How To Grow Taller | Responding To Comments #21

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We’ve got another juicy episode of responding to your medical comments! Today we talk about how to get taller or maximize your height, whether you should come out with your sexuality to your doctor, what role the frequency of your drinking plays into your ability to get drunk, the truth about chicken pox, cracking your knuckles/neck/back, elder care, radiology, draining your lungs, allergies, and so much more. Got a question you’d like me to answer? Drop it down below and I’ll try to get to it in my next Responding To Comments videos!
The Truth About Allergies and Food Sensitivity Tests:
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Lizzbird 3 timer siden
My mom was 5’7, and my dad was 6’6, how tall will I be, I’m currently (male) 16 and 5’11, will I also be 6’3?
Siri 3 timer siden
Your videos make me anxious and its not healthy. lol
Erwin van der Leest
Erwin van der Leest 4 timer siden
Omg so good that you donate patreon to charity
Eliad Mutale
Eliad Mutale 7 timer siden
I'm loving this guy...where have you been all my NOwindow 🤭
Manta Makes
Manta Makes 15 timer siden
I dunno why they call it chicken pox, but to me the pox kinda look like when you pluck a raw chicken (freshly plucked, not the store stuff), so probably has something to do with that??
satoshi yoshi
satoshi yoshi 17 timer siden
Him: "My Dad is 5'9. My Mom *was* 5'9" Me: *depressed*
Alex Vercetti
Alex Vercetti 17 timer siden
regarding getting taller thru sleeping.. if it was that easy i'd have been 7 inches dad is about 5'8, my mom 5'5, my bro is whole 6'5 me barely 5'2, and I sleep for about 12hrs a why I'm not tall? it's all about genes..
Editstrella 17 timer siden
Is 5'10 short?
King Duck
King Duck 18 timer siden
“Get enough sleep” My school: *how about no*
random crackhead
random crackhead 20 timer siden
Is it possible to not have a growth spurt in puberty?
Sonic Mobian
Sonic Mobian Dag siden
"Doctor Mike: If you have insulin that has expired or a Epipen that has expired. GET THEM NUDE!" Warning Warning 18+ Adult Content Detected!
Saucer101 Dag siden
Is it good that I sleep like 7-8 hours a day
TheUpsideDownQueer Dag siden
I could be wrong but I think the reason us Americans say 'Chicken Pocks' (or pox) is because the 'pocks' look similar to a bump from when a chicken pecks you, or 'pocks' you. Once again, I could be very wrong.
John Gramer
John Gramer Dag siden
6:15 I’m almost the exact same! I just turned 15 and I’m 5’ 5 1/2
John Gramer
John Gramer Dag siden
5:57 that guy: wears a hat because it’s cold. Also that guy: doesn’t put his hat over his ears
John Gramer
John Gramer Dag siden
1:10 he’s a derma-huh? That guy didn’t look pale at all!?
Gini 2.0
Gini 2.0 Dag siden
im trying to shrink over here doc im 6' make a video for that
iiBubbly _Bunny
iiBubbly _Bunny Dag siden
6:47- when he talks about height
Avarie Fullen
Avarie Fullen Dag siden
Tayla Edwards
Tayla Edwards 2 dager siden
Hi Dr Mike I know from a previous video that blue light can negatively affect your sleep pattern, My friend bought me blue light glasses and I have not used them, is there any evidence showing that these glasses can deflect blue light, or is it a scam
Gabe Ilizarov
Gabe Ilizarov 2 dager siden
There are other methods of getting taller some would consider to be.... unnatural...
circe delune
circe delune 3 dager siden
I watch this guy sometimes because he is entertaining, but I take what he says with several grains of salt.
Unnati Gupta
Unnati Gupta 3 dager siden
Hey hey!! Can talk about pcod??
Mr. JoE
Mr. JoE 3 dager siden
"How to get taller" DM: get proper sleep Me at 2 am watching this: 👀👀👀
Dihar 3 dager siden
6:42 , Click this if you feel short
Rishi Dag siden
Yes! I feel short.
Abi Aquino
Abi Aquino 3 dager siden
DuvDea Castelen
DuvDea Castelen 3 dager siden
Hi Mike! I used to have a bloody nose the night before my period. It doesn’t happen anymore because I went to the doctor for my bloody nose, but should I still see a doctor about it.
InsiderAbhay 3 dager siden
So I'm the only boy here who's 5'3 and 18 Oh what a loser I
Bruhhify 4 dager siden
I was wondering since *most* of us get the vaccination to most diseases as a child but outside of getting said disease are there any negatives to getting the vaccine later in life?
Initial Doot
Initial Doot 5 dager siden
"What is the best medical alert system for the elderly?" ᴵ ᶜᵃⁿ'ᵗ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵘᵖ
Felysia 5 dager siden
Hey Dr. Mike I've got a question - A lot of times my right nostril is blocked. BUT, let's say one hour later, the left nostril gets blocked and the right nostril opens. Why does that happen? Thank you & I love your videos (keep up the guuud work!!!) 🌻
Stuix 5 dager siden
R e s p e c c
David Browning
David Browning 5 dager siden
I haven't seen every video you've ever posted, but in those I've seen I haven't seen the topic of chiropractic medicine. As a layman, it seems very confusing, with different DCs making different statements. On a holistic level, I can understand how neural alignment issues can cause other body issues. But the wide array of chiropractic health channels on NOwindow could leave one very confused. Do you have anything to say about this?
Foodie Dost
Foodie Dost 5 dager siden
7:51 clearly one can't eat food while watching your videos,
Skuriken Paper
Skuriken Paper 5 dager siden
im 16 and 5'4 male :(
Nhật Anh Bùi
Nhật Anh Bùi 5 dager siden
0:54 Our elderly now have cancer thanks to Tiktok :/
Shubham Patil
Shubham Patil 5 dager siden
My favourite questions is stomach to easiest to read and most important question in anatomy exam 😂
Shubham Patil
Shubham Patil 5 dager siden
I am 5.5 and I am a 22 year boy . that's a good reason to die?
Magfrys 5 dager siden
Question, how big of a deal is it to know what blood type you are? like could that be the difference between life and death in certain emergencies.
James Bellone
James Bellone 5 dager siden
Is it possible to regrow hair?
The Lore Explorer
The Lore Explorer 5 dager siden
Hey Mike. Ive had chronic pain of 12 years+. The only option left to me as a treatment is prescribed exercise. I do mindfulness based relaxation and meditation, walk, do push ups, and jumping jacks every day. And only stop when pain gets too bad, but my doctor says I need to increase the workload. How could I naturally combat the pain I have to push through the exercises? Im diagnosed with scoliosis and fibromyalgia. I trust my doctor, but the treatment sort of feels like Im being prescribed an oxymoron to me.
Queen Xola
Queen Xola 6 dager siden
Okay is there some kind off surgery or method of making someone shorter. Because I'm insecure about my height and I'm no where near finished growing but I want to know if I can cut back a few inches in any way
Reno Meong
Reno Meong 6 dager siden
Hi doctor mike! I've got a question. Why do I get random bruises on my body, like on my thighs, calfs, and arms? Pretty sure I didn't knock them into something or anything like that. They just showed up out of nowhere. Is it dangerous?
Ana De Freitas
Ana De Freitas 6 dager siden
Here I am, watching Dr. Mike say he feeds of patient interaction and I wish I can find a doctor like you over here. I had a "telephone consult" and the doctor barely let me speak, it lasted a minute and half and she spent it trying to hang up as soon as possible. I'm heartbroken by the experience because I'm a bit worried about new things I've been experiencing and I could even talk
Sam Cochran
Sam Cochran 6 dager siden
So, I'm in college with a double bachelor of science in EPS and Bio as my majors, both of which require lots of classes with lots of work, and I'm a gamer who does quite a few allnighters... So basically, I'm stuck as a midget.
Obama self
Obama self 6 dager siden
6:41 is where you want to be
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller 7 dager siden
so when someone hasn't grown at all in like 4 years, if they get more sleep could they still grow more???
DatCoach MemeGod
DatCoach MemeGod 3 dager siden
no, because in puberty your growth plates starts to close (which is when your growth spurt happens), after they are closed you cant grow any taller (do not take this as valid advice i am not a doctor)
Eldrich Cordero
Eldrich Cordero 7 dager siden
being 5'4 this is sad
Joey Talarico
Joey Talarico 7 dager siden
I have a question. What are your thoughts on the wide availability of monitoring your health from wearables or handheld devices? I am currently thinking about my Apple Watch which has the ability to give me an ECG, measure O2 saturation, measure my heart rate, tell me if my environment is too loud, and counts down from 20 when I was my hands. Pros and cons?
NO jimmy PROTESTED 7 dager siden
In vetmed if we have a lamb that has been born and seems to have some fluid we swing them upsidedown and everytime ive done it it has worked so idk about human but i think its funny that she asked that question
Alex Berchiș
Alex Berchiș 7 dager siden
Hey Mike, I have white spots on my front teeth that look really ugly, I went to see a doctor and he said i have calcium and zinc deficiency and I took calcium and zinc pills for a long time but I still have the spots, is there any reason why?
cautiondoge8183 7 dager siden
I’m only 11 but I’m already 5ft4 1.66 m tall
Souradeep Samanta
Souradeep Samanta 7 dager siden
I can crack my fingers just by making it into a closed fist. And also i can do it continiously without any time interval. So is it normal
bibidibobidi 7 dager siden
Me clicking this when I’m tall lmao. I’m too tall, anyone wanna trade
Ethan Kossack
Ethan Kossack 7 dager siden
Is it true that to find someone’s safe, maximum active heart rate you subtract their age from 220?
Ty Kaine
Ty Kaine 7 dager siden
Dr. Mike, I'm in school for Kinesiology and often find it hard to stay focused when studying with so much going on. Even with set times to read/study, it's difficult to watch people in my social circle going out and having fun without me. Any advice?
Danh Nguyen
Danh Nguyen 8 dager siden
mike: (not what he said but it’s my way lol) if you wanna grow your size you have to get good amount of sleep college students: guess i’ll stay short
Grant Zastrow
Grant Zastrow 8 dager siden
I'm 6'0 but I'm watching this cause I'm tryna make the league 🏀
Robby Miller
Robby Miller 9 dager siden
6:44 my pleasure
your boss rosh
your boss rosh 9 dager siden
Hi doc, Have you ever been to banglore BTW if you do remember to carry noise cancelling headphones you might need them. Love your videos
DYNAMITAE 9 dager siden
Mr Enigma
Mr Enigma 9 dager siden
As someone with severe anxiety and hypochondria, now diagnosed with depression, everything to me is cancer. When I was 18 I had severe strep throat and the lymph node still hasn’t gone away. It hasn’t grown in the last 14 years, but doctors have told me if it was dangerous, it would be growing. I have a high heart rate, likely due to anxiety. 100-120 average when I’m not sleeping. My question for you is ... how the hell do I calm down, and stop thinking I’m dying ... it’s ironically slowly killing me. And yes, my diet consists of nicotine and caffeine.
Thajocoth 9 dager siden
I actually lost some height kinda randomly (occurred in my late 20s)... I'm 1.5" shorter than I used to be, and I doubt that all of that distance is from my C6/C7 compression. (That does remind me though... I haven't used my traction device yet today, and my neck's getting pretty stiff... I should go do that now...)
Oliver Reyes
Oliver Reyes 9 dager siden
Yes yes there's still hope 😂😂
Classyguy *
Classyguy * 10 dager siden
A question: Is it possible to grow taller after 18?
Ivana Plays
Ivana Plays 10 dager siden
The problem with cell phones for the elderly is that they don't carry them with them the way us younger folks do. I am a caregiver in a senior living facility and all of them have cell phones, but they leave them on the charger unless they go out, so I think having a life alert necklace or bracelet is best in case of a fall in their apartment.
Auxiliary Player
Auxiliary Player 10 dager siden
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina 10 dager siden
Dr. Mike, is it possible for a young person to have a stroke? I found out I have Chron's disease last year but haven't been able to get any sort of treatment because of hospital lotations due to the virus. My health has been steadily declining for the past 8 months and for the past month, I've been experiencing a lot of pressure on my arms, eyes and the sides of my face. The focus of my vision shifts many timees a day, I can't stop shaking, my hands & feet are always cold and get dormant easily, and I'm constantly afraid something will pop in my head. I'm 23, 5'4" and curently 88 pounds (which I know is low, but seems to be related to the Chron's side effects). Is it possible I've had/ will have a minor stroke?
Bag of Tricks
Bag of Tricks 10 dager siden
Here’s a question: when you point your toes/feet and flex them while stretching, why does your calf muscle decide to kill itself?
Lizmarie Lora
Lizmarie Lora 10 dager siden
Mike: get enough sleeps helps you get taller Me: watching this at two a.m
breAD 10 dager siden
Umm I have uncomfortable diarrhea after I have dairy can someone please tell me if I'm allergic to dairy
Sahitya Kulkarni
Sahitya Kulkarni 10 dager siden
Question as a pre med aspiring to be a doctor: If you were asked why you wanted to become a physician specifically, as opposed to a nurse or physical therapist or any other profession that treats patients, how would you respond? In other words, what are some of the things that doctors do that differentiate them from other healthcare workers? During one of my BS/MD interviews, I was asked this question because a lot of my answers to Why Medicine could have applied to many different healthcare fields as opposed to just medicine.
I am The King
I am The King 11 dager siden
I'm 9 years old 4f11 and with shoes on I'm 5f1
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 11 dager siden
I have a question. Im still young like really young to have some grey hair growing but i already have some strands of grey hair growing. Why is that happening?
EricXD 11 dager siden
This could be because of too much sun exposure
Amine Owl
Amine Owl 11 dager siden
My question: if you have pressure in your chest almost every time you eat, does that automatically mean GERD?
Tabassum IRa
Tabassum IRa 12 dager siden
Expiry dates of medicines are usually set about 6 months earlier than the the actual date of expiration. After 3-6 months of being expired, medicines start to lose its potency and may not give you the expected therapeutic outcome.
Bámbii Havoc
Bámbii Havoc 12 dager siden
Question: why do we grind our teeth when we see something cute?
heheheimafangirl 12 dager siden
my question: I am a 14 y.o. girl and I feel dizzy even when I move my head slightly. What can be the reason of it and what should i do? I've seen a few doctors and they all said I am fine. Now my family doesn't believe me when I say I feel dizzy.
heheheimafangirl 8 dager siden
@Noobular Mmos nope, I just feel dizzy all the time. Other than that I am fine
Noobular Mmos
Noobular Mmos 8 dager siden
@heheheimafangirl have you been feeling and pain in your abdominal? Sore muscles or mood swings?
heheheimafangirl 8 dager siden
@Noobular Mmos i have that too but it's not like that. Even when I move my head i feel dizzy. I can't even get out of bed sometimes. It feels like I rode the roller coaster :"""")
Noobular Mmos
Noobular Mmos 8 dager siden
@heheheimafangirl Btw, it's normal to experience light-headedness when you get up too fast.
heheheimafangirl 8 dager siden
@Noobular Mmos well, i eat breakfast and dinner and eat some snacks? Idk if that counts
Rocío Landín Gallego
Rocío Landín Gallego 12 dager siden
Question for Doctor Mike: I'm an HSP, should I tell this to my family medicine doctor? I usually find really hard that doctors believe it's something real... Thanks a lot!
talk4dews 12 dager siden
How would someone go about increasing pain tolerance? My pain tolerance is super low and sometimes something as simple as lightly hitting my hand against a doorknob will give me some nausea and vertigo even resulting in vomiting. Other times I will not even feel much pain at all when I would expect it, IE: Today I stubbed my toe on a rock pathway and in the process of balancing myself out, stubbed my OTHER toe. I was holding hot (cooled slightly below boiling) tea on my hand and I noticed afterwards that my tongue was sore like I had bitten it. The only thing I experienced was extremely mild pain in my tongue and right toe after that. What is with the hugely different responses?
Chloe Smart
Chloe Smart 12 dager siden
Vibes vibes vibes vibes !!!
Mohamed Hamed
Mohamed Hamed 13 dager siden
My question: why do I lose my vision for a few seconds after standing up quickly ?
Mohamed Hamed
Mohamed Hamed 2 dager siden
I'm only 5'9''
Alan J Bennett
Alan J Bennett 13 dager siden
As a child I was allergic to strawberries and I'm not now so the food allergy thing is real. It depends on the person themselves for some people it might be fatal to consume what they were allergic to when younger, of course doctors will tell you what's what
Gen gen
Gen gen 13 dager siden
I’m not even short I’m a girl and 5’8 but all my female cousins are 5’9, 5’10, and 5’11 so I feel short 😂
Chyenne Dunn
Chyenne Dunn 13 dager siden
Loved the spinal cord injury question!! My boyfriend suffered a SCI in 2015 and weight loss has been something he has struggled with/doesn’t know how to achieve since then
_BUBBY_ 13 dager siden
is 5'7 too tall for a 16 y.o. girl? just asking coz i'm taller than most of my classmates
Rubixninja314 13 dager siden
When you said "hardest part for a robot to recreate" I immediately thought walking, especially on stairs (ASIMO is famously able to do this and it cost millions (billions?) of dollars)
lol omg
lol omg 13 dager siden
I try everything 😌 sleep , nutrition, exercise, and many more not even grown single inch😑😑😑😭😭😭😭😭
Roman Empire
Roman Empire 13 dager siden
What action does the bone do to make those air bubbles pop in between our bones.
AlbaDude 19
AlbaDude 19 13 dager siden
Well my dad is 5ft 5 and my mum is 5ft3. And I’m just under 5ft 7.
Elliot :p
Elliot :p 13 dager siden
I have a question: why is it that everytime I'm in the sun(mostly about 30 minutes is where it starts), I get a headache, I get nauseous, I get so tired to the point where my muscles hurts and I have to lay down, and I get dizzy?
Drew 13 dager siden
I can't be the only one who had a panic attack he started to crack his neck
Desmond Johnson
Desmond Johnson 13 dager siden
Me 6’1 17 wanna be 6’4 for basketball tho dad 6’2
Loading 14 dager siden
As a smart introvert, I don't think you understand how much I love radiology.🤭
Rock & Metal Central
Rock & Metal Central 14 dager siden
I never had allergies then when I was 10-11 I broke out in hives anytime I ate chocolate. I took pills and could eat it again without getting hives. Four years later, I’m still okay
yup lol
yup lol 14 dager siden
i’m 17 male and 5’7” i want to get taller so bad
BlueSpeedRail 14 dager siden
hi uhh im 4'7 or 4'3 and im 8 am i too tall
anonym Ko
anonym Ko 14 dager siden
Why doesn’t my hemorrhoids go away, I changed my diet and still they come back every month
jordan Vasyli
jordan Vasyli 14 dager siden
Brisbane Australia once ran out of Eppy pens
Kaeyer Khawbung
Kaeyer Khawbung 14 dager siden
Omg, I'm a new subscriber, doctor to be
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