
Very interesting how'd they'd try to sell something that *anyone* can personally disprove several times on a daily basis, as a fact on holding in a fart. I'd love for Dr. Mike to try out the onion trick
Kenny Curvedcock
Kenny Curvedcock 17 timer siden
Dudes eyes are redder than mine
Edita Chew
Edita Chew 18 timer siden
Why does dr mike look so triggered at the onion and the foot hack 😂😂
The8 stars Hernandez
The8 stars Hernandez 19 timer siden
Nathan Lehenbauer
Nathan Lehenbauer 19 timer siden
Onions might not heal you, but if you rub garlic on your feet your body can absorb the chemicals and in about 15 minutes you can taste the garlic.
Taranatanjum 7c
Taranatanjum 7c Dag siden
picantesworld77 Dag siden
The way you look hair, facial hair length fits you perfectly!! The drinking cow urine I was rolling. But the baking soda you put on after you shampoo your hair at the scalp then rinse. Not just by itself. You're not supposed to do it all the time it dries your hair out.
Justice Carter
Justice Carter Dag siden
Oh my wowwww lol
Aadya Mehra
Aadya Mehra Dag siden
Doctor Mike is like SO AGGRAVATED, like, legit, the whole video.
Nathan Gonzales
Nathan Gonzales Dag siden
Lmao he had it with all this stupidity 🤣
Brandon Defend
Brandon Defend Dag siden
Do that with my phone
Gelai Dag siden
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Dag siden
No one: Almost every “hack”: bAKinG sOdA!!!!
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs Dag siden
She uses onions in her sleep... BUT I GOT WATERMAHLAWN TO KEEP ME CLEAN.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Dag siden
I’m not a doctor but this is medically cringy
dead999 xvx
dead999 xvx Dag siden
Don't worry Mike Indian politician's are worse than you think they are Make a video on indian politicians making medical claims
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Dag siden
Its funny because many lactation consultants recomend cabbage because..yes the shape and coverage and cold does help when having lactation issues. After I had my baby I had so many issues...never did use the cabbage but used a cold wet rag....issues ..water and moistures from the rag make a mess and since my breats were so inflamed the cold didnt last long. And I wasnt really able to get the shap of the rag in the right place. I can see how cabbage would help. Reducing swelling jn the breasts can help with flow. Yeah had a rather painful almost year with these issues
Samantha Piraino
Samantha Piraino Dag siden
Lmaoo. Why am I dying at "bacteria farts"? 😂😂
ShWeJaPa Dag siden
4:20, 😆
Anna Meyers
Anna Meyers Dag siden
For some reason I found it absolutely hilarious how angry these made you. You can immediately tell that your B.S tolerance meter was at an all time low.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Dag siden
I think the cabbage on the boob thing is based off a trick for mom with new babies. Not long after my sister had her second baby, they found out her milk didn’t have enough nutrients, so they had to switch to formula so the baby wouldn’t be malnourished. Her doctor said that putting cold cabbage leaves in her bra helps ease some of the soreness from her breast being swollen. It DOES NOT, however, cure any infection. I think the only reason he specified cabbage was because it can fit the shape of the breast better than a cold pack
Happy Unicorn Hugs
Happy Unicorn Hugs Dag siden
I know this is an older video but I used to joke that you never hold in a fart because it can travel up your spine and into your brain and that's where $h!tty ideas come from 🤣
Nice 2 you
Nice 2 you Dag siden
In high school I learned that tooth paste dried up pimples however it dead burn and leave the area red and sensitive
Renato Barros
Renato Barros Dag siden
Knee's. Not the plural of knee, property of the knee.
Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson Dag siden
“Why don’t we just put onions in deodorant?!” The dad from Holes is quaking
Jayson Divide
Jayson Divide Dag siden
Go into shower, Wet your hair, and you get some shampoo, and you make this weird motion like this, you could sing LaLaLaLA! 08:16 Best Part hahhahahahaha LMAO
Bud Gates
Bud Gates 2 dager siden
Don't feel bad, I'm not a doctor and get as irritated by these stupid posts 😒 🙄 😤 😑 😐 🤦
Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner 2 dager siden
u crack me up so much i love you and i am very glad u keep making videos and entertaining and educating us. thank you
POIZONE 2 dager siden
I can forgive everything else in the video except that fact that they put cereal after milk. no.
Sonic Mobian
Sonic Mobian 2 dager siden
"Cabbage: We are not safe anymore!!!!!"
tenderapple 1
tenderapple 1 2 dager siden
Lol leave the cabbage alone. Hahaha
Tanusree Biswas
Tanusree Biswas 2 dager siden
Bjp i am from west bengal and that was beyond crazy
Beth Anthony
Beth Anthony 2 dager siden
Beans are a legume Doc.
Rathi Art
Rathi Art 2 dager siden
Ya! he actually did that... also he did a demonstration video for how to consume it! (Note: somehow drinking cow's urine is like a holy thing.. it's like a part of thier rituals in India)
Beauty InCmajor
Beauty InCmajor 2 dager siden
He’s so fineeee!!!! 😆
Berserkerface 2 dager siden
That Colgate tip must be a mean-spirited prank. When I was a kid, my older brother would bully me by rubbing toothpaste on my face. It really stings the eyes to the point that you can't fully open them for 15 minutes and hurts the more tender areas of skin (i.e. most of your face).
KimJiMi45 2 dager siden
The cabbage one is true and it is fully practiced in Poland by people with breasts and recommended by doctors and nurses 😁😁😁 when my sister-in-law had infection in Brest (milk clogged) I called doctor and this is what they recommend, and it worked very well. The only thing is that it was not a frozen cabbage but normal temperature cabbage 😁
Kendra Beck
Kendra Beck 2 dager siden
I love the amount of sarcasm and sass in this video 🤣🤣
Suzanne 2 dager siden
Dr. Mike: The first claim - mildly unsettled The second claim - Gets so angry his voice is 10 times higher and louder Me - We're not even halfway through the video... Is he going to explode?
Suzanne 2 dager siden
I should really stop commenting before finishing the entire video... Apache crystal!!!😁😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Minh Lieu
Minh Lieu 2 dager siden
Maggie: I can’t stop looking at your eyes, do you have eyeshadow?
Ruza Hel
Ruza Hel 2 dager siden
Triggered doctor Mike is hilarious, can’t stop laughing.
Jake Spiegler
Jake Spiegler 2 dager siden
“IT CLEANS YOUR BLOOD!” I love you Dr. Mike😂😂
Valeria Barboza
Valeria Barboza 2 dager siden
Doc chiiillll you’re going to get a heart attack! 😅
Royce Jamie
Royce Jamie 2 dager siden
To be fair to the onions, they do help to absorb get rid of the fresh paint smell out of a room
Creative Leo
Creative Leo 2 dager siden
I never heard him be so agitated before till now 3:50
Music_Lights 2 dager siden
Omg I've been seeing the onion foot thing everywhere wth. xD
Jeanesse Rhabellie
Jeanesse Rhabellie 2 dager siden
Dr. Mike be like: LEAVE THE CABBAGE ALONE!!!! got me rollin'😂
Roxana vega
Roxana vega 3 dager siden
4:18 😁
Sabrina Bfcr
Sabrina Bfcr 3 dager siden
looks like i'm losing my job - no more dialysis necessary when there's onions that clean your blood. why did i became a dialysis-nurse? 🤷🏻‍♀️
magic life
magic life 3 dager siden
08:15 OMG! Doctor Mike. So I tried this havk you told us about and guess what! IT WORKS!
M Bach
M Bach 3 dager siden
8:16-8:30 bizzare hack!! ShArE wItH EVERYONE!!
Zahraa Saad
Zahraa Saad 3 dager siden
HAHAHAH the frustration in his eyes😂
deduardom 3 dager siden
Are the farting green bacilli a stock clip? I've seen them twice today.
Nissa Chun.
Nissa Chun. 3 dager siden
No wait when I saw that bag pack one I immediately thought of when I used to go to school with a heavy HEAVY bag on my back I swear my back was gonna break 😭
Knoah Webb
Knoah Webb 3 dager siden
Welcome to India, where uneducated people are driving the country!
Kole Spellman
Kole Spellman 3 dager siden
I was actually told to put cabbage in my bra by my midwife, because it helps cool my sore nipples, as my daughter would bite while I fed her
angie! 3 dager siden
I'm laughing so hard omfg
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson 3 dager siden
umm breathing fecal gas is a very real thing.. ask an IBS patient whose been constipated a while. yes the gi tract is separate but still connected. I've seen patients vomit feces after serious long term obstructions.
Yasindu Sumanasekara
Yasindu Sumanasekara 3 dager siden
Doctor Mike : " leave the cabbage alone!!! " Gaang : nope
E H 3 dager siden
Don’t knock cold cabbage leaves, I used it stop my milk production when I was away from my son for training and it worked within a few days.
Jason Truong
Jason Truong 3 dager siden
I mean I think there are some grains of truth in the first post, holding in a fart can be uncomfortable but unless you have a blockage you wouldn’t get immense pressure. The second bullet has some truth in it to, as in your colon the gut bacteria there will further break down the waste possibly making gas products containing sulfur and hydrogen which some the hydrogen could then be re-absorbed into your blood and released as you exhale.
Grace Yarian
Grace Yarian 3 dager siden
why did this make me laugh SO HARD!??
Madison Dyer
Madison Dyer 3 dager siden
“Sans onion”
CL XK 3 dager siden
I'm pretty short to where I have to have my seat pretty far up. My knees always hit under the steering wheel and I'm worried about car accidents and air bags but otherwise I cannot reach the pedles
Kelsey Hirsche
Kelsey Hirsche 3 dager siden
No way Dr. Mike isn’t high af in this video
Natálie Klitschová
Natálie Klitschová 4 dager siden
Why all those tips sound so medieval...
MonaliSays 4 dager siden
I'm from West Bengal & yeah here people literally tried it.😂 Anyways I'm happy to see Dilip Ghosh getting some attention if not from Bengalis atleast from dr. Mike.
Mary 4 dager siden
These are so hilarious but it's also concerning that there are people idiotic enough to think of these things and that there are people idiotic enough to believe them. Also, just wanna say, this is the most sarcastic I've ever seen you. 😄
NotesOfSky 4 dager siden
I just love how angry he is
randomOod things
randomOod things 4 dager siden
Can you please give advice on exama I had for more than 5 years
Lalchhuanawmi Awmi
Lalchhuanawmi Awmi 4 dager siden
🤣🤣how you react make me feel good...🥰🥰🥰
Girl in White Coat
Girl in White Coat 4 dager siden
Friends to me :Wow you did great in anatomy's prof(professional examination),give us some tips too Me :Just sniffed rosemary last night and didn't need to pull an All-Nighter too(hahaha) Btw loved the way Dr. Mike how you busted these health posts
NetherStray 4 dager siden
The baking soda for greasy hair thing is just another version of dry shampoo. No idea if baking soda even works for that, but corn starch actually does. I've tried that after my hairdresser recommended it instead of canned dry shampoo. Basically either of those are just if you don't have time to actually shower. Or, alternatively, if you're depressed or have some other reason why you can't get yourself to shower.
Zee L
Zee L 4 dager siden
Cabbage leaves actually help with the pain and inflammation of mastitis. My mother is a nurse in parent-infant health, and says that as baffling as it is, cabbage leaves are actually marginally effective. Probably not for flushing out infection, but they are relieving.
Miranda Ostlund
Miranda Ostlund 4 dager siden
Someone's feeling sassy.
Oʊdɪn 4 dager siden
don't know what's gonna happen but 1:10 is for sure a clip about detox lol 30 sec after: i was right
Kucee’s Channel
Kucee’s Channel 5 dager siden
Mike, you gotta do some research on Hmong medications!! It's crazy! Drinking your own urine supposed to help you heal from sickness. Even covid19!!!
Ebenezer Marboh
Ebenezer Marboh 5 dager siden
Being from India, I wouldn't be surprised if the BJP guy did try.
gypsie rose
gypsie rose 5 dager siden
Cabbage leave is the only thing that fixed my clogged ducts
Vanessa Almanza
Vanessa Almanza 5 dager siden
I just told my son you smell like bacteria fart go take a shower 😂
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller 5 dager siden
My ex Believed the fart stuff so much that he would NEVER hold them in. It didn't matter where he was. Work, on a date, around people he didn't know and he would try and tell me I'd have extreme consequences for holding in farts. 😂😂😂
Shannon Mayer
Shannon Mayer 5 dager siden
They throw in a couple of words like "phosphoric acid" so they sound smart and legit. Don't be fooled.
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