Doctor Reacts To WILD Shark Tank Medical Pitches

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Doctor Mike

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Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows on TV, and over the years I’ve noticed people pitching various medical products. Today I pulled together all the health pitches from Shark Tank US and Australia and decided to play a shark myself. I donned my best suit, got out my check book, and evaluated these pitches on their medical validity. Honestly, there were some solid products! The synthetic bodies from Syndaver Labs piqued my interest, as did the Simple Sugars Exfoliating Scrub and Throat Scope tongue depressor, which I’ve actually used in real life. Other pitches though, like “ion-canceling watches” or miracle cures for the flu AND common cold… nuh uh, Dr. VarSHARKsi is out. Props to my man Mark Cuban for keeping it real and calling out those scams! Any pitches I missed? Let me know in the comments!
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Sheepo Doggo
Sheepo Doggo Time siden
Mark just verbally smacked the boogaloo out of that man's mind.
Brandon K
Brandon K Time siden
I know exactly ONE person who cannot swallow pills. Even just ibuprofen or something. It's EXTREMELY difficult for him to swallow a pill for some reason. But that's it. One person.
DIY Creations
DIY Creations Time siden
Request 3 timer siden
3:37 why dose it look like Russian
Jessica Groth
Jessica Groth 3 timer siden
He said if you tested positive for influenza A you would be on your back not be have been tested positive for influenza and strep throat at the same time
B r e a d
B r e a d 3 timer siden
Tipicly “negative ion” products imitate radiation
DoubleMcSticky 3 timer siden
I do like the suit tho
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 4 timer siden
I love Mark Cuban's responses. Just immediately "it's a scam".
Jacky Wacky
Jacky Wacky 4 timer siden
You just look smart you dont have to prove your smart you look like it
Wanupgurl 5 timer siden
if you like shark tank check out Dragon's den.
Edwin Cowart
Edwin Cowart 9 timer siden
A lot of negative ion bullshit contains Thorium. Mark saving himself from radiation
Isabel Lade
Isabel Lade 17 timer siden
As a Speechie, a lot of people do have difficulty swallowing pills, they usually don't say anything unless asked directly
Ross Flack
Ross Flack 20 timer siden
Negative ions = radiation that shows up on geiger counters. You need to do a video on how dangerous they are.
OPMechgamer 1
OPMechgamer 1 22 timer siden
Yogurt is good to swallowing pills.
Photosynthekitty 23 timer siden
I had flu A and B I was literally thinking I was dying
Yeetus Le fetus
Yeetus Le fetus Dag siden
Don’t forget if you get the flu s S standing for stomach, and instead of your back you’re on the toilet
Bobby Spivey
Bobby Spivey Dag siden
The sad thing is that the watches in the first one became stupidly successful.
Gerard Bucana
Gerard Bucana Dag siden
Negative ions are good for you that’s why wave sounds are relaxing
Nina Davidovna A
Nina Davidovna A Dag siden
OMG! Your russian accent 😍 Сладко душе!
Stealthlock Dag siden
al 64
al 64 Dag siden
I legit can't swallow pills
tracaine Dag siden
I feel like you glossed over the "makeshift epi-pen" part. I want to know more about that.
Madison McCrindle
Madison McCrindle Dag siden
Some of these make me just as mad as Dr. Mike lol
Genesis P2P
Genesis P2P Dag siden
"people like going to airport security" is the whitest phrase i heard.
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs Dag siden
IS THAT A CHICKEN??? Nope, it’s a human without skin.
Seth Heasley
Seth Heasley Dag siden
Mark Cuban has no patience for woo. I love it.
h. e. l. p.
h. e. l. p. Dag siden
Also the fact that you may not be absorbing vitamin c could be due to a magnesium deficiency. Vitamins need to work together and be present in the body in order to metabolize. Eating more vitamins isn't really going to help absorption, and certain vitamins can be bad for you if there's too much in your body. You should only take an extra dose of a vitamin if your doctor recommends it due to a deficiency in your blood. Otherwise, a multi vitamin and mineral supplement that you can take daily is enough. Everything in moderation, as they say.
Riwaz Pantha
Riwaz Pantha Dag siden
What is one thing everyone hates? Me = LIVING
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Dag siden
To the guy with the B12 Boost thing, I could get the same result eating vegemite and it would definitely taste better. Oh and no, you can’t make a claim like that lady did.
BeetleMuncher Dag siden
as a 24 year old australian, i would like to say i would kindly tell her to get stuffed
Laura Stevens
Laura Stevens Dag siden
Can we appreciate that half the reason they created the supplements was because of the excessive amount in the pills that the body is unable to absorb, but are promoting an excessive amount as a benefit
Steve Tactics
Steve Tactics Dag siden
The catch is she said symptoms not cure virus
Steve Tactics
Steve Tactics Dag siden
How to make vitamins sound dangerous
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Dag siden
Cure the flu and commom cold! Just eat a salad! (Just a joke)
Orlando Fernandez
Orlando Fernandez Dag siden
Mr. Wonderful: the whole supplement industry is a scam Creatine: Am i a joke to you?
Tbh I can’t swallow pills I have the move powerful gag reflex that I’ve seen I even gag on the camera things they put in your mouth at the dentist
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Dag siden
Psoriasis is not always visible. I had it on my foot with horrible itching- nothing significantly visible all I could do was stomp on it. I had a steroidal cream and was cured.
Soggy Socks
Soggy Socks Dag siden
1:45 Okay we're my Jaiden Animations fans at? "The same kid butchering it on the recorder as the pigeon documentary I talked about in my Thesaurus video."
Ray Kelly
Ray Kelly 2 dager siden
I'd love to watch a review of Dragon's Den, the British version of Shark Tank. I remember seeing some crazy medical items pitched so it would be interesting
Muninn Myrkvi
Muninn Myrkvi 2 dager siden
Holy cow that suit is handsome. I was thinking it would be funny to do a wardrobe swap between Dr. Mike and Legal Eagle, but I think both of them can pull off either look.
poisonousviper 321
poisonousviper 321 2 dager siden
A regular small orange has 51.1mg of vitamin c. There fore the spray has 114 times that so about 5,825.4mg of vitamin c. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
heyman112 - SSBU
heyman112 - SSBU 2 dager siden
The aussies really went and advertised weed as flu pills
David Beker
David Beker 2 dager siden
Does it taste like chicken? No it feels like chicken.
Sassy Fox
Sassy Fox 2 dager siden
Too bad I found out that when someone says "negative ions" he means it's radioactive
David Kearns
David Kearns 2 dager siden
surprised that negative ions guy didnt mention 5G in all their other layers of BS
pato barajas
pato barajas 2 dager siden
I am here for the suit zaddy. 😍😂
Kevin McGonigle
Kevin McGonigle 2 dager siden
If you can’t swallow pills isn’t the simple solution to use a spoon and mash into a powder?
Lucky 2 dager siden
Dr.Mike: what’s something no one likes Me: taxes
Tobias Mills
Tobias Mills 2 dager siden
The biggest problem that I have with C spray, is that; vitamin C has no evidence that it benefits your immune system.
Author N. Malone
Author N. Malone 2 dager siden
I take vitamin b12, b6 and folate because I have the MTHFR gene mutation and my homocysteine levels went through the roof. Not all supplements are bad. Some of them are keeping people alive. :(
Levi 2 dager siden
Lol when Mike said "do you know what the most used oral examination tool in homes is?" I got an ad for a phone
Milo Prince
Milo Prince 2 dager siden
Whats a dermatologist?
CrimsonCapricorn188 2 dager siden
Gotta say, I like the outfit
ForAllThe StupidShit
ForAllThe StupidShit 2 dager siden
I so wanted him to evaluate that Australian clip! Good stuff!
thebrokenboi 69
thebrokenboi 69 2 dager siden
Sugar scrubs can have honey and sugar in it. My mom and aunt had a business for it and it gave my Eximu, or however u spell it lol, a great soothing
Aer G
Aer G 21 time siden
RealMsantiago RMS
RealMsantiago RMS 2 dager siden
Yo doc, can you get me some FMLA
Sam Greenwood
Sam Greenwood 2 dager siden
More of this please
Rooin Maggot
Rooin Maggot 2 dager siden
"Yo, let's get it to move". 🤣
JayFolipurba 2 dager siden
Watch Veritasiums video on salt lamps. That's an actual science channel btw. He states that, while salt lamps don't set free negative ions, positive ions are very much a real thing and can have unpleasant effects. However, producing negative ions, which would help in that circumstance, is difficult
gamesetter42 3 dager siden
I can’t swallow a Claritin pill with peanut butter
Alexander Gräf
Alexander Gräf 3 dager siden
I like the 100% natural claims. Arsenic is 100% natural and cures any ailment in far less than 48h.
Alexander Gräf
Alexander Gräf 3 dager siden
"Vitamin C, you know it's good for supporting your immune system" - yes, because some fraudster did a good marketing job 30-odd years ago, and there is still no scientific evidence that it vitamin supplements treat anything but actual Vitamin insufficiency. Which for Vitamin C is very unlikely in the developed world, seeing as ascorbic acid is the number 1 food preservative present basically in all processed foods.
Ryan OBrien
Ryan OBrien 3 dager siden
Lol vitamin bs
JourneyofEmily 3 dager siden
A makeshift EPI pen?? We’ve got a Dr Murphy on our hands!!
SuperiorCube 940
SuperiorCube 940 3 dager siden
Sus watch
Art Vision
Art Vision 3 dager siden
In the third one.. the dudes voice( not yours Dr.) was traveling through my ears...*brain blast*
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato 3 dager siden
That be a sick suit thooo
Exhaustion 3 dager siden
I’ve only ever been able to take calpol kids medicine as pain relief as I’ve never been able to swallow pills properly. I’ve only recently been able to take my birth control, which is tiny, when mixed with a thick yogurt or mousse and I still choke on it more often then not. When getting vitamin tablets I had to get gummies so I could swallow them
B360 Ü
B360 Ü 3 dager siden
Why do i feel like the like the left right audio sync is off?
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 3 dager siden
0:12 a company that was selling simular products like this was found to have included thorium, which is radioactive.
RoyalElvendra 3 dager siden
It is true a lot of people I know can’t swallow pills so they crush them or hide them in food
RoyalElvendra 3 dager siden
I can tho they always look at me crazy cause I can swallow multiple at a time
•tsukishima Kei•
•tsukishima Kei• 3 dager siden
"Uhh, vitamin BS...."
Ellis 3 dager siden
“Oh, well a mega dose...” I love that look of disgust
Silly Bella
Silly Bella 4 dager siden
i wasnt able to swallow pills until very recently, and im 18 years old. anxiety plays a huge part in being able to swallow pills or not
#Idk what's going on
#Idk what's going on 4 dager siden
Who else loves Dr. Mike's Russian accent.
Ryan OBrien
Ryan OBrien 4 dager siden
Slim spray more like slim shady. Comedy GOLD.
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas 4 dager siden
I have trouble swallowing pills. Most people put the medicine in their mouth first theb drink water....I put water in my mouth, tip my head back then drop the meds in and much easier and no bad taste
Hunter S
Hunter S 4 dager siden
I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but products that claim to be "negative ion" come in two varieties. The first is just total BS, meaning they don't actually send out any ions whatsoever and it's just a scam. The second is far more serious, as they often contain thorium powder, which is highly radioactive. While small amounts of exposure to thorium is relatively safe, having it strapped to your wrist every day is very dangerous and will lead to the typical problems associated with prolonged radiation exposure. That product should be tested and if it shows up hot under a geiger counter then the NRC should be notified immediately.
Liam Wilbur
Liam Wilbur 4 dager siden
You only need so much vitamin C, the rest just gets literally pissed away.
Maddi J
Maddi J 4 dager siden
I cant swallow pills no matter what. I tried to swallow Benadryl for car sickness, instead I choked and then puked everywhere
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 4 dager siden
If anything, “all natural” turns me away from the product.
Super Kami Guru
Super Kami Guru 4 dager siden
"We found the cure for the common cold and the flu" *goes to shark tank instead of selling it to a pharmaceutical company for billions*
Hui Rong
Hui Rong 2 dager siden
We need to see if our lies hold water. Wait, I forgot my lies...
Audio Fic
Audio Fic 5 dager siden
Liked the video but still didn't get the title's meaning 🤣 What does "doctor shark" even mean , could a nice soul explain ot to me ?
21st Century Socialist
21st Century Socialist 5 dager siden
Don’t watch this show but it makes me happy that they acknowledge the supplement industry is a scam. It can’t be said enough
Crackhead Kenma Kozume
Crackhead Kenma Kozume 5 dager siden
green pencil BFUP
green pencil BFUP 5 dager siden
I love the "Vitamin BS"
QuestionDeca 5 dager siden
An Ion isn't even a "Molecule" it's a freaking Atom {of any element} (specifically a Atom that has more or less electrons then the most common version).
Leonor Glez del Campo
Leonor Glez del Campo 5 dager siden
R Hobbs
R Hobbs 5 dager siden
So she’s just selling sugar scrubs? Like literally every other body product company? Like the kind in every chemist or supermarket? And she wants them to invest?
Kristian Pavlov
Kristian Pavlov 5 dager siden
.."actually, my suit is purple.." why then thanks for telling me cause I'm colourblind.. and I feel dumb for not getting the joke
Mark Martin
Mark Martin 5 dager siden
A scammer can spot a scam a mile away that's why I in America they say that it's a scam
Selena Yates
Selena Yates 5 dager siden
I must be poor, because I have never gone to the doctor to be tested for the flu. When I’m sick, I just stay home, drink sprite, cover up, and sleep til I feel better.
Randi Shelton
Randi Shelton 5 dager siden
Part two of this video please!
Peppo 5 dager siden
I got the flu a few years ago and literally almost died guess I should've ate some garlic
A A 5 dager siden
Your leg hurts? 2 days. I died
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez 5 dager siden
great suit
TheDash456 5 dager siden
Person: There is currently nothing on the market for in-home oral examination. Dr. Mike: Do you know what the number one used product, nowadays for in-home oral examination is? **pulls out iPhone**
Mike !
Mike ! 6 dager siden
5:29 im not half of the us population but i can conform i cannot
Άγγελος Μορίκης
Άγγελος Μορίκης 6 dager siden
0:24 and let's not forget the radioactive thorium dust.
Anthony S
Anthony S 6 dager siden
I mean I guess the pill people are saying that a lot of people don’t like pills, not like they wouldn’t take them.
The Geeky Preacher
The Geeky Preacher 6 dager siden
Can somebody explain to me why the footage of the show is flipped? It’s really distracting.
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