Doctor Reacts To Awkward Medical Memes Ep. 16

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The medical memes just keep getting weirder! Today we talk about tonsil stones, Harry Potter, nasal tests, first year med students, gal bladder/gal stones, skeletons, the sun, pizza, cutting carbs, and someone out there made me into a Pokemon card. What a world. Got some medical memes you want me to see? Then them over and I may react to them in my next video!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Riko Lime
Riko Lime 5 timer siden
So by this description of covid-19 vaccine.. if its LITERALLY a vaccine, our body learns to fight it so youre protected against covid without actually getting it then WHY is it going around that even if you get the vaccine shot, you can still get covid then? If its a true vaccine.. hate to have to focus on that but I was so excited for the vaccine and then a certain gov't position changed and now everyone I know is terrified to get it because theyre being told its not a vaccine it just "lessens the severity, but you can still be hospitalized". Doesnt help we all know 1 person who regularly gets sick, who claims she had it, and is VERY vocal about how bad it was, but also is very suspicious of the vaccine herself (often saying she thinks noone should get it, but as a person who experienced covid, shes more scared of the vaccine than covid... and shes pro-vaccine! she gets a flu shot every year! sometimes twice if the dr recommends!!!!)
carnation_cat 5 timer siden
2:23 I was just now wondering what he looked like as a kid! Cute but not what I expected at all. :)
Donnovin Avalos
Donnovin Avalos 5 timer siden
the last meme is facts
CSGO Clips And Matches
CSGO Clips And Matches 6 timer siden
' There Is A Spooky Skeleton In All Of Us ' also the mini skateboard is called finger boarding
Beryl White
Beryl White 6 timer siden
Essential oils make pet smell better! Especially in apartments.
Gamer girl 11
Gamer girl 11 7 timer siden
I think in you next vid you should take a Harry Potter 👦⚡📙🧙‍♂️ quiz with your nephew
Pringle 7 timer siden
Ghaya Alajmi
Ghaya Alajmi 8 timer siden
Slytherin you seem exceptionally hard-working and that scene is when Hermione is first year got attacked by the troll
asila mehribon
asila mehribon 9 timer siden
I'm Mather
Gliese 10 timer siden
The sun when it gives you skin cancer but not when you have sunscreen: Professionals have standards
Mysticofshadowyhearts 11 timer siden
You either belong in hufflepuff or gryffindor. Ahh Tech Decks I remember those
BigBoyBackpack 12 timer siden
Dr. Mike would be a mix between Ravenclaw (Wisdom, learning, academic succes) and Hufflepuff (Accepting, Strong moral compass, inclusive)
Tsuari Rindoku
Tsuari Rindoku 12 timer siden
He should react to TF2 Meet The Medic video XD
Axel Arabilla
Axel Arabilla 12 timer siden
I wish he saw the Meet the Sniper video and saw the Jarate
DobyDaDuckee 14 timer siden
Your prob a Hufflepuff, I'm a ravenclaw!
Heather Brown
Heather Brown 14 timer siden
You're a total Hufflepuff
espresso cookie official
espresso cookie official 16 timer siden
Harry Potter is still the best movies
Peppo 18 timer siden
No I'm in the skeleton
Rainbow Rose
Rainbow Rose 19 timer siden
My body is 100% popping and clicking
ashe tolman
ashe tolman 20 timer siden
My gallbladder tried to kill me so screw you 🤣
Lukethelightnin 21 time siden
If starvation diets don't work, then how do eating disorders make people lose weight? Does your brain just take over from there?
driftic 21 time siden
He belongs in hufflepuff
GK M Dag siden
You smart little cookie 🍪
Mackattack gameing awesome
Mackattack gameing awesome Dag siden
2:07 "ChLoRoPhYlL"
the wolc the best
the wolc the best Dag siden
Dr. Mike should marry Chest Compressions.
Lorenzo Lacson
Lorenzo Lacson Dag siden
He didn't say any skeleton sooo imma tell my dead granpa
Feroza Yasmin
Feroza Yasmin Dag siden
That "aw" was disturbing..😄
Aadya Mehra
Aadya Mehra Dag siden
Jacob Wyatt-Smeltzer
Jacob Wyatt-Smeltzer Dag siden
alright hit the buffet before the bar then i can drive
Xavian Mattison
Xavian Mattison Dag siden
I would really want you to react to smile hd
Xavian Mattison
Xavian Mattison Dag siden
I would really want you to react to smile hd
•Ana_logue• Dag siden
9:11 _not Mike turning into the pythya from the oracle of delphi_
•Ana_logue• Dag siden
Lmao now I wanna be a doctor
YouTube Anime
YouTube Anime Dag siden
5:38 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
YouTube Anime
YouTube Anime Dag siden
JJPLUSKA Dag siden
1:14 BUT WHAT IS THE “YOU” THOUGH?!? All your awareness comes from your nervous system, and your thoughts come from your brain. Which is inside your skeleton. You don’t have a skeleton inside of you. You are inside of a skeleton!!
Kachan kawairashi-sa
Kachan kawairashi-sa Dag siden
Im literally in 5th grade bruh
Mika O'Donovan
Mika O'Donovan Dag siden
Essential oils heal the mind, not the body!
Elena Barron
Elena Barron Dag siden
Doc mike really thinks we don't know what a tek dek is
Kelly Patterson
Kelly Patterson 2 dager siden
Why are you on Patreon?
Sky Haun
Sky Haun 2 dager siden
As a Harry Potter fan i can guess you are most likely a Hufflepuff. It was a mountain troll, not a giant. You should react to Injuries and stuff in the harry potter series. lol
Margaret Craigie
Margaret Craigie 2 dager siden
Not sure of the place to ask this, but WHY will doctors refuse to sterilise women but men seem to have a much easier time in 'getting permission'? If she already knows it is a permanent procedure, and that she might regret it, why on earth can't she make the decision for herself, if that's what she wants?
Таня Грув
Таня Грув 2 dager siden
Once I got out a centimiter lenght ear sulfur plug
Karina M.
Karina M. 2 dager siden
Actually the earth does not have the same distance to the sun because the earth rotates in an ellipse around the sun
Alex Ye
Alex Ye 2 dager siden
Mike Slytherin
Ella Sugawara
Ella Sugawara 2 dager siden
Sir, I'm 22 and I feel every bone in my body crack every time I move XD
Reshma Priyadarshini
Reshma Priyadarshini 2 dager siden
Why is he obsessed about chest compressions?
midas alija
midas alija 2 dager siden
in America your ride bike in soviet Russian bike ride you
William Afton
William Afton 2 dager siden
My appendix clowned out and died 🤡
the five recruits
the five recruits 2 dager siden
You're a Ravenclaw
Random_Rowe 3 dager siden
I don't have breakfast ever and I rarely have lunch.
No Specific Purpose
No Specific Purpose 3 dager siden
Imagine he became a doctor just to finally be able to say “its doctors handwriting”
JackIsWack YT
JackIsWack YT 3 dager siden
I’m somewhat ashamed I got the wet floor sign joke. I guess I make chemistry jokes *periodically.*
sanchi Jawal
sanchi Jawal 3 dager siden
Lmao I m addicted to essential oils like crazy
Angie Lwanga
Angie Lwanga 3 dager siden
Dr Mike "This is from Harry Potter, it's a giant right?" Me: *sighs in expecto patronum*
Kim van der Linden
Kim van der Linden 3 dager siden
oh no.. that was not a giant... :'D that was a troll. ;D
Melody Netherton
Melody Netherton 3 dager siden
Your definitely a Hufflepuff.
Miss Jadie
Miss Jadie 3 dager siden
Im almost 31 and i have been clicking all my life 😄
Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson 3 dager siden
You'd be a hufflepuff
William Cui
William Cui 3 dager siden
about the finger skateboard. i remember my friends used to mess around with them all the time in elementary. they were called "decks" or smth like that. i used to own one or two myself, tho i never learned how to do those tricks. they disappeared. also, that reminds me of smth else: a classmate of mine, who could do tricks with his pen back in eighth grade similar to the deck moves. maybe i oughta find that "deck" and mess around with it sometime.
Kane Bunce
Kane Bunce 3 dager siden
Suns are not just givers of life due to chlorophyll but also because all the atoms that we and our food are made of are star dust, basically suns going supernova created them.
Kenma kozume
Kenma kozume 3 dager siden
You're a wizard Docter Mike. By the way I am a Hufflepuff. 💛💛☺
CL XK 3 dager siden
Doctor mike, they make organ stuffed animals
Amelie dorsey
Amelie dorsey 3 dager siden
Let's go ahead and name on my junk like why did God decide hey we're going to give you scoliosis also going to give you Neurofibromatosis
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs 3 dager siden
Technically, I’m inside the skeleton. The brain and all six main sensory organs (mouth, nose, 2 eyes & 2 ears) are located in the head, the brain itself being inside the skull.
Wesner1th 4 dager siden
Take the Harry Potter quiz
Liz Ma
Liz Ma 4 dager siden
Dr Mike says don't use a q tip to clean you're ears me who doesn't care and cleans my ears with a pencile
Connor Fikes
Connor Fikes 4 dager siden
You are totally a hufflepuff
ognjen rajic
ognjen rajic 4 dager siden
2:24 fun fact, those skateboards are called tech deck and you can find them online. you're welcome! 😂
Galaxy Beats
Galaxy Beats 4 dager siden
Who would like if doctor mike reacts to meet the medic
xrs ftr
xrs ftr 4 dager siden
ur definitely a hufflepuff
BahamutEx 4 dager siden
The gall bladder one was cute - I don't have mine anymore because it made those stones... -.-"
Devanshi singh
Devanshi singh 4 dager siden
Mini Wolfsbane
Mini Wolfsbane 4 dager siden
Late, but the reflex meme reminds me of how I had to get stiches taken out after pilar cysts surgery on my head. The doctor taking them out was this old guy, (I'm female) and it was sooooo awkward for me when he removed the stiches. My legs right there, practically between his legs. 0_o Also, the swelling from one never went down like he said it would (or it came back, IDK?), and the other came back as a nub of a thing, barely there but I know it is. I hate brushing up against the bigger one, but my head looks better overall.
Sara Dawson
Sara Dawson 4 dager siden
HUFFLEPUFF BUT you should take the official Wizarding World test and let us know. JS.
Orchidilia 4 dager siden
OMG the little finger skate boards and bmx bikes! Pretty sure our school banned them at one point. Thanks for the nostalgia trip Dr. Mike!
Aiden Potter
Aiden Potter 4 dager siden
Your brain holds your personality and your thinky bits and is entirely contained within the skull. So if you think about it there isn’t a skeleton in you. You are in a skeleton.
crstyal hawkins
crstyal hawkins 4 dager siden
for skin care we have hymn for hair we have brad mondo for the doctor we have DOCTOR MIKE !
Little Donut
Little Donut 5 dager siden
2:36 Me: 👁👄👁
DINIS HORTA 5 dager siden
Dr Mike says chest compressions for the 9999999999th time me 😐
DINIS HORTA 5 dager siden
Dr Mike tells me I'm a skeleton me: Spooky scary skelotons and shivers down your spine
Jaelen Knue
Jaelen Knue 5 dager siden
Its снеsт соmpгеssiоns×3
Felice Berg
Felice Berg 5 dager siden
MY SKELETON ISN'T INSIDE OF ME. I AM INSIDE MY SKELETON. My skeleton is inside my flesh.
AMTunLimited 5 dager siden
I have a question for you, Dr. Mike: my dad used to be a medic in the army, and apparently when he learned CPR they taught him to like hammer fist the patient's chest first, and apparently it worked sometimes, but they definitely don't teach that anymore. Did it ever actually work?
Alistair lea
Alistair lea 5 dager siden
1:13 I just jumped out of my chair
Mollykinns 44
Mollykinns 44 5 dager siden
When I was a kid the doctor would hit my knee with the little hammer and nothing would happen so they would do it again. In my little kid mind I had no idea why they were doing that and assumed they were too rude to ask me to kick my leg so I just kicked my leg when they hit my knee. I was an adult when I learned that my kee is supposed to do that by itself.
Bill Nyes Secret Robot Son Model TR-427
Bill Nyes Secret Robot Son Model TR-427 5 dager siden
Mike those finger skate boards are called tek deks or tec decs or something like that
YD EXTREME% 5 dager siden
We r the mitochondria of your channel😁
Josef •-•
Josef •-• 5 dager siden
0:27 this made me miss playing Organ Attack...
rowan byington
rowan byington 5 dager siden
He’s a hufflepuff
Nathan Tinney
Nathan Tinney 5 dager siden
Your definitely a Ravenclaw
Fraser Cochran
Fraser Cochran 5 dager siden
Mike is Obvs a hufflepuff
Beatnik 5 dager siden
Oh Dr. Mike, you're so sweet. You'd be in Hufflepuff!
Praise the Sun
Praise the Sun 5 dager siden
Starvation diets work, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're safe/healthy. Your metabolism doesn't drop significantly unless you're at a very low weight. I lost 90 pounds on a starvation diet, made sure I got appropriate amount of nutrition and protein still, and then upped my calorie intake as I got closer to my goal weight.
Angy Rodz
Angy Rodz 5 dager siden
Omg, could you do the pottermore test????
Sabrina brown
Sabrina brown 5 dager siden
You’re either hufflepuff or ravenclaw. Probably hufflepuff.
Madame obsession
Madame obsession 5 dager siden
Scarlet Augi
Scarlet Augi 5 dager siden
I'm like 17 and my body is human environment friendly bubble wrap. I mean... something to distract me so-
MemeMazing 5 dager siden
2:06 ThE sUn Is A dEaDlY lAzAr!!!
The Sophia Abney Show
The Sophia Abney Show 5 dager siden
Ur a huffleclaw/ravenpuff
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