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I’ve watched a countless number of Grey’s Anatomy episodes on this channel, so I thought it was time for me to finally take a quiz and see which character from Grey’s I am! This highly scientific test got down to the core of who being, assessing how I handle tense situations, whether I’d report my coworkers for committing a crime, and even what kind of first date I’d be into. Do you agree with the results? Let me know in the comments if you think this quiz got it right or if there is another character I more closely resemble!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Eloise Bramble
Eloise Bramble Dag siden
my eyes are green with a hint of brown and the "He does chest compressions too!" just cracks me up
Elizabeth Enns
Elizabeth Enns 2 dager siden
"The natural history of Museum" here we see the majestic museum in its natural habitat xD
Imogen Goode
Imogen Goode 3 dager siden
Dr Mike loves dogs, is ambitious and hardworking, and is beautiful...if he’s still single then yes he must be very stubborn 🤣🥵
Mary McAllister
Mary McAllister 4 dager siden
I find it funny that you're so "unsettled" with doctors dating their colleagues because my brother in law is an anesthesiologist and practically all of his medschool friends/colleague friends ended up dating and marrying with other medical practitioners or nurses and from what I hear it's pretty normal, at least in France and in public hospitals. Don't really know the situation in private clinics
Caitlyn Lewis
Caitlyn Lewis 5 dager siden
Honestly accurate haha also Jackson is way more dream than Derek Shepherd lol
abby centeno
abby centeno 8 dager siden
You actually give me a more confident George O’Malley type of personality 🥰
Mr. Tutorial Studios
Mr. Tutorial Studios 9 dager siden
Jack Hillman
Jack Hillman 11 dager siden
I'm George O'Malley I also did another one and I'm also Owen😊
Gustavo Kauffmann
Gustavo Kauffmann 11 dager siden
Bear's head is bigger than yours
Dawn Marie D
Dawn Marie D 12 dager siden
No Grey’s Anatomy. Definitely remind me of Dr John Carter from ER, though 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Elizabeth James
Elizabeth James 12 dager siden
you should do a review on Greys Anatomy season 13 episode 20 because it has a medical emergency on a plane and it’s kind of like your experience with the guy on the plane who went into anaphylactic shock i think you should review the episode
Aeisha Rodriguez
Aeisha Rodriguez 14 dager siden
I was getting a Jackson Avery vibe from the start ngl🤔
Anahita Roy
Anahita Roy 16 dager siden
this is the video with the most amount of daddy doggy cute moments and I'm here for it🥺
serania1 16 dager siden
ya there green ,but camera effect +diferent color card of you pc/phone and the glass too make it look blue unleas you really close
pippa 16 dager siden
Where do u take the test
Paula Fidalgo
Paula Fidalgo 16 dager siden
Oh, his eyes are green?
muri ella
muri ella 17 dager siden
I knew he was gonna think he was funny, but honey you'd probably be described as confident
muri ella
muri ella 17 dager siden
His result was pretty fitting, though, in a good way. Can't believe he said he was prepared to get McDreamy XD
Itzamara Bello Gallegos
Itzamara Bello Gallegos 17 dager siden
But I knew he was going to get Jackson when he talked about his dad and I remembered Jackson’s grandfather 👴🏼
Itzamara Bello Gallegos
Itzamara Bello Gallegos 17 dager siden
So are you going to REACT TO MORE ???
Erin 17 dager siden
McStreamy lol both lolol
Anaya Spencer
Anaya Spencer 18 dager siden
Jackson is one of my favs
Nur Denizaltı
Nur Denizaltı 18 dager siden
Oh please that s wrong you r absolutely mcdreamy
Rudy Arca Jr
Rudy Arca Jr 19 dager siden
You are TOTALLY Avery
I love Dr.Mike❤️❤️❤️
Harmonie 20 dager siden
My fav part of this ? The painting/posters behind you ! Those are incredible !
kim 20 dager siden
thats really accurate omg
Mai Eaksen
Mai Eaksen 21 dag siden
Dr.Mike, I love the fact that you mentioned your father and family a lot in multiple of your vdo. That says a lot about yourself; you come from a very good family and you have such a great family value! specifically, love the fact how you speak highly of your father as an first generation immigrant. I can relate. It is really difficult to be the very first generation to land here as a professional worker like doctors, engineers, architects, etc.. we have to work double hard to achieve sometime pretty little recognition. Anyhow, I am sure your father cannot be more proud than this! The fact that you are a doctor itself; it's already so highly achievement for 2nd generation immigrant (semi-2nd, maybe as you weren't born here lol) to this land of opportunities. You sure don't take your life in this land for granted 😊👍 PS: pardon my English as I am a 1st generation immigrant who also had to work extra hard to be now called as an Engineer 😃
was anyone else confused on why he why trying to eat Bear's tongue.
relyn bornales
relyn bornales 22 dager siden
I Love you! The same as my Love for jackson avery
MeSaluNot 22 dager siden
I love how much we learn about Dr. Mike in this
Kadence Beard
Kadence Beard 23 dager siden
8:59 Thats not right. The rarest eye color is actually red/pink. Green is the third rarest. People with Albinism are the only people that can have red/pink or violet eyes. This is because people with Albinism have very little to no melenin in their bodys. Red/pink is the color your eye actually is and thats e=why its so rare
Parex1 25 dager siden
Ha oopenis ha work with bones ha
Mila Jones
Mila Jones 25 dager siden
I need a Bear in my life
Maria Célia
Maria Célia 28 dager siden
Português BR legenda por favor
Kat R
Kat R 28 dager siden
You remind me of Rob Morrow from Northern Exposure.
Lola Jones
Lola Jones 28 dager siden
Hi dr Mike I was born with constipation how can I get rid of it I’ve been on different medication doesn’t really work
mayflower551 29 dager siden
Doctor Mike You're amazing in and out😊 whatever color your eyes are, they are rare and gorgeous. I think it's the camera that wants them to be blue😘😂 McDorky is adorable. Stay well and fun💓 BEEWOOP!!!
Hitch Mercedes
Hitch Mercedes 29 dager siden
a handsome fella xD
Trishaaa Måned siden
i stand by this when I say you are literally George O’Malley
Wendy Liu
Wendy Liu Måned siden
0:22 do y’all think of the “beautiful” radio commercial? When Dr Mike said that?
Ana Rubio Alemán
Ana Rubio Alemán Måned siden
Definitely agree his results, but his woman grey's version would be Amelia except for the romantic part🤣
The One
The One Måned siden
Hey. Can you please react to season 8 episode 24-flight of Grey's? Its about a planecrash.
anna hubar
anna hubar Måned siden
I love that dog!!!! 😍😍😍 Ok, doc, you are out of competition, my love just went to Bear
D-ro Sano
D-ro Sano Måned siden
The result is nice. It suits you, Dr. Mike!
Radical Mary
Radical Mary Måned siden
Jackson was a bit of a jerk at first but he mellowed out and actually cares for his patients and thinks of them first, not doing things for publicity or the money, but because his patient needs it, his mentor Mark Sloan would be proud.
Victoria V.
Victoria V. Måned siden
Does anyone else see George or Andrew for him? Just sweet, charming, and kind of corny.
Pia König
Pia König Måned siden
I really like the video but like the best part in this entire thing is that the subtitles got mixed up and while he just finished talking baout dancing it says things like charming, sexy,.... Which happend ls like a minute after😂
B AZIZUR Måned siden
Dr Mike more like Dr McCompresser New guy: why is ur name McCompresser Me: here he goes McCompresser: Chest compression, chest compression, chest compression
Ava Maj
Ava Maj Måned siden
I a. So sorry about your mom
M C Måned siden
sure, why not?
Afaf Ahmed
Afaf Ahmed Måned siden
I hope I find a guy like Mike someday I mean he is so sincere and nice 🥺💕
Miriam Fernández Herrera
Miriam Fernández Herrera Måned siden
With that outfit and those glasses...he looks like Clark Kent Dr. Mike 😂 I love his channel, it has become one of my favorites 💪🏼
Sorina Kryhsu
Sorina Kryhsu Måned siden
Mc DORCKY!!!!!
Sorina Kryhsu
Sorina Kryhsu Måned siden
Mc DORCKY!!!!!
Sorina Kryhsu
Sorina Kryhsu Måned siden
Mc DORCKY!!!!!
Sorina Kryhsu
Sorina Kryhsu Måned siden
Mc DORCKY!!!!!
sarah alencar;
sarah alencar; Måned siden
he looks a LOT like george omalley, seriously he is 100% our bambi
SOR MCMXCIX Måned siden
You might’ve gone to the wrong med school? Lol
Ala’a Atari
Ala’a Atari Måned siden
Kinda knew he'd get Jackson lol
eebots Måned siden
me over here getting george omally, like..... bruhhhh, no
Alissha McCann
Alissha McCann Måned siden
I so called Dr Mike as Jackson Avery! Especially when he started off with the hiking answer!
Alex Tollinche
Alex Tollinche Måned siden
Doctor 🐻Bear would be a Good name you already have a mascot your Beautiful dog Bear.😊
Matthew lebowski
Matthew lebowski Måned siden
The hallowed pajama coincidently train because guarantee impressively disappear unto a abashed frown. alert, reminiscent government
Claire Elphick
Claire Elphick Måned siden
The hanging male unfortunately kick because cancer complimentarily peck than a resonant smell. auspicious, overrated moon
Bella N
Bella N Måned siden
I can totally see him being friends with George ahaha
Isabelle Måned siden
I swear he's literally George, he sounds like George and he acts like George, he just over all reminds me of George, ya know,..well except mike is well...alive
Ayesha Cullen
Ayesha Cullen Måned siden
Is Dr Mike single now?
Myra lyn Thomann
Myra lyn Thomann Måned siden
watch season 5 plis!
シJulia Måned siden
Lies. Dr. Mike’s biggest fear is someone not doing chest compressions.
Monique Salgado
Monique Salgado Måned siden
The more of a dork you are in the videos the more attractive I find you 😂 is that bad?
Alex The ARMY
Alex The ARMY Måned siden
I don't know, but by the choices he made it seems more like Nico to me, you know because of orto
Bella_signora Ruth
Bella_signora Ruth Måned siden
You’d be McHotty 🙈
José Maldonado
José Maldonado Måned siden
And his mom is a doctor and grandpa was the legendary Harper Avery Of the prestigious Award in Medicine
Beth Måned siden
Cough Mcbeewoop cough
Pamela Eberhardt
Pamela Eberhardt Måned siden
My name is Pamela Eberhardt and I approve this message.
SarahNade Måned siden
GREEN!! NOW I CAN MAKE THAT SIM!!! Thank youuuuuuuu
Everything is here
Everything is here Måned siden
Got a question dr. Mike: sometimes when a busy brainstorming something at work or when I am doing something important, if somebody stops by and start talking, I am trying to listen to them but it fells like their speech is blurred (like vision do sometimes), means like I hear it as noise but I can't comprehend it. So I have to leave what I'm doing and concentrate on what they are saying. Is it abnormal
Donald Thahale
Donald Thahale Måned siden
Why do you watch this channel
- augar
- augar Måned siden
For some reason, green eyes often look blue on film. It's not just you. Legal Eagle and Viggo Mortenson have the same thing happen to them.
patricia donald-mcveigh
patricia donald-mcveigh Måned siden
You are George. Sweet, professional, dorky & McGorgeous
Tatyanna Nolan
Tatyanna Nolan Måned siden
"playing beer pong , maybe when i was a kid" WHAAA
Angel Constantino
Angel Constantino Måned siden
04:07 "and it's not I don't enjoy that"
Angel Constantino
Angel Constantino Måned siden
what ever
what ever Måned siden
"Bewoop"what does that mean😂😂😂
Music & Makeup
Music & Makeup Måned siden
I like that shirt and tie combo... super nice 👍🏽
shincinin Samurai
shincinin Samurai Måned siden
install roblox and search hospital life
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher Måned siden
2:46 I strongly suggest that you leave stuff like this out. If the viewer's volume is rather high... I hope you see what I mean. 7:21 It made me chuckle.
jian Måned siden
And you may be happy and same as bear and your future girlfriend
jian Måned siden
You may be happy -
jian Måned siden
Doctor mike try ti get a girfriend and bring bear on the first date
yona rietdijk
yona rietdijk Måned siden
bear is the cutest dog alive.
solomonjunior Abebe
solomonjunior Abebe Måned siden
7:07 people magazine did there thing 😂😂😂
Alexander Måned siden
That iPad is bent.
mi rahdj
mi rahdj Måned siden
Im starting to like you dr mcdorky😅
Keplxr 2 måneder siden
6:53 so you're a *boner* ???
Jenkins Family
Jenkins Family 2 måneder siden
Plot twist: *hes all the doctors*
B o o
B o o 2 måneder siden
React to more Greys anatomy!! Here are some episodes - Derek dies (Season 11 Episode 21) -the bomb episode (Season 2 Episode 17) -Izzy cuts the LVAD wire (Season 2 Episode 22) -the shooting (Season 6 Episode 23) -plane crash (Season 8 Episode 24) -Meredith drowns (Season 3 Episode 16)
claire mary
claire mary 2 måneder siden
catherine carden
catherine carden 2 måneder siden
For some reason I thought he was going to be Gray 😅😅...( the main character not the color)
Nikki van Zanen
Nikki van Zanen 2 måneder siden
Beer was an option on the test! "Love & happiness"
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