The Truth About The J&J Vaccine #shorts

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Breaking news this morning that the FDA and CDC are formally recommending a pause in the distribution of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Here's what we know and what you should be thinking about going forward as it relates to blood clots, Moderna and Pfizer's vaccine, and any potential risks. #shorts

Facebook Fact Checking Crazy Claims:

mangss 5 timer siden
Thank u
Sebastian Gliwa
Sebastian Gliwa 6 timer siden
There are a lot more complications with the other vaxine but you don't see them getting paused. Wierd it's like they want you to take the Gen altering one 🤔
BOYwonder 66
BOYwonder 66 6 timer siden
What about the people they tested in Africa 🤣
Dennis K
Dennis K 9 timer siden
I can't decide if people are more scared of these vaccines or that "deadly" pandemic?
asila mehribon
asila mehribon 17 timer siden
Men sizni sevaman
Frank Pichardo
Frank Pichardo Dag siden
Isn’t that the same argument for c0vid death rates for 60 year olds and under? Just saying!!!
Tunabreath Dag siden
I don't think this aged well lol
Addyson Draws
Addyson Draws Dag siden
Just wondering if people know if there are any long term risks for children in getting any of the COVID vaccines? I’m a teen and my mom talked to me about the vaccine yesterday and I’m now wondering if there are any long term effects especially in girls. I think she’s a little worried about the vaccine for us kids. She’s already gotten it and isn’t worried for herself since she’s older than us. Also she isn’t anti vaccine. And for me and my siblings. We are very healthy and are not at risk. She’s alert not anxious 😀
cquick 3
cquick 3 Dag siden
cquick 3
cquick 3 Dag siden
Jesus Saves Love God
Malagalla Bumbum
Malagalla Bumbum Dag siden
It's interesting that we in Europe (or at least Germany) call it Biontech and US-Americans call it Pfizer (although the heavy scientific lifting was done by Biontech).
Dawn Muttillo
Dawn Muttillo Dag siden
How are any of these called 'vaccines' as not one of these prevents you from getting covid or spreading covid. The vaccine pamphlet and insert clearly states that this ONLY reduces your chances of serious illness if you do catch covid. The definition of a vaccine is preventing the illness. This is going to cause people to think that they won't get it or can't spread it. Also needing booster shots every 6 months...NOT a vaccine.
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs Dag siden
Axiom Steel
Axiom Steel Dag siden
Anti Vaxxers: Freaks out about the 0.00088% chance of adverse reactions to a vaccine. Anti Vaxxers in the same breath: The survival rate of Covid19 is 99.8%. No need to fear the Rona!
Ty W
Ty W Dag siden
Lmao imagine taking a experimental vaccine for a virus u have a 99.99% survival rate
Austin Bryan
Austin Bryan Dag siden
5timesthefun 2 dager siden
the lightning comparison is not a good one and more common than that one seems, our house was just struck by lightning last summer and I NEVER thought that would happen to us
Sonic Mobian
Sonic Mobian 2 dager siden
I have gotten the non-J&J Variant. A week or 2 ago I think. I am suppose to get my second shot this week I believe on Wednesday.
Animation Boy
Animation Boy 2 dager siden
I understand that people arent getting affected or having symptoms at this given moment, but I am concerned about the fact that it just came out a few months ago, and the fact that some people and even people in politics want it to become mandatory. I dont think that should be the case. Also we dont know if it could have long term effects, and what if you get cancer or something in 5, 10 years? You would never know it was caused by this newly made vaccine.
Snoykster 2 dager siden
Tell me you are paid for by Bill Gates without telling me you are paid for by Bill Gates.
Charity Taylor
Charity Taylor 2 dager siden
I got this vaccine about a week before this came out. I genuinely wasn't worried.
Kai Lucas Zachary
Kai Lucas Zachary 2 dager siden
Riiiiiiight..... and how many people out of America actually died of CoVid out of the entire population? I thought we weren't supposed to be caring about actual statistics since it's basically comparable.
Nick Toy
Nick Toy 3 dager siden
Good thing I’m not getting a vaccine
Gerald Fisher
Gerald Fisher 3 dager siden
I would kill for him to say “PEWOOP” at the end of these shorts. Kinda like legal Eagle saying “I’ll see you in court”
Atago 4 dager siden
new sub, but looks like all videos are over a year old and most are 3 yr + wtf ? is dr mike gone?
Ryan Murray
Ryan Murray 4 dager siden
Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the general public.
Aiden Potter
Aiden Potter 4 dager siden
6 cases in 6.8 million doses? So it’s literally 1 in a million.
Aiden Potter
Aiden Potter 2 dager siden
covid death rate is 1-2% if you include all age groups. Significantly higher than 1 in a million, and the people who got this severe vaccine reaction didn’t even die.
Kai Lucas Zachary
Kai Lucas Zachary 2 dager siden
Almost kind of like how actually dying of the "deadly" virus was a percentage of a percentage chance.
Iffy Edem
Iffy Edem 5 dager siden
I’ll wait until it is FDA approved. Or until I have to travel to Europe. I work with APRNs that are also skeptical about the vaccine and are waiting for it to be forced on us or until it gets FDA approval.
Daniel Meyer
Daniel Meyer 6 dager siden
Yea that is the Immediate reaction what about long term they have no clue about there is literally almost zero data on this vaccine it was so rushed it's scary
BrotherBozeman 6 dager siden
I’m here in the comments looking for Anti-Vexers
fordfiveohh 6 dager siden
Why don't you ask j&j about levaquin.... And baby powder....
SHERIFFA 7 dager siden
Okay this is all well and good but If people really want an in depth perspective you should interview Dr Mercola. Oh wait, will you still keep your channel if you do? Maybe not... have you got the balls to question your own beliefs?
SHERIFFA 6 dager siden
​@Steven DelValle Not to mention the business of the pharmaceutical industry which makes money of people being sick without addressing why they are sick. Atleast Mercola is helping people be healthy...
SHERIFFA 6 dager siden
He's also getting completely censored and his content removed for anything alternative to vaccine is the solution to this problem. While others like Fauci can dribble all over the tv screen without been held accountable.
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
Mercola is a business man before medical professional.
Mohdaman 7 dager siden
Relieved xD both my parents took the J&J vaccine 2 months ago and they're fine
Mima D
Mima D 7 dager siden
That's about as likely as you dying from Covid.
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
@Mima D That's extremely debatable, given that the deaths I mentioned have been specifically attributed to COVID. That said, there is a perfectly valid argument to be made that COVID deaths are over reported. To what degree, impossible to say.
Mima D
Mima D 6 dager siden
@Steven DelValle 0.0017% of the population has died WITH Covid, not FROM Covid. There is a very distinct difference there.
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
Well, 0.0017% of the population has died from COVID, so going by that, you're actually 20x more likely to die from COVID. Of course this completely ignores all the different factors that lead to blood clots and COVID deaths such as age, pre existing conditions, etc.
hello 7 dager siden
and how high is the chance of dying from covid again doctor?😂
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
20x higher actually. Covid deaths/US population = 0.0017%. Of course, this comparison is extremely generous to your intent, in that I'm dividing by the number of people in the entire country rather than people who actually caught COVID. Then again, this comparison is also overly simple, in that I'm not factoring in age, preexisting conditions, etc. Although the same could be said about people who use the 0.000088% bood clot stat to discourage vaccines.
Ginger and Lady
Ginger and Lady 8 dager siden
My dad who got the J&J vaccine: *Intense sweating*
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
He'll be fine.
Misc Mitz
Misc Mitz 8 dager siden
I thought that the shots only lessen the symptoms if you later get it. I was told by health care people that is why masks and social distancing is still important. Even all the highway reader boards say, "Please continue to mask up and social distance, even if you have been vaccinated" here in Washington state.
Panzerkampfwagen VI
Panzerkampfwagen VI 8 dager siden
Bro that’s about the same chance of being an unarmed black man getting shot by police (when you don’t comply)
Chief 8 dager siden
People have gotten paralyzed, tremors and death so I think I’ll pass on all CVV
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
A certain percentage of the population will get paralyzed, tremors, or die with or without the vaccine. I would challenge you to find at the stats for those things you said vs the stats for the general unvaccinated population. Remember: correlation =/= causation
Norrotaku 8 dager siden
I heard Astra zeneka has similar issues
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
It doesn't.
gd G
gd G 9 dager siden
Well my dad took the vaccine and then his legs and face swelled up and it’s something to do with his heart he said on the phone to me it happened right after the vaccine and he said he won’t be taking anymore if he dies from this and you’re saying meh it’s rare so it doesn’t matter about some random persons death this is happening I was hoping you’d actually be the one to find good information I watched one of your other videos and seemed non pc as it was about fat people and these days you can’t tell people as a dr that they’re dangerously overweight I was glad you gave legit advice on it but this one no way even if only 3700 people died from these vaccines if that’s what it is then it should be reported and it should be halted till we see long term effects from now on what if this actually turns out it’s making COVID become more resistant to any drug with try combat it with you can’t say you know because you don’t I don’t understand why certain drs on NOwindow don’t give full information maybe it’s because they don’t want there channel closed I don’t know but I’ve seen drs warn about this and I’m sure the fda are refusing to approve the vaccine they’ve given emergency use authorisation that’s different and you know it so do we just experiment with it on people for cause of getting rid of COVID I will be sure this will get deleted so it’s fine I just wanted people to know about my dad
No One
No One 9 dager siden
Omg I saw J J vaccine & thought of a Vag vaccine 👀 LOLOL and then saw J *&* J vaccine and I felt like Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura “OHHHHHHH! Alrighty Then!”
Diana Watts
Diana Watts 9 dager siden
I am so glad I subscribed to you. I would rather get my health news from you since melodrama has entered the media. I was hearing all kinds of stuff about the blood clots, and now I see it was blown out of proportion. You have helped me be more cautious and not anxious.
duckusaros !
duckusaros ! 9 dager siden
I didn’t know he made shorts
ghoulunathics 9 dager siden
no-one can now what will occur from them in the next few years, and that's a scientific fact. we didn't have the time to test for them for their long term effects and the risks doesn't go anywhere just because people are in a panic from the virus. our medical professionals are lying to us and the media has been paid to make us think in a certain way about them. for what reason - only time will tell.
Life lesson und Islam
Life lesson und Islam 10 dager siden
I totally get the 1 k dislikes.... There is no good news when it comes to vaccinations against Covid 19. Austrian media has already revealed how many died from Astrazeneca and from Biontech as well. There are people dying from the chinese vaccine as well. Preventing Covid 19 shouldn't be murdering people by using vaccines.. The governments should promote matcha and as well prebiotic foods like Okra and miso soup for example. Antioxidants and foods which don't cause inflammation must be promoted than promoting vaccines. Time was wasted by Lockdowns and by cutting the amount of hospital beds in Europe and instead the promotion of the right foods would have been better..
Ines U
Ines U 8 dager siden
Yeah but vaccines bring money
Life lesson und Islam
Life lesson und Islam 9 dager siden
@is please educate yourself.
is 9 dager siden
please. please educate yourself.
Lieutenant Columbo
Lieutenant Columbo 10 dager siden
Lieutenant Columbo
Lieutenant Columbo 10 dager siden
I ask you a few questions dear Dr Mike: -Who decides that an information is true or false? Governments .... globalists .... -Who does the media belong to? and finance by whom? -How is it that there is a huge censorship on the part of the media and social networks? -What is your point on social engineering and manipulation of public opinion? -What is your point on debt? who controls the masses from the history of kings and princes and up to the present day. In fact the history of mankind is only kings, princes, politicians who had enslaved people with debt and this continues over and over again. And has there been a single law that has been beneficial to us humans so far? Without burial ground without rock eels ..... -What is your point on Freemasonry? And how come they are all mostly Freemasons and Zionists .... I mean most politicians, big business leaders, big business leaders, digital giants ect. -What's your point about Epstein? How is it that a large number of highly placed people all over society were connected with this criminal? For example trump and bill gates and oh my god the name list is super long. -The world elites do not take advantage of this pandemic to bring down the economy? take control of small businesses? digitize currency? and create a facial surveillance system without your consent? -What is your point about laws voted without the consent of the people: Bioethics law, global security law, Martial law? -How is it that the pharmaceutical lobby has signed a disclaimer in case of death due to vaccines? That's protects them especially against any pursuit .... -How is it that after each vaccination campaign the variants appear? -The situation in India was not always catastrophic? Long before covid the situation was already catastrophic in india ,Surpopulation, The media show the disaster in India with full hospitals, people on the ground coughing ... The media play on guilt, persuasion, social blackmail to vaccinate people. -What's your point on glutamate and aspartame? present in most consumer products which are the source of most physical and mental illnesses. -What is your point on fluoride used in tap water and other toxic products ... -The aluminum present in deodorants and vaccines ... -How is it that Dr Fauci after ban on remdesivir is still prescribing this poison? -When they (the media) talk about thousands of covid cases and deaths every day: How could you be sure that this is someone dying of covid? And how many of these deaths had a disease other than covid and were accompanied by covid? There is a difference between dying from covid and with covid. -Last question: Why no doctor has the right to talk about treatments for covid? I mean hundreds and hundreds of doctors, internists, cardiologists ect who talk about it and they never get into the media. Like for example Peter McCullough internists cardiologist and professor of Medicine who talks about effective treatments. because the list is long of effective treatments: Azithromycin, Quercitin, Vitamins C Z3 K2 and D, Zinc, Povidone Iodine (?), N-acetylcysteine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, Fluvoxamine, Ciclosporine, Doxycycline, Clofoctol, Artemisia Annua, French mugwort, Piccola herb (virapicine). solutions that will bring nothing to the pharmaceutical lobby especially. And vaccines that kill and create the variants .... just as there is a difference between being tested positive for PCR and having the actual covid. Knowing that PCR tests are in no way reliable and can be reliable at 40% maximum ...
Ines U
Ines U 8 dager siden
Woaw. Amazing. But i can be positive and tell you the solution of all of this bad things happening : Islam
adri georg
adri georg 10 dager siden
Doctor Mike i have a question . If a vaccine it will need years to be found made against some virus ,then how they found against Covid for 10 months ??well men will think ok they found it ..but how they found 3,4 tips Covid vaccine ...and they are with deadly side effects..welll can you explain that..
adri georg
adri georg 6 dager siden
@Lemm? not only 6 people died from a vaccine but a lot more ...and people have a choice to decide if they will do it or not ,thats why God gave us free will ..not to oblige everyone .
Lemm? 9 dager siden
I don't understand your question because your grammar is really hard to fathom, but I'm going to interpret it as "How has the covid vaccine only taken 10 months to develop when other vaccines took longer?". The simple answer is that technology has gotten ASTRONOMICALLY better than the days that vaccines took years to make. It's really that simple. And only 3% of these dosages (the j&j ones) actually cause this deadly side effect. Also, only 6 people are actually known to experience this. There is no evidence that the actual vaccine caused the clots yet. If you're getting the vaccine, you're definitely going to be fine.
nash thong
nash thong 10 dager siden
I’ve got ankylosing spondylitis, can i get a vaccine just like other people? I’ve been searching for an info about this but there’s no answer to it.
Lemm? 9 dager siden
you should probably ask your doctor
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
you should probably consult with your own doctor
johnathan penczek
johnathan penczek 10 dager siden
lmao I got upgraded to moderna. getting that better vaccine.
George Kechiopoulos
George Kechiopoulos 11 dager siden
I don't understand one thing. People, articles and some doctors claim that J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines cause that super rare type of blood clot but the rate of that in the general population without being vaccinated and without having covid is within the same range. And why people who get the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine don't get that type of blood clot when in normal conditions people should get it at the same rate as the ones that have been vaccinated with the J&J and AstraZeneca? The cases aren't reported? Something doesn't add up. Also official organisations say that Pfizer and AstraZeneca have the same rate of that blood clot formation but on articles on internet you'll find only being mentioned that Pfizer "caused" about 6 cases like that. Is it true that J&J and AstraZeneca use the same technology and method that very common and used vaccines for children use? Which would make them safe...
Luisita the Peruvian Girl
Luisita the Peruvian Girl 11 dager siden
Or operation**
Mr. Bubbles
Mr. Bubbles 11 dager siden
GEP 11 dager siden
I'm waiting for my J&J shot. Greetings from South Africa.
DarthBil1 11 dager siden
> Be me > Get the J&J one dose vaccine > See on tv a couple of hours later that it was recalled "Well, I don't think they can take it back out of my blood. Guess I'll die."
DarthBil1 6 dager siden
I know. Was never really worried. Pretty sure everyone that had a problem was a woman, anyway.
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
You'll be alright.
Lemm? 9 dager siden
chances are youll be fine my guy. stay safe
Lysan *
Lysan * 11 dager siden
I know numerous people that are in the medical field and working in hospitals and they are seeing strokes, heart attacks and other serious complications from the covid vaccines. One woman was healthy in her mid 30s and died from complications from the vaccine. It is not just 6 cases. 🙄
Lysan *
Lysan * 2 dager siden
@Lemm? I don’t mean to be rude but your comment makes absolutely no sense.
Lemm? 9 dager siden
it's six cases of the clots from this vaccine, not 6 cases of separate altercations.
Maely Perdomo
Maely Perdomo 11 dager siden
I don't know if you read this message, I ask God to forgive you for what you did. You are a good professional, in every way. 😔
WickedKingLycoan 11 dager siden
The Wife and I received the J&J vaccine and we’re fine. Last Wednesday was our (2) week mark. We’re Vaxxed!
WickedKingLycoan 6 dager siden
@Alana Flynn: Get That Second Shot! You’re Doing Great!
WickedKingLycoan 6 dager siden
@Steven DelValle: Good On Ya!
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
Got my second pfizer shot 2 weeks ago. Zero issues.
Alana Flynn
Alana Flynn 9 dager siden
Congratulations! Still looking forward to my second shot and vaccination waiting period to be done at the end of the month! :)
abbie miller
abbie miller 12 dager siden
no offense doc but i don't really trust anything you say after you proved you dont care about guidelines set for our safety
Lemm? 9 dager siden
Me neither, but I can assure you that what he's saying here is pretty factual. Anyways its no worries since you can always just ask your local doctor.
Melven Intrigue
Melven Intrigue 12 dager siden
Hi Dr mike, I'm from malaysia, and was wondering how long i have to wait to get the vaccine out of my system so that it will be safe to donate blood , i heard from red cross that its at least 3-4 weeks.. appreciate some clarification. Thank you.
BEAUTYnIQ 13 dager siden
J&J the best one .. then AstraZenica which I might consider in next generations .. but why get an experimental vaccine for something w/an over 99% survival rate .. ?
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
The vaccine isn't experimental.
Tigger campbell
Tigger campbell 13 dager siden
J .j we need to get in on this no matter what the risk! What ? 20 monkeys died? No problem..
Tigger campbell
Tigger campbell 13 dager siden
J n j new their talcum powder posed a risk but still manufacture it!!
Tigger campbell
Tigger campbell 13 dager siden
There could've been so many other health factors that contributed to that..
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 14 dager siden
"The perfect dictatorship would be a dictatorship that would have the appearance of democracy. A prison without walls from which prisoners would not even dream of escaping. A system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, slaves would have the 'love of their bondage ". Aldous "We are moving towards the emergence of a Global Transformation. All we need is the Major Crisis. And the people will accept the New World Order." David rockefeller
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 14 dager siden
*This pandemic is a pure scam that the elite are using to bring down the economy, take control of small businesses, digitize currency and create a surveillance system through facial recognition without your consent via health pass, Qr codes and many more. sure to place the New World Order.* *The solutions against covid are simple: Azithromycin, Quercitin, vitamins Z3 and K2, Zinc, N-acetylcysteine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, Fluvoxamine, Ciclosporine, Doxycycline, Clofoctol, Artemisia Annua, French mugwort, Lavender.* *Solutions that were not chosen by the WHO and the government because they simply will not bring money to the pharmaceutical lobby. That's why they want to inject us with their poisons.*
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
@Me To The Moon lol you are just copy pasting passages from random shady websites that provide no scientific evidence
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 10 dager siden
@Mr. Maple Dear Mr. Maple, -Pr Satoshi Ōmura, Nobel Prize winner in medicine, co-authored an article published last week in the Japanese Journal of Antibiotics with Professors Morimasa Yagisawa, Patrick J. Foster and Hideaki Hanaki. This 51-page study confirms the extremely encouraging results of ivermectin on Covid-19: 83% of patients show improvements with early treatment, 51% improve with late treatment and the prevention rate of the onset of the disease is 89%! ". -Then when you have a time on youtube: The statement by Peter McCullough internist, cardiologist and professor of medicine at the University of Texas who made a statement on Treatments for covid. -Emmanuelle Charpentier, who had won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, had demonstrated that the anti-covid Arn vaccines were capable of modifying the human genome. -Dr. Denis Agret had warned people of the danger of new anti-covid vaccines and that they will kill en masse. -Luc Montagnier Nobel Prize for Medicine had also give some advice and effective treatments against covid.
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 10 dager siden
@Mr. Maple Pfizer: Cause of death of Dr. Gregory Michael 56 years old: immunological thrombocytopenic purpura. Testimony of the wife of Dr Gregory Michael who died 16 days after receiving the Pfizer Vaccine: "My husband was in good health and then three days after receiving the vaccine, Gregory Michael would have seen small red spots appear, called petechiae - a minor hemorrhage caused by the infiltration of blood under the skin - on his feet and hands. Recognizing the danger, the obstetrician went to the emergency room of the Mount Sinai medical center who, alerted by a level of platelets in the blood extremely low. "
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 10 dager siden
@Danish Khan I dare you to prove it to me dear friend
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 10 dager siden
@Mr. Maple "The perfect dictatorship would be a dictatorship that would have the appearance of democracy. A prison without walls from which prisoners would not even dream of escaping. A system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, slaves would have the 'love of their bondage ". Aldous "We are moving towards the emergence of a Global Transformation. All we need is the Major Crisis. And the people will accept the New World Order." David rockefeller
Darth Titteous
Darth Titteous 14 dager siden
Johnson and Johnson is evil, they put “no more tears” on the bottle but it does make you cry.
badger gaming
badger gaming 14 dager siden
best doc youtuber
snonj 15 dager siden
Just got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. Thank you for providing up-to-date information & encouraging people to get vaccinated!
JAM 491
JAM 491 15 dager siden
Perhaps the media is over reacting and that's makes people scared to get vaccinated. Just saying. 😊
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 2 dager siden
​@Kai Lucas Zachary 600k deaths out of 32 million cases is literally a *20,000 times higher* percentage. Granted I'm sure that number is a little over reported.
Kai Lucas Zachary
Kai Lucas Zachary 2 dager siden
Almost like how the media overreacted to a few thousand people dying from the actual disease out of the hundreds of millions living in the country. (Especially if we discount the elderly people who were forced into homes with sick individuals.)
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
Unfortunately there are people who see a couple hundred vaccinated individuals come down with same medical condition and automatically blame the vaccine. What they don't realize is that a couple hundred out of 10s of millions is an absurdly small number.
Wanita Brooks
Wanita Brooks 15 dager siden
lol I'm to scared to take the vaccine cause its not the final one they are still testing
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
Elizabeth G
Elizabeth G 16 dager siden
The number has since jumped up to 18 cases of patients with blood clots.
Chris 2 dager siden
@Kai Lucas Zachary so...581,000 deaths are ok because they were already old & ill?
Kai Lucas Zachary
Kai Lucas Zachary 2 dager siden
@Chris To look at it yet another way, 581,000 (many of which who were elderly or had preexisting conditions) out of 330,000,000 is only 0.0017. Soooo... why does the entire country need an under-studied vaccine?
Chris 15 dager siden
Try looking at it another way. So 18 cases of clotting? 18 out of how many? If it's 18 out of 20 then I'd worry, if it's 18 out of 100,000 or 1000000 then it's rare. Do you or your immediate family have a history of blood clots? Do you have reactions to vaccines? Anxiety & stress is far worse for your body than the effects of a vaccine.
Thoughtful Devil
Thoughtful Devil 16 dager siden
Alright, you've convinced me. Off to get the vacc- *THUNDERCLAP*
PHH 16 dager siden
Becareful of the antivaxx, they will take this to the moon
〈Spengy3 16 dager siden
thank you now i can show this to my parents and tell them your my friends dad whos a real doctor so they'll believe it and stop worrying :D
Vera Simmons
Vera Simmons 16 dager siden
.0088% What's covid mortality rate ? Benefits? The vaccine doesn't prevent covid🙁
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
Why did you multiply the actual blood clot percentage by 100? Also, can't you just google the COVID mortality rate or is that too hard?
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
@Vera Simmons your comment saying the other comment is false is actually false
Vera Simmons
Vera Simmons 13 dager siden
1 false 2 false 3 false 4 false @Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet 14 dager siden
The Covid mortality rate is around 3% plus you need to add those who would die of other things because of overwhelmed health care systems if we didnt have the vaccine and the measures we currently have. Every death thats happening because of overwhelmed health care systems is factually a victim of the pandemic. Even if they didnt die of Covid. Also the vaccine prevents 90% of severe Covid cases. Which means it prevents 90% of deaths from Covid
Mr. Maple
Mr. Maple 16 dager siden
It prevents the severe symptoms, which will ultimately lead to herd immunity.
IVAK 10 16 dager siden
Is reinfection possible even after taking vaccines? What about your country? In india there is possibility but risk of hospitalisation is reduced to a considerable level.
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
Yes it is, but at much lesser rate than if unvaccinated.
Robert B.
Robert B. 16 dager siden
I don't know how I got here. Over and out !
Blaize Gottman
Blaize Gottman 16 dager siden
And everyone stop making false claims about the Corona virus vaccine
Vitriolearth 17 dager siden
Railie Myers
Railie Myers 17 dager siden
That’s why I’m not getting it I don’t even get the flu why I’m the world would I get the covid vaccine
Kai Lucas Zachary
Kai Lucas Zachary 2 dager siden
@Metal Puppet 581,000 out of 330,000,000 is 0.0017
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
@Metal Puppet spread awareness my g
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet 14 dager siden
Because Covid is a bajillion times more contagious than the flu?!?! Because the hospitalization rate of Covid is about 20 times as high as that of the flu?!?!? Because the vaccine is proven to protect you from a severe case so if we get vaccinated there wont be a chance that our health care systems are getting overwhelmed like they are right now?!?!?
King 17 dager siden
Still doesn’t make wanna get it 🖕🏻
Lemm? 9 dager siden
Awww is someone to scawed to get a needle in their awm?
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
What are you concerned about regarding the vaccine and I will most likely debunk it.
Stephanie Wright
Stephanie Wright 17 dager siden
My best friend died I believe it was from the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.2days later she started developing headaches..and I noticed she was acting strange.. she was forgetting things..and at times we would be in a conversation and she would stop in mid sentence and tell me she forgotten what she was talking that time I voiced my concern. Her memory was really bad at this point and she wasn't able to focus or stay on track..she was struggling I told her she should go see a doctor that something is going on...I was terrified that it was dementia or was all just so fast... Mother's day we spent some time together. She was then telling me she was hot and cold.. extremely tired all the time... And she was weak... Later that night after I left she fell asleep..and according to her son she stated to get sick..she puked a few times..her son card 911.. at that point she wasn't really with us...the hospital discovered she had Aspiration pneumonia..along with a huge blood clot in the back of her brain..along with having a stroke the night before..on Easter night and that's why on Easter she was sick..and throwing up..if we only knew the signs.. From Monday day after easter she was in another best friend was no longer with us..the doctors did brain surgery..a day later her brain started swelling so they took a small piece of her skull so that her brain would have room to swell.. From the 1st day in the hospital she was no longer able to talk..she went into a coma state..while in the ICU she had once again another stroke..and that strike left her brain dead..about a week later with family and only close friends we took her off life support..she passed away about 9 hours later.. We honestly think it was caused from the Johnson and Johnson vaccine..she got the shot..2days later she started to get headaches..she never had headaches before She started sleeping a lot...her brain function was not working wasn't my best friend no more.. and 3weeks later she had a stroke..blood clots were in her brain.. I'm not sure how they will prove it was the vaccine I'm hoping she will have justice and that she will be able to rest in peace... It's going to be a battle..a very long road..but I truly truly believe it was the vaccine that caused this.. no amount of money would ever replace her...what she would want is for this vaccine to be recalled..never be used that no other families will ever have to go through this again... I know the hospital won't admit the cause of her death was the Johnson and Johnson vaccine...i just want ppl to be aware that this could happen to you.. doctors and hospitals will stick together.. I want ppl to be aware that this is more common than we would like it to your gut instinct...
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 2 dager siden
@Kai Lucas Zachary that’s still around 581 thousand people dead. More than half a million. Even if that may be minuscule compared to the total population, at the end of the day, those are still Americans dying. 1 out of every 100 people die from Covid. That’s a mortality rate of around 1%. Meanwhile, if we compare the chances of someone getting the serious blood clot side effect in the J&J vaccine, that is around 0.000088% (6 pregnant women out of 6.8 million people). The vaccine is necessary to achieving herd immunity, and to stop all these preventable deaths.
Kai Lucas Zachary
Kai Lucas Zachary 2 dager siden
@Danish Khan and out of 330 *million* people 0.17% have died..... sort of like the media is blowing it out of proportion like you claim people are doing with the vaccine...
Steven DelValle
Steven DelValle 6 dager siden
yeah this sounds like bullshit
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
I have no way of verifying what you stated. You could be lying, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. However, almost 7 million people have gotten the vaccine. The chances of that happening are ultra ultra rare. You stated at the end that "it is more common than we would like it to be" is completely inaccurate. From your logic, the government should start mandating everyone to stay inside during a thunderstorm... because lightning is very dangerous. See how flawed that is? The benefits of taking the Covid vaccine far outweigh the consequences of not taking it.
Logan Cramer - The Affiliate Movement
Logan Cramer - The Affiliate Movement 17 dager siden
what editting softare do you use? it is amazing!
Lemm? 9 dager siden
likely adobe remiere
Carrie Lefsaker
Carrie Lefsaker 17 dager siden
I got the J&J shot and I'm not concerned in the least. I've survived 20 years of MUCH dodgier vaccines in the military. All vaccines have very rare side effects. I'll take that almost non-existent risk over the extremely high risk of infecting and killing another person, thanks.
Texas red's Big iron
Texas red's Big iron 18 dager siden
Me a European "laughs in phifizer and astrozenica"
j cloud
j cloud 18 dager siden
Not likely to be struck by lightning because I dont hang out in thunderstorms. Wont get blood clots from shot because not Im not getting j & j shot.
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
that's the dumbest logic I've ever heard.
Kelsey Jean
Kelsey Jean 18 dager siden
I'm good! Got my J&J in early March. I'm have severe depression, I'm a smoker, fat, sedentary and on birth control(. I have one of the biggest combos of blood clot risk. No blood clots here, just a fever and a little achy for maybe like 8 hours.
J T 18 dager siden
I am hesitant to trust things that come out from south africa
Alex Panda
Alex Panda 18 dager siden
Yesterday i got Pfizer vaccine, no problems at all, nothing and i can say the same about J&J or AstraZeneca or Moderna, they are safe!
Dany Henriquez
Dany Henriquez 18 dager siden
Same with Astra. Very few get blood cloths, but people get scared. This is why I don’t like mainstream media
Dilan Gilluly
Dilan Gilluly 11 dager siden
I laugh about that. Mainstream media: "COVID is dangerous and will kill you! Get vaccinated." Also Mainstream media: "The vaccines are dangerous and will kill you!"
Devora Sablon
Devora Sablon 18 dager siden
This is very important message to spread!!
Die- Sas
Die- Sas 19 dager siden
Sheesh how awesome does that sound (mexican ñ here)
Daniel Penn
Daniel Penn 19 dager siden
The best way too not get sick is a high level of vitamin d and zinc. Also, powder vitamin c. This is much reliable than a government mandate.
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 10 dager siden
that is completely wrong
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 17 dager siden
You have fallen for a marketing scam.
A Alvarez
A Alvarez 19 dager siden
I don’t think you’re a credible person to be talking about the vaccine. You’ve shown yourself to be controlled by those holding the strings of popular culture, whether they be good bad or evil. But the J&J vaccine is ok. It’s the only real vaccine out, actually. The rest are new genetic overwriting technology patented by CureVac who were paid by the Gates foundation to create and patent the process. But aside thanks fir trying to assess this.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet 14 dager siden
The vaccines are ALL safe and do nothing to your DNA. They can only access the virus DNA to destroy it. They cannot change human DNA
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 17 dager siden
DNA makes mRNA. The process does not go backwards, mRNA cannot affect your DNA.
bodine219 19 dager siden
Can you do a video about returning to normal? It seems like there's so much panic/misinformation out there that it's impossible to guess when things will calm down.
Dilan Gilluly
Dilan Gilluly 11 dager siden
In my opinion, I think this will depend widely on if the entire world can get on board of distributing vaccine, and making one last push on the social distancing front.
Cassuttus Tshirt
Cassuttus Tshirt 19 dager siden
Help the world and yourself and Get. Your. Vaccination. I'm still pissed that since I needed some surgery, I could not get it two weeks prior. And now that I'm recovering, I can't get it for another two weeks. I just wanna get jabbed, dangit. I have zero fear of needles or injections/vaccinations but a huge fear of Covid. I'll be laughing, joking, and grinning when they give me my first (or only) shot. (REMEMBER TO MOVE YOUR ARM IT WILL ACHE FAR LESS)
My Linh Lam
My Linh Lam 19 dager siden
When the Nazi atrocities were uncovered after World War II, where experimental procedures, vaccines and drugs were forced on unwitting subjects, Nuremberg Code was written by American attorneys, which states, " The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential
Chris Camez
Chris Camez 19 dager siden
the lightening quote also applies to you dying of covid... the only difference is you will need to get more doses of these vaccines yearly possibly for the rest of your life.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet 13 dager siden
@Chris Camez Situations like the one in Italy, England etc etc. DO NOT HAPPEN in a flu season. That IS a fact. No media outlet has ever said anything about that. You can claim whatever you want. Its a lie. It hasnt happened. This thing is NOT the flu.
Chris Camez
Chris Camez 13 dager siden
@Metal Puppet yeah buddy you cant prove this tho, its just a claim.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet 13 dager siden
@Chris Camez of course its also because the old people are mostly vaccinated. But thats not changing anything. If anything the fact that its NOT slowing down even with old people being vaccinated shows that it doesnt distinct between otherwise healthy and not healthy. In fact a strong immune system is a disadvantage because that is going to fight the virus so much that it actually causes more damage than good.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet 13 dager siden
@Chris Camez Thats what doctors and nurses are seeing now. Its not just a claim. Its a fact. I have several friends who work on Covid wards and thats exactly what they are seeing.
Chris Camez
Chris Camez 13 dager siden
@Metal Puppet the majority of patients with covid right now are young? were ? post some proof buddyyouve made like 20 claims in the last 3 comments
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