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Doctor Mike

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Hospital Playlist (Medical KDrama) debuted in South Korea and on Netflix internationally last year (2020) and garnered a pretty devoted fanbase, so after all your requests I finally sat down and watched it. This show does a lot of things right, from not over-dramatizing intense moments to an accurate portrayal of real chest compressions! That being said, no med drama is perfect, and I found several issues, such as groups treating children, advising patients on cancer biopsies, and the ethics of performing surgery with a Darth Vader helmet on. You know medicine. Which episode should I watch next?
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Lilly P. L
Lilly P. L 2 timer siden
u should keep reacting to it! season 2 is coming!
The Flash Stickman
The Flash Stickman 3 timer siden
You should react to Dr. Romantic.
Kyungsoo's hair
Kyungsoo's hair 8 timer siden
You should react to romantic doctor kim
Zoe Lee
Zoe Lee 10 timer siden
As a nurse, I appreciate how Hospital Playlist also includes nurses in the care of patients unlike many other medical shows/dramas. This is by far one of the best medical dramas I've watched and I'm excited for Season 2. It was so healing to watch good doctors care for their patients and have such a wholesome friendship!
Sinisteredgirl 11 timer siden
Dr. Mike, please react to the "rebar scene" of Dr. Romantic Season 1 please! It's from the first episode and it's one of the most exhilarating medical scenes in Kdrama :)
Cam Pats
Cam Pats 11 timer siden
I hope you will rank korean medical drama too!
GRiiZZ 13 timer siden
You definitely need to react to more of their scenes. I've watched this Drama countless times but seing you react makes this even more interesting
RJ Bacon
RJ Bacon 17 timer siden
my friend recommended this show but only after I saw dr mike's review did I actually watch it and I loved it
definitely not caster
definitely not caster 19 timer siden
Can you react to Dr. Romantic S1, also? Its a god tier medical series. 💙🖤
Erwin Maestrado
Erwin Maestrado 20 timer siden
Please react on DOCTOR ROMANTIC 2 it is a good korean drama
Walker Riley
Walker Riley 21 time siden
Actually...yes...WD-40 can remove superglue from skin. Start with soap and warm water, though.
Relica Aura
Relica Aura Dag siden
Let's just enjoy the reaction and not beat a dead horse.
Nizzy Molina
Nizzy Molina Dag siden
Part TWOOOOO pleaaaasseee
chobibo Dag siden
React to doctor stranger pls
PenguyProfile Dag siden
Watch Dr. Romantic!!
Sourav Singh
Sourav Singh Dag siden
Mike you just want to see world through your lenses .In order to review korean medical system you should have taken advice from a korean medical specialist . Your criticism of their medical procedures isn't accurate and it seems like an invaluable review .
mkphilly 2 dager siden
anything that can be quantified ahouks use "fewer", not "less"... one of these days I'd like to give you some basic grammar refresh: I am also an immigrant, but had all English teachers in my grade school, so I picked up no bad habits... hate being your grammar Police, but expect better... also watch your use of object and subject pronouns and hypercorrection... I do it because I respect yiu and love your vids.. all from love and professionalism
Shaziya Alfalasi
Shaziya Alfalasi 2 dager siden
It's a fun drama too with good script, so if you see some silly stuff, it's meant to be.
Shaziya Alfalasi
Shaziya Alfalasi 2 dager siden
Yay!! Hospital playlist!
Kashoua Xiong
Kashoua Xiong 2 dager siden
you should react to descendants of the sun!!! it's another k-drama that does have a medical element to it and i think you'd have a fun time reacting to it!!
zko 2 dager siden
You should check out Doctor Stranger (KDrama). I'm eager to know how you feel about someone knowing what medical condition his patients have just by touching their chest xD on the other hand I don't remember seeing chest compressions ever being done in that drama, so nvm lol
Yvonne Saralde
Yvonne Saralde 2 dager siden
Can you next react to doctor stranger please? It's about surgery❤❤
Trisam. 2 dager siden
I was watching Dr romantic 2 and the guy in there climbed up on top of the patient and gave such chest compressions that he was profusely sweating, at that moment I thought of how proud Dr Mike would be of him😂😂🤭
Neha Naidu
Neha Naidu 2 dager siden
dr romantic is a much better medical drama in my opinion
Grace Arnan
Grace Arnan 2 dager siden
Doc Mike, have you seen “The Good Doctor” korean version?
Grace Arnan
Grace Arnan 2 dager siden
This is a medical “drama.” The show is showing a “drama” side as well. So obviously, a doctor critiquing a drama may have different points of view/ perspective.
Skayda Lee
Skayda Lee 3 dager siden
3:33 My boyfriend's Aunt is just starting to grow her hair back after having to go through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation due to a malignant tumor on her breast. The worst was watching her after the chemo treatments, (she affectionately called it "bug juice" bug as in an illness and juice as in a liquid to kill it), she'd be extremely sick and exhausted for about a week and then start to feel better just in time for the next treatment. But, she's done now and they cut all the tumor out perfectly. :)
gmsxiong 3 dager siden
How bout review on another medical drama called "DOCTOR JOHN." I think this is very good too.
Priyanka Banerjee
Priyanka Banerjee 3 dager siden
Watching this again. I wish Dr. Mike would react to more of Hospital Playlist episodes. 🥺
godking720 3 dager siden
14:00 fun fact, the angry look on Jeon Mido's face when she hears the intro is because Lonely Night is one of the hardest songs to sing from 1990s kpop
Raiyan Nazir Chowdhury
Raiyan Nazir Chowdhury 3 dager siden
I Googled it "Equally importantly, the Korean legal system has yet to acknowledge the legal authority of DNR documentation; therefore, EOL care planning is only conducted when death is imminent"
Fean Marie
Fean Marie 3 dager siden
Dr Mike is going Korean and BTS. Good way to attract viewers. Nice brain Dr Mike..
Thenage4000 3 dager siden
@Doctor Mike 8:19 from personal experience acetone will dissolve superglue from skin but it’s going to be slow.
1000ksw 3 dager siden
Did you watch the whole episode, or just bits? I wonder because if you’d watched the whole episode you’d have understood why Jo Jung suks character had a Darth vadar helmet on. I loved hospital playlist.
Philip Densən
Philip Densən 3 dager siden
Medical KDramas are the Best
Jade Decena
Jade Decena 3 dager siden
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 3 dager siden
We need a continuation❤.
Fzka_ 4 dager siden
Doctor Mikeee please do a reaction for ep 2 pleasee😆
Amy Tewfik
Amy Tewfik 4 dager siden
Is it me or Mike forgot to say "Stay Healthy" at the end of the video??😂😂
simplyjeami 4 dager siden
you need to do a reaction to "dr. Romance" the drama its so good and the wisdom and characteristics of how they are as doctors is great. it also shows what the korean big hospital systems are like.
Virginia Fernandez
Virginia Fernandez 4 dager siden
Show: *shows accurate chest compressions* Dr. Mike: 😍
KatzeDerNacht22 4 dager siden
This show is more accurate than a lot of other shows, go South Korea!!!!
Locket Tiny
Locket Tiny 4 dager siden
I keed more of dorctor Mike reacting to Hospital Playlist... and since season 2 is coming in June. PLEAAAAAASE
Mx. Phoenix
Mx. Phoenix 4 dager siden
I feel like there's enough drama in everyday life that medical shows don't need to forcefully inject more. Working at a hospital where your job is to handle matters of literal life or death is enough.
Liz. Iz
Liz. Iz 4 dager siden
This is why i watch kdramas for the realism. Western dramas are just confusing
badaboop 4 dager siden
im glad you enjoyed the show! I really like the characters relationship with their job edit: you seem like a really nice doctor! im afraid of doctors because of bad experiences, im sure whoever you treat is grateful to you 🙏 edit: someone actually put super glue all over their head on a tiktok explaining they mistook it for a gel with a similar name and they got it out!
Alexandra Rae
Alexandra Rae 4 dager siden
As an echocardiology student, I've definitely shed my share of tears scanning heart transplant patients
Lil Dubu
Lil Dubu 5 dager siden
You should DEFINITELY watch: Emergency couple!!! It's one of the main reasons, why I want to be a doctor like you!!!!! Trust me you won't regret watching it!! You can just react to the 'emergency' scenes
Cenni Felisha Liu
Cenni Felisha Liu 5 dager siden
Try to watch Dr. Romantic
Tibby Duan
Tibby Duan 5 dager siden
Sounds like a typical over confident American doctor commenting on something without even trying to understand the cultural gaps in medical practice between countries.
Lynn Jung
Lynn Jung 5 dager siden
I hope doctor mike react to drama Doctor John.. I think it's a really good drama
Sarah Rey
Sarah Rey 5 dager siden
I am really shocked as no one is speaking about DR.ROMANTIC here😑😍😍😍 was indeed one of the should see that if you haven't..❤️❤️❤️❤️
floideeoriginals · biz
floideeoriginals · biz 5 dager siden
We also don't know if the translation is even that accurate.
floideeoriginals · biz
floideeoriginals · biz 5 dager siden
Korean Language is spoken flatly hence the tone.
rebecca james
rebecca james 5 dager siden
Lol they’re so emotionless
Pame M
Pame M 5 dager siden
You should react to these kdramas with the thoughts of “this is a different culture, continent, everything is different there” talking about procedures and personality
Nayla Frisly Mahadewi
Nayla Frisly Mahadewi 5 dager siden
As an ARMY, when dr.Mike mention bts my face is literally :O LMAO
Eccedentesiast 6 dager siden
Also, It's cute how you can see the excitement from his cheeks when the chest compression scene came up.
Eccedentesiast 6 dager siden
I recommend you watch "Dr. Romantic" or otherwise known as "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" s2 does like 𝑎 𝑙𝑜𝑡 of chest compressions, s1 on the other hand goes on much wider cases than s2.
Eccedentesiast 6 dager siden
The thing about Medical K-dramas is that they're pretty accurate, even indepth and they show what's going on instead of like how most american series just show the surgeons inside a surgery room and miraculously save people. Med K-Dramas do a lot of research to achieve this thus giving the show a sense of realism and accuracy.
Blockyfied 6 dager siden
React to Hi Bye, Mama!
Caila 6 dager siden
Can you do this for Descendants of the Sun, especially the scenes after the earthquake hit them?
barbie stify
barbie stify 6 dager siden
Who actually accepts MIKE is just tagged as the most good looking doctor...JuSt that
moa army atiny Gem stay Goldeness Aroha
moa army atiny Gem stay Goldeness Aroha 6 dager siden
lol just suddenly bring up bts
Emily Huang
Emily Huang 6 dager siden
Continuing my petition for Dr. Mike to review the medical scenes in You Are My Hero (the c-drama)
Angela Yue
Angela Yue 6 dager siden
8:07 before it's fully dried, usually what happens is someone should run the affected area under warm water. After it's dried, well, it'll probably just have to stay stuck there until you shed enough dead skin cells for the glued object to fall off or, most probably for this case, cut the hair stuck to the inside of the helmet.
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar 6 dager siden
Isn’t that what happened to the lady
Lana Saely
Lana Saely 6 dager siden
I want to see more reactions of this show I love it
Gin Argentum
Gin Argentum 7 dager siden
i wouldn't be surprised of Mido took CPR lessons for this drama ^^
Literally no one
Literally no one 7 dager siden
As a fan i feel proud omg
Farhanul Bashar
Farhanul Bashar 7 dager siden
Doctor Mike , watch Dr Romantic 2 next
Jazlynn Castillo
Jazlynn Castillo 7 dager siden
I love hospital playlist!!
Lysandre 7 dager siden
This gave me lifeeee. I love this show
janice akatukunda
janice akatukunda 8 dager siden
Hospital playlist was amazing 👏🙌
AJ Niner
AJ Niner 8 dager siden
Hoping you react to Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (Dr. Romantic)💯🙌🙏❤
Rickbearcat 8 dager siden
I can't believe that you didn't say that this was one of the best medical drama's on TV somewhere within the video. You've done this for every one of the TV medical dramas that you've done previously, but not this one for some reason.
I'm Just Here
I'm Just Here 8 dager siden
Korean medical dramas are the best. Yes, they are dramatic but that's TV. Team Dr. Romantic. Although I think you would find Hospital Ship really cool just cuz of how SK manages their island communities healthcare. Also... The Good Doctor is originally an SK drama.
xianonne pastrana
xianonne pastrana 8 dager siden
Pls react to doctor romantic
Taehyuniee 8 dager siden
all medical kdrama is superb and a must watch
Gamba Rina Mae
Gamba Rina Mae 8 dager siden
Hiii! Can you react to Dr. Romantic Its a korean drama aswell☺️. Looking forward to that😁
Gamba Rina Mae
Gamba Rina Mae 8 dager siden
Hiii! Can you react to Dr. Romantic Its a korean drama aswell☺️. Looking forward to that😁
Fidelle Rosa
Fidelle Rosa 8 dager siden
you should do more scenes from this series right before the second season hits. friendship and hardwork focused kinda series, not romance.
Syeda Ambreen Fatima
Syeda Ambreen Fatima 9 dager siden
I LOVE THIS DRAMA...My FAVOURITE K-Medical Drama 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Jessmar Madera
Jessmar Madera 9 dager siden
Hi Dr. Mike can you react to Dr.Romantic 1 & 2 and Doctors that drama is so AMAZING!!!!! i hope you read it or watch it THANK YOU!!!!
Rivianca 9 dager siden
I need you to react to all episodes or at least some key scenes from other episodes please 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I've seen various Korean doctors' reactions to this drama but not from an American doctor, so it's interesting to see the difference 😊
Raycel B. Manalo
Raycel B. Manalo 9 dager siden
Pls. react to dr. Romantic aaaaaa
단미 9 dager siden
There were some mentions of DNR, but to clarify, DNR is not legal and/or extremely restrictive in South Korea.
Miss Cote
Miss Cote 9 dager siden
Try watching Doctor Romantic 1 and 2, Dr. Mike. ❤ I think they are two of the most accurate medical K-dramas.
Mariam Rouby
Mariam Rouby 9 dager siden
Alyssia Lee
Alyssia Lee 9 dager siden
Darth vader helmet scene reminds me of Matilda
Mark Samonte
Mark Samonte 10 dager siden
Pls react to Dr. Romantic(kdrama)
Dee Jyniece
Dee Jyniece 10 dager siden
the random bts mention 😭😭😄😄😄
dlxe 10 dager siden
The translation isn’t perfect just saying so best not to take it word for word
maria teresa perias
maria teresa perias 10 dager siden
Doc mike, Good Day! Can you do a review on Japanese Medical Dramas like Code blue.
kuttu ji
kuttu ji 10 dager siden
DNR are not legal in every country!
Medy Paula Rivera
Medy Paula Rivera 10 dager siden
Hi, Doc. Please do a reaction video on Romantic Doctor 1 and 2. Thank you so much😊
Lian Kyle Reyes
Lian Kyle Reyes 10 dager siden
Can you react to doctor stranger? Its also a kdrama on netflix. It's pretty overrated. I haven't watched the whole yet but the storyline is so confusing.
Satori 10 dager siden
Acetone takes off super glue OUCH! But I have used it when I got super glue on my fingers.
Satori 10 dager siden
I LOVE KDramas!!! They are the best! I don't even watch American TV anymore lol
Deeex. 10 dager siden
Please react romantic doctor dr.mike. I begging u and it was the best medical drama I ever watch so far.
ela rie
ela rie 11 dager siden
Please review other medical Kseries: Dr. Romantic 1&2, Doctors, Doctor Stranger, Doctor John and Hospital ship 😇
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