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I’ve reacted to The Simpsons and South Park medical scenes, so next up is Family Guy! Seth MacFarlane has created a funny world in Quahog, Rhode Island, but is all the medicine from Dr. Hartman accurate? Today I discuss Peter becoming a nurse, Brian donating his dog kidney, dialysis, vestigial twins, Stewie’s ADHD, teratomas, tumors both benign and malignant, House MD, Popeye, stokes, vasectomies, and the dangers of smoke. Oh, also THE CHICKEN. Lois, Chris, Meg, Brian, Stewie and Peter Griffin sure have encountered a lot of medical scenes! Which ones did I miss?
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Allah Most merciful
Allah Most merciful 31 minutt siden
This dr is funny😂😂
Gman's Gnarly Science Show
Gman's Gnarly Science Show 3 timer siden
6:53 He ain’t wrong.
Stephan Meneses
Stephan Meneses 4 timer siden
Evidence that Bear's Roomie is a Husky: * Exists * Me: *UwU So Cute X3*
GermanChrome18 5 timer siden
Came frome a break from binge watching scrubs once again and I like this
Trevan Brindle
Trevan Brindle 5 timer siden
Omg step cell
Hugo del Hoyo
Hugo del Hoyo 6 timer siden
1:14 I think that the reason it said about the ventistles is maybe due to thinking that was what they were doing
telfordguy34uk 8 timer siden
Doctor Mike, can I have a signed photo of you please. I have the biggest crush going, 😍
Random Guy
Random Guy 8 timer siden
So, Dr. Elmer Hartman is basically Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, huh? :D
lisa roy
lisa roy 9 timer siden
some males think that manhood is spreading their seeds, not acting like gentlemen.
Terminatora12 10 timer siden
You should react to The Very Best of Dr Hartman
wendy schutze
wendy schutze 10 timer siden
One of my favourite things when watching any medical dramas or movies is watching the rhythm on the Cardiac Monitor and watching them do exactly the opposite of what works.......and it always works. Like defibrillation when you have asystole that takes you right back to Sinus Rhythm. 🙄
Jake Buckner
Jake Buckner 11 timer siden
Watching this at 0.5 speed is hilarious
Yonatan Sheinman
Yonatan Sheinman 12 timer siden
They should teach this in med school
Yonatan Sheinman
Yonatan Sheinman 12 timer siden
Your dog is so cute
Matt Nar
Matt Nar 20 timer siden
The jumping and touching things, could that be something to do with when we were tree swinging apes?
Austin Wagner
Austin Wagner 20 timer siden
"the first step to quitting is understanding why quitting is important" no, the first step of quitting is developing a problem in the first place, silly
Geo Boy
Geo Boy 21 time siden
This, this is the guy 😂😂
Geo Boy
Geo Boy 21 time siden
Chest impressions 😂💯
Walker Riley
Walker Riley 22 timer siden
Yep....that was Hugh Laurie doing House's voice. Though he sounds like he was a bit out of practice with it.
wattuq Dag siden
was that a joke cos that doesnt really sound like Hugh Laurie
Dakota Bothman
Dakota Bothman Dag siden
We’ve learned that Dr. mike and the family guy Dr. are very similar 😂
Hailee Brown
Hailee Brown Dag siden
What kind of dog is Bear. I need one.
Matthew Getman
Matthew Getman Dag siden
This was really great. Honestly cool to see a specialist reacting to famliy guy.
spudthepug Dag siden
Hilarious thing is my company makes a diagnostic tool that would put House out of a job.
F R E D Dag siden
8:17 hehgbgbgbg
Alicia Jara
Alicia Jara Dag siden
3:21 SO CUTTEEEEE but the way mike is just talking to the dog abt not harvesting her organs like if he had before lmao
undertale plays roblox
undertale plays roblox Dag siden
whener i watch one of these videos to the end i have it in picture-to-picture so at the end he is just pointing at nothing
Not Izzy
Not Izzy Dag siden
Talking about how much caffeine is in one redbull Me who drank ten in an hour: 👁️👄👁️ no but fr I was so close to getting a heart attack ✋😭
Snotset Dag siden
Newsflash. There's a 10(or so)year old fully reversible procedure as an alternative to vasectomy. As for how common it is in practice I can't say. As in the more literal sense of putting a cork in it
Janella Bianca Barrios
Janella Bianca Barrios Dag siden
the chicken is peters enemy so thats why he punched him he needs a enemy
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith Dag siden
they should sell tickets to operating theaters like I'd go
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Dag siden
Dr. Mike: lets play which Oma is it
April Lamb
April Lamb Dag siden
Well, I like tea more than coffee. ☕🧉🍮
ruthie f
ruthie f Dag siden
this guy is so quirky !!! i love it :)
Justin Z
Justin Z Dag siden
I feel bad for this guy! Obvious he is self prescribing...
Felipe Behrens
Felipe Behrens Dag siden
What would happen if you made a prank and sent 23 and me a swab of your dog, and see what they come up with... would they notice it?
Java Sparkles
Java Sparkles 2 dager siden
FRFR Shoutout to Tiki at the poison hotlinne who took multiple calls from our family because the oldest could climb and pick locks.
Timbooohs 2 dager siden
That voice was nothing like gregory house at all...
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty 2 dager siden
Turns out, Popeye has the pipe only to whistle with it.
Gina T
Gina T 2 dager siden
I have a NEWFY too!
Chris 2 dager siden
Cushing's would make a lot of sense for Peter actually hahaha
It's Just Ryan
It's Just Ryan 2 dager siden
Dr. Mike, how have you not done any review of 'The Knick'?! Such a phenomenal show for the whopping 2 seasons we got.
Hooked on Grey
Hooked on Grey 2 dager siden
The biggest structural difference between human and dog kidneys are the absences of the columns of Bertin, I think.
ShWeJaPa 2 dager siden
0:58, 😆
Mackattack gameing awesome
Mackattack gameing awesome 2 dager siden
Cardiac arrest and flat line is the definition of code blue code blue code blue
Mackattack gameing awesome
Mackattack gameing awesome 2 dager siden
I did a CAT scan on a dog hahahahahahaha
Megatorn Seal
Megatorn Seal 2 dager siden
4:12 so many oma's
Black Hole
Black Hole 2 dager siden
Can react to medial movies ?
Joshua Haddleton
Joshua Haddleton 2 dager siden
Don't punch a chicken in the face
tensakyuubi13 2 dager siden
As a doc I like this dude
Chenee Thompson
Chenee Thompson 2 dager siden
This guy is a cutie pie!
Random Gacha
Random Gacha 2 dager siden
8:40 is where the NeverEnding rainbow wheel is
TraceguyRune 3 dager siden
Fun fact: dogs can't do kidney transplants unless they're related to the donor
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 3 dager siden
I got freaked out the other day. These guys I thought were pretty big and built. Turns out they just have big forearms. Forearms about the size of their biceps, if not bigger. I was doing the electrical at this restaurant working and those guys come in later on. Found out they were the tile guys and just watching them, at how they get the tile up, explains it all
Cuttlefish N.W.
Cuttlefish N.W. 3 dager siden
There was a South Park episode where a female teacher described pregnancy as an STD to her class.
ZeFellowBud 3 dager siden
Whoa your dog is big
Mike Dub
Mike Dub 3 dager siden
3:57 it says hoe instead of how on captions not trying to be rude just letting you know
Oglesby Finlay
Oglesby Finlay 3 dager siden
My 23 and me test told me i had a 3% chance that i would have green eyes. Guess what color my eyes are lmao
JT Smith
JT Smith 3 dager siden
Peter: Whatever kills me, Makes me Stronger! Death: *and I took that personally*
XDSDDLord 3 dager siden
Peter's lump 4 minutes in reminds me of how I was diagnosed with lymphoma. The lymph nodes in my neck just blew up, kind of like that. I looked sort of like a Cardassian.
Not the FBI
Not the FBI 3 dager siden
I think they don’t let family members into viewing theaters is because they could not like blood or wanna see the inside of their sister or aunt or might just not wanna see a family member like that
ThatGuyXander 3 dager siden
Hey my dad’s doing dialysis!!! Neatp
Rimfire 82
Rimfire 82 3 dager siden
Can you do Adventure Time
TheAllSeeingEye 3 dager siden
do american dad next!
glen judge
glen judge 3 dager siden
glen judge
glen judge 3 dager siden
I guess Dr. Mike embarked on a mission to find out what his pets were v
Bigdogg 3 dager siden
9:30 what if your married
Docked Chutoy
Docked Chutoy 4 dager siden
Brian: That drink will kill you! Peter: Brian, whatever kills me makes me stronger. *He is a true jedi*
Cherie Dinsdale
Cherie Dinsdale 4 dager siden
My god, I love this guy 😂
Cadence The Sloth
Cadence The Sloth 4 dager siden
Okay so I gotta toot me own horn for a second Teratomas are so interesting, when you said multiple cell something something I was like "mmhm line hair and teeth!" AND THEN YOU SAYS THOSE IN THE EXACT SAME ORDER AND I AM NOW OFFICIAL DOCTOR WHERE'S MY CERTIFICATE
Xavier Clough
Xavier Clough 4 dager siden
The actual similarities between dog kidneys and human kidneys as we move us and you would think and you’re stuck in his last one you’re shorter than human can you sometimes and that’s a rare case but also human kidneys are much more less durable than the kidneys so even that you’re less of time isn’t gonna do much on human kidneys are way less useful exercise and social nondurable.
John William
John William 4 dager siden
Wait is it your livers that regrow?
The Great Amida
The Great Amida 4 dager siden
That was really Hugh Laurie reprising his role of House in Family Guy
Jared Rea
Jared Rea 4 dager siden
I love your videos! Ima keep watching until the very last one😜❤️
PiixieHollows_Gacha 4 dager siden
I had a swollen lymphnode it really hurt
Macabga 5 dager siden
Turns out... yes. They did get Hugh Laurie to do the voice for House in that scene
Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma 5 dager siden
Can we take a moment to appreciate how stinking cute he looks🥺🥺
The Viking
The Viking 5 dager siden
It’s pig kidneys that are more closer related to humans (not dog kidneys)
《VenusDoll》 5 dager siden
Black tea is also a good energy boost
FoxyDynamite009 5 dager siden
Plus, Ibogaína or passionfruit are great options for stopping addiction, but must be used under supervision of a docter
FoxyDynamite009 5 dager siden
i think even if dogs kidneys are similar to ours... You can´t use it cause of that rejection fator. Our body tries to kill another human kidney, so can you imagine what our immune system do to a kidney coming from another especies completly XD XD XD XD XD
Camsters_Cool 5 dager siden
I don’t go to the doctor for not much other than vaccines every few years I have a very good immune system and only really get sick once a year but I actually now haven’t been sick since 2018! But if I did get seriously ill I would probably visit my local doctors office
Loki C
Loki C 5 dager siden
It's like I tell my dentist- I don't hate him or the nurses, but I hate the stuff I have to experience at a dentist's office.
Safiyyah Franklin
Safiyyah Franklin 5 dager siden
Haha you're hilarious and the editing makes it even better!
Jim S
Jim S 5 dager siden
You'd be impressed with how many first world countries' societies still largely tie manhood with fertility. Its human stupidity as usual.
Orgborg 5 dager siden
It's been ten years since I've seen my doctor...
Mickey Mouse gucci bad Gucci
Mickey Mouse gucci bad Gucci 5 dager siden
Why people's drink coffee and tea!? I'm confused😕😕🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😬😬😬😬😬🤪🤪🤣🤣 I hated short really really really really hurts🤕 I don't go back to too the doctor because she gave me a Short 😭😭😭😭😭
ChimChim 5 dager siden
“EXCUSE ME!!!” He was baffled 😂💗
Methodological Atheist
Methodological Atheist 5 dager siden
6:16 In that image of the medication, is that Dilantin (Phenytoin)? I can't see any text on the capsules themselves, and that prescription note doesn't help, even if it was for the medication shown. The only reason I ask is that being epileptic myself, I take Dilantin, and it comes in very similar-looking capsules. If I'm right, then those would be 100mg capsules. They also used to be white with a red stripe through the middle. I also know that 50mg pills come in yellow chewable tablets and that there's a generic brand that, if my memory is correct, is blue and white instead of red and white (I had a bad experience with generic Phenytoin where, to put it simply, it didn't work). Also, that House voice wasn't "really well". It was decent enough though. But when I hear it, I hear an impersonator, not the actual Hugh Lorey.
Triforce75 5 dager siden
The biggest shock is that Peter apparently only weighs 293 pounds
Ryan Patterson
Ryan Patterson 5 dager siden
The whole genetic predisposition you can't act on thing reminds me of how I'm supposedly more likely to go bald because I'm a ginger
Red Raptor
Red Raptor 5 dager siden
Stop saying god in vain
Andrew Z
Andrew Z 5 dager siden
I've always enjoyed his content, but isn't he being a little too blatant about being high nowadays?
ebhappyfeet 5 dager siden
His name is actually Hugh Laurie. FYI.
mad penguin
mad penguin 6 dager siden
"it's about not getting pregnant, what does that have to do with manhood?" I'm quoting that.
Rock N' roll
Rock N' roll 6 dager siden
What breed of Dog is Bear? I'm guessing a St Bernard/Tibbetan mastiff or something similiar
Vuk Tankosic
Vuk Tankosic 6 dager siden
me as a 9 year old: 5:52
Buttonmstr 6 dager siden
I mean...if I get a vasectomy and I'm only having intercourse with my spouse, whom I know is clean, is there really any risk of an STI spontaneously occurring between us? Like I get what Dr. Mike is saying here, but they were singing to convince Peter that he won't need a condom to be with Lois.
VibrantVirtue 6 dager siden
Dr. Mike is my McDreamy ❤️
Did somebody Say DMT?
Did somebody Say DMT? 6 dager siden
Popeye had Lymphoedema.
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