Doctor Reacts To WILD BuzzFeed Medical Videos

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Over the years the team at Buzzfeed has dipped their toes into the world of creating some medical videos. I have actually appeared in some of them, but today I wanted to take a look at what videos they’ve put out and see how accurate they are. A lot of their interviews with med students and nurses yield some very true stories and experiences of what it’s like to study medicine! Some of their other videos, such as how to fight off a cold… not so much. Today we’re debunking miracle cures like Apple Cider Vinegar, the value of a good nasal spray, how much coffee med students drink, and some nightmares that actual nurses have had to endure.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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songmarysmith 4 timer siden
What the hell?! i'm not even one minute in and "pull(ing) an all nighter" is in effect in high school and college. Making mistakes happens all the time with anything!!! Everywhere!! How is this supposed to be med school specific?!
Snotset 5 timer siden
There are three effects to coffe. One is feeling awake. One is getting a sour stomach and last is activating enzymes contributing to your metabolism. All according to strength and volume you're consuming. To get the best effect you'll want a double shot of almost undrinkable coffe. Whereas like me you propably drink to much and to weak coffe. You get the tiny kick due to your addiction and an increasingly sour stomach. And you'll probably want up to 6months off if you cycle. If memory doesn't fail that's about how long it'll take you to not only have your stomach settle but having the "damage" all the way down to your colon. At least to some degree
Goabnb94 5 timer siden
Honey may contain botulism toxin. Not in high enough amounts to cause an issue for children or adults, but infants don't have strong enough digestive and immune systems, so they shouldn't eat honey
Art Lego
Art Lego 14 timer siden
I just don't like the advertisements within the video.
Elena Peterson
Elena Peterson 18 timer siden
now i desperately want to hear him speak russian
TurtleSauceGaming 21 time siden
Had a Russian buddy tell me what his mother's way of curing colds was. Vodka with black pepper and then curl up under a blanket and sweat it out.
TurtleSauceGaming 21 time siden
Charbroiled skin is up there with worst things i've smelled... I have yet to get a knarly infection, but poop basically doesn't bother me.
TurtleSauceGaming Dag siden
I remember fundamentals lab, before we get to do our first clinicals (first 7 weeks of fundamentals) and I just couldn't stay awake for the first hour. I keept nodding off right int he middle of lecture, and it was just a dozen or so of us in a circle around the instructor. I felt so bad that I kept passing out. It'd only be for a second, and the moment my head would slip a bit i'd wake. Still, i felt terrible
R Hobbs
R Hobbs Dag siden
How do maggots develop? Like if you’ve got whatever it is all wrapped up or in a cast? Do you just not notice a fly shimmying on down the inside of your bandage?
Fiona Lyons
Fiona Lyons Dag siden
I HAVE ankylosing spondyloarthropathy and I can barely pronounce it.
Kristi Deeley
Kristi Deeley Dag siden
I did actually successfully figure out what was wrong with my ankle that had been quite painfully frozen for three years post-sprain and unfroze it in only three days with what I'd already learned about modalities and manual therapy while I was in PTA school. 👀 Four years later and I haven't had a single day of ankle pain since then and it's still fully functional. 😁
GameLover97 Dag siden
English is your second language? You sound so native!
rehustler Dag siden
"Is it true that a lot of med students experiment with drugs?" Dr. Mike: ..........
Abby Andrews
Abby Andrews Dag siden
I had a Law Enforcement professor that would call you during class if you're a no show. He also threw whiteboard erasers and markers at you if you fell asleep. "I know you did not just fall asleep in my classroom!" He was great and so fun. He passed away from emphysema.
NeelTheSphynx Dag siden
If I remember right most medical terminology is based in Greek.
Matt Kaczmarek
Matt Kaczmarek 2 dager siden
Not gonna lie, it's kinda funny you're Russian with the name "Varshavski" ("of Warsaw") and not Polish.
Suzanne 2 dager siden
English is my second language too :-) However, my first language is not nearly as cool as Russian.
Alyssa McCoy
Alyssa McCoy 2 dager siden
Thank you for being able to pronounce ankylosing spondylitis!
Music_Lights 2 dager siden
I wouldn't be surprised if the buzzfeed tips actually made someone more sick. smh
Canthus13 2 dager siden
The almond thing may not help headaches, but it DOES boost noreprinephrin. (Well. ANY nuts do. Not as well as an SNRI, but like st. john's wort, they can help mild blues. I'd still rather rely on actual measured doses of clinically trialed drugs, though.)
KANATA NAGESA EIJI 3 dager siden
2:55 it has sis in it
Karina Flower
Karina Flower 3 dager siden
I give my kids a teaspoon of straight honey when they have a sore throat. Then a nice cup of chamomile tea. I once read that homemade honey from a bee keeper had a natural antibiotic, but the pasteurization that it goes through to get to the supermarket kills it, although not killing all the benefits. Besides, it tastes wayyyy better right from the bees!
Pixelmancer 3 dager siden
Would have never guessed that he is Russian. Because I am stupid and didn't read his shirt.
Ruth Mayhew
Ruth Mayhew 3 dager siden
I'm allergic to honey
pixelilly 3 dager siden
My sister in law used to swear by this foot salve when her kids were sick. She would slather it on each foot and then put on spa socks. All it did was give me a rash and slimy socks.
Royal- -Renegade
Royal- -Renegade 3 dager siden
As someone with a chronic sinus condition, drinking a lot of water + the OTC saline sprays have helped me more than any medicinal or surgical treatment. Yes, I still get congested, but it's so much less severe bc I drink a lot of water and use the spray every morning. Thank you to my lovely ENT for telling me the magic of water I'll never forget you haha
mutedknght 4 dager siden
I actually only knew how to pronounce borobrygmy due to a magic card. Wild
alex kessler
alex kessler 4 dager siden
To get rid of a fiever i allways Cover myself in blankets so that it's really hot and Just sweat it out
XanderTheOk 4 dager siden
3:05 When people can't even pronounce a disease you actually have
Oʊdɪn 4 dager siden
aah yes nothing like waking up with trenchfoot in the morning
green pencil BFUP
green pencil BFUP 4 dager siden
Day 100 of asking doctor mike to play plague inc cure mod..
Love, Emily
Love, Emily 5 dager siden
If my head hurts I just take aspirin...... why are they acting like everybody doesn’t just have aspirin in their house. Or is that just me, with my chronic headaches
RustyDust101 5 dager siden
Fever: wet sock. No, don't keep them on over night. That is stupid to the extreme. This is a treament from the 18-hundreds. Sometimes, in extreme fever cases, is applied to little children even today in Germany by desperate parents. The idea of what in German is called Wadenwickel / calve wrapping with a towel soaked in cold water was ONLY for extremely high fevers where it was imperative to quickly lower the fever below a critical level. You wrap the kid's calves in the cool, not ice-cold, wet towel, then cover that with a dry towel, then put the kid to bed with a warm blanket. At the absolute latest the wet towel is to be removed after 15 minutes, usually after 10 minutes with the calves being dried quickly. This can help reduce a dangerously high fever. No, it is NOT a cure. This is a treatment for when a fever goes badly wrong. A fever is a body's useful reaction to something wrong in the body. Only when the fever reaches dangerously high temperatures should this be applied as an emergency measure. A doctor should be consulted soonest possible in such a case.
Yazmin M
Yazmin M 5 dager siden
Biochemistry, yeah, I failed that class 😅 hate it it, I still hate it 😂
Piro K.
Piro K. 6 dager siden
Annoying to pronounce: Morbus Dupuytren (a friend has that).
Did somebody Say DMT?
Did somebody Say DMT? 6 dager siden
I learned sphygmomanometer from MASH,lol
CyberQuaker 6 dager siden
Mike didn't answer the experiment with drugs question for himself. Hmm...
cheezkid26 6 dager siden
I genuinely didn't know English was your first language. I thought you were American!
mac and cheese
mac and cheese 6 dager siden
1:30 that crunch noise almost sounded like the crunch noise i heard when i got my tooth extracted and i just felt goosebumps 😂😭
Jake Fullerton
Jake Fullerton 6 dager siden
4:50 skip the sponsor
Dapperghast Meowregard
Dapperghast Meowregard 6 dager siden
When you're able to figure out borborygmi from playing Magic >_>
Jess Frey
Jess Frey 7 dager siden
lmao wet socks get warm on your feet though.. why not use an ice pack if you're too hot? Put on a cool fan or something. It's not going to end the actual inflammation though XD that's so weird ew... wet socks are the worst feeling.
Jess Frey
Jess Frey 7 dager siden
if you want probiotics, yogurt, kefir and kombucha are much better sources than vinegar and not as hard on your stomach. All three are go-tos for me but it should be when you're having digestive issues, not just all the time when you're healthy. They're great for normal constipation but you wouldn't want to have them every day, except yogurt maybe.
Guto Luiz
Guto Luiz 7 dager siden
Is mike really russian?
debeforesara 7 dager siden
Why is everyone talking about butts?
Tommy L
Tommy L 7 dager siden
If anyone is putting some water mixture up their nose, that better be with distilled water. DO NOT use tap water. Yes, the tap might be okay, but it's not worth the risk of causing yourself more problems which will cost a lot more to solve than a dirt cheap gallon of distilled water
Dino Engineer
Dino Engineer 7 dager siden
Catherine D’orian
Catherine D’orian 7 dager siden
I don’t ever check webmd but that’s probably because I see my doctor every 2 weeks
Shiva 7 dager siden
Thought he said “semen snack” when he said “seaweed snack”
Rikki Chadwick
Rikki Chadwick 8 dager siden
Hi, why not give honey to kids under 2??? Never heard this before, very shook lol
Katie 8 dager siden
They said that apple cider vinegar prevents bacteria growth but don’t bacteria thrive in acidic enviroments, like on the teeth?
Asj Johnson
Asj Johnson 8 dager siden
O: about the breaking teeth thing. I've had dentists carelessly bang into my front teeth when removing their mirror instrument. ...Now I'm worried about doctors. Sooo... is there a way to relieve a headache? When I get a headache, all I can do is wait several hours for it to end; nothing I've tried seems to help. Medicines don't work for me. But when I get a bellyache, I've discovered that they go away if I fall asleep. I think it's from my tense stomach/belly/torso muscles relaxing. It doesn't work for headaches.
nightcore99 8 dager siden
I use mayo clinic or Harvard when looking up conditions
Ben Cloostermans
Ben Cloostermans 8 dager siden
Try to pronounce all these insane words... Chemist: Those are rookie words 😀
Latisha Smith
Latisha Smith 9 dager siden
Is he gay ?
krivoj bachec
krivoj bachec 9 dager siden
Как! Расскажи нам пожалуйста! Как так получилось? Почему твой английский вообще без акцента?
Alejandra Valencia
Alejandra Valencia 9 dager siden
Anyone else think these ads are getting out of hand?
Claudia B Vogas Ministries
Claudia B Vogas Ministries 10 dager siden
Hi Dr. Mike, thanks for these fun videos! I would love to know why so many doctors and nurses (at least in Germany) seem to not even think about recommending a patient to stop smoking even when they had a stroke or had to have a stent implanted. The answer I have received twice now about my mom (82 and smoker since her twenties): "She is over 18." They do not even recommend her to stop, give her tips on how to stop, or open her eyes on what she is actually doing to her body... I get that doctors and nurses are busy but I find it sad that many (at least in Germany) seem to not think of prevention of disease but only "healing for the moment" so she can be released from the hospital and is out of their care and responsibility. What do you say to that?
Cindy Peña
Cindy Peña 10 dager siden
Dr. Mike seems like the type of person who doesn’t shut up during a movie. I picture him saying “Pewoop!” Before it even starts 🤦‍♀️ I wouldn’t even be mad because it’s him 😂
Lawrence lorenzo Braccia
Lawrence lorenzo Braccia 11 dager siden
I wanted to order thrive but they dont ship to Canada
Max Graham
Max Graham 12 dager siden
How old were you when you started learning English? It's impressive!
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley 13 dager siden
I HATE the feeling of wet socks! Just feels clammy and creepy to me!
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 13 dager siden
Never believe anything buzzfeed puts out
Eclat Shwartzbaum / cybertune
Eclat Shwartzbaum / cybertune 13 dager siden
Second language? Impressive!!
1Love 1Journey
1Love 1Journey 14 dager siden
Your eyes look so red in this video. If that's makeup, they did you wrong!
Vanshika Agarwal
Vanshika Agarwal 14 dager siden
Love you Dr. Mike
Shannon L
Shannon L 14 dager siden
I'm not in the medical field, but I did manage to guess that choledocholithiasis had something to do with gallstones.
NurseStacy RN
NurseStacy RN 14 dager siden
Is it good to use a neti pot?!?!
Hannah Anne Abraham
Hannah Anne Abraham 14 dager siden
I've kinda forgotten what this was a cure for, maybe fever, but my dad used to recommend smearing vicks on the soles of your feet and then putting socks on before you sleep at night. That was supposed to help with fever, I think.
rchrddv art
rchrddv art 14 dager siden
Doc Mike: doesn’t buy when someone says he/she pull an all-nighter Also Doc Mike: gets impressed on that girl
A.O.X 14 dager siden
i pull all nighters all the time and im not even in med school
Varsini C P
Varsini C P 15 dager siden
Not me watching this on the eve of my biochemistry exam. On another note, SEND HEL0.
Ashley 15 dager siden
If I have a headache there is no way I'm going to eat the most crunchy thing possible. That just sounds like a bad time! Lol
Anil Gautam
Anil Gautam 15 dager siden
Hey Dr Mike, that wet socks thing... I don't know about that but being an Indian... and gone through a lot of the local cures.... I have put henna on my feet to get rid of fever
Anastasia Semeniuk
Anastasia Semeniuk 15 dager siden
А как так получилось, что самые красивые русские мужчины не в России? 😭
Shiny M P
Shiny M P 15 dager siden
*"That guy is favourite"*
frufruJ 16 dager siden
I have fallen asleep during the university entrance exam and was accepted. It was in Brno, some 300km from my hometown Prague, and the exam was early in the morning, so I took the 1AM train from the Main Station and didn't sleep. They told us that it was not allowed for us to leave the room even if we'd finished the test early. I had it in cca half the time, so I just dozed off for the rest :D
Bebo Chohan
Bebo Chohan 16 dager siden
now i wanna be a doctor but i freak out and scream when i see blood like ur one vid REACTING TO BRUTAL FINAL DESTINATION the lady in the first freaked me ...... LOL but i like to face my fears
Gamer Artimagus
Gamer Artimagus 17 dager siden
Love the videos, but can you really say English is a second language to you still? I've heard you speak Russian, and your accent is worse than mine 🤣 (southern USA born and raised, living in Russia now with my wife and kids). It doesn't matter really, you're still awesome! To anyone who may read this as offensive or with animosity, I promise you, it's meant to be light hearted and get a laugh from Dr. Mike... After all, laughter is great for health!
Devin Peters
Devin Peters 17 dager siden
Having Ankylosing Spondylitis, it was oddly comforting seeing it mentioned here for some reason. Most people I talk to have no idea what it is or have ever even heard of it.
Kashton Kapfer
Kashton Kapfer 17 dager siden
He should have done this but with five minute crafts
Thecrypto Chaser
Thecrypto Chaser 18 dager siden
I have never ever thought about it but if I ever met a doctor that said they never pulled an all-nighter when they were in med school I don't think I would trust them lol
Romeo 18 dager siden
when I had a cough or runny now my mom would give me coleus aromaticus with water, honey, lemon, ginger, onion it was either hot or cold though I prefer it cold
Brooklyn Erickson
Brooklyn Erickson 18 dager siden
Last time I had a really bad fever I though the “people” were coming for me... so yeah that happened
Maxx Mason
Maxx Mason 19 dager siden
What's WebMD
[CYXXYC] 19 dager siden
Fever is necessary to beat the becteria and viruses, but if the temperature is way too high, lowering it is pretty good. Use an antipyretic, not cold wet socks (cool damp cloth might be good to put on the head, at least as a placebo cure for headaches). My 50 year old dad had Corona in the Fall and I treated it with paracetamol because his temperature was often 39C in evenings. Other than that came cough medicine and such, to uncomplicate the symptoms.
John Wayne
John Wayne 19 dager siden
Jin Mizutsuki
Jin Mizutsuki 19 dager siden
what if you drink really warm water and help the body raise the internal temperature for a day? Then next day you ask yourself. Oi, you done fighting the infection yet?
King S
King S 19 dager siden
Dr.mike I assure you when ever I have a sore throat and or am getting one I shoot down half a shot of Apple cider and the next day I'm all better, so trust me it works like a charm
Joseph William Hack-Myers
Joseph William Hack-Myers 20 dager siden
You've inspired me to become a GP!
simbadg13 20 dager siden
Buzzfeed gives brain tumors
Dan Lo Fat
Dan Lo Fat 20 dager siden
Doesn't it doesn't medcape have a subscription based and it's got more better info?
Dan Lo Fat
Dan Lo Fat 20 dager siden
Sure it's nice that medicine has that malpractice insurance so that if you look up something when you find it and you've never seen it before you know you got to study your butt off to make sure you don't make a mistake, cops not so much.
Kisoka 20 dager siden
2:15 YOU ЧТО БЛ****?
Oye que hitoria
Oye que hitoria 20 dager siden
I once was taking physics at college, the class was about fluids, I remember that the professor came in and said hi, he then started to write a few formulas on the board and I swear I only blinked... the class was over and he was saying good bye :)... yay!
crazy b0b472
crazy b0b472 20 dager siden
He’s a russian my whole life is a lie
Brandon W
Brandon W 21 dag siden
WebMD is basically Wikipedia medical edition
Mr. Sushi Gaming
Mr. Sushi Gaming 21 dag siden
sniper pro 2007
sniper pro 2007 22 dager siden
Mans be russian but speaks better english than some americans
Winter wolfi
Winter wolfi 22 dager siden
9:15 Where's my "diluted vodka socks against fever" gang? anyone?
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