Dr. Mike Takes A Love Language Test

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Doctor Mike

2 måneder siden

Every time I get into a new relationship, my partner winds up asking me the question “what is your love language?” My answers have varied over the years when answering off the top of my head, so for Valentine’s Day I decided to sit down and take the test to find out exactly what my heart is really looking for. Touch, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time? Which one is your love language, and do you think the test got me right?
Take the test for yourself and let me know your results: www.5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/singles-quiz/
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Katrina M. Clayton
Katrina M. Clayton 41 minutt siden
you like giving gifts because it is an act of service! It’s not the actual gift that’s important it’s the thought behind the gift. Acts of service and words of affirmation are my main love languages!
Natty Bear
Natty Bear 2 timer siden
I definitely have different love languages for giving and receiving. I want quality time and words of affirmation, but I show my love most with gifts and acts of service. I think at the end of the day, everyone has a mix of all 5 love languages, and good relationships will incorporate all 5.
Natty Bear
Natty Bear 2 timer siden
"who has a partner that says they're gonna do nice things then never does them?!" My ex Dr. Mike. You're talking about my ex. xD
Mieke Hathorn
Mieke Hathorn 8 timer siden
Wow, you're exactly like me...
XingsPeachyAnus 14 timer siden
Me: is 25, joints hurt, crochets & knits Dr. Mike: That's old
Kailan beifong
Kailan beifong 14 timer siden
"You've heard of them, I've heard of them" *who tf is love language?* 💀
Sara Moutsa
Sara Moutsa 18 timer siden
i spit my cereal when the "run with me"video showed
Nina Davidovna A
Nina Davidovna A 21 time siden
Stephanie S
Stephanie S Dag siden
Wait, Bear is his dog?
Cynderelly lastname
Cynderelly lastname Dag siden
This hurts to watch because I had to convince my boyfriend to take the love languages test and our scores were extremely different. Mine were closer to Dr Mike's and I wish my boyfriend's were the same :( But he tries to give me all the love and affection I want! And I love him for it. And I try to do the dishes when it's his turn sometimes so he knows I love him :)
jazzys_vero veronica
jazzys_vero veronica Dag siden
It’s a date. ♥️♥️
Paula Sofía Contreras
Paula Sofía Contreras Dag siden
I got pretty much the same results as you... We should marry each other, hehe
Kat590 Dag siden
I'm 32% words of affirmation, 29% physical touch, 23% quality time, 16% acts of service and 0% receiving gifts.
Amy Tewfik
Amy Tewfik 2 dager siden
Mike: its a date,me and you,hey. *Me a 12 year old*😂
mkphilly 3 dager siden
Great tongue action
mkphilly 3 dager siden
"Few" not "little" options.........
Julyane Cristina
Julyane Cristina 3 dager siden
I was kinda falling in love until he criticized my crochet. I'm 31yo, Psychology student, pretty, cat person, singer. NOT OLD!!!! -------- JUST CRAFTY!!
han huynh
han huynh 3 dager siden
BlinkinFirefly 4 dager siden
For me, it's more important that my boyfriend takes the time to listen to me and really understand my feelings about how I NEED TO BE COMPLIMENTED ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!!!!!!.... -_- *cries*
YellowBlueBus Kressyl
YellowBlueBus Kressyl 5 dager siden
19 yr old nobody who loves dakter mike: ain't gonna watch anything bout chu anymore. it kills me knowing d reality, im not d one youre marrying. u dont even know me, but id probably cry if youre gonna get married, but still id support u coz daz all i can do. p.s. i even bet u wont be able to read dis.
Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson 5 dager siden
I crochet and I'm only 18!!
Nilanjana Bhattacharyya
Nilanjana Bhattacharyya 5 dager siden
So someone should always gift you a "gift card" or better.. a cute envelope with cash in it and gifts it with a hug. 😂
Linda66 5 dager siden
One interesting thing about the Love Languages is that they can be different for how you receive love vs how you show love, like he mentioned at the end. That can be very important as you reflect on your relationships with others. If you are trying to really show you care, try to match your expression to love with your person's highest love language categories, which may not match what you would usually do to show your affection.
Beth Anthony
Beth Anthony 5 dager siden
Seriously never laughed so much watching u tube
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 5 dager siden
3:47 Wtf? XD
Suzanne 5 dager siden
Dr. Mike WHY ARE YOU SINGLE? You seem like a great guy with reasonable expectations from your partner. I have a saying that good guys are like good parking spots; They're all taken. But you don't seem to fit that description. Put that aside, giving a backrub and seeing how your partner enjoys it is great! But just know if I do you, you do me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Calista Baily
Calista Baily 5 dager siden
Dated 90 year olds!!! did I hear it right? Why? Why?! 🤯
bku 5 dager siden
Dr Mike: Who has a partner that's like constantly saying "I'm gonna do nice things for you" but never does them? Me: Yeah, Dr Mike shoulda met my ex
Kat 6 dager siden
Soo relatable I like to spend time finding gifts to give but receiving gifts isn't that important. And as a short girl hugs are amazing.
Miška Myša
Miška Myša 6 dager siden
Lol no, I hate touching in public, if my partner wants to put an arm around me I'd be like get off, I don't know this person
Who knows: Nobody
Who knows: Nobody 6 dager siden
{Jesus died on the cross for your sins! Repent from them while you can}
Who knows: Nobody
Who knows: Nobody 6 dager siden
God bless you !
Miriam Robarts
Miriam Robarts 7 dager siden
6:29 Notice how when he does choose 'Gifts' - he uses an example of 'Quality Time'. :)
Miriam Robarts
Miriam Robarts 7 dager siden
1:23 I think it's a typo: "...love OR concern"
Miriam Robarts
Miriam Robarts 7 dager siden
0:52 If you read the book, it says that's the way you're meant to take the quiz: thinking of friends & family, and not solely a romantic relationship.
Noemi D
Noemi D 7 dager siden
DR. MIKE...What I hear is "I'm s L😍VER, not a fighter..."
Vanesa Chandelier
Vanesa Chandelier 7 dager siden
I need and I have to say it, but you’re my potencial mate too 💙🌟
Luck.E OG
Luck.E OG 8 dager siden
I’m so glad I found you and Bear! It gives me great joy knowing I’m not the only one in my 30s making odd noises and full on convos with my dogs! I would try and surprise you by doing something for Bear 😊
Dianne Dixon - TeXXic
Dianne Dixon - TeXXic 8 dager siden
I'm getting old, I'm in my 30's ...you so cute😆
Narla 9 dager siden
I really relate to the proximity questions. I just like being near people Iove, nothing else really needs to happen. lol
DYNAMITAE 9 dager siden
Can you make a video out of people saying that if you are a MAN and you do CPR to WOMAN, it will be considered as sexual harassment?
Amanda Rahona
Amanda Rahona 9 dager siden
me: *meets my perfect match literally.* Him: *famous doctor in a different continent*
silverignite _yt
silverignite _yt 9 dager siden
Me who is single watching this video
Louana Rose
Louana Rose 10 dager siden
OLAF VOICE FROM FROZEN IS AT THIS SECOND!!! 5:58 omg 😭🥺🥺❤️ I am a 21 year old woman that gets excited every time Mike sounds like Olaf 🤣🤣🤣😭 Don’t judge me people. Who doesn’t like Frozen?
Louana Rose
Louana Rose 10 dager siden
I watched your videos since forever and NOW I realize that your voice sounds like Olaf from Frozen!!!! 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤯😘☺️
Arin Preston
Arin Preston 10 dager siden
I took this test and I literally got the same results👀
BriBri Blacks
BriBri Blacks 11 dager siden
Quality time for me
Abdullah Nazir
Abdullah Nazir 12 dager siden
Is mike married??
Alex Maines
Alex Maines 12 dager siden
I bet everyone watching this wants to touch you lol
Janelle Asare-Badu
Janelle Asare-Badu 13 dager siden
Dr Mike's future wife is gonna need to have a serious conversation with Bear someday 😂
Diego Poblete
Diego Poblete 13 dager siden
Idk if I'm happy that something I love to do was mentioned in this video , or if I'm offended that he thinks that only an 90 years old would care about Crochet 😂😂😂 for the record I'm 21 🤣
Manon van der Aalst
Manon van der Aalst 14 dager siden
My dad being 30: 🥴🤮 Dr. Mike being 30: 😎😎 (My dad is also 50 now but I saw a picture of my dad when he was 30😂)
Harshita Gandhi
Harshita Gandhi 14 dager siden
You are adorable. I love you.
hanzchathuvi divine feminine
hanzchathuvi divine feminine 14 dager siden
woww u even love hugging me tooo all i wanna do before death is to hug u and say that i love uuuuuu
Kadence Hyder
Kadence Hyder 14 dager siden
“hug ‘em”- Dr. Mike 2021
Tanya George
Tanya George 14 dager siden
Dr. Mike is definitely husband material! ❤️😂
M Regan
M Regan 15 dager siden
🤣 you are hilarious. Love your sarcasm.
A Billion Bears and me
A Billion Bears and me 16 dager siden
"Get to sit next to them? Maybe stand? If things get real serious you can squat next to each other. Woah!" Christians like:
A Billion Bears and me
A Billion Bears and me 16 dager siden
"You wanna run with me?! Run with me!" Doctors can be crackheads too guys.
A Billion Bears and me
A Billion Bears and me 16 dager siden
He's just a big adorable lovebug who loves hugs.
rosasutubechannel 16 dager siden
Some of them you have stopped being able to give or receive one kind even though you like the other one.
Maria Vitória
Maria Vitória 16 dager siden
I loved this video, it made me laugh so hard!😁
Nakita Cally
Nakita Cally 16 dager siden
"... to learn more about your potential mate." I can't tell if you're cute or creepy rn 😂
Melanie Luce
Melanie Luce 16 dager siden
I am also a “physical touch” person who loves to give gifts.
random tokyo
random tokyo 18 dager siden
5:39 Mike"back rub all day~"
Langa's House
Langa's House 18 dager siden
I am watching this and picking up on cultural nuances in the type of questions being asked as love language indicators and how love is shown in the West vs where I am from. Some things are similar, but if it was based on romance here, I can imagine there would be different questions, some similar
zozofrench 18 dager siden
mike: “i’m in my 30’s” me * a 19 year old *: 🥲
Aryan Ram
Aryan Ram 18 dager siden
Almost all those answers are based on docs relationship with Bear...and its just awesome 😂😂😂
Atifa Ali
Atifa Ali 18 dager siden
When Dr.mike said that he hugs his patients My health: it's right time to deteriorate now !! 😂🤩💖
Ryley McClure
Ryley McClure 18 dager siden
“I’m getting old, I’m in my thirties”💀💀😂
ConuGonzalez 18 dager siden
"I like to cuddle and watch Netflix", give me a call *wink-wink*. I have 3 dogs and they also love to cuddle xD
Vilmette Velarde
Vilmette Velarde 19 dager siden
The only competition you’d have with being in a relationship with Dr. Mike is his dog. Lol
Nina Bauge
Nina Bauge 19 dager siden
Mike let's all of those "projects together" and "do tasks for you" pass by and it's heartbreaking! 😂 How is not brainstorming, programming and diapers, together, everyones idea of romance???
Auaer Auraer
Auaer Auraer 19 dager siden
Dr. Mike is slav 😂 I didn't know I like slav people 🌷
Hannah 20 dager siden
Love hugs🤗
Ruffa Rivas
Ruffa Rivas 20 dager siden
You’re too funny! But being touchy touchy is the best! I don’t know it’s just a good feeling.
Brett Wyant
Brett Wyant 20 dager siden
Chasing new gulls 😉😂
Nida Shaikh
Nida Shaikh 21 dag siden
The sad part is I couldn't see myself choosing either of the options.......
Nida Shaikh
Nida Shaikh 21 dag siden
If he hugs his patients ,I am ready to be a patient for my entire life.
mo Bi
mo Bi 21 dag siden
Hugs are very therapeutic and a masage are very sensual but don't have to be sexual just relaxing. Cooking a special meal that one's partner enjoys is all acts of nurturing and loving without taxing or wanting something in return. And obvcourse other than time it's not even a costly thing to share with that special person
mo Bi
mo Bi 21 dag siden
Dr Mike is taken he has a partner
Mouna Rhrich
Mouna Rhrich 21 dag siden
ohhh I'm a touch person too. there is nothing that can make me feel better than a cozy tight hug
Martha Aguillón
Martha Aguillón 21 dag siden
Hugs ❤️
Crissy Hunt
Crissy Hunt 21 dag siden
Now I wanna marry a Doctor 😪
Emily Honigmann
Emily Honigmann 21 dag siden
Lol, I literally crochet while my husband plays video games.
Deepshi Here
Deepshi Here 22 dager siden
Quality time
Anika Love.00
Anika Love.00 22 dager siden
Let’s all admit we are happy he is talking about bear and not a girl 😌 he is ours forever 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Adit Bagaitkar
Adit Bagaitkar 22 dager siden
Obviously, Mike is already married to bear.
Elizabeth 22 dager siden
Ya know who Dr. Mike reminds me of?? Mike Wazowski
Torie Morris
Torie Morris 23 dager siden
Hugs are absolutely the best kind of “innocent touch” 😂 Hugs all day! *Sending you a virtual hug, Dr. Mike*
Kaye T.
Kaye T. 23 dager siden
0:59 - How about roxy? HHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Izza Amazing
Izza Amazing 23 dager siden
3:49 Reminds me of Adam from Viva La Dirt League 🤣
Brianna Richardson
Brianna Richardson 23 dager siden
Sometimes you show love with one and receive with the other.
Fay Angel
Fay Angel 23 dager siden
This is hilarious. Dr Mike you do realize that a lot of the questions about being with/around someone are primarily targeted for women right?
Chamonix Brand
Chamonix Brand 24 dager siden
Dr Mike: I want to learn about your crochet stuff Me: *looks up from my crochet project* 👁👄👁 🧶
J Loki
J Loki 25 dager siden
Incomprensibili new age americanate
Faithful Gal
Faithful Gal 25 dager siden
Your Awesome! Much Love ❤️
Eli Duran
Eli Duran 26 dager siden
Me- On the toilet Dr.Mike- “it’s a date, me and you” Me- Please no... not right now 😆
May Myat MA
May Myat MA 26 dager siden
Dr. Mike.....I'm 15 and I crochet.......uh but anywayyyy LOVE YOUR VIDEOSS. YOU ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS MAKING MY DAY!
gamer_ksa951 26 dager siden
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