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Last year I reacted to medical scenes from The Simpsons. One of you suggested I should reacted to South Park medical scenes, and I challenged you to get that comment to 10,000 likes. Boy did you deliver! So, to cash that check, I sat down and reacted to medical scenes from Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Comedy Central sensation, South Park. There was a ton of hilarious stuff in here and plenty of opportunities for me to talk about some medicine! While Cartman’s gingervitis might not be real, gingivitis is and there are tons of myths about red/ginger hair and freckles. I also discussed Kyle’s need for a kidney transplant, Stan confronting “naturopaths” selling miracle supplements, Cartman getting shots for vaccines and vaccinations, and the antics of Dr. Doctor. We’ll save Kenny’s unfortunate endings for another time ;)
My Nurse Jackie review:
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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shaquille automobile
shaquille automobile Time siden
“Helps treat depression” So basically drugs
Dag Haugsand
Dag Haugsand 2 timer siden
-"can they afford it?" thats Sad to now u dont have universal health care....
Fitness_life_style 2 timer siden
Wtf neck veins man hahaha
Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts 3 timer siden
I had water toxcisity in the military during basic. It suuucckked
Sean Captain
Sean Captain 3 timer siden
7:34 he doesn't deny it
PYXA 4 timer siden
2:12 this film is SO GOOD
Dava Bolado
Dava Bolado 11 timer siden
i really live to see "Nazáre Tedesco" meme on your videos kkk
Knockdownisland 12 timer siden
I was hoping to see the episode cartman injected Kyle with aides and to cure it they had to inject 43,000 dollars directly into the bloodstream.
Cosmin Xxx
Cosmin Xxx 12 timer siden
There is one thing true about red people, women in particular. It's not curable and it's quite noticeable specially in red women with green eyes. That is ... they are fuckin hot!!!! :)
Marley Lowe
Marley Lowe 15 timer siden
Dr Mike, I got a crazy review I want you to do. Total Drama Action season 2 of the total drama series has a full episode about medical stuff I never before heard of or even remember. I think it's like episode 8 or something.
Grand Master
Grand Master 16 timer siden
One thing I heard about redheads is they have a very slight resistance to electrical pain than people with other hair. Not sure if that's true Dr Mike what's your thoughts?
Cock Destroyer 😘❤️🥰💋✨⭐️💖
Cock Destroyer 😘❤️🥰💋✨⭐️💖 18 timer siden
My bussy is on fire
Josue Cruz
Josue Cruz 18 timer siden
They didn't show the one where Stan gets Vaginitis, or that time doctors replaced Kenny's heart with a baked potato.
Mitchell Mills
Mitchell Mills 19 timer siden
After watching this video...I wish i had a competent doctor like you instead of the barely qualified nonsensical fools that kaiser saddled me with for most of my life
Water Lily
Water Lily 19 timer siden
My brother has 3 fully developed functional kidneys. We all say he's our spare part sibling
Adam 19 timer siden
Dr Mike, You need to go back to being a dr lol
DogeShibaDog 19 timer siden
Doc, ya know Johnny Sins?
Duncecan 20 timer siden
What dose of bleach can I drink before it's toxic asking for a friend
Red X
Red X 21 time siden
You missed the scene where Cartman gives Kyle Aids and they cure it with money.
Juan Cholo
Juan Cholo 22 timer siden
Ok so I actually am ginger and sunburn in about 10 minutes
Chris C
Chris C 23 timer siden
Man that rant had his neck ropes throbben lol 😆
unbreakableunion 23 timer siden
Cartman is our favorite spoiled rotten little butter ball.
Hawkins Eastman
Hawkins Eastman 23 timer siden
"He see what happening at home, what they eat to prevent heart attack's, and everything else." The they treat the heart attack
Onan - Son of Judah Brother of Er
Onan - Son of Judah Brother of Er Dag siden
What about Randy Marsh's testicular cancer and the medical marijuana and Kyle Bravowski's cosmetic surgery to make him a tall black basketball 🏀 player and Eric Cartman's and Kyle's HIV AIDS
Onan - Son of Judah Brother of Er
Onan - Son of Judah Brother of Er Dag siden
Why didn't they name the movie "Justin Time"..? 🖐️🎤
Magolor Dag siden
This is the definition of when you ask your parents a single question and they lecture you about life. And that is not a bad thing.
Gabriel Robichaud
Gabriel Robichaud Dag siden
Hello Doctor McStudly are you a real doctor or an actor on Greys Anatomy? In either case, call me ;)
Irene Smith
Irene Smith Dag siden
You should have included the episode where Cartman inherits $1 million from his grandmother and buys a theme park while Kyle gets infected hemorrhoids.
American First
American First Dag siden
It’s safe to exercise lol people so scared of COVID for no reason other than the TV doesn’t shut the gel up about it
morebakeder Dag siden
i wish you would have reacted to the scene where cartman jumps off a roof and the doctor diagnoses him as being stupid. one of my favorite doctor scenes, also the face warmers in that episode are great
MADM3RT Dag siden
9:12 *LegalEagle has joined the chat*
Andy Me
Andy Me Dag siden
someone take this "Dr.'s" prescription pad away from him!
aphale26 Dag siden
I’m white boi as fuck
Socks Off 5th Ave
Socks Off 5th Ave Dag siden
Is that an AP on your wrist?! 👀👀
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Dag siden
My (now missing) Galblader: lemme not work and release the toxins slowly back in your body. Drs. For years...naaa its in ur head.(not thinking anything wrong) Me: Im sure its in my abdomin. After years of suffering I finally get it out. Drs...Oh wasnt in ur head....
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Dag siden
Says the things about people with red sneaking out the back because I have thise issues......
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Dag siden
Even as a kid I always had to watch the shots be given. Knowing when the needle is going to peirce the skin makes it hurt less that way I can prepare for possible pain.
Danic C.
Danic C. Dag siden
In all fairness, Cartman is a horrible demon spawn while Kyle is a normal kid, so it's kind of like if you tricked Hitler into giving one of his surplus kidneys to, I dunno, one of the kids from Stranger Things or something. Is it unethical? Maybe. Is it the right thing to do? Yes, yes it is.
Josh _
Josh _ Dag siden
Talk about a cash grab video
Donovan B
Donovan B Dag siden
5:20 Currently putting my liver to work for the first time in a long time lol.
Drew Austin
Drew Austin Dag siden
I get the feeling Dr. Mike is trying to enjoy South Park for this video but is not having much luck lol
rusty Shackleferd
rusty Shackleferd Dag siden
What’s going on with your neck veins?! 4:26
Lorenzo Lacson
Lorenzo Lacson Dag siden
legend has it... hes still finding it
Cursedwolf Gaming
Cursedwolf Gaming 2 dager siden
You have earned a sub from me. Loved the actual medical information.
Colin In The Closet
Colin In The Closet 2 dager siden
At 4:49 doc looks like he just got injected with the T Virus and is about to go full Resident Evil
Morning 2 dager siden
No need to apologize to South Park. South Park should be apologizing to many...many people 😂
Bruno César Romão Pacheco
Bruno César Romão Pacheco 2 dager siden
"What has happened to the ethics on this show" (said someone while watching South Park) LOL
Ghalaghor McAllistor
Ghalaghor McAllistor 2 dager siden
Kyle and Stan painted Eric's face and gave him a dye job too to make him look like a ginger to make him see how it feels to be one for always making fun of gingers.
Martin W.
Martin W. 2 dager siden
5:47 I have a nice latin saying for that: "Dosis sola venenum facit" or "The dose alone makes the toxin", as said by Paracelsus.
your the only sane one here
your the only sane one here 2 dager siden
i found this exemply funny also im trying to learn a bit about medication and diseases before i go to college im in middle school and i want to know as much as i can is there any way i can do that
your the only sane one here
your the only sane one here Dag siden
@retsaM innavoiG actually I just got internet at the end of last year and technology is a bit new to me and I'm watching NOwindow because of this though thank you for your input your concern and misunderstanding is reasonable since kids now in days all have their heads in their phones. and by the way i don't like things given to me on a silver platter like I'm some spoilt prat i had to climb my way out of starvation and abuse which im still going through to an extent, but thank you for comparing me to every other child that thinks they can get whatever they want without doing the work!
retsaM innavoiG
retsaM innavoiG Dag siden
Honestly, if you can’t figure that out by yourself at your age, than I hope you’re not trying to become a medical doctor. I’m not trying to be mean but I’m assuming you have internet access and have had it your entire life? You should be extremely familiar with NOwindow and Wikipedia which are endless streams of knowledge. You can literally become relatively knowledgeable on any subject with those two websites. You use the search function and results appear. To be fair I’ve noticed most of the young guys I work with give up if you don’t hold their hand for everything and almost refuse to simply read Wikipedia or watch a NOwindow video. I don’t understand how they aren’t super familiar and comfortable using them.
Jon Farr
Jon Farr 2 dager siden
Well, Cartman thought that gingers have no soul.
American Filipino Gamer 2021
American Filipino Gamer 2021 2 dager siden
0:29 a pig
Epicgamer Vallon
Epicgamer Vallon 2 dager siden
6:40 Does that mean that literally everyone else in south park has AB+ if only Cartman and Kyle have AB-?
Christjerky 2 dager siden
K hole. Horse. Just good times.
Lucy m
Lucy m 2 dager siden
I'm going to give you some information, CRYSTAL HEALING AND REIKI AND ALL OF THAT WORKS FOR STRESS AND ANXIETY. The actual community doesn't think that you can just sniff some scented oil and be instantly healed from cancer, we believe it heals the spiritual kind of thing. People who think otherwise dont get information from a reliable source and just give us a bad name
Danilo Barbosa
Danilo Barbosa 2 dager siden
Brazilian meme detected 02:18
Nick Doucette
Nick Doucette 2 dager siden
Lol The plastic surgery too much.
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett 2 dager siden
I found this very entertaining, but I have never been given a prize first, than have a needle stuck in me. Just saying.
Greg 2 dager siden
The gta San Andreas mission passed thing 😂
darragh mckenna
darragh mckenna 2 dager siden
“Don’t remove your friends kidney with a woodsaw” ahhh but he said nothing about removing an enemy’s kidney
Abby Colling
Abby Colling 3 dager siden
I have red hair and coincidently I need quite a lot of sedation to be out out for surgery! Lol
Dan d
Dan d 3 dager siden
I wanted to see the part from the movie " is that a baked potato?"
Coralcut D
Coralcut D 3 dager siden
Yes. Being ginger is a medical condition.
cantspinlikeme 3 dager siden
Dude u di jnow that south park makes fun of everything. It's not supposed to be 100 percent correct bc they vare making fun of everything. U took this reaction to seriously
I'm proud of you🤗
Maria Carolina Cotovio
Maria Carolina Cotovio 3 dager siden
Please react to the first episode of the sixth season! Butters gets fat and then a liposuction to be like Jared Fogle 🤣🤣🤣🤣
John 3 dager siden
This is too obnoxious
M. E. Navarro
M. E. Navarro 3 dager siden
Yo doc. On the real🤔 were you hight?
glen judge
glen judge 3 dager siden
The DNW 3 dager siden
Just from a personal point and having red hair, everything Medical wise in my life has been a fuckton harder than needed do to medication resistances lol
Isabel York
Isabel York 3 dager siden
These Karen's need to be stopped. This is ridiculous.
XxNingyoOkamixX 3 dager siden
His friends bleached his skin, dyed his hair, and gave him henna freckles to make him feel bad for bullying ginger kids. So they basically said "he has the ginger gene"
Morgan jones
Morgan jones 3 dager siden
I'm functioning on one kidney I took a pretty hard kidney shot in a car wreck just obliterated it the doctor said it look like my kidney went into a blender
Shawn Kendrick
Shawn Kendrick 3 dager siden
Since Urban Legends was brought up, I got one for you, Doctor Mike, that is a fact true story that I've heard it retold a few times since the incident, told by other healthcare workers, doctors, etc. Often dismissed as "BS, that didn't happen, too many things would have to go wrong!" "The Alcohol IV Bag". *Dumb dumb dumb!* Let me know if you, or anyone has heard a variation of this incident. I will note, the following is an account of the actual incident, that resulted in a young Marine to have a seizure, coded twice before finally arriving to Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital, and nearly die. The patient suffered from several health issues associated with having 50CCs of rubbing alcohol introduced via an intravenous line into their body, resulting in their medical separation of service. The Marine was in my company, and this account comes from the CIS investigation following the incident, as well as being an eye witness to the event, as I was present in the BAS, though I was treating a Marine heat casualty, from my own platoon, and thankfully no direct involvement. In 1997, at 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment (2/6) in Camp Lejeune, NC, a young, corpsman not attached to an actual infantry platoon yet, as they were on light limited duty, was tasked by the Battalion Aid Station (BAS) Chief, early in the morning of a Battalion 20 mile hike, to make *ice packs* to assist with the high amount of heat casualties generally associated with battalion hike if this length. To make these ice packs, they were using several boxes of expired LR IVs. Withdrawing 100CCs of LR, and then injecting 100CCs of rubbing alcohol. Then once complete, the corpsman marked the bags with a sharpie, and put them into a box under the table to be taken to be placed in a freezer. That morning was particularly hot and humid, and the heat casualties began rolling in much faster than anticipated. The BAS Chief ordered the young Corpsman who was making the *ice packs* to immediately stop, and begin assisting with the high volume of Marines presenting as heat casualty patients from the hike. The young Corpsman withdrew the syringe from the IV bag, but because only 50CCs of the 100CCs of rubbing alcohol had been injected, as they were using a 10CC syringe, the young Corpsman decided not to mark it, as it wasn't complete, nor did they place the IV bag into the box with the other marked bags below the table, instead leaving it on the table they were working at, that was located directly in front of the BAS patient treatment rooms. A Marine arrived via the BAS ambulance, who presented with a high core temperature, and S/S consistent with severe heat exhaustion. Should be noted that the two BAS ambulances, usually shadowing a battalion hike, usually do not transport patients to the BAS, unless those Marines are presenting as severe heat casualties. The standard operating procedure for this BN, at this time, for treatment of heat casualties, not warranting immediate transport to the naval hospital was such, that on arrival, vitals, the Marines are stripped down to their skivvies, and ice packs placed on groin and arm pits to cool the patients down. An IV of LR is started, and the patient is monitored by a corpsman pending change in condition. One of the BAS Ambulance Corpsmen who transported the Marine grabbed an open IV bag laying nearby on a table and hung it on the pole next to the patient. The ambulance Corpsman then did a quick turn over, and went back to their ambulance. Another BAS Corpsman came in, spiked the bag, and primed the IV tubing. Another BAS Corpsman (yes, all of these are totally different Corpsmen) gets a IV catheter, and starts running the LR (infused with 10CCs of rubbing alcohol), bolus via a 16g catheter IV into the Marine's arm. The Marine very shortly after begins having a seizure. The initial assumption is heat stroke. However, it soon becomes clear, that something else going on. The naval hospital is called. The patient codes twice, once prior to transport, and once during transport. The 1000ml bag of LR continued to run until only around 300ml remained, and was replaced by a bag of NS during the first code. The discovery of the presence of rubbing alcohol in the IV bag is noted as IV bags not fully expended, are usually taken out, cut open and dumped. The Corpsman who cut the bag, noted the smell of rubbing alcohol, and reported their findings to the Battalion Doctor. The Doctor smelled the bag himself, and immediately called the ER at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune. A CIS (What is now NCIS) investigation begins less than 24 hours after the incident. Since the stupidity went from the highest ranked BAS medical personnel (the battalion doctor had been made aware of, and approved of the Ice pack shortage, home made IV bag "solution" proposed by the BAS medical chief) all the way to the lowest ranked BAS enlisted, no formal disciplinary actions were taken. However the BAS Medical Chief was transferred shortly thereafter to a Navy medical admin duty station. The Battalion Doctor, a Navy Lieutenant, was passed over for promotion to Lt. Commander, and later resigned their commission as a US Navy Officer, to practice as a general practitioner in the "civilian world". Following the findings of the CIS investigation, in 1997 US Navy medicine paused and had Navy wide mandatory training, to prevent this incident from reoccurring, even beyond what standard operating procedures were already in place that should have prevented the incident such as: 1. Hanging an IV bag that's already been opened. 2. Not inspecting the expiration date, nor conducting a visual inspection of the contents of the IV, for "floaties". 3. Spiking an already opened bag hanging on an IV poll, without any visual inspection. 4. Making ice packs with IV bags is now absolutely not permitted under any circumstances in the US Armed Forces, though it should be noted this was NOT a common practice up to this point in time, due to the possibility of the above outcome. Military Medicine now has a written directive prohibiting such. If you, Dr. Mike, or anyone has heard this story, by all means let me know. **This was not 2/6's only time in the spotlight in 1997 however, later that same year, 2/6 deployed for a 6 month tour in Okinawa Japan. During that 6 month tour a Golf Company Marine was dropped from a third story barracks window, and murdered, during a drunken "trust game", in which Marine, who did not want to participate, was forced out of a barracks window, held upside down, by their ankles, dropped as they struggled in fear, and murdered by his fellow Marine platoon members. Resulting in yet another CIS investigation for 2/6, which I was of the Corpsmen that asked to respond to "A Marine has fallen out of a window from upstairs". I was, again, interviewed by CIS the following morning. Those involved were tried and convicted of murder by Court Martial. If you want to hear the actual origin story of the very short lived military "stress cards", let me know as well, as my boot camp division was directly involved in that story as well.
Kuruma Uzamaki
Kuruma Uzamaki 3 dager siden
So you’re saying snake venom is only toxic because they inject so much and that there’s a point to where it’s ok to drink
ya boi mccoy
ya boi mccoy 4 dager siden
Various medical scenes from any incarnation of Star Trek
*Sabrina Afton*
*Sabrina Afton* 4 dager siden
Is it possible to be born with 4 kidneys? I have a friend who claims she was born with four kidneys and she donated one of them. I personally dont believe it but i still wanna know.
Thenas88 4 dager siden
well it turns out there is no such thing as perfect after all. In time a good movie? I challenge you to say that after watching it again.
Neil Kurzman
Neil Kurzman 4 dager siden
He’s missing Kenny’s severe case of pink eye.
EloquentTroll 4 dager siden
Did you hear about the Homeopath that missed their dose? They died of an overdose!
Gslayer5 4 dager siden
wish I saw this video before using the woodsaw :/
kamenriderreaper 4 dager siden
It was shown in an earlier episode (the Succubi episode in fact) that Cartman and Kenny do have the same blood type, since Cartman gets a transplant with Kenny’s eyes at the end of the episode, if this is true then logically speaking Kenny and Kyle must also share the same blood type as well.
Wyatt Green - WLM Student
Wyatt Green - WLM Student 4 dager siden
Hey dr mike is this common. When my hands go numb or tingley my fingers start twitching can you tell me why this is happening
JuryRigged 4 dager siden
Ban dihydrogen monoxide.
JEWUNITNY 4 dager siden
Isn't that waiver invalid? Cartman is a minor and can't consent to anything. I smell lawsuit! I'm surprised that Mike didn't say anything about that lol.
Chea Yongli
Chea Yongli 4 dager siden
i kept hearing ambulance in cambodia
Virtual Gaming World
Virtual Gaming World 4 dager siden
Thank you doc. You saved my friends life. I had the Woodlawn ready to go grab his kidney, and you informed me that it wasn't a wise idea
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez 4 dager siden
Look Gingers have no soul, you can’t change my mind.....
Lindsie Ambrose
Lindsie Ambrose 4 dager siden
JESUS LOVES YALL 💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕
bigg bubbin
bigg bubbin 4 dager siden
Says the girl who walks backwards from a flu shot
James Martinez
James Martinez 4 dager siden
Interesting note here Cartman is half Ginger Scott tenorman is Cartman's half-brother so technically Cartman is carrying the genetic code for ginger
William Figueiredo
William Figueiredo 4 dager siden
Nazaré Tedesco made an appearance!!! LOL (aka Blonde confuse woman... )
King Shark Fox
King Shark Fox 5 dager siden
I laughed so hard when Eric acts like a running pig while getting shots btw
Bianca Odom
Bianca Odom 5 dager siden
Doctor its a tv show its not all going to be true
Highwind熊 5 dager siden
Of course you ain't depressed anymore if you've got ketamine.
Mickey Mouse gucci bad Gucci
Mickey Mouse gucci bad Gucci 5 dager siden
Doctor shout Park What I don't have red hair I have black hair my mom hair is black yeah some people red really hair and skin some while!?
Stanley Shady
Stanley Shady 5 dager siden
The fact that this doctor actually acknowledged Ketamine as a treatment for depression gave me respect for him
CrassKal 5 dager siden
6:40 It was smart that they made Kyles rare blood type AB-, which is the least common type with
GarrestheWarrior 5 dager siden
Dude, that vein in your neck is Bulging. You OK?
Maswartz226 5 dager siden
"ethics" "south park" yeah those don't match.
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