Doctor Reacts To "The Office" Medical Scenes

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Doctor Mike

24 dager siden

You’ve been asking me to react to medical scenes from The Office for months, so here it is! I talk about Michael Scott burning his foot on a George Foreman grill while cooking bacon in bed, Jim and Pam giving birth, Andy puncturing his scrotum, Dwight Schrute’s concussion, aspirin, Stanley’s heart attack, CPR, and so much more. Special thanks to my Patreon supporters for helping me pull some of these scenes!
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike 24 dager siden
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Charity Taylor
Charity Taylor 2 dager siden
My name is Charity! I don't recall any of this XD hahahha I'm kidding. I do kind of wish sometimes though because I deal with hEDS which for me allows my ribs & collar bones to just move in and out if place whenever and it's very painful, it sucks, and I can't afford to even try physical therapy 😅 but it's alright eventually I'm gonna try to start swimming since I'm not even allowed to lift 5lbs weights because it can cause dislocations.
Mystiganine 3 dager siden
I went to two hospitals because I had started getting rather constant headaches after day three that lasted in total for around three months from an accident. BOTH Hospitals ordered CT scans which came back "normal". HOWEVER, what's weird and oddly peculiar (same thing, lol) is that the MRI showed minimized activity somewhere bilaterally (I cant remember). Is it common that hospitals do this sort of practice with and/or without an MRI lab? Edit: neither hospital ordered MRI's or had one. Also, depending on the answer, is there some sort of action or avenue I should be taking in response to this treatment?
Luella Higgins
Luella Higgins 4 dager siden
A are they skinny scrubs perhaps 🙊
Ian Swinford
Ian Swinford 8 dager siden
8:28- I had to do this in my Medical Science class in high school and we all did it to the rhythm of “Stayin’ Alive”!
Joshua Freeman
Joshua Freeman 10 dager siden
You should do a reaction video to the medical scenes in Breaking Bad!
Smooth 2 timer siden
i think if he have not he should react to some of the medical scenes from monty python especially from the meaning of life movie its not very long sketches but quite funny
Courtney Stroud
Courtney Stroud 3 timer siden
Why don't they just call 911? Hilarious, tell me don't have an issue paying for an ambulance.
Lucca Venturini
Lucca Venturini 4 timer siden
I wanted to see what he said about the "lactation specialist", that couldn't be right
Abhishek Naranje
Abhishek Naranje 4 timer siden
It's a Sitcom,what do u expect 🎈😂
Aileen Crane
Aileen Crane 5 timer siden
I’ll never forget that a total stranger asked me how far dilated I was when I was 8 months pregnant. People are CRAZY.
Colby engstrom
Colby engstrom 5 timer siden
Please react to scenes from Becker. Freaking loved that show
Mo 6 timer siden
Why does my nose bleed at the start of every season of the year? Am I just really weird?
Super Nutt
Super Nutt 7 timer siden
Real bacon isn't processed 😂
Rachael Snyder-McGehee
Rachael Snyder-McGehee 7 timer siden
Bleeding disorder here. Hi. Please don't dose me with aspirin. :D
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 8 timer siden
Man my second concussion was TERRIBLE. It was also my second concussion in 6 months… would not recommend.
Yorancy 8 timer siden
"Why don't they call 911?" I can be mistaken, but don't North Americans have to pay +1k dollars for an ambulance? Hell, I'd rather walk
Jimbo Doomface
Jimbo Doomface 17 timer siden
Subtle product placement at the end there
Denise R
Denise R 19 timer siden
“Why won’t they call 9-1-1?” Uhhh because it’s The Office? And workmans comp... lol
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese 19 timer siden
I’ve heard you talking about cancer risks a lot lately, do you live in California?
deejay22able 22 timer siden
It’s the neck veins for me.
Nima Dima
Nima Dima 23 timer siden
1:11 ........ I know
Mazinger and Minerva
Mazinger and Minerva Dag siden
This doctor is hot 😍
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen Dag siden
"You do chest compressions until you feel that it is futile". I've seen alterations of CCs and breathing air into the patient. Is this an equally valid way of doing it at the "chest compressions stage" or would it depend on certain foctors?
Eric Erwin
Eric Erwin Dag siden
"Another One Bites the Dust" is also 100 bpm
Kyle Chalupa
Kyle Chalupa Dag siden
How much radiation are you exposed to during an MRI scan?
Shauna McCandless
Shauna McCandless Dag siden
Even though I knew the vomit part was coming, I appreciate the warning. 👏🏼
Tomás Galleguillos Oviedo
Tomás Galleguillos Oviedo Dag siden
7:49 “call it” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
TheMangomelon789 Dag siden
When I got my emt cert they taught us to use "another one bites the dust" for chest compressions!
Dee Dag siden
Me: *a big lover of bacon* Dr Mike: "I don't recommend eating bacon-" Me, sobbing: "Jeez, Dr Mike breaking heart out here today, huh? Brutal."
Demon Saya
Demon Saya Dag siden
me watching this, today, after receiving a diagnosis of a broken elbow and possibly broken wrist (radius proximal to elbow).
A3t5u7 DK
A3t5u7 DK Dag siden
2:48 me who have had 2 concussions and one of them made me have small nose bleed.
Nayoti Dag siden
Chest Compressions are used for a dead hearts. Not for alive ones
Jeon’s Kookie
Jeon’s Kookie Dag siden
I feel like Dr. Mike would be a really awesome dad, and be so cool as a dad, and be a really good husband to the pregnant wife, or gf lol 😂
duolingo Dag siden
Humans should evolve in a way that if you are dying and the body doesn't feel chest compression it should start throwing slaps until it feels them.
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson Dag siden
Since when was Charles Leclerc a doctor?
Dick Kurtz
Dick Kurtz Dag siden
I respected you, I cared about you....and then you told me not to eat bacon. :)
Jonathan Is A Meme
Jonathan Is A Meme Dag siden
I must have alot of radiation in my body
Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons Dag siden
I remember my mom smoking in hospital bed after surgery
Amritaansh Narain
Amritaansh Narain Dag siden
Jessie Ellwood
Jessie Ellwood Dag siden
“I don’t really even recommend eating bacon because…טמא” 🤣
Stephanie Rachelle
Stephanie Rachelle Dag siden
Wait, if I save someone's life via CPR, can I also be first grabs if, a few years later die, for their organs? Technically I saved their life (even if short) and so they shouldn't they save mine? Kidneys , heart and or liver specifically... Asking for a friend
Lindsey F
Lindsey F Dag siden
My dog is a Newfound mix (Dr. Mike’s is a Newfound), and when I say, “Chest compressions (x3)! he grabs the nearest stuffed toy and squeaks the heart with his mouth!🤣 I need to make a video compilation to send to Dr. Mike!
MusicMonkey Dag siden
Wait I don't get the joke!! 3:05 was there soemthing I'm missing or is it just a funny question that michael asked?
zainy_inc Dag siden
Kavya Sravanthi
Kavya Sravanthi Dag siden
I miss Grey’s Anatomy react videos :/ loved this though!
lmpriester1 Dag siden
Zoey Vlogs
Zoey Vlogs Dag siden
Thank you for having a vomit alert I get very grossed out by vomit so thanks
Becca Daoust Jean
Becca Daoust Jean Dag siden
Great video! Also, thank you so much for the vomit warning, as someone who suffers from severe emetophobia I feel like more people should do this. Would've saved me a lot of panic attacks 😅
MidLifeChrisis Dag siden
AHHHH she recommends doing the chest compressions to “stayin alive” in the show but this edit cut it out 😢
Steven croucher Speaking
Steven croucher Speaking Dag siden
I had over 50 Ct-scan s 100 MRI over 10 operations over 10 x-rays 18 months of chemo and 12 weeks of radiation no I do not glow !
Lisa Smiles
Lisa Smiles Dag siden
My baby was born with a cleft lip and palate; he couldn't latch, and it was actually very hard on me, lol. I felt like the worst effing mom ever, for something I had zero control of.
Slow Day
Slow Day Dag siden
I am a Dwight schwit.
Brett Martin
Brett Martin 2 dager siden
Cant you also do compressions to "Another One Bites the Dust"?
Brett Martin
Brett Martin 2 dager siden
At least they did compressions
Banana Cat
Banana Cat 2 dager siden
7:40 Me: "Use the defibrilator!" Doctor Mike: "Chest Compressions!" Me: I.... have not been paying attention...
Monokuma Anime
Monokuma Anime 2 dager siden
Hey people! How are you doing? Also don’t forget... Chest Compressions! Chest Compressions! Chest Compressions!
Raymond Jiang
Raymond Jiang 2 dager siden
You HAVE to react to 'Superstore' medical scenes someday. There are so many good ones on there and you remind me so much of Jonah Simms lol.
Doernbecher 2 dager siden
That boiling pot story you told reminds me of when Kevin from The Office spilled his pot of chili 😂
Amol Tandon
Amol Tandon 2 dager siden
Dr. Mike: "Why don't they just call 911?" Me: They don't want to go bankrupt.
PabuTheDork 2 dager siden
Would it be bad or ironic if you were to do "Another one bites the dust" for chest compressions?
Aiyaah Khan
Aiyaah Khan 2 dager siden
Millie Whitford
Millie Whitford 2 dager siden
Dr. Mike: A crying baby is a healthy baby. My mom: You didn't cry when you were born. Me: 🤔
Anthony Bille
Anthony Bille 2 dager siden
The Camera work in the office is nauseating.. lol
zander channel 2 new and improved
zander channel 2 new and improved 2 dager siden
I got a question of you get stitches will the mark you get from it ever go away ?
Cherry Forrest
Cherry Forrest 2 dager siden
Thx for the vomit alert Mike, I flipped my phone over immediately. Close call there. Don’t ask me why I needed to not watch that.
Dev's Gaming Zone
Dev's Gaming Zone 2 dager siden
Thanks for giving a vomit alert, i was eating food.
Skullshards 2 dager siden
2:37 because ambulance rides are EXPENSIVE
Elizabeth Enns
Elizabeth Enns 2 dager siden
Torn scrotum while dancing is worse lmao. You weren't injured in your crash
Myffy Tucker
Myffy Tucker 2 dager siden
We get taught it’s not abc anymore it’s cabs! Circulation is actually the first and most important over airways - thoughts?
Richard Williams IV
Richard Williams IV 2 dager siden
Dr Mike is getting worked up watching this, look at that blood vessel popping out of his neck on the left!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 2 dager siden
He briefly stepped onto a warming George Foreman Grill. Some people put Foreman Grills on the ground.
Greyer Baby
Greyer Baby 2 dager siden
Bear is such a good boy taking his pills! My cat meanwhile required to be taken to the vet where they wrapped her like a burrito because she was so swipey 😳🤦‍♀️
Greyer Baby
Greyer Baby 2 dager siden
Ohh I paused to write the above. And now I’m up to the burrito part!
dxstxnycxnxz 2 dager siden
i wanna know the rest of his childhood story
Emma rose plays roblox
Emma rose plays roblox 2 dager siden
In kindergarden i actually spilled a cup of hot water on my left leg i still have the scar it was painful im nine btw
Kali Baker
Kali Baker 2 dager siden
Launi Brent
Launi Brent 2 dager siden
The way dr. Mikes neck vein throbs when he Gets passionately triggered
casey acantidalo
casey acantidalo 2 dager siden
Is it bad to have CT-Scan every 3 months?
gscheebs119 2 dager siden
You literally skipped over all the best parts
SleepyMoogle 2 dager siden
In 2013 I had 3 concussions in 1 year after a car accident that messed up my leg and gave me CRPS. The cognitive rest period was *torture.* Several years later I'm going off my pain meds for the first time just see if the brain fog I live with is related to my meds or if I am just super screwed from having overlapping concussions and post concussive syndrome. :|
sock slapper
sock slapper 2 dager siden
i appreciate the vomit alert. i have emetophobia. thank you
GlamourJinx 2 dager siden
I personally don't watch The Office because I personally don't find their humour THAT funny and think the show is a bit overrated (I'm more of a South Park kinda girl lol) but I loved the reaction 😂
Lildomsocute 2 dager siden
So you’ve said that chest compressions save time from death but how long would it actually save
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis 2 dager siden
Below is a recommended list for the next one in no particular order: 1. Where Meredith gets hit with a car and breaks her pelvis 2. The insurance episode where they are talking about the hysterectomy and other conditions 3. Where Michael thinks he has herpes.
Zoe Parker
Zoe Parker 2 dager siden
When you described your experience when you spilled the hot steaming boiling water… No joke, I literally started yelling.
soless dialtone
soless dialtone 2 dager siden
now im worried about car spiders nooooooo
Daniel 2 dager siden
I literally watched you and juanpa do a thing truth of something so it is real the boiling water one
Sailor Slay
Sailor Slay 2 dager siden
Lactation Nurses are wild. They come in grab the boob, grab the baby and latch it in 3 sec flat. Also what do ppl expect women to look like after giving birth??? Both births I went to pick up a breast pump and got looks of shock and astonishment when they realized I was fresh from delivery.
May Bello
May Bello 2 dager siden
***dr mike talking about CT scans after getting in car accidents*** me thinking about episode 21, season 11 of Greys Anatomy 😭
Taneesha Sharpe
Taneesha Sharpe Dag siden
Pumpkin :3
Pumpkin :3 2 dager siden
Thank you for the vomit warning I love you
Caitlin Davis
Caitlin Davis 2 dager siden
My brother bumped into me when I was moving soup of the stove. Second degree burn on my thighs so I know your pain. I still don't like people in the kitchen when I cook.
CK 2 dager siden
Can you do a video on sugar vs sugar free
Mark and Marie
Mark and Marie 2 dager siden
The dude jumping in the hole when he said she's 30 feet dialated. Omfg. I dying.
April 2 dager siden
What is the ICD 10 code for that 😂 Where my insurance billers at?
Passionately Devoted
Passionately Devoted 3 dager siden
I want to have your baby lol
Олечка П.
Олечка П. 3 dager siden
In once confused BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) with ABC (Alcohol Blood Contact) so basically I am measuring the blood count in alcohol
Lola Fourie
Lola Fourie 3 dager siden
Ooh, I'd love to hear what Dr Mike thinks about the medical scenes in 9-1-1 (on Fox). First episode I watched they did chest compressions... actually, I feel like he could do a chest compressions montage from this show. Pleeeeease do a review
BrownEyedGirl 3 dager siden
I've seen more advice recently which suggests to only perform chest compressions and not to do rescue breaths but when I was taught first aid in 2005 and then 2009, they told us to do two rescue breaths for every 15 compressions and then it went to every 30 compressions. Are rescue breaths not helpful in saving a life? If I find someone not breathing, do they have a better chance if I do compressions and breaths or is it about the same odds with compressions only?
Holly Unknown
Holly Unknown 3 dager siden
I cant help but laugh at the last part where u talked about ur car incident again w the small spider 😂😂
Lindsey Vaughn
Lindsey Vaughn 3 dager siden
“Why don’t they just call 911?” *laughs in poor*
Palathaxx 3 dager siden
The head injury-foot injury thing always bothered me. It kinda depends on the injury. A light concussion or migraine is provably less serious than something like a gangrenous foot.
Isaac - Runs on Spite
Isaac - Runs on Spite 3 dager siden
1:30 Thank you for the Vomit Alert! I actually have really bad Emetophobia and that just saved me from a Panic Attack 💕
Be Happy
Be Happy 3 dager siden
This is his worst react video by far. Missed so so many scenes.
ScOrPiOn FaDi
ScOrPiOn FaDi 3 dager siden
that burnt crotch story from childhood really hits hard , mine was a tea pot that fell off the oven and hot water spilled on my foot 😩
Ibanmihpli Kharlyngdoh
Ibanmihpli Kharlyngdoh 3 dager siden
Hey Dr. Mike I hope you read my comment and answer my question... Is there a home remedy for curing sinusitis?
Wes Nelson
Wes Nelson 3 dager siden
if someone can't have a CT scan because of radiation, can you ultrasound someone's head to see inside?
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