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Dr. Danielle Belardo is the Director of Cardiology, and Co-Director of Research and Education, at IOPBM in Newport Beach California. She is also a proud vegan, but that alone has not stopped vegan twitter from ridiculing her for various beliefs and practices she holds surrounding plant-based diets. I sat down with Dr. Belardo to discuss why she receives so much hate from vegans online, where she actually stands on being a vegan vs. what she recommends for her patients, and various ways you can improve the health of your heart. There are some really hot takes in here, particularly around being vegan and receiving vaccines that were tested on animals, cholesterol and saturated fats in eggs, and universal benefits of plant-based diets.
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Sarada Page Diocletian
Sarada Page Diocletian 37 minutter siden
Vegetarianism with abstinence from cow/goats milk is probably the healthiest diet. Eggs aren't terrible and some other non vegan elements like honey (a great alternative to traditional sugars) is not unhealthy.
jozsi Time siden
"No one food in one dose is gonna cause a problem." - I have a friend who used to snack yew aril, he bit on the seed twice, he washed his mouth multiple times on both occasions.
Audrey Vulcano
Audrey Vulcano 3 timer siden
Do a video on blue zones?
justin kasica
justin kasica 4 timer siden
I'm plant based and always continued hunting with my family and now I eat what I kill as in that is the trophy for me and give the rest of the animal to my non vegan family.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 7 timer siden
Dude, are you drinking from a jar?????
psychic ash
psychic ash 14 timer siden
Why are you mentioning eggs? Saturated fats are much higher in foods like fatty meats, fried foods, dairy.... eggs are fairly low in fat much less saturated. Also, with the red meat study, I'd be surprised to know how it was cooked. Red meat is a great source of heme iron. Vegan diets require suppliments. You risk deficits in zinc, calcium, vitamin d, b12, iron and others. All stuff commonly found in meat.
planet_bebe 20 timer siden
Thank you for inviting Dr. Belardo to your channel! She’s my favorite guest you’ve brought on so far!
Dixiedad11 21 time siden
How much make-up do you have on your eyes bro
Cole Barber
Cole Barber 21 time siden
Its rediculous how many people are focused on her eyes and not what shes saying like jeez people
DTLamia 22 timer siden
The filters have my full attention
AziziTheStorm 23 timer siden
Any expert/doctor: *Is honest* Internet: "HOW DARE YOU." Sidenote: Dr. Belardo has beautiful eyes and this was a great and educational video.
Angrynoodle Twenty Five
Angrynoodle Twenty Five Dag siden
I am fine with vegans making the choice for themselves to not eat meat... but it is super annoying to me when they act like they are better than people who eat meat... are there better ways that we should be obtaining meat that are less harmful to the environment and do not put the animals into as much suffering? yes. yes there are. I agree with that, but saying anybody who eats meat is "a monster because you are hurting animals" that I do not agree with. Animals are supposed to be eaten by other animals. That is how the world works.
Derl Karl
Derl Karl Dag siden
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waram123 Dag siden
You can live a sucky 100 year life or you can full send 70 years. Your choice
Godsarmy Dag siden
Way more burgers in the hood than plants
Clay Hall
Clay Hall Dag siden
I would be curious to know what she thinks about Jordan Peterson's all meet diet. He has been eating nothing but beef for I think a couple years now.
ZweetDani Dag siden
Can we get the link the to study mentioned in the video ? :) The Ron Krause one
NativesofUtopia Dag siden
The longest living population is in Okinawa and Hawai and they are not vegans so... 🤔
Toast Dag siden
I don't know man, I find it hard to believe that there is "absolutely no health benefits" to consuming meat. Now when you compare that to other things it may be more or less beneficial, but if for no other reason you will live to see the next day. I think that's pretty beneficial. As someone who grew up with a parent that was a seventh day Adventist I always found it weird that they spent so much time eating foods that resembled meat or aimed to taste like it? It's kinda like saying "swearing is bad" but the turning around and saying "frick" or "heck" to me.
heyou Dag siden
Would going vegan also make my eyes look like hers? Lmao
arthur ryu
arthur ryu 2 dager siden
That vegan teacher seeing her be like: she 8s bot a vegan vegan is "vegan teacher autistic screeching noises"
Hughes Eguía
Hughes Eguía 2 dager siden
It's a question of balancing your food and exercise. But I still think that if, on a plant-based diet, you need to take supplements... then it means you could get those nutrients from animal sources. Anyways, just my thoughts.
BizarroIsNo123 2 dager siden
Any input in regards to something like the zero sugar monster?
Raechel B
Raechel B 2 dager siden
I appreciate that this is very cardiovascular health-centric and no so much weightcentric. And that you also addressed both.
Thomean 2 dager siden
For me I think its strange that meat should be such a big part of meals. If you order at most restaurants here like half of what you get is meat. We started eating vegetarian 3/4 times a week and halved the meat we use in our other meals. And we feel so much better
ben khamis
ben khamis 2 dager siden
Why are none of my doctors this beautiful? Clark Kent and anime barbie girl teamin up to bring us some important facts. Love it!
Sean Ow Yong
Sean Ow Yong 2 dager siden
Her eyes are like Anime eyes... I thought it was a filter
JustAn McPRO
JustAn McPRO 3 dager siden
Being anti-racist anti-homophobic etc is also a "personal philosophy"
JustAn McPRO
JustAn McPRO 3 dager siden
Medically, it's ok to eat some animal products too. Ethically though, it's immoral to eat animal products.
Vivian Rios
Vivian Rios 3 dager siden
Interesting. 👏🏼👍🏼
Maheen Shaiq
Maheen Shaiq 3 dager siden
Hard to take her seriously with the snapchat filter.... Pity because the information was really good
confusedwhale 3 dager siden
It's not true that it's safe for 100% of people to go plant based. There are diseases that require people to consume some amount of animal flesh; though, it is probably a small portion of humanity that this applies to. Talk to your doctor.
Ranny Bunny
Ranny Bunny 3 dager siden
This condesending attitude of "I wont tell the patient the whole truth and information because they wont change" is what pervails diseases.
Salty Lemon
Salty Lemon 3 dager siden
Why does it look like she smeared vaseline on her camera lens except for the exact spot on where her eyes are?
Warlord1981NL 3 dager siden
dr mike should have asked how many supplements she takes on a daily basis to upkeep her ridiculous religion of "meat bad"...
phaelin 3 dager siden
All things considered, I really don't think Mike looks better with make up
Omid Farsiani tabar
Omid Farsiani tabar 4 dager siden
"i dont cherry pick studies" 2 minutes later "this single study refutes everything you just said" lol
Random Person
Random Person 2 dager siden
thats not cherry-picking, thats choosing a relevant study to the argument. im certain there are dozens of other studies that support it, but in a 20 minute interview, it would make sense for her not to delve into the research in depth.
JanderVK 4 dager siden
The reason that the anti-vax bullshit seeped in to the veg community is because it is already rife with pseudoscience (IE. Anti-GMO).
Tiu Mau
Tiu Mau 4 dager siden
I think for some people drastic changes to routine are actually easier than smaller changes. I, for one, REALLY like sugar. To the point that if I add any to my coffee I just can't stop adding more and more because it's never sweet enough. I may commit to drinking coffee with less sugar a couple of days but eventually I just slip up and go back to drinking liquid coffee flavored sugar. To me, it's actually easier to avoid the temptation at all and drink less coffee. Or drink totally sugarless coffee because it's like a totally different drink and I don't even miss sugar when I drink my coffee pitch black.
DusktoDawnRanger 4 dager siden
Wait, she put her own belief aside and went with a broader message from a larger organisation with multiple years and doctors studying. Wow, I am impressed.
soda 4 dager siden
Does anyone have the studies she mentioned please? 🤍
E H 4 dager siden
Interesting to me that I think she said red meat has no benefits. My dr suggested more red meat to increase my iron. I know there are plant options. But wouldn't this count as a benefit? I assume the benefit is not worth the cons?
drip king
drip king 4 dager siden
veigan are cringe eggs are bad nice joke
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dager siden
Fish is defferent like corals too... No much data about that's
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dager siden
Becouse that's shoulders must ate much a meat...
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dager siden
We talk too about food. Any people some meat eaters and vegan. Meat eaters psychology have some want be dominated. But vegan people in any country wont be some... But they seeing so calm and enjoy.
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dager siden
I wanna see your little intimate and professional being in research and marriage...
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dager siden
First step we search a virgin. Being sciencetist and let's them study alot on college and research. Of course the good one and agree with any statement and virgin allowed to join and have a special event
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 5 dager siden
I love hearing these two educate us.
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 5 dager siden
Very interesting and informative.
tehs3raph1m 5 dager siden
How many carrots does she eat to get her eyes glow that much 🤣
Declan McArdle
Declan McArdle 5 dager siden
@2:00 that kind of thinking is way out of date...let's see if there's a rebuttal...@3:40 atherosclerotic plaque is caused by _glycated_ LDL, not eggs or fat...@4:20 LMHR? @5:00 "you want your LDL to be as low as possible" - is there a statin pitch coming up?
unicornzNbeez 5 dager siden
The filter she is using is so distracting....especially the 👀👁 👀👁 eyes.........
Roxann Corston
Roxann Corston 5 dager siden
Ty. Fascinating video. No disrespect but I wish the female doc. would stop flipping her hair. Btw we didn't evolve. We are created. ❣
Benjamin Carlson
Benjamin Carlson 5 dager siden
I always heard that generally speaking, it's less important what specific diet you subscribe to, and more about portion control.
Rabbles the Binx Productions
Rabbles the Binx Productions 5 dager siden
I have one problem with this video: the assertion that Seventh-Day Adventists are all vegan. Approximately 40%, a minority, of follow a plant-based diet, either vegan or vegetarian. The majority of Seventh-Day Adventists eat a diet that includes meat.
chris crooks
chris crooks 5 dager siden
How about a drinking game. Take a shot every time she touches her hair. You'll be knock out 10:25 in.
jordan paton
jordan paton 5 dager siden
The inuits still do some do or used to be completely meats but the main thing about bloody and ate all the dots in eight the brain so they could all your vitamins that you don't normally only really get from fruit and veg and also it's not just a theory it's hard proof that when we start cooking meat we started to grow we started to get bigger brains we started to get better overall and also dependent on the seasons and where they were at the time that would depend on if they would be mainly hunting or mainly gathering cos there's times when the herbs are gone and you have nothing else to eat but greens and the other way around
jordan paton
jordan paton 5 dager siden
One thing annoyed me if your vegen you'll need like 50 different for different pills so you stay healthy like she already omitted that if you want to be completely vegan you need to have pills so you can stay being vegan because yes you can find most of the vitamins in vegetable was in fruits and all that but not the right amount to get the equivalent amount that you will get like from meat you would have to be gorging yourself on greens all day soz other do nothing but a greens all day or start popping Like 50 different pills everyday so in reality eating only greens means you're not gonna get all the right stuff and not the amount of it that you need and because of that you need to have other stuff external stuff like pills to make it a good like what is someone back in the day before pills going vegan would of been a death trap and so Meat eater load I think that the most healthiest to eat without having to need pill or have the risk of heart problems it should be a balanced diet maybe even like 60%40 or 70%30 both in favour of greens
mistabaka 5 dager siden
Ok, I'm vegetarian, but why does she have that filter on her eyes?!
Kharn The Betrayer
Kharn The Betrayer 6 dager siden
Her eyes both mesmerize, and terrify me
Varrant green
Varrant green 6 dager siden
If you're goal is to reduce animal suffering what is better. The whole society eating less meat in general or a few radicals eating no meat? Not a very good cost benifit analysis on the vegan moral purity issue.
Austin Wagner
Austin Wagner 6 dager siden
"Im very honest and transparent" Said while using a video filter *note: i have nothing against Dr Belardo or vegans, but filters are inherently dishonest, like claiming to be naturally attractive under 3 pounds of makeup. just thought it was ironic is all
Laurene Savio
Laurene Savio 6 dager siden
Love that! I'm vegan and I'm always uncomfortable with people saying "go vegan for your health" and also I felt like I could not believe any statement on health regarding Veganism either by vegans or non vegans 😂 so THANK YOU for giving real nuanced information 😁
Liam NIre
Liam NIre 6 dager siden
Disliked only due to the eye filter. I can't see past it, and it seems incredibly unprofessional to use a filter in such a setting. Turned off after a couple of minutes....
Anthony Norman
Anthony Norman 6 dager siden
This interview was a little disingenuous given the beginning. As stated, for many vegans, veganism isn't simply a dietary thing. It's an ethical issue. From a dietary perspective, eating a hot dog at a baseball game once isn't a problem. From an ethical perspective, the idea of it as a celebratory experience is horrid.
Steve the Cat Couch
Steve the Cat Couch 6 dager siden
I'm not a vegan, but I can see why vegans would have problems with her. Within the first minute of the video she shows that she' is not really a vegan. She follows a plant based diet for health reasons. That's great, but if she wants to get vegans off her case, she ought to quit calling herself a vegan.
Jakob Jessen
Jakob Jessen 6 dager siden
This is the first diet/food discussion I ever enjoyed listening too. I have always done like this 🙉 and say look at the number of teeth (and there functions). We have knifes in the front (both for plants and meat) and then a few triangular teeth (for meat and the are not as sharp as f.eks shark teeth) and then a lot of flat teeth (for plants). And then I say one of the most common "law" is Pareto Principle.. 80/20 rule.. and I think with diet it should actually be 90/10% if we go by the teeth method that is the same method you use to determent what a dino ate..
Jessica Allison
Jessica Allison 6 dager siden
It maybe just a ring light reflecting in her eyes because when I blink on Snapchat filters the “lashes” go on my nose. If it’s a filter it’s a good one.
Christie b
Christie b 7 dager siden
Being vegan has nothing to do with a healthy diet. That is a side benefit if a person is not consuming too much sugar and sodium. First and foremost it is about harm reduction in animals and animal cruelty.
Dm Gray
Dm Gray 7 dager siden
The issue I take with "meat has no health benefits" as that is a VERY broad claim. Especially when the evidence offered is limited to cardiovascular health. Now, that IS a big one & I certainly agree that WAY too much meat is consumed these days (I eat meat 1-2 times a week, if I'm preparing my own meals and I tend to avoid big portions) Are there studies into the effect of meat consumption on the brain? Or on athletic performance? (I know bodybuilding & weight lifting are both areas where plant-based diets would seem an enormous disadvantage, though I know neither lifestyle is particularly healthy) Reproductive health? "no health benefits" is a VERY different statement to "no cardiovascular health benefits" and despite Danielle's obvious integrity and expertise, I don't think that is an accidental slip :P She believes (and is probably correct) that a mainly plant-based diet is superior for general health and so she allows herself to use excellent evidence of a specific claim to justify a more general claim it does not entirely prove. Well intentioned & not egregious, but the pedant in me focuses in on stuff like that.
Paul Rawn
Paul Rawn 7 dager siden
If cholesterol is the control for all these facts then I ignore it. Health is more than cholesterol and chicken is too good to stop eating
Asia Aliyah
Asia Aliyah 7 dager siden
Dr. Danielle has very large Disney Princess eyes. Lol wow. Besides that, this video was good.
Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan 7 dager siden
I've had great results with the cocaine diet, it's plant based, I have lots of energy and focus and I have no money left to buy unhealthy foods 👌
Etienne Picard
Etienne Picard 8 dager siden
Ok, how the hell are her eyes this shiny? It's like she's from an anime or manga x)
Julia Jax
Julia Jax 8 dager siden
Interesting info thanks
Shroomy's Artivism
Shroomy's Artivism 8 dager siden
I respect her for sticking to the facts. Can see why some vegans may dislike her, since she isn't preaching vegan ethics to patients and sticks to the health side of things. I think it's understandable in her position. There is a lot to be said in favour of being vegan or vegan-ish in terms of health, ethics and environment. I think any choices in that direction are good!
Leslie Gibbons
Leslie Gibbons 8 dager siden
Lower your cholesterol by avoiding animal fats? Nope, saturated fats bring health
Marina 8 dager siden
Her eye filter is making this unwatchable, its like the uncanny valley
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 8 dager siden
Vegans “hate” Dr. Belardo? As someone who’s been vegan longer than she’s been alive, this is news to me. I know that it is negative voices always seem louder and more numerous than they are in reality, but she is lauded by the majority of vegans, precisely for her rigor and integrity. Thank you for having this conversation in good faith.
steel united111
steel united111 8 dager siden
Damn!!! She is fine! She can be my doctor any day!! 😍
Paula P
Paula P 8 dager siden
dr mike looked so done with that day. also, gonna eat less red meat didnt know it was so bad for you so thank you
Steve Wagner
Steve Wagner 9 dager siden
How do you get jacked as a vegan
Kreed2k 9 dager siden
Why did you allow her to say so many falsehoods? It's like you knew but just said nothing 😅
Antonio NG
Antonio NG 9 dager siden
13:36 people allergic to food like Peanut are begging to differ
M. Alexander Salas
M. Alexander Salas 9 dager siden
The eye enhance filter she used is a bit too distracting 😅, good data
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber 9 dager siden
We eat too much meat in general, slow down a little and use it as side dish (so small portion) and voila, a lot of problems solve without having to stop eating meat.
The Eternal
The Eternal 9 dager siden
*Idk why every such practice has almost became a religion. Feminism, veganism, etc. This leads to fights among followers even tho both things can be beneficial to all.* Just stick to what scientists doctors and other documents which are verified say.
The Eternal
The Eternal 9 dager siden
*So they did and doing thousands of research just to come up with facts that are already written in vedas thousands of years ago.* Btw Its my opinion so don't get offended. Just be happy and eat what u like😀
The Eternal
The Eternal 9 dager siden
*Her eyes doesn't look real.*
Jimmy's Channel
Jimmy's Channel 10 dager siden
"we don't need anything from animals, we can supplement B12"... I'm no cardiologist, but I know a contradiction when I see one xD The sad reality behind veganism is that animal cruelty is not a byproduct of dietary habits, it is a byproduct of capitalism, aka the bottom line. Asking the consumer to change his habits "to save animals" or "save the environment" is simply digging our head deeper in the sand. You're pushing for band-aids on a limb that is already severed, at least my finger won't bleed...
Andrea LH
Andrea LH 9 dager siden
How is taking a B12 supplement worse than eating animals that get B12 supplements? Also, I don't understand how we're digging our head deeper in the sand? The growth of veganism has created increased demand for plant-based options, we've created a market for it, and during the past 10 years there's been a drastic increase in vegan foods. This makes it so much easier for new people to become vegan, and now we're finally starting to see global meat production going down.
Kayla Tozzi
Kayla Tozzi 10 dager siden
I am so so so happy she acknowledged Registered Dietitians! Thank you!
Inez De Kleine
Inez De Kleine 10 dager siden
I really don't think going vegan is safe for all. From personal experience, I think any restrictive lifestyle is possibly harmful to people with disordered eating or body dysmorphophobia I find it very, very disappointing that this subject wasn't touched upon during this interview. Vegan is safe for all is not true. Vegan is safe for most, is better.
Before Before
Before Before 10 dager siden
That filter tho...
The Leaprachaun
The Leaprachaun 10 dager siden
This is things I want to hear for going vegan not “go vegan YOUR KILLING ANIMALS YOU MONSTER”
Three Spirits Trio
Three Spirits Trio 11 dager siden
If that's the case then why does That VeganTeacher from Tiktok look like a Skeleton? She doesn't look healthy like who you're interviewing here
bunny 11 dager siden
i’m surprised to see the lack of comments about this filter. it’s genuinely making me uncomfortable lol
rberry1221 12 dager siden
I think vegans need to have each other’s back more often. Splitting hairs is what hurts progressive perspectives. As a vegan.
Alexander Tsistinas
Alexander Tsistinas 12 dager siden
I can't watch. That soft/smooth skin filter is too much.
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