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From Portlandia, Monty Python, Robot Chicken, College Humor to Studio C I am going to react to some viral & hilarious medial sketches! A few months ago I reacted to the funniest medical sketches from Saturday Night Live, and you all asked me to react to some more clips that aren’t from SNL. I scoured NOwindow for the most hilarious medical skits I could find and eventually pulled together a really strong group from Portlandia, Monty Python, Robot Chicken, College Humor, and Studio C. Outside of laughing, I managed to find opportunities to discuss appendectomies, separating conjoined twins, depression, Web MD, cancer, and Leroy Jenkins, among other things. Anything else I missed? Let me know in the comments below!
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My shocking patient encounter, starting with basic foot pain:
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Felipemelazzi Time siden
*Doctor Mike:* Diagnosis are complex and symptoms subjective. *We all:* Yes, understood. *Also Dr. Mike:* Dysthymia exists, here are some symptoms. *We all:* OMG!
Autumn Phelps
Autumn Phelps 2 timer siden
@elanmusk lmao paper problem
KallMeNikk 3 timer siden
You could say you accidentally dropped the block and ask them to please pick it up for you
Lucenna Belseriön
Lucenna Belseriön 8 timer siden
Dr. Mike is one of the most optimistic doctors I've ever seen, and that's saying something! I've had EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) all my life, every doctor I've seen has either been so angry at me for disagreeing with them saying its fribo, or they recommend me to a different doctor, who's actually worse. I don't live in the US, but if I did I would probably consult somebody like Dr. Mike here
Phi Tsf
Phi Tsf 12 timer siden
Mitchell and Webb - Homeopathic ER
Irret73 12 timer siden
At 8:47 - who else hears the first sounds of the Voight-Kampff test? 🤓
Aashiya Dhepe
Aashiya Dhepe 15 timer siden
Nowadays 😜 any tech problem can solve by only and only Elon mars is not his first priority...
conspiracy theorist
conspiracy theorist 16 timer siden
Is it just me or does he look like jonah from superstore
FFKonoko 16 timer siden
How about the Mitchell and Webb medical ones. The homeopathy and nutritionist ones in particular
Joshua Hung
Joshua Hung 21 time siden
He said among us...
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones 22 timer siden
you should do a video on medical related phobias. Like trypanophobia. please.
Demon Saya
Demon Saya Dag siden
Shoutout to Disthymia! LOL. I've got that diagnosis. It's a long-term, mild form of depression. :)
José Carrasquillo
José Carrasquillo Dag siden
106k likes.. Sketch... STAT
Noob Artist05
Noob Artist05 Dag siden
I am a simple person. I see Matt, I click the video😂
Nicole Fay.K
Nicole Fay.K Dag siden
solve the paper problem? what about a wipe down after every patient... no paper needed, just sanitize.
Julie Crandall
Julie Crandall Dag siden
There was one time I was waiting in the room I'd be checked up on at my family doctor. They were taking a super long time after the nurse had asked the questions prior to the doctor arriving. He got there eventually and began his part when there was a knock on the door. A nurse came in and spouted some type of code and the doctor went white as a sheet, then said, "If you can, don't let that patient leave." He kept asking questions, but he wasn't comfortable, so I stopped him and said, "I can wait." I don't know if there is some hierarchy in being treated or anything, but the doctor first made extra sure it was okay and then left. They later sent in a different doctors as the office had quite a bit to choose from. Really can't predict what may happen, I'd wait for days if it meant someone will survive.
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Dag siden
Yeah me giving birth and the baby is coming fast, nurse: hold on, wait, stop. Me: How? Baby: Hi!
Beryl White
Beryl White 2 dager siden
Early-onset grumpiness can be taken care of by the Bear and at my house it's Miss Patti cakes when Miss Kitty passed away no one could put with me
KiMiRi4you 2 dager siden
Did you ever played surgeon simulator? If not... DO IT
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez Dag siden
yes he did
Tanner Nelson
Tanner Nelson 2 dager siden
I saw Matt in the thumbnail and I knew I had to watch it. Too bad the original cast left to do JK Studios.
ELF4187 2 dager siden
Web m.d correctly diagnosed my diabetes type 1 when my mother stubbornly kept me home, thinking it was just a flu
Christopher Verdery
Christopher Verdery 2 dager siden
I appreciate Mike's plea for job security, but I await the day when all physicians *and* patients can be replaced by robots.
Steggie Plays
Steggie Plays 2 dager siden
Did he say among us? SUS IMPOSTOR
Haneen Duais
Haneen Duais 2 dager siden
I heard sometimes that even if your in anstesia you feel every thing but can’t move
Sid Bid
Sid Bid 2 dager siden
*sees Matt Meese on thumbnail* Me:REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Oya oyaaa
Oya oyaaa 2 dager siden
Where are the medical sketches doctor? where are they???
Sam Dion
Sam Dion 2 dager siden
I go to a doctors office where every time I go there’s a different doctor and I’ve never seen the same doctor more than twice. It turns out that’s not normal for a primary care provider 🤣
Jolie Bokeh
Jolie Bokeh 2 dager siden
That's Monty Python, honey. Today is the day I officially feel old. Thanks, Dr. Mike. 🙄
Aniruddh XD 2K20
Aniruddh XD 2K20 2 dager siden
Please react to Operation MBBS. But first understand the the Indian Medical things and alll
Laura Starbrooks
Laura Starbrooks 2 dager siden
Dr Mike is Russian?
Steggie Plays
Steggie Plays 2 dager siden
Grace Augustin
Grace Augustin 2 dager siden
Okay bro, it's time to create that medical meme now...
Bobby Adams
Bobby Adams 2 dager siden
The saw in the very first catch is a contractor tool. Depending on the blade that is placed in it it can be used to cut through steel or concrete. Most often I have seen it used when road work crews are cutting concrete. Fire departments have a version of this saw used for extrication
Julz The Sweat 420 69
Julz The Sweat 420 69 3 dager siden
the cure for EOG is thick thighs
Wally West
Wally West 3 dager siden
Dr. Mike: "I used to love WoW" Me: *watching this video on a second monitor while playing WoW* Yeah, I bet you got straight C's
Ellen Foster
Ellen Foster 3 dager siden
Studio C's awesome
my cats
my cats 3 dager siden
The being awake thing (not anesthetized) reminded me of when I went in for a heart cath & they anesthesia hadn't worked. Felt like they were digging in with a garden trowel. No joke, the doctor who removed my appendix was named Dr. Ernest Wong Wing Kwong. He cut below the bikni line so the scar would be less visible. This was before laparoscopic surgery was available. High blood pressure is no joke. A friend of mine in his early 30s had a spike so high it ruptured his corneas and damaged his kidneys. He went blind. Surgery repaired vision to one eye somewhat but nothing could be done for the other. He is still considered legally blind and can't drive. He is also on dialysis. This is a guy who ate healthy & exercise. He's a yoga instructor but didn't know he had high bp. I'm looking forward to your medical sketch.
J Cook
J Cook 3 dager siden
Please do a video on why doctors are almost always extremely late for an appointment... I’d REALLY love to know what you all are doing back there and why you asked us to come at that time if you knew there was a 90% chance that we would have to sit there until our gray hairs have grandkids...
Trenton Prather
Trenton Prather 3 dager siden
Leeroy Jenkins became a card in the WoW card game Heartstone
Mehvish Muneeb
Mehvish Muneeb 3 dager siden
Me :*after watching one of Dr mike's video*. Also me :" that is a lot of information to take in"😂
Ruben van Aken
Ruben van Aken 3 dager siden
Oehhhhh, I really liked the Elon Musk white paper reverence. His "white paper" rips so easy because of science that he needs to fix it.
SwagPotato 3 dager siden
When the sketches are so accurate that you mistake the NOwindow ad, and think it’s part of the video for a split second
Catlover 4346
Catlover 4346 3 dager siden
Honestly the first one about the anesthesiologist reminded me of when I had surgery, I don’t remember much about the process of falling asleep but the anesthesiologist was honestly kind of creepy and freaked me out lol
Virgils _Red_Boots
Virgils _Red_Boots 3 dager siden
Kole Spellman
Kole Spellman 3 dager siden
The confusion over month python made me giggle, I believe that's from the meaning life
UserGuest 8392
UserGuest 8392 4 dager siden
SailorIda3 4 dager siden
”I dont see people ever not taking care of people!” ... *glances towards the USA* yeah ... suuuure
Grant Hurlburt
Grant Hurlburt 4 dager siden
I enjoy your videos and comments including this video, inclydng those on the Python skit. But I think you really need to watch a lot more Monty Python videos from the first two seasons. And the late Graham Chapman (8:05 "Only I if I can do the episiotomy") really was a doctor. This is not to say that your corrections etc. are not all correct and pertinent
Kbo 4 dager siden
Since you asked... It's a demolition saw used to cut cement. Need to remove a 5ft section of a concrete wall? That's what you'd use.
Albion Merrick
Albion Merrick 4 dager siden
When my grandmother had my uncle they rolled her out in the hall with her legs up. From the stories I hear, Monty Python was scary close to accurate hahahaha.
yes 4 dager siden
Jonathan Hardin
Jonathan Hardin 4 dager siden
5:24 amogus
Colin Barnett
Colin Barnett 4 dager siden
I’m 12 and no experience at all with editing so I think I’m the guy ur looking for
IceNoob 890
IceNoob 890 5 dager siden
The thumbnail made me laugh.
Misty Lee
Misty Lee 5 dager siden
Me: why is my nose running? WebMD: you probably have allergies. Or nose cancer.
Thajocoth 5 dager siden
8:38 - My mom told me that a bunch of med students did come in during my birth (1983)... She was surprised and not very happy about it, but had too much else to deal with at the time to do or say anything.
Meredith Clark
Meredith Clark 5 dager siden
I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANYONE ON THE INTERNET SAY ANYTHING ABOUT DYSTHYMIA! IT WAS ONE OF MY ORIGINAL DIAGNOSES AND NO ONE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT WHEN I SAID THAT! I low key told people that I was depressed because I knew that they did not know what dysthymia was. Eventually I did develop Major Depressive Disorder, but I still talk about Dysthymia a lot
The Molly Roger
The Molly Roger 6 dager siden
hol up its Mlipnos 6:45
Thijs Van Nerom
Thijs Van Nerom 6 dager siden
Having kids, the first years are earily similar to having a dog. The phrases, "Sit", "Come here" and "Good boy" are very, very common. Not to mention how happy they are when we play outside...
Lynn Woodward
Lynn Woodward 6 dager siden
Are you wearing red eye shadow, or do you need to see a doctor? ❤️
Amanda Gardiner
Amanda Gardiner 6 dager siden
Cats. Cats are the treatment for early onset grumpiness 😺
Darrell Willis
Darrell Willis 6 dager siden
If my boyfriend called dysthymia early onset grumpiness syndrome, I would get a kick outta that.
Simon Saint-Jean-Kearsley
Simon Saint-Jean-Kearsley 6 dager siden
Don’t question Monty Python you’re never going to get any answers
Hanniah Grace Beacham
Hanniah Grace Beacham 6 dager siden
this is me watching 123 go and troom troom.
Kailey Nico Donovan
Kailey Nico Donovan 6 dager siden
"I have never seen humans not taking care of other humans" me: capitalism /hj
Nathan McClimans
Nathan McClimans 6 dager siden
I don't understand why y'all don't just seran-wrap the table or chair in stead of like useless paper
duckusaros !
duckusaros ! 7 dager siden
Dang it, this was three months ago
Riley Games
Riley Games 7 dager siden
I wish I was an adult and I could edit
Owen Henry
Owen Henry 7 dager siden
Dr Mike medical sketch when?
that one chick
that one chick 7 dager siden
I have an appointment coming up for something and I got a text to confirm reminder saying the day and time. When I scheduled the appt the person who checked me out said 11 am on x day and the text asked me to confirm I would be there at 10:45 am on x day and idk why the reminder said 15 minutes early but then again I realize every appointment I've gone to we have gone in early not too early tho n ended up checking out sooner oddly enough. I guess if the time is available you can go early but if not then you just wait till your time? Not sure how it works but ill now be going to my appointment at 10 45 purely because I'd rather be early than 15 minutes late and delay everyone else.
Bryan Diaz28
Bryan Diaz28 7 dager siden
Ok so I will take the job I will look at the vids do one thing and that’s it you give me 10k
Salehin Khan
Salehin Khan 7 dager siden
It got to 100k likes
MissErikaWoods 7 dager siden
Can you PLEASE react to Tom Segura's sketch about going to his doctor?
William Knight
William Knight 7 dager siden
Before they figure out how to do a head transplant, they'll have to figure out how to cure paralysis caused by spinal trauma. Otherwise you get a head on a body with no nerve connections.
Stephy J
Stephy J 8 dager siden
Just gotta say, yes 9 times out of 10 webMD is not the best source...HOWEVER... it did let me know that the pain and symptoms I was having required me to go to the ER which resulted in me needed emergency surgery to remove my there is that lol
FatesOfDestiny 8 dager siden
Hydrophobic coating on the chairs to replace the paper :)
Juangomezbot 8 dager siden
Dr mike, you said if you get 100K likes you will shoot a sketch, you have 104.472 likes, you can't dissapoint us
Juangomezbot 8 dager siden
BTW i got a great idea, (Dr Mike rates AI symptom checkers)
Corridor3000 8 dager siden
Now...for the sketch
Tanner Phillips
Tanner Phillips 8 dager siden
That’s a concrete saw
Starflux Films
Starflux Films 8 dager siden
Early onset grumpiness can be cured with thc
LordVeral 8 dager siden
aight 104k likes..wheres that sketch Doctor Mike?
CuppaJoe1 8 dager siden
Can’t believe he didn’t react to Matt spitting on his hands and asking for the scalpel.
That One Dude
That One Dude 8 dager siden
He got the world of Warcraft reference. Wow
Vanessa and riley Clarey
Vanessa and riley Clarey 8 dager siden
your my fav youtuber and bear is sooooooooooo cute
Vanessa and riley Clarey
Vanessa and riley Clarey 8 dager siden
can I be your ediror pleaes
TheFatal 8 dager siden
100k likes past, lets get that medical sketch 🙌
pineapple guy
pineapple guy 9 dager siden
Yaaaassss studio c!
Emily P
Emily P 9 dager siden
It’s Monty Python you just go with it🤷‍♀️
jam8 10 dager siden
Why is it not you?
Sparkly Mop
Sparkly Mop 10 dager siden
Darn. Wish I knew how to edit videos. Lol
Natalie D
Natalie D 10 dager siden
I think Dr. Mike may need to take a CAPCHA. Prove he is not a robot.
Lexi 10 dager siden
tabora _
tabora _ 10 dager siden
9:28 I literally almost choked on my drink because thats LITERALLY ME!!!! we couldn't pay out of pocket and my insurance failed dozens of times for years despite paying the full amount every time. America is a joke,, im 19 too 🌚
Dia Muen
Dia Muen 10 dager siden
When you were talking about throwing a block for the child to get, it reminded me to much of the story Mom loved to tell. Apparently when I was a small child, my doctor balled up a piece of paper and threw it on the floor for me to pick up. According to the story, I told him that HE made the mess. He should pick it up. The doctor was not amused, and told my mother I was a very rude child. So, yeah. Not sure what that said about my development as a child, but hey, Mom got an absolute kick out of it. Anyway, I love your videos, love your sense of humor. You just strike me as a person with a lovely view on life, who genuinely cares for those around them. Keep doing what you're doing, my dude.
Ed Der
Ed Der 11 dager siden
Why are you thinking so much?!!?! Just accept the experts actions!! DAH!
Shikha Das
Shikha Das 11 dager siden
doctor mike
Jade Campbell
Jade Campbell 11 dager siden
Raven's Realm
Raven's Realm 11 dager siden
When he said my mental illness was early onset grumpiness: well yes but no-
Joe Average
Joe Average 11 dager siden
That kind of circular saw is used in meat processing, where you cut cattle carcasses in half down the middle.
Levi swenson
Levi swenson 11 dager siden
Mr Megatron
Mr Megatron 12 dager siden
This video has gotten over 100k likes. WHERE SKETCH
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