Doctor Reacts To SHOCKING TikToks #5

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My story of saving a man’s life on a flight to Israel without an epipen:
You all have been sending me some FIRE medical TikToks, so it was time for me to clean out my inbox and do a new reaction video. Holy cow, was there a lot of good stuff in here. We talk about the Guinness Book of World Record holder for largest hands/height and popping out eyeballs, hypothermia, cartilage on the belly button, spiders in the car, hardcore braces and orthodontia, veins, and so much more. Got some TikToks you want me to react to? Send them to my producer @SamDonaldBowers and I’ll react to them in my next video!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Oscar A De Aza
Oscar A De Aza 17 minutter siden
1:38 Memes on Reddit be like:
Kesley Lupine
Kesley Lupine 54 minutter siden
Very weird and very descriptive question for you Doctor Mike-... If someone's nasal cavity is connected to their tear duct and air can pass out of it when you blow your nose or something, Is that bad? My friend and I can both do this but neither of us know the real reason behind it.
132 Gaming
132 Gaming Time siden
5:44 as someone who's had rubber bands, that looks so painful. Her teeth gonna be sore AF
Martin Morris
Martin Morris 2 timer siden
A pharmacist saw my leg and told me it looked like cellulitis he saved my life. Shout out to pharmacist too
Jenny Åkesson
Jenny Åkesson 2 timer siden
I'd have aimed the car at anything, jumped out of it, watched it crash, put it to fire, made a bulldozer run over it and gotten a cement truck to dump its load over the mauled car. Then I'd feel safe from the spider...
EverEnding Time
EverEnding Time 5 timer siden
Never thought youd ever mention graves disease I had it til the removed my thyroid going into 8th grade thank god cause i wouldnt be here today
Darcy Brummett
Darcy Brummett 5 timer siden
7:23 Eww!
Elianna Dodds
Elianna Dodds 6 timer siden
you need to react to flexibility tiktoks
Larry Noelle - 라라
Larry Noelle - 라라 7 timer siden
Doctor Mike pronouncing Audi right made my day
Joshua Minor
Joshua Minor 7 timer siden
Valkyrie Venom
Valkyrie Venom 8 timer siden
Where did you get the prints behind you???? I love them so much!
Beary Gotya
Beary Gotya 8 timer siden
Go watch shark tank video Me: I just came from that video
Katt R.
Katt R. 8 timer siden
If you're serious about getting a cat for Bear, I'd recommend the Siberian cats. They are very large friendly cats that tend to like dogs. (Several Newf owners have them and have awesome videos of the cat grooming their Newf faces and cuddling)
Anonymous 10 timer siden
I love your way of explaining things. I wish you could be my uni professor because my actual professors are bad at their job.
9A-RAMA 11 timer siden
He sold hus organ
Ash P
Ash P 16 timer siden
Mike, i will massage your face anyday ♡
Dio no nose brando
Dio no nose brando 16 timer siden
I kinda want to see Dr Mike do collab with the Bentist
S S 18 timer siden
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips 20 timer siden
I vote Dr. Mike gets a kitten 🐈
Linda Lauderdale
Linda Lauderdale 21 time siden
How is that CNA's never get talked about!!
Caydn Caliger
Caydn Caliger 22 timer siden
My mom is an RN and works at a mercy hospital
Braxton 22 timer siden
6:40 making Shaq look small
Graidy Fitzgerald
Graidy Fitzgerald 22 timer siden
Epic Nerf Productions
Epic Nerf Productions 23 timer siden
262k per kidney
kirkygirl Dag siden
"I think the face is an underappreciated area for massage, especially the masseter." *Cheers loudly in massage therapist* I wish this pandemic was over so I can go back to doing intraoral massage again. 😔
Alernand Dag siden
5:13 The fact that she's playing the piano quite well but the piano is out of tune af
Stefani Ruiz
Stefani Ruiz Dag siden
My angry Russian Soviet father... 🤣😂🤣😂
per son
per son Dag siden
Dude get some sleep!
Lara Hezel
Lara Hezel Dag siden
Thanks for also thanking medical lab workers!
Sam The Man
Sam The Man Dag siden
What’s the link to the medical acronym one?
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs Dag siden
“Donate one kidney and you’re a total hero, donate five, and everyone starts avoiding you...” I learned my cat how to do a high five...
Lexie Danvers
Lexie Danvers Dag siden
the spider story is just hilarious, i am laughing a little bit too much :D
Amish Dylan
Amish Dylan Dag siden
3:58 to 4:58 ................🤐
Arthemis Lee
Arthemis Lee Dag siden
Did u get bear a cat tho?
Malik da gamer
Malik da gamer Dag siden
sophia su
sophia su Dag siden
brushing my teeth while watching the last part, almost choked my self because of laughter
Super Kami Guru
Super Kami Guru Dag siden
So...Dr. Kitty when?
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Dag siden
Speaking of spiders I was just telling my hubby how I always check the toilet paper rolls because one time I almost didnt and there was a nest in it. Ick
Kageyama’s_big_jugs_of_milk Dag siden
6:05 that dentist is my classmate’s neighbor lol
Chris Dag siden
Never gunna forget the crunch of a human sternum when compressions are done right....eeew, but they both survived and have made made it to a healthier lifestyle. See cops do save lives🖲
Epic Depression
Epic Depression Dag siden
To be honest, I would love to see him react to the character of Mikan tsumiki.
lia abigail
lia abigail Dag siden
only ogs thought of that audi tts during that spider tiktok before mike mentioned it-
crovkiller 2 dager siden
1:09 oh god its a titan!
Kerissa RayShawn Newman
Kerissa RayShawn Newman 2 dager siden
I just wanted to say that Dr. Mike hit home with the musical dementia patient. My mom has Alzheimer's (dementia) she doesn't know who I am now. But throughout her horrible decline she has always and I mean ALWAYS remembered her songs. It's a 70/30 gospel and oldies with a lil mix of 80s and 90s r&b. I love my mom so much. She is still living but I miss her.
John Arnett
John Arnett 2 dager siden
You got a like for appreciating underappreciated medical workers (lab workers, etc.) 🙌
Sailing Serendipity
Sailing Serendipity 2 dager siden
1:11 can we just take a moment and appreciate this timing?
Jesica Ledford
Jesica Ledford 2 dager siden
911 operators are true hero’s in many situations that almost never get recognition. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard 911 calls and if it weren’t for that person being there to answer the call, the situation likely would have ended up very different.
Mirabella Stockstill
Mirabella Stockstill 2 dager siden
My mom is a night shift nurse even on mothers day
REMI 2 dager siden
Me massaging my face for the rest of the video
Aydin Hakim
Aydin Hakim 2 dager siden
he should have had a collab with the bentist
Milena Ž.
Milena Ž. 2 dager siden
2.9 million people were massaging masseter together with Dr. Mike.
RiftVR 2 dager siden
Me watching Doctor Mike peacefully *when My parents walk in* : 1:32 1:39
Koushiki Barman
Koushiki Barman 2 dager siden
Didn't he just explain a meme. He did, didn't he?
Author N. Malone
Author N. Malone 2 dager siden
My cousin once removed had the same thing as Sultan Kosen, but it resulted in him dying from cancer last year at 20 years.
møcha_ playz
møcha_ playz 2 dager siden
demonslash _overlord
demonslash _overlord 2 dager siden
When he said shocking he literally meant shocking
Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison 2 dager siden
I have a spider story so similar but it was in high school but it was a highway patrol officers mailbox and my wind shield that collided when I hit the spider
Steve Tactics
Steve Tactics 2 dager siden
Graves’ disease
Lizzie Kozak
Lizzie Kozak 2 dager siden
I tried massaging the muscle on the cheek but it just hurt cause I have braces😭
Tassoss13 2 dager siden
6:39 imagine getting slapped by that hand
Lucky Bear
Lucky Bear 2 dager siden
1:00 I just got flipped off by doctor mike- Never would of expected that
Anjelica Selden
Anjelica Selden 2 dager siden
My mom is a respiratory therapist
Justice Carter
Justice Carter 2 dager siden
So your telling the blue parts on her body aren't important wtf wth lol
Justice Carter
Justice Carter 2 dager siden
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEAR, I JUST WANT TO HUG & KISS HIM OH MYYYYYY🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ctrl Alt Delete
Ctrl Alt Delete 2 dager siden
You know Doctor Mike is a professional when he starts saying words you can't understand or comprehend 3:56
Peyton Lopez
Peyton Lopez 3 dager siden
You know, NOwindow has turned into a mini tiktok account. They post tiktok compilations. Literally almost everything is about tiktok, reacting to tiktok, or how to sign back into tiktok
Eagles 77
Eagles 77 3 dager siden
If you hit my car because of a spider, I wouldn’t make you pay a dime.... It’s understandable
Elizabeth Bernheimer
Elizabeth Bernheimer 3 dager siden
Side note, you should totally have a video with one of your Dentist friends! It would be awesome to hear the information they would give!
Jayden Carson
Jayden Carson 3 dager siden
3:30 one paper cut and he’s *gone*
Siobhán K.
Siobhán K. 3 dager siden
My mam is just like Dr. Mike ruins med tv by pointing out all the things that are not realistic or sterile technique. Describing bodily fluids and functions in massive detail. It puts you right of your biscuits and tea 100% 🤢👩🏼‍⚕️Don’t have a mam whose a theatre nurse!!! 🧐😷
Griffin DiNardo
Griffin DiNardo 3 dager siden
How are you a doctor and also a himbo
mia kaite
mia kaite 3 dager siden
Totally off topic, but did you name your dog Bear because its the English version of Misha? Thought about it when you mentioned your angry Russian dad! Like does your dad call the two of you the same name? Privet Misha, oh you brought Mishka with you!
Paula Rock
Paula Rock 3 dager siden
Bear, Shed! (creates a tornado of fur that decreases your opponents defence)
Madyson Davis
Madyson Davis 3 dager siden
One question since this is the first time ive watched ur yt but are the guy that if someone says no to your advice you do that one dance idk just a question
Darkshadow5566 4 dager siden
I like to go hiking at 60F it’s cool enough that I don’t overheat, but I also make sure to take two jacket and a thermos of hot tea in case it gets dark, the temperature drops, or it starts raining. It very important when going out into the wilderness to be prepared for worst case scenarios (part of the reason that I hike with my dog or another person)
Bogi B
Bogi B 4 dager siden
Dr Mike:hits car hard And starts screaming and Crying Random pepole:whats wrong why did you do that?? Dr Mike:b-but there was a Spider..... Omg that made me laught so hard😂I would do that too im so scared of spiders that when I see Like a Little Little One I scream down that there is a Spider and lock myself in the bathroom😂😂❤️
25 Selvam Kishore
25 Selvam Kishore 4 dager siden
My Biology exam is next week and 4:50 threw me off so bad now I'm gonna have to forget this video
SLYNX 4 dager siden
how in the F*ck do you remember all these terms
Ali Najim
Ali Najim 4 dager siden
Please do bring a cat 😍😻
Who knows: Nobody
Who knows: Nobody 4 dager siden
God loves you all!
XxQueen CrøwxX
XxQueen CrøwxX 4 dager siden
Mike's eyes make him look so tired ;-;
Larry Jobes
Larry Jobes 5 dager siden
actually my mom wants to be a nurse
Misty Lee
Misty Lee 5 dager siden
Between killing spider and preventing a crash I choose killing spider.
Misty Lee
Misty Lee 5 dager siden
TMJD patient here.
rebelpuppie 5 dager siden
3:27 one papercut and that mans dead
Alden Geyer
Alden Geyer 5 dager siden
Aww I feel sad now because of your Audi TTS 😢
ethan vize
ethan vize 5 dager siden
6:53 imagine getting picked up by this guy
Gaming Jaye
Gaming Jaye 5 dager siden
1:12 It is a fliter.
rhyswithers73 5 dager siden
Paramedics never get any love. :(
Coastal Cruzer
Coastal Cruzer 5 dager siden
Angel 5 dager siden
If you don't get a cat I'll be mad
Kamya Washington
Kamya Washington 5 dager siden
At 1:39 kinda sus😂
Kiss Cat
Kiss Cat 5 dager siden
Did u just flip me off?!? 1:00
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith 5 dager siden
speaking of "dextrocardia," my mom has heterotaxy asplenia meaning her organs are not where they're supposed to be (many of them are reversed, except her heart which contributed to the fact that they never found out until she was in her 50s 🤪) and she was born without a spleen. also she may have had an extra appendix? possibly? she supposedly had an appendectomy but then when she was having a C-section to give birth to me and my sister, they were like "um there's an appendix here???" so uhhhh who knows what happened. plus she was born with just a tiny piece of a pancreas, a bad thyroid (Addison's disease most likely but we're still not 100% sure), and too much intestines that get knotted occasionally 👍
Kerbal Chris
Kerbal Chris 5 dager siden
I was going in my first glider solo about a year ago, and after releasing from the tow plane I noticed a large wolf spider just vibing on my spoiler handle (which is a flight control which helps increase decent angle) which I needed for landing. Thankfully I just pushed it aside and continued flying
Kayte 5 dager siden
The way he says, "Are you thinking about it?" to his dog; LOL OMG LMFAO
Erin Dodds
Erin Dodds 6 dager siden
I hateeeee veins 😫🤢
Beth 6 dager siden
I'm not going to laugh at you about the spider story. I would've jumped out of the car immediately without turning it off or putting in park or anything.
Melany Diaz
Melany Diaz 6 dager siden
Mike, my friend wathces the good docter and I'm happy it's your number 2.
Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk 6 dager siden
But doctor I think bear needs a little friend.
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