Doctors React to Controversial Cosmo Cover

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Today I interview Dr. Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD., and board-certified bariatric surgeon about the recently released covers of Cosmopolitan magazine, depicting women of all shapes and sizes and boldly claiming “this is healthy.” Dr. Salles and I dove into the nuances of the Healthy At Every Size (HAES) movement, fatphobia, and reality of obesity. There are some difficult subjects in here, like struggles with insurance and diets/dieting, so please let me know your thoughts down below!
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My Response To Fatphobia Claims:
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Sarah Núñez
Sarah Núñez 6 timer siden
To me, the 5% stems from WILD economic gaps. Tbh if more people could afford to eat healthy both economically and time-wise, this would be a different story.
Esteban Pujol
Esteban Pujol 7 timer siden
"Only 5% of ppl who are able to lose weight with excercise and diet are able to mantain it" This data seems very misleading to me, what source is this? Does it apply to USA only? What about the pacients who followed this with psychological help? I really think the surgery shouldn't be taking lightly no for its risk, but no something that should be normalized for a postmodern consumism-material issue.
Juno Wood
Juno Wood 7 timer siden
talking about the cosmo cover = 5 minutes advertisement for gastrical surgery = rest of the video... are you kidding me?!
Verena S
Verena S 10 timer siden
Fucked up within the first few minutes. Healthy at every size is different than health at every size.... Health at every size - as I understand it, is taking care of your body. If you are FAT, the general assumption is, that you don't and anyway, as long as you are fat, it doesn't matter no matter what. That is very harmful and I can tell you, it is taking a toll on you. When everything you do does not count and is always viewed under the lense of weight loss. As I am writing this I increasingly become aware how much this affected my life. Like, we are told to believe that only losing weight is of worth. That you are only worthy if you lose weight. Nothing else matters. So for me health at every size is finding worth in yourself, so that you are finding the strength to care about yourself even when you are fat.
Ari Parker
Ari Parker 15 timer siden
I’m 315 pounds and healthy as ever. You can’t tell me otherwise.
Yeet Dude
Yeet Dude 18 timer siden
Also, if people mistake obesity as an “emotional” issue and not a health issue, then they have a big problem.
Yeet Dude
Yeet Dude 18 timer siden
Dr. Mike, you should ask the pretty and smart lady out. You look like a perfecf match!
Aubrey 20 timer siden
I may be on the wrong side of the fence here but... Thanks for pointing out death is near for overweight. That really does not make a person panic and eat chips (comfort food). However, I cut out more bad foods because I feel better and have more energy. Lo and behold, things fit better. Positivity is more motivation than negativity!
Travis Frazier
Travis Frazier Time siden
So much of weight lose is mental. Body positivity to me is about boosting your self-esteem to that you feel worthy of putting in the effort to take better care of yourself. Its a tough line to walk though to show people that facts that being obese is totally damaging your long term health so that you can steer them towards those better choices, but also keeping them positive.
Joseph Bertz
Joseph Bertz 22 timer siden
Aditi Mukherjee
Aditi Mukherjee Dag siden
Oh my god he's so cute! If i had a doctor that cute, I'll be in his office every other day😛
G Dag siden
*racks 1911 slide*
ceruleankth Dag siden
you can promote “body positivity” while promoting “healthy life style” !!!!!
Godsarmy Dag siden
When people want to depopulate this is part of the program
Derek Lindbloom
Derek Lindbloom Dag siden
There was promise to this video and it breaks my heart that they still can't break from the societal binary of slender = healthy, overweight / obese = unhealthy. Think of it this way: is a person with a BMI 37 who goes to the gym 3 times a week and hiking on weekends unhealthy compared to a slender person who doesn't exercise and drinks heavily? Is a person who is slender with an eating disorder healthier than a heavy person?
Travis Frazier
Travis Frazier Time siden
I don't think they are really presenting that binary. They even side that wasn't isn't just unhealthy just because they fall into a higher BMI. The fact is though that a person that is 300 pounds is going to be less healthy than a person at 160 all other things being the same.
szajkaninidanda Dag siden
Maybe I am wrong but I understand "health at every size" that you can pursue to be healthy no matter what your size is. I am not native english speaker so I might be wrong but before I heard the outrage and ppl accusing the article of promoting the idea that being obese is healthy I would never even consider that it is sugesting that obesity is healthy. I think context is important and the context here IS the article so I do not really find it misleading.
Mimikyu Studios
Mimikyu Studios Dag siden
To explode a mouse,you need to make it bigger -taken information from kurzgesagt
Salt of The Earth
Salt of The Earth Dag siden
Good interview but still politically correct
FreckledPapaya Dag siden
It's frustrating to see a video titled this way start right off the top with neither of you apparently knowing what health at every size means? Fat people are treated differently in the medical world, everything from neglect to abuse. The way doctors overprioritize weight as a factor is akin to the way doctors allow other stigmatized identities to slip through the cracks because of their biases. Healt At Every Size advocates for PROPER HEALTHCARE for all sizes of people because *it doesn't currently happen that way.* If you are only willing to talk about acts of overt prejudice, recognize that you are having a completely different conversation from that of oppression.
Fake-ina Fakerson
Fake-ina Fakerson Dag siden
I think sometimes we gotta remember that this applies the other way too. Like being super skinny isn't healthy even if it's seen as desirable. The takeaway is that beauty standards are bulkshit just do your best to be healthy
Travis Frazier
Travis Frazier Time siden
I don't think anybody is saying that they supermodel, anorexic body is healthy either. There's a massive backlash against those covers and they even mentioned the eating disorders caused by that in this video
4NN13 H
4NN13 H 2 dager siden
In the meanwhile, you have to be Eugenia Cooney to provoke this type of response to a claim that an excessively thin person is healthy. Maybe the peanut gallery should just worry about their own bodies.
Suhotra Tripathi
Suhotra Tripathi 2 dager siden
We need to take good care of our selves and that does not mean starving or torturing yourself, like keto or a cleanse, it means exercising having a healthy nutritious Balance diet.
slayerpianoman 2 dager siden
I wonder, like I don’t think people should be “shamed” but I think you need to feel shitty to make a change. Like girls ain’t into me, and it hurts, so I’m forced to wallow, OR improve. No girls shame me, but I’m still left out of the dating scene, which is like a form of quiet shaming. I think that’s the sweet spot, fat people shouldn’t be shamed, but shouldn’t be celebrated. It gives you the impetus to change without being pounded into the ground so hard you fall apart.
Raechel B
Raechel B 2 dager siden
I want bariatric surgery so badly but it isn't covered by my insurance. I lost 60 pounds through diet and exercise, then gained 130 pounds while on depo. I've lost 30 pounds again now but I've been struggling for a long time to break this plateau 😔
Rahmad Renaldi
Rahmad Renaldi 2 dager siden
Simple question, you wanna die young or not ? If they come to terms with it then let them die
John Gill
John Gill 2 dager siden
Thank you for this video!
Word Ninja
Word Ninja 3 dager siden
We tell people who smoke not to smoke. Why is eating your feelings healthy? Never understood that. I don't think it's fat shaming, it's acknowledging the result of a visible vice.
Glitter Aza
Glitter Aza 3 dager siden
If obesity is an illness why do doctors want to treat the symptoms instead of treating the reasons of their obesity
Glitter Aza
Glitter Aza 2 dager siden
@Tiffany Trotter I hope you feel better now ❤️
Tiffany Trotter
Tiffany Trotter 2 dager siden
@Glitter Aza Yeah I can't deny that. I used to be obese myself and only started losing weight once my mom divorced my abusive dad and I worked on my own mental issues.
Glitter Aza
Glitter Aza 2 dager siden
@Tiffany Trotter I agree but there is proofs that obesity is a multi factors illness. We should treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. But people (including doctors) prefer think that we are just lazy and we eat to much.
Tiffany Trotter
Tiffany Trotter 2 dager siden
I mean doctors can't fix your problems for you. For example if someone is stressed and has high blood pressure all they can do is recommend they try to relax and provide medication for the high blood pressure, but fixing what makes the patient stressed is up to the patient. In the end each person is accountable for their own weight.
Marianna Anagno
Marianna Anagno 3 dager siden
I argued with one of the health at any size supporters and she said that there are actual doctors supporting their claims. Please interview one of them , I'd really like to see that and ofcourse you calling him/her out
Alexic94 3 dager siden
I am obese 27yo with 130kg in weight and 185cm in height. I even call myself fat. Never once have i thought of lying to myself and others and say this is not a problem, this is something thats normal, because it's a problem, it's a problem i feel influencing my life as i get older, and i NEED to work on reducing my weight. Thats the only thing you can do when you're obese, WORK OUT, WATCH WHAT YOU EAT. No need to start movements, no need to start drama, no need to lie to people, especially yourself.
Monica Kult
Monica Kult 3 dager siden
Cosmo is not a fitness and health magazine and you can't judge someone's health by what they look like. Why not criticize their ridiculous diet suggestions and sex advice? Why isn't there a video on that? What is wrong with representing diversity instead of unrealistic expectations? Fat shame doesn't make people thinner and seeing a few overweight people in magazines isn't going to increase the obesity epidemic. The better people feel about themselves the more likely the positive habits. Health is and never should be about physical a appearance and there is more to obesity than ' being lazy' , 'eating too much' and ' not exercising'! Is any other health condition as stigmatized as this one?
Marie R. Little
Marie R. Little 3 dager siden
If you find the time can you read the book called Heathy at Every Size by Lindo Bacon and comment on it from your perspective? The book talks about set point too.
Wank Yiffer
Wank Yiffer 4 dager siden
Not fat shaming. Just facts.
Colleen O'Leary
Colleen O'Leary 4 dager siden
My insurance denied bariatric surgery coverage 😕
Jessy Lynch
Jessy Lynch 4 dager siden
Insurance companies see bandaids as cheaper that surgerys
Honestly confused
Honestly confused 4 dager siden
People can be strong and weak in different aspects. People who get by pass surgery are strong in the sense that they are able to ask for help after failed attempts at loosing weight. Also people who do loose weight from diets have a different kind of strength that some people don't have. And both of these, I think, are valid path for success
Katherine Tutschek
Katherine Tutschek 4 dager siden
This is the perfect summary of my feelings. People should be loved and treated with respect at any size, while also trying to combat negative health effects that come with larger sizes.
EagleGundam 187
EagleGundam 187 5 dager siden
needs to be said the world is only against fat shaming women there ok making a man feel unattractive when he is fat
EagleGundam 187
EagleGundam 187 5 dager siden
really im a guy with a fatty somick and fit legs and arms im told thats a dad bod i guess but no one thinks im attractive and i think thats the reason why
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 5 dager siden
every obese person i know thinks HAES is complete bullshit. Self love is great. Fat shaming is horrible. but this false narrative of you're healthy at 350 pounds is nonsense, dangerous, and ridiculous.
Alex Fish
Alex Fish 5 dager siden
I have anorexia nervosa, and I'd like to bring something to this: being underweight can have just as many (if not more) health complications as being overweight, but they are approached with different attitudes. My family and friends saw my obsessive exercise and starvation habits as "healthy" and "tenacious". I eventually had to be hospitalized and went through extensive recovery to reach a normal BMI, and even then my family believes it "couldn't have been that bad" because I was never "put on a feeding tube". Even though I have permanent health complications from it. Later on, I was on the heavier end of normal due to a medication I was on (125lbs. Still within normal BMI range for 5'2", but I was still working out a lot, so muscle mass figures in too). I got a LOT of comments of "concern" from family, partners, and even random friends-of-friends about my weight and how I "let myself go". Also "positive" comments about "being chubby, but that's okay!"... And it's weird to be called "chubby" when you're fit and average. Due to a lot of sociological factors, regular people have warped standards for what constitutes a "healthy weight", especially from person to person. Sometimes fit people don't "look" fit. Sometimes someone doesn't look as skinny as you're used to seeing them. Sometimes you can't get an intrinsic understanding about someone's health versus how they look without first getting some VERY invasive information about their medical history. But that's strictly for the doctor's office!! My PCP doctor seemed to be the only person who was actually HAPPY with my body, having the context of my recovery, blood work, blood pressure, etc. I think the movement should be interpreted as being less about "don't worry about your weight" and more about "we should stop worrying about OTHER people's weight. They could be healthy - that's between them and their doctor". Isn't it annoying to doctors when people who have no understanding of any medical practice give unsolicited health advice? I think if we view it from that mindset - leaving this issue to the doctor's office - it makes more sense. We should change the language of this movement from "THIS is healthy" or "THAT is healthy" to "mind your own business, ask your doctor."
Aubrey 21 time siden
I do not have much to add to this other than you've gone through so much and if you feel better, that's amazing.
Cute nCurly
Cute nCurly Dag siden
Both overly fat and over thin people are constantly getting comments from random people as if their body is any of their business. You are completely right that it’s no one else’s business but my doctor’s. It seems exhausting but we really have to just start replying to any comments we receive about our weight with a simple, “you aren’t my doctor, so I don’t care about your opinion.” That said, obviously we should all be working with our physicians to make sure we are as healthy as we can be within the constraints of our respective abilities, budgets, mental health, etc.
Laura LaFountain
Laura LaFountain Dag siden
I experienced this as well. My periods of fast weight loss were when I was having health issues. I noticed and was concerned, but of course others noticed and we're very complimentary. It was incredibly uncomfortable. Especially when I finally got my health under control and gained those lbs back.
HereForTheShips Dag siden
I agree with you 100%. I remember when I first lost an unhealthy amount of weight very quickly due to Crohn's disease and everyone was praising me for how skinny I became and how pretty I looked, saying I looked like a Barbie doll and that now I had to "maintain it". I was so underweight (79 pounds out of the hospital) that I even struggled to walk and my blood pressure was really low. I always had body image issues and anxiety related to it, so everyone finally calling me beautiful when before I was the "fat sister" among my sisters, really hurt my mental health. It was so difficult to get back into a healthier weight. At a healthy weight I feel like I look fat. I wish people would just hold their tongue instead of pointing out a person's weight fluctuations. They don't know why the person lost or gained weight, it should be none of their business.
IcyDeath91 5 dager siden
I don't fully understand the idea that everyone should feel good about their body. Feeling good or content with something is a quick way to not change. Not feeling good about your body, otherwise known as "shame" is the first step to identifying the fact that something needs to change. I agree with what she said for the most part, except for this.
Zee L
Zee L 5 dager siden
The gastric bypass is the best thing I've ever done for myself. 50kg gone, no more fatty liver, no longer pre diabetic, bloods and blood pressure are perfect, and I can keep up with my 6 year old daughter. I wish I'd done it sooner!
Emanuel Kokovics
Emanuel Kokovics 5 dager siden
I don't understand people that like a person-celebrity, search for ways of doing what they say or acting or becoming the same size as that person. It is as they do not have any brain or just prefer to lose their own selves to satisfy some trends! The world today is just sad!
부밍시스템어어 5 dager siden
Stop calling obese healthy, and stop supporting obesity!!! I don’t get why people support obesity....
I'm Your Mom Now
I'm Your Mom Now 5 dager siden
Yeah, a bariatric surgeon wouldn't have ANY reason to push the idea that obesity = health risks. 🙄 Conflict of interest from someone pushing that cutting into healthy organs and not allowing yourself to intake nutrition until you reach an arbitrary number is acceptable. (Also, I don't know anyone who's has bariatric surgery and kept the weight off.).
Beth Anthony
Beth Anthony 5 dager siden
Self love at any size?
Lizzie CK
Lizzie CK 5 dager siden
Body positivity? If you love yourself, you take good care of your body, you eat healthy, exercise and keep a normal weight. And most of all, you don’t promote obesity!
Karen Wilson
Karen Wilson 5 dager siden
Her smile is healthy! Her obvious positive attitude about herself in that moment and her open attitude towards life is healthy and lovely to see.
Luna Businesses
Luna Businesses 5 dager siden
Doctor Mike, I have so much respect for you but I need you to hear me. You very clearly don't understand, which is very normal for someone who's never been part of that demographic. I know you *want* to understand. This ENTIRE VIDEO is part of the problem. The problem is that society, including you, feels entitled to discuss our health and our bodies in great detail because obesity is something that we can't hide. Unlike a functional alcoholic or drug addict, people who smoke cigarettes or vape nicotine products, people who practice risky sexual activities, etc... they are able to have their vices and unhealthy lifestyles in private in many circumstances without public discussion of their bodies or health status. LET US LIVE. I would be very happy to discuss this further with you if you're willing to listen.
Tiffany Trotter
Tiffany Trotter 2 dager siden
He is a doctor in a country where 70% of the population is overweight or obese. He is going to talk about health problems especially to this scale. One of the key differences is no one is trying to deny the health problems of smoking or alcoholism.
Flightsy 5 dager siden
shut up
MyIndianNameIs Evening Star
MyIndianNameIs Evening Star 5 dager siden
TLDR: ppl fat shaming other ppl. idus why ppl say I care about you/ your health. My wieght. I can't stand when people fat shame other people. And then turn around and say I care about what happens to you. When they don't know the person at all. Why do they care what happens to them? They don't. They just want a fat shame somebody. Or say something along the lines of I just want them to be healthier or I want them to eat healthier or you're going to die soon if you don't lose weight. As if these people don't already know these things. I am obese myself. I'm like minivan status. Even though people tell me I don't look obese I definitely feel it in my bones. I've never really had anybody say anything to me as far as they care about my health and care about what happens to me and things like that. But I have heard it being said to other people. And for some reason it really pisses me off. Why should a complete stranger care about what happens to us when they don't know us? They're not going to be the ones crying and grieving at our funeral. So why does it matter if we die because of our weight sooner than later? I just really don't understand when people say that. Yes I understand being fat is very unhealthy. But it's our choice whether or not we want to lose weight. In the last few months I have lost over 20 lb. I am now down to 190 lb. When I was 225 at my heaviest that I've ever been in my life. And that was my choice to lose that weight. Not anybody else's. And not anybody fat shaming me. I hope more people can find the motivation to lose weight. It's not easy but it's worth it.
ProtoClone 6 dager siden
We should not be shaming each other over weight. We should be encouraging each other living healthier. You can love your body, no matter the size, but don't sabotage that with unhealthy habits.
Mark Dawn
Mark Dawn 6 dager siden
Fat people are unhealthy and not healthy!
lex hex
lex hex 6 dager siden
If you are plus sized naturally, that is healthy as long as you stay fit. Some people can't loose weight and have a "healthy" or "normal" bmi. Plus sized/chubby is different than fat/obese.
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson 6 dager siden
I think more people glorifying obesity is what the real situation is..a doctor warning you about obesity risks is their job! What's next, nicotinephobic?
Larry 18
Larry 18 6 dager siden
I don't know whether putting obese people on magazines is really a good way to stop fatphobia. By all means everyone deserves to feel good regardless of such things, but doing that doesn't come off as normal, it comes off as virtue signalling. Moreover, it can come off as "coddling a child", where your only doing it so that people stop talking about it.
AmyJayne 6 dager siden
I think if you're gonna do bariatric surgery you also need to look at the whole person - their situation, mental health, lifestyle, all of that. it all matters. Even having little cash can make you obese because you turn to poor food choices. DON'T fat shame, DON'T make judgements based on appearance. Support THE WHOLE human. Educate, don't hate!
Dániel Faller
Dániel Faller 6 dager siden
If you love your body shouldnt you take care of it? And in case you are fat your not taking care if it.
jenny b
jenny b 6 dager siden
I like dr. Mike but I did not like this video. I feel this video pushed surgery pretty hard instead of a lifestyle change. The "excuse" that healthy food is expensive and takeout is cheaper is a downright lie.
Martin Thomsen Engström
Martin Thomsen Engström 6 dager siden
Do anybody have some sources related to Dr. sales statement that “three fourths of americans are obese or overweight”. I’m really curios as to what data is used to reach these results. If BMI is the only data, I guess we have to be mindful that “three fourths” covers BMI-results all down to 25.0? Just funny how it feels when such a broad statistic is mentioned in a conversation largely focused on obesity.
Lucky_number_13 7 dager siden
basically tl/dr: people can be healthy when they are plus size, but not everyone plus size is healthy
Maggie Willis
Maggie Willis 7 dager siden
She completely misrepresented HAES. The whole point is that everyone has the POSSIBILITY of being healthy regardless of their size, not that everyone IS healthy at any size. Those CORRELATIONS that she mentioned that CORRELATE with obesity could very well be more related to certain behaviors that are also correlated with weight. Which is to say that larger people CAN BE and SOMETIMES are healthy and smaller people CAN BE and SOMETIMES are unhealthy. Size is not an accurate indication of health.
Chris L
Chris L 7 dager siden
Surgery is BS and really only of use after the medical system has failed miserably to get the patients the information that they need to lose the weight they need in order to be healthy. I've personally struggled to lose weight and I've lost gobs of it with little effort. The fact is that the reason why so few people manage to lose weight with diet and exercise is that doctors are incompetent and giving advice that lacks scientific validity. Losing weight is easy, stop eating, you'll lose weight. Losing weight in a healthy and sustainable manner is a bit harder, but not complicated. Fast a couple times a week for at least 16 hours. When you are eating, eat a varied diet of all the food groups, resistance train to maintain muscle mass and you will lose weight and keep it off. That's literally what the research consistently says. If obese people aren't losing weight it's virtually always either because they're being given bad advice or they don't want to lose the weight. There's no reason why a typical person can't shed 5% of their weight a month without much effort.
Meagan 7 dager siden
I think people miss the point of body positivity. For me, it's never been about pretending that being obese doesn't effect my health. I'm very aware of that. However, I don't need every single ad or tv show to be telling me that too incessantly everyday. Because guess what, outside pressure to lose weight DOESN'T WORK. The desire to change has to come from within. For me, body positivity has always been about other people minding their own business about my own body.
Young Competitive
Young Competitive 7 dager siden
this guy seems like a creep to me
Catherine Ball
Catherine Ball 7 dager siden
I was nearly 23 stones when I went down the bariatric surgery (sleeve) route (I was obese pretty much all my life and tried every diet going). This procedure has given me my life back. I can now do all the physical activities that I should be able to do at my age. Instead of politely declining hiking adventures with my friends (because I had serious back and foot pain) and feeling trapped inside my home I can now join in and feel invigorated by exercise. I will never regret that decision as long as I live. It is the very best decision that I ever made.
ThatLooksWhiteBut_IsBlackHispanicGuy 7 dager siden
I think what’s lost in the conversation is that being thin isn’t automatically healthy and being heavy isn’t automatically “unhealthy” - BUT... there’s a big BUT after that like she said. At the end of the day, it IS excess weight. And just bc they don’t have sugar or pressure or high cholesterol, doesn’t mean that they aren’t at risk and it doesn’t discount that obesity in and of itself is STILL an issue and also doesn’t discount that they may not have pain in the back/knee/etc or that it can be causing or be a risk factor for things like sleep apnea, etc. That being said, there’s also a difference between obesity and being big when not in terms of medical determination. Medically, at a certain weight, it’s obesity but there are some folks that are just a little thicker than normal and those who are clearly overweight. That being said, no one deserves to be shamed for their body and everyone should be taught to love their body - BUT (obese BUT) everyone should be educated on the risks and loving your body shouldn’t be equated with acceptance of an issue that may cause issues down the line as in “Im big and beautiful so I’m just gonna stay big or get bigger” - especially in the African American community bc we know that our risk of diseases such as heart disease, sugar, pressure, etc ARE VERY VERY REAL and that there is also a hereditary risk of these issues, along with obesity, that put us as greater risk of developing issues when being overweight - and thats included with other things that come along with being African American, and it’s worth changing. My moms family is black, and my grandma and most of her sisters are overweight and have issues with pressure and sugar but these issues only worsened along with weight gain and with aging. And they’ve told me that I look unhealthy skinny but my dad died of heart disease and my moms family has a history plus my mom has sickle cell - Im not taking any risks after being heavy for a very long time and my weight slowly packed on to where I didn’t notice until I went from 215 to 155 which is at the lower limit of my ideal weight (185 is the upper limit) and I was “borderline obese” but I didn’t look obese. But i lost all that weight and I’m not putting it back on. And it’s hard bc I’m southern and my moms family is southern and we eat collard greens, chitlins, pig feet, baked Mac and cheese, neck bones, ox tails, etc. I love all that but at some point you have to say no, or at least, not that much.
April Wheeler
April Wheeler 7 dager siden
This guest expert was full of it, claiming diet and exercise doesn't work for 95% of people. She makes six figures selling gastric bypass surgery. Of course she'd say maintaining a healthy weight with traditional methods is nearly impossible.
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 7 dager siden
When the emotional imprint of words become more important than the objective definition of those words.
Chelse C
Chelse C 7 dager siden
This brings something to mind. How are nutrition labels calculated? The more I see of the world, the less the labels make sense to me. -What body size, sex, and ethnicity are they assuming? -Are they assuming we're all burning a certain amount of calories and fat a day? -What is that amount? -For daily amounts of vitamins and minerals that require other vitamins and minerals to be consumed in order to be absorbed properly, is it assumed those are being consumed in the recommended amounts as well? Tl;dr: How were these generalizations reached?
Bryte Eyez
Bryte Eyez 7 dager siden
I was anorexic when I was younger. I never binge and purged, but I did starve. I was Diagnosed with AFRID. I am an amputee and fractured my pelvis. Lack of mobility AND COVID lockdown, I gained quite a bit of weight. I weigh more than I am comfortable with. I contacted my doctor about my weight concerns and wanting to lose the weight, so that I can do it in a healthy way.
Mason 8 dager siden
You should all strive to look like me.
Blainy Kid
Blainy Kid 8 dager siden
Since when do people think Cosmopolitan's articles have valid opinions?
Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton 8 dager siden
Obesity is a disease it is not healthy lol and with it brings other diseases eventually
vonKobra 8 dager siden
This is wrong, we should be fat shaming, period. Morbidly obese people are killing themselves with their choices. Unless I am to understand that you, as a doctor, support tabacco smokers as healthy. Hollywood standards are dumb, dad bod and moderate overweight should be more accepted, especially if their lifestyle is otherwise healthy. But obesity is serious, even starting with the statement "I'm not fat phobic" is ceding ground to this ideology and movement.
Seluhir 8 dager siden
We need to stop using BMI as the identifier. It ignores so many real factors that contribute to what a healthy weight is for people and makes a LOT of people who are within healthy weight parameters feel ashamed of their weight because of factors that BMI doesn't consider.
ShroomyK 8 dager siden
I think the problem occurs when strangers, or even friends or family comment on your health as a fat person. They are not doctors, they don't know your medical history, yet they feel like it's their right to let you know you're unhealthy as if you didn't know. I think the "healthy at every size" is in response to these kinds of comments, and also that you can look extremely thin and ill and yet not get as many comments about your health. If you are not their doctor, please do not comment on a person's health. It's none of your business and literally no one wants your opinion. There is of course this sort of moral outrage directed at fat people too. People will act like it's some kind of character flaw, lack of self-control, or a sin of some kind. It's so ridiculous and people need to keep that to themselves. I have been both very overweight, and also thin and sickly anorexic. I got more compliments when looking like someone wasting away from some terminal illness, and more criticism when I'm overweight. I look back at the pictures from when I was anorexic and I really looked sick, yet people LOVED it, even after I admitted to literally not eating. They didn't bat an eye when I told them. (I want to say this isn't directed at Dr. Mike or doctors who make general statements about weight and health. This is more about randos who think they can comment on any individual's health when they were not even asked.)
Miep Miep
Miep Miep 8 dager siden
I dont live in usa. But i heard that healthy food can be very expensive and take out very cheap. If that is true i think thats a big problem. Cause it makes it easy an cheap to get take out and be expensif to mAke yourself a actual meal
The Guy
The Guy 9 dager siden
My doctor told me healthy at every size while I was combating health issues due to my obesity. She is no longer my doctor
Dianne Dixon - TeXXic
Dianne Dixon - TeXXic 9 dager siden
I appreciate the fact that you are a DO, Dr. Mike, because it tells me you're more into the holistic outlook. My question: Hormones and weight. I find it a conversation that few have, and it's more often a tongue-in-cheek discussion. As a woman, i know we bear the brunt of how hormones affect weight. There are some of us who have fat-inducing hormone situations and can't exercise our way thin. I know it's broad, but I feel like it's a serious consideration that's not getting enough discussion
Sleepy Toast
Sleepy Toast 9 dager siden
I think it's funny how many people seem to prioritizing perceived health to give a person respect or kindness. I'm skinny, the most fat I've been is on the tipping point of "healthy" and overweight. I am not healthy though. I have chronic joint pain, sometimes so bad I wake up screaming in the night. There are days when I can't walk because my knees and hips hurt so much, there are days when my arms are useless because all I want to do is cry from the pain. Health is not an indicator of being worthy of respect, it's how the person acts! You wouldn't go to a person in a wheelchair or a person using a sight cane and say that they aren't worthy of respect or kindness because they aren't healthy, why do that to a fat person? I'm not saying you're "fatphobic" for not wanting to date fat people (I sure as hell wouldn't) or that you have to be chummy with them, I'm just saying give the same kindness you would give to others.
Alex 9 dager siden
I had a gastric sleeve at 19, developed chronic nausea, gagging, dry heaving, and hiatal hernia. I went in for a revision to bypass 2 years later on the advice of 4 or 5 doctors hoping to reduce those symptoms. Instead of reducing the symptoms, I now have hyper salivation problems and a motility disorder, and can't take capsules without chest pain, on top of my original symptoms. Now I am 23 years old, chronically ill, on several medications my parent pays for, unemployed, no tertiary education and no skills. I was 250+ lbs by the end of elementary school, 350 lbs by the end of middle school, and 450 lbs by the end of high school. I had physical trainers and coaches from school have me do useless exercise that ultimately resulted in no weight loss and just some muscle gains and improved fitness. I had nutritionists pull out little plates and bowls to talk to me about serving sizes, as if I didn't already know, as if I had gotten to that size just by not knowing serving sizes, as if such a thing has any relevance to, or the ability of, improving my life. I had a registered dietitian (and later a nurse in the bariatric program) tell me that I needed to eat MORE calories to "boost" my metabolism, as my metabolism was going into "starvation mode". These nutritionists and the registered dietitian were authority fugures, empowered by the health care system to have power over my life, and trusted by me and my family as experts, but they just took their copay and gave nothing in return but debunked useless nothing. That's the reason for the obesity epidemic, along with added sugars, refined carbs, insulin levels, glycemic load, and obese people being told to drink water with their meals to stretch their stomachs even further, distorting their hunger signals. With the right diet you will lose weight without ever feeling hungry, and keep the weight off. Don't track calories, don't track macros, just look at caloric density, and glycemic load. Lower both. Get seasoning and sugar free sauces for taste, plus sugar free sweeteners. Good luck
XDSDDLord 9 dager siden
Dr. Mike, here is a partial answer to your question as to why some treatments aren't covered: we know some people very high up at insurance companies, officer level, and have asked about why they don't cover some services that we offer, and they looked us in the eyes and said: "if we paid you for these services, the patients will live longer, correct?" and we answered "yes." That was the end of that conversation.
thelema10 9 dager siden
This Chad bro "doctor" really hates fat people lol
Christie b
Christie b 8 dager siden
No. He is a doctor who cares about the health of people. There are many high risk lifestyles including smoking, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle that show they are at higher risk for health problems down the road. Why would a doctor ever condone a lifestyle that is high risk for health problems?
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason 10 dager siden
To anyone who says that there's nothing wrong with obesity, I have one question: What made you decide that?
Ganimé Özçay
Ganimé Özçay 10 dager siden
piers morgan says that obese people are not healthy. with all due respect, to obese people, not to him, i don’t think he gets to say that.
Uthman ibn-Jafar
Uthman ibn-Jafar 8 dager siden
What do you mean you don't think he gets to say that?
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason 10 dager siden
Why? The validity of a statement is not dependent on who's presenting it.
David Browning
David Browning 10 dager siden
How ridiculous to think that showing fat people respect encourages them to be fat! Why is it so hard for the general public to believe that fat people deserve respect and love? As someone who overcame morbid obesity via bariatric surgery, I have very strong feelings about this. And I could rant about this issue at length, and have in other media, but allow me to say I totally approve of the intention and the tone of this video. Which is healthier--maintaining a consistent weight, even if it is higher than what the medical world says it should be, or constant yo-yo dieting and fluctuations in body weight. Regarding the way medical professionals approach the obesity issue with a patient, when I was very fat my perception more often than not was that a doctor seemed to think s/he was the first one ever to advise me to lose weight, or that there was something magical about the advice that doctor gave that would somehow allow me to see the light and now take the actions that no one had ever inspired in me before. Even if that were possible, very few of these doctors had that kind of communication skill. This is a very complex issue, and people usually don't like issues that don't have simple, black/white answers. This might require some actual thought and consideration. I know that's a lot to ask, but give it a try.
Zendra Gallhauser
Zendra Gallhauser 10 dager siden
Pierce Morgan is obese himself, yet he keeps complaining about obese women He clearly isn’t healthy himself
Tamara Van Voorst
Tamara Van Voorst 11 dager siden
I am 5, 5 and 152 pounds. I have a 32" waiste and 35" hips and I can feel my hip bones. The BMI has me labeled slightly obese because breast size and muscle weight are never put into consideration. Fortunately I am not told to lose weight when I go to the doctor's office because the muscles and breast size are obvious. Well, that a medication is why I have the fat I do have. I have to work with my specialists to find that balance between medication, nutrition and exercise. I stock third shift, so I get hours of exercise a week, both cardio and weight bearing.
Rumble 11 dager siden
Woke people are at war with reality. It's that simple.
Foster Gilliam
Foster Gilliam 11 dager siden
This video is going to hurt so many real fat people. Unfortunate.
Anne Wagnera
Anne Wagnera 11 dager siden
I love this video. It is such a respectful conversation and you are still not afraid to tell your opinion and share facts that may be uncomfortable to some.
D-ro Sano
D-ro Sano 11 dager siden
Lesson learned. Hopefully so as you.
Fluff n Stuff
Fluff n Stuff 11 dager siden
Bad food taste a lot better to most and its cheaper, plus convince. So, it's going to call more people to eat it.
Fluff n Stuff
Fluff n Stuff 11 dager siden
My husband is a big guy. He sits 10-11 hours a day. He's lucky to be on his feet for a total of 20 minutes a day. We have children, and they always ask why he never gets up. It's tough being the only parent that is up and moving, doing almost everything. I have no problem with the way he looks, but his weight has caused high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and this excess fatigue. It's unfortunate to witness. When we got married 27 years ago, he was average size, and we did so much, and he was active.
Turtle Rabbit Kim
Turtle Rabbit Kim 11 dager siden
Being extremely skinny and extremely obese are both bad
Turtle Rabbit Kim
Turtle Rabbit Kim 11 dager siden
Here's the truth, you can't critize other people's weight unless YOU are a physician and you are fully aware of their clinical history.
Margaret Kammer
Margaret Kammer 11 dager siden
Nah, this ain’t it. 👎🏼
Uthman ibn-Jafar
Uthman ibn-Jafar 8 dager siden
What does that even mean? If you have a problem with what's being said here then you have a problem with reality. You might as well be getting mad at people for saying 1 + 1 = 2.
Jamie McCullough
Jamie McCullough 11 dager siden
Yes!! "Active at any size" needs to be out there more
Frank Allen
Frank Allen 11 dager siden
Too much work, I'll stick with being fat. I'd rather go by heart attack than cancer like every family member since 1969.
Gregor Mychalewicz
Gregor Mychalewicz 12 dager siden
Thank you for your great videos. I see an issue with mixing up overweight and obesity. At some points during the interview it was not made clear enough what group was meant.
T D 12 dager siden
As an obese person, I despise celebrating obesity. It's not good and I'm working to change it. But I will never get surgery.
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