Doctor Reacts To BRUTAL Final Destination “Injuries”

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Final Destination is a classic 5-part film franchise where a group of young people cheat their way out of death, only to have death chase them down one at a time in the most gruesome ways imaginable. We’re talking getting your insides vacuumed out by a pool filter, getting squished flat by a giant falling pane of glass, rocketing to your doom off a malfunctioning roller coaster, or stepping out in front of a bus going 70 miles per hour. There are even more benign injuries such as a gymnast stepping onto a nail with her bare foot… which naturally leads to a disaster where another gymnast incorrectly dismounts from a bar and mangles all of their limbs on the mat below. I decided to dive deep into Final Destination to react to these “injuries” and see if there is anything to be learned from a medical perspective so we don’t accidentally break a machine in the weight room and smash our heads between the plates. This video is definitely not for the faint of heart, so be warned!
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Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger
Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger 11 minutter siden
Actually the death and final destination with the suction device was based on an actual person who died specifically a child star and yes pretty much the exact same way
Amanda Lakey
Amanda Lakey 33 minutter siden
Having your intestines sucked out by a pool drain is an actual injury
Inisa 37 minutter siden
I need you to tell me if any and all these things are possible I am writing this comment before completing the video
Sands The comic
Sands The comic Time siden
POV the video was age restricted:
ChronicBongitis420 Time siden
7:00 the reason people don't hit their brakes in these movies is because they're not controlling themselves death is
ChronicBongitis420 Time siden
Favorite death from final destination 2 is when Kat is sitting in the car seat and she asked the firefighter to be quieter with that thing and he says yeah I'll just put it on quiet mode and then boom Air bag pipe in the back of head.lololol 😂😂😂
Raito 2 timer siden
Person flips and dies Dr Mike: "That was unnecessary" 😂 😂
Ava Miller
Ava Miller 3 timer siden
you should react to “the rookie” medical scenes!
Ashlyn M
Ashlyn M 4 timer siden
omg read the first chapter of haunted by chuck palahniuk. character gets disembowled by a pool filter.
Synranelt, Ina's Apostle [Domain of Sanity]
Synranelt, Ina's Apostle [Domain of Sanity] 4 timer siden
Final Destination reminds me of ANOTHER, but more gruesome and live action instead of animation.
Andro Leguina
Andro Leguina 5 timer siden
This was fun.... yum
Kaylee Shanks
Kaylee Shanks 10 timer siden
Doctor Mike's Medical Reasoning as to why the guy is dead: *blink blink* He once had a head.. and then.... *Squish* he didn't
It's Natsuki XD
It's Natsuki XD 11 timer siden
Me silently eating dinner while watching this: huh this is interesting
G La Claire
G La Claire 11 timer siden
Imagine dr mike reacting to resident evil village Ethan winters continual murder of his hands.
Cool wHip on my pie
Cool wHip on my pie 12 timer siden
He once had a head...then he didn't.
Oreono -
Oreono - 12 timer siden
3:56 lol best timing
Uhohhotdog Gaming
Uhohhotdog Gaming 14 timer siden
This movie has caused more anxiety and paranoia than any movie in history by a mile.
Lee Bayliss
Lee Bayliss 14 timer siden
My favourite line is "...incompatible with life"
Tomys Ro
Tomys Ro 15 timer siden
I am going to hell for laughing at some
Anonymous 1337
Anonymous 1337 17 timer siden
I need therapy
A N G E R Y. M A U S
A N G E R Y. M A U S 18 timer siden
Ok Mike why won't you try to watch the TWA 800 Air disaster?
F-zero91maru 18 timer siden
This is a cool react by a real doctor the series are violent and splatter punk
Elena Miller
Elena Miller 18 timer siden
There was actually a case of a young girl getting part of her intestines sucked out by a pool drain, she's done an interview about it
Adam 20 timer siden
My nightmare is drowning in a sinking plane in the ocean. Could happen if you're flying to Europe or US from Europe. Be with the titanic lol.
Muh Liman
Muh Liman 20 timer siden
Luckily I have watched all of the movies and know what will coming, I am only here for medical facts.
superiorgaminn 22 timer siden
here's a fun fact. In portuguese we call roller coasters "russian mountains" c:
Cj Hirsch
Cj Hirsch 22 timer siden
Watch this and the Kill Count side by side 😂😂😂
Alex Mason
Alex Mason Dag siden
Hmm human pancakes
Anthony Sigouin
Anthony Sigouin Dag siden
8:33 I had that kind of rolling accident putting my hands to the ceiling and just had a slight equimosis on the forehead. What happens before and after that was way worse than the accident so I told my dad which was driving, just after the car stop fortunately on its wheels (the weekend before was a nightmare): can we go now! The car was destroy with no windshield left. Ah ah! :P My dad was more in panic and injured than me. We make maybe 6-8 rolls with only a corner of the car touching the ground at the beginning. It was in a PT Cruiser (a pretty round car) maybe it helped for the impacts to be smooth enough. The airbags did not open. It was like it was a planned stunt.
Briar Rose
Briar Rose Dag siden
He should react to Wrong turn 1 and 2 It has pretty gruesome scenes too!
Christopher Gregory
Christopher Gregory Dag siden
Me: This guy is a good Doctor. Dr. Mike: He once had a head... and then he didn't. Dr. Mike: *squirms and screams at death scene* Me: This guy's a Doctor? 😂
Nima Dima
Nima Dima Dag siden
Next injurie on resident evil
Probably a Jaegerist
Probably a Jaegerist Dag siden
Dude I’ve seen Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul I’m fine 😂
Michael Kushla
Michael Kushla Dag siden
Hi Dr Mike, this first death is called “evisceration”. It is a real phenomenon that has happened, and is caused by the suction power of the pool pump. The white cover on the drain prevents this from happening and is essential safety equipment.
Katie C
Katie C Dag siden
Oh I love these movies so much 💖😍
Michael Gentile
Michael Gentile Dag siden
"Then you can just drop **** dead" *hit by bus* *HONK*
Cameron Shaver
Cameron Shaver Dag siden
"I know you're all wanting me to get into the medical reasoning for why he is no longer living...he once had a head and then he didn't" It all makes sense now.
Liew Shuk Yan
Liew Shuk Yan Dag siden
My God... I almost forgot the story line. I watch all Final Destination episodes while I was in U. My reaction is just like you, Doc. 😅😅
Alicia Hurst
Alicia Hurst Dag siden
Lol I remember theses movies
Britannic The Sister Ship
Britannic The Sister Ship Dag siden
Actual title: Doctor reacts to brutal final destination deaths
martinicc67 Dag siden
I don't know why but I always though Final Destination is a comedy
Book Lover
Book Lover Dag siden
Dr Mike: "..I'm scared, you should be scared.." Me, who ate a meatball sub while I was watching Jaws: _Are you sure about that?_
The Mad Lads
The Mad Lads Dag siden
I was expecting Mike to go into detail on how unrealistic some of these deaths were, but the fact that he isn’t disputing them scares me even more.
Aila Williamson
Aila Williamson Dag siden
I watched final destination when I was like 8. I am traumatised.
UberCharger56 Dag siden
"He once had a head... and then he didn't..." Can I get a second opinion
TealWolf26 Dag siden
Welp I'm out. Commented and liked for the algorithm.
COS_104 Dag siden
Some of the final destonation death's are literary RNG (Random number generator) In real life
Uday G
Uday G Dag siden
2:51 Faraday's cage
Roman Olashyn
Roman Olashyn Dag siden
7:50 also make sure there are no spiders in view on you or for driver
Slow Loris
Slow Loris Dag siden
That was lowkey beautiful. About humans just reaching for eachother in an immediate crisis.
Brandes Lewis
Brandes Lewis Dag siden
"This is why I don't drink water bottles in my car"
Juanno Boi
Juanno Boi Dag siden
Great, now I want Dr. Luis Espina to react to this with him too.
Brandes Lewis
Brandes Lewis Dag siden
Rubber tires didn't do them justice my guy"
The Lion DanieLeon
The Lion DanieLeon Dag siden
I am fine with gore and stuff but I certainly gained a phobia of literally everything because of final destination
Skylar main
Skylar main Dag siden
"Incompatible with life" 😂😂🥰 that's my new favorite line
Tosh Cole
Tosh Cole Dag siden
One of my favorite horror series. No joke, the tanning bed scene in FD3 still scares me to this day. I cant even drive by a tanning salon without feeling like I am going to pee myself.
Lloyd Isaac Guillergan
Lloyd Isaac Guillergan Dag siden
Candice's death prove to be a real banger for a Doctor
Kamari Winstead
Kamari Winstead Dag siden
I’m making my kids watch this😂 it’s a generational thing
Mikaila Artist
Mikaila Artist Dag siden
Michael Kantorski
Michael Kantorski 2 dager siden
The first one is real.... Quite a few people have actually made the news after having their intestines sucked out by the pool drain. 1 girl died in 2008, and a bunch of other people, usually kids, but sometimes teens, have had to have major surgery because of it that changed their lives.
Elisa Dickie
Elisa Dickie 2 dager siden
please react to the saw deaths because wow this is my new favorite lol
Jucsor Andrei
Jucsor Andrei 2 dager siden
I can tell you one thing, if you jump out of a plane hopping to land on water and survive, bad news, you're dead! The water at the speed you fall from let's say 10.000 feet, it's just as bad as if you'd fall on a road or dirt, it's not gonna be better, in fact if you find yourself in that type of situation, idk why you'd be but lest say it's not your best day out there, try to find a soft place like trees or snow or even a field with tall grass,more chances of survival, less pain from breaking all your bones and die of drowning cuz you can't move a thing, just saying.
Nakoo 2 dager siden
This makes me not want to leave me room now lol
Hitch Mercedes
Hitch Mercedes 2 dager siden
6:08 AY we use the same here at home xD
Hitch Mercedes
Hitch Mercedes 2 dager siden
Mary Kate Zehr
Mary Kate Zehr 2 dager siden
Who here thinks he should react to GOT season 4 and the awful demise of poor Prince Oberyn Martel?! Like this, so he can see!!!!
Anon Eve
Anon Eve 2 dager siden
OMG the first swimming pool scene was literally what traumatized me when I was a child (less than 10 years old) Just remembering it makes me want to vomit, I had to look away
Kylee Johnson
Kylee Johnson 2 dager siden
The Final Destination 3 roller coaster is actually called Devil's Flight, but the Ring of Death would have been a great title, too.
Sonic Mobian
Sonic Mobian 2 dager siden
"Death=Incompatible with Life" Truth be told my mom told me we used to be in a car accident maaaaany years ago, Near death. But I don't remember anything that happened which does not mean it never happened just I guess for people like me we don't remember certain accidents.
SharkPlayMC 2 dager siden
stephen Brooks
stephen Brooks 2 dager siden
As a fire fighting and first responder all are j4s and most of the cars don't explode like that
DeathEatingPopcorn 2 dager siden
haha he wasn't decapitated through the neck. it went through the middle of his face. this is hilarious.
ThatMissQuin 2 dager siden
Never read Guts by chuck palahniuk lol
THAT JUICY BOI 2 dager siden
Everyone: *expects Dr mike to do a medical examination* Dr mike: ah yes, ive seen this one before, death.
Govinda 2 dager siden
I've watched all 5 FD already but it's always fun to watch it again with you doctor.😁🥰
jadesan 2 dager siden
I think we can all agree that Final Destination is *that* movie that traumatized us when we were kids lmao I remember being soooo afraid of having LASIK because of that one scene (cant remember which from the 5)
Kevin McGonigle
Kevin McGonigle 2 dager siden
Started with one of the funniest ones. They reaction to the gymnastics had me crying All I want to do is watch Friday the 13th movies or saw films with dr mike now lol
Congratulations 2 dager siden
It's called faraday cage. The electricity simply just moves outside of the metal surface so yes you're safe in a car
Kitsunekage13 2 dager siden
This commentary 🤣🤣
Sycrynn 2 dager siden
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 2 dager siden
The first time I watched final destination I was paranoid just to go outside or do anything in general
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 2 dager siden
Hey doc I have a question a month ago I was involved in a hit-and-run and the airbag knocked me out and a few days or so I had dizzy spells, should I have made a doctor's appointment after the accident? Just curious
Max Dostal
Max Dostal 2 dager siden
have u seen the movie "world war z?". in the first few minutes u see for a few seconds a real cpr (i did 6 years ambulance service so i know the difference between movie cpr and real cpr)
Fawkes. 2 dager siden
Ishmael Aupi Kairi
Ishmael Aupi Kairi 2 dager siden
I watched all the Final Destination series. And now I am scared... Now everytime I see something out of order, always the feeling of Final Destination accidents always comes to mind... Gringing moments. I am traumatised. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Btw:::: Doctor Mike we all felt the same.😊
Vampire Werewolf
Vampire Werewolf 2 dager siden
POV : your sitting staring at your phone but you can't watch it cause it's age restricted but you've seen worse so you just make a flabbergasted face
krish Jai
krish Jai 2 dager siden
3:23 RUN WITH ME lol
Jalyn Wishem
Jalyn Wishem 2 dager siden
I think the only reason why some of these deaths were so brutal even when they shouldn’t have been is because there’s was some sort of force/entity behind it, right? I’ve only seen a couple of these when I was a kid so I can’t remember the entire plot
Laird Frace
Laird Frace 2 dager siden
The lawn mower thing happened to my uncle the blade hit a rock and it flew into his cheek and eye he lost the eye but is still alive and well
Orlando Lucio
Orlando Lucio 2 dager siden
I wish doctor mike make a reaction to “Ang Probinsyano” and explain how Cardo is still alive 🙂
Beth Rose
Beth Rose 2 dager siden
So we learnt if there is no body no chest compressions? 😅 I’m joking it’s obvious but you never know on NOwindow.
GRACE JIANG 2 dager siden
You are *not* trying to kill me with laughter... *are you?*
NeonBunnies 3 dager siden
3:58 Fun Fact: Test audiences were so scared from this scene that the director(s) had to add around 2 minutes to calm time for the audience to recover
NeonBunnies 3 dager siden
9:50 Earlier in the roller coaster, one of the characters tried take a inappropriate video with his camera of the girls in front of him. When the girls noticed, one slapped the camera out of his hand, during a loop. The camera's handle wrapped around the track, and when the camera was destroyed, the shrapnel destroyed the hydraulics, releasing the seats
NeonBunnies 3 dager siden
1:56 Mike, that screw came a from an air conditioner above. It also caused a leaky pipe, which caused a puddle next to an extension lead, but no one was hurt by that
Sandy QinYu
Sandy QinYu 3 dager siden
They are always setting a “flag” that’s why they die
Mer Malade
Mer Malade 3 dager siden
Let him go omg he's so traumatized 💔💔😂
H240909 3 dager siden
Next up: Doctor reacts to Saw franchise
AcidVirus 262
AcidVirus 262 3 dager siden
Arjen Picon Marcos
Arjen Picon Marcos 3 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about how at 4:18 the early cgi Thomas breaks grinding SFX is playing?
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