Why Does My Eye Twitch? | Responding To Your Comments Ep. 20

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Doctor Mike

2 måneder siden

In this twentieth episode of Responding to Comments, I tackle the age old question of “why the heck does my eye twitch sometimes?” It might not seem like a life or death question, and it’s not, but annoying eye twitches are something every person experiences at one point or another. I also discuss improving your memory, tongue strength, removing warts, cryotherapy, sweat, and whether cranberry juice can actually cure UTIs. Got more questions? Drop them down below and I’ll work them into my next RTC video!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Lolo Powah
Lolo Powah 2 timer siden
okay this might be gross so just skip this comment if needed but.. when i was little like 7-8 i got warts all over my hand. me and my mom tried out bests to get rid of them but they would go away. so we went to the doctor and they took this thing i don't remember but it froze the wart and it went away. but that was only one i didn't wan't to do it again because i was little and everything hurts a bit but ya i know how it feels
Charis F
Charis F 4 timer siden
I love how excited he got about the physical pain/emotional distress question. 😂
TM Musgrove
TM Musgrove 5 timer siden
i had to live with my father again for awhile and my eye began twitching lol
Aaron J
Aaron J 8 timer siden
Over the last few weeks, I've been so stressed out that my body would spike a 99-101⁰F fever for a couple hours. Stress is no joke.
Truckin Healthy
Truckin Healthy 10 timer siden
Clint Eastwood his eye twitches when he's mad
Stxr_stxlla 12 timer siden
Why is the video green for me, when slide the slider thingy it's normal, does anybody know how to stop it?
nathaniel suinan
nathaniel suinan 17 timer siden
The music background to female hosts is perfectly hilarious 😂 GREAT Job @RealDoctorMike
Shadow dragon queen 185 Hamelton
Shadow dragon queen 185 Hamelton 18 timer siden
Why does cryotherapy hurts when in use? My mom used to use this for warts that were appearing on my thumb and feet. It hurts.
BYUtiful 20 timer siden
EMERGENCY I NEED H U G S stat from Doctor Mike 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kalatrava 21 time siden
Is it safe to eat and drink while laying down?
MichioToshiro VG
MichioToshiro VG 23 timer siden
QUESTION: "Is it healthy to workout in a room with the AC on, or in a cold room? I've seen many different answers, so idk."
Christena Washburn
Christena Washburn Dag siden
I just sent in a question about this and voila Dr. Mike anticipated my question 2 months early.
the wolc the best
the wolc the best Dag siden
I had always had this question ever since my mom told me i didnt ever cry at something very sad i only cry when someone yells at me and i dont get why
Taryn Jones
Taryn Jones Dag siden
Why do my braces scratch my gums for about a week after getting them, but after that they suddenly don't scratch my gums anymore?
Galaxy Puppy
Galaxy Puppy Dag siden
Is there a reason why I get scared of thunder storms? Lol probably dumb but just curious😂
Moof De moose
Moof De moose Dag siden
Before you say anything. Cryotherapy. Hurts. Like HELL
Valeria Strode
Valeria Strode Dag siden
Eye.... thought it was funny ...
Bud Gates
Bud Gates Dag siden
Emotions cause physical pain? No wonder i hurt all the time 😅
SavaFiend 76
SavaFiend 76 Dag siden
Hands pruning up fast happens with Reynaud's Syndrome
Natalia Brodeur
Natalia Brodeur Dag siden
I appreciate that you leave some mistakes in. It makes you seem more human
Donald South
Donald South Dag siden
I think the sweat thing also may have to do with humidity. In high humidity the thermoregulation doesn't work as well because the humidity nature of the air inhibits the evaporation of the sweat.
Alicia Marin
Alicia Marin Dag siden
My nurse friend told me to lightly rub the eye twitch location, preferably with the weak ring finger, to stop the twitch. The light rubbing interrupts the nerve signal and stops the twitch. Not a permanent solution, but if you have a twitch driving you batty, this trick helps until you figure how to reduce stress. ☺️
April McPherson-VanRaalte
April McPherson-VanRaalte 2 dager siden
Leading cause of eye twitch..... CHILDREN!
Stan Canadian boy
Stan Canadian boy 2 dager siden
I came here because of eye twitching.I always get like eye rolling or twitching or some kinda eyes tic like that.Idk what to do, my mom even gets angry at me and always keeps telling me how crazy i look while doing it.And yeah it is probably because of phone and games.I really need to start relaxing more but i wanted also to see if there was something else that can help.I feel emberassed going to school even and need to focus a lot so i don't start twitching.I hate it but idk what to do about it
Jim Hearne
Jim Hearne 2 dager siden
Am I strange? I think it is a load of fun to leave the auto-CC feature on for videos in English. Example @ 2:20, Mike asks, "Is this like a philosophical question?" while the closed-captions read "Is this like a full of cervical question?" I don't know about you but I really enjoy the full of cervical questions that life occasionally presents to you. 😜
Christopher Hanley
Christopher Hanley 2 dager siden
Doctor Mike, our adopted daughter had epileptic seizures from early childhood until about age 20, then they stopped. She's now 33 and has to my knowledge, no more seizures. Was this juvenile epilepsy? (She's hesitant to see a doctor.)
Chris Krajec
Chris Krajec 2 dager siden
Sweat does not help lower your temperature when you are in a humid environment. High humidity significantly reduces the thermal regulation that sweating would normally afford in a less humid environment.
Tayla Edwards
Tayla Edwards 2 dager siden
Hi Dr Mike I know from a previous video that blue light can negatively affect your sleep pattern, My friend bought me blue light glasses and I have not used them, is there any evidence showing that these glasses can deflect blue light, or is it a scam
Amama Mubashar
Amama Mubashar 2 dager siden
How to get rid of sweaty hands especially while writing?
Nithya Prince
Nithya Prince 2 dager siden
Please share more of your childhood stories 😬
Suzanne 2 dager siden
Please let me know when you have set up your line of supplements for vitamin deficiency. I'm afraid I might be deficient too 😊
Serafim Valmorbida
Serafim Valmorbida 2 dager siden
About eye twitching… I have, but mostly ‘cause my condition: epilepsy. Let’s talk about it, shall we? What to do and don’t with some poor soul seizing. Detecting a absent crises. ( this is gold to safe words if u r chatting) Stay safe ppl. Peace.
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber 2 dager siden
1:11 My father has a cancer and he will die from it. No chance of survival... (he is really lucky if he live for 1 year) So let's say the last month was pretty... stressful and terrible emotionally... My mother specially... she is physically in really bad and were always unstable emotionally... That add even more to the general stress. (the restaurant I work in is also closed, so even more stress there) I keep having physical pain, specially when I wake up the morning. (I also had nightmares) But yeah... this is only because of the stress. I am sure of that because I used to be insanely stressed when younger and I had that kind of pain all the time. That being said, I keep an eye on that... in case I am wrong and/or that get worst. Obviously, I try to relax and everything but that is not easy. 4:11 Sweating an insanely good ability. A lot of animals (specially those with fur) need to stop and breath to get the heat out. By opposite, sweat is passive, you do it when needed... it is even more efficient when moving. That may not seem a big deal this days, but before, when we had to hunt to survive, that was insanely useful, specially combined with how we walk/run. (our movements are extremely energy efficient.). With those two abilities, that allowed us to hunt for really long period of time... and there is even a strategy in which you just follow the prey until he fell from exhaustion/overheating. (as they can't cooldown properly when running and running take a lot of energy.)
Tarquin Cummerbund
Tarquin Cummerbund 2 dager siden
If your eye tic is accompanied by blurting swear words I may have a diagnosis for you. (Tourette’s)
Tram Nguyen
Tram Nguyen 3 dager siden
Cranberry juice actually work
PuffTheDargon 3 dager siden
I have no idea if this is legit or not. But when i was a kid i had a wart on my foot. We put a bandaid on it and then duct taped it and it dried the wart out completely and it came off in less than a week. My brother got the cryotherapy and it took forever and he had some pain as well. I didnt feel nothing and was gone much faster.
DuvDea Castelen
DuvDea Castelen 3 dager siden
My eye starts twitching the moment I smile and then it takes a while to stop.
Victoria Pena
Victoria Pena 3 dager siden
Never clicked on something faster
Kole Spellman
Kole Spellman 3 dager siden
I sweat exessivly, especially concidering I'm on hormone blockers, so it's not a teenage thing, (I'm 19 so not really a teen any more but) I'm born female but trans, I'm a biological parent to my child, But I sweat alot, like alot alot, to the point my clothing gets visibly wet if I get even slightly warm, but I still sweat even when I'm cold, I can be shivering, teeth chattering, and still have sweat on my brow. It's actually infuriating, is there any way to stop my sweating or to like... Calm it down?
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber 2 dager siden
I suggest you to tell about it to a doctor. There is some antiperspirant that they can give to you to stop it to happen to annoying places, there is creams for that (useful for places like the face) and there is some oral medications.
Lonne Ansekishoku
Lonne Ansekishoku 4 dager siden
Had eye twitching. Was in front of my phone and pc for most of the day. Had relationships issues along with a flood and the pandemic. Used to drink a ton of coffee.
Adrian Smj
Adrian Smj 5 dager siden
I don’t have the eye twitch what I do have is something where I literally lose my sight for some seconds and I’m pretty sure it isn’t normal
OrabitsMadness 5 dager siden
Have had pyelonephritus, in both kidneys, was in hospital for two weeks only released because it was Christmas eve and alot of my relatives are in the medical profession and would be able to tell if I was backsliding. Christmas day was placed in reclining chair and everything was brought to me. All the medical relatives would come check my pulse and temperature once an hour. My water bottle was never empty. Was honestly the sickest I have ever been. On top of feeling extremely unwell I was also in alot of pain I couldn't put any weight on my back. In hospital they gave me a low dose of morphine so that I could sleep. I honestly hadn't realised I had a uti at the time and by the time I realised something was wrong it had already climbed its way up to my kidneys
J 5 dager siden
did the universe know my eye twitched this morning?
Heather Marie Loving
Heather Marie Loving 5 dager siden
Thank you so much for making these videos! I find them informative, funny, and generally uplifting; which is particularly nice for me as I am struggling from an intense breakup where my ex told me on Christmas Eve that he cheated on me with a woman who used to be my roommate and best friend, who also had a stress+drug induced psychotic episode and endangered both her life and the life of my ex just less than 3 months before that. I'm also in the midst of my third major identity and existential crisis in the last 5 years, and I just moved from rainy Oregon to the Sonoran desert in Arizona. I'm also needing to change my insurance from Oregon Health Plan to the local equivalent before I find and establish care, which would be great because I really f*peewoop*ing need a therapist and PCP. I also live with- professionally diagnosed- depression, anxiety, ADHD (medicated and still imparing my daily function in significant ways that I have behaviorally adjusted to), insomnia, bipolar 2 disorder (although I didn't feel like my psychiatrist who diagnosed me as such fully listened to or understood my case, but it is a bit extensive and complicated.) BPD, and PTSD. So that did wonders to trigger my fears of abandonment. *Sarcasm* I live with multiple personalities although they are currently not fronting most of the time now where previously it was a constant chatter of multiple fronting and reacting internally all at the same time. I lost my "chosen family" in the breakup. There's a lot of nuance I'm leaving out, but especially with Covid, I feel incredibly lonely and your videos genuinely help me feel less alone. And it's fun! I spend so much time practicing my different coping mechanisms that I learned in therapy (DBT FTW) to replace my maladaptive techniques, and sometimes I just want to have a little nook in the internet where I can relax and learn something new. Something I want to bring up to my doctor when I eventually find one is possible serotonin (or other "happy chemical") deficiency. I think that could fit amongst my several diagnoses, and especially my diagnosis of partial complex seizures in the inner cortex of my brain by a neurologist when I was 12. That's the other thing I'm curious to bring up with my future doctor. I also recently learned that autism spectrum disorder can present very differently in girls/women than in boys/men that sounded almost exactly like my experience, especially in childhood and high school before I learned techniques to hide or bypass my internal experience, and mimic what I perceive to be as normal. Something I'm going to bring up to my doctor because of information I learned from your channel is whether or not my doctor thinks I might have PCOS/if that's worth looking into. My sister has been diagnosed with it; I've always experience unwanted hair growth in a male pattern since puberty, have struggled with acne, and I've always had irregular and heavy periods that had big mood shifts. First I was told it was because I was young and would probably become regular as I got older- it didn't- then I was told after I become sexually active it should regulate itself. It sort of did, but not really by much. I had a copper IUD inserted 3 years ago, and now my periods are fairly regular, but they last SO LONG. (Average is 10-12 days primarily light flow, then very heavy for the last 2-4 days, cycle lasts about 22-28 days at a time.) There's a lot out of whack for me right now. I'm doing my best, and I so deeply appreciate the fun, positive, reality/data driven educational content you create. :) Also, after visiting a lot of doctors, including a variety of specialists, without being able to find a treatment plan effective in raising my baseline to something where I can function at a level which I am self sufficient for meeting my own basic needs and/or creating a life I consistently enjoy living in, hearing your perspective renews my faith in doctors and western/holistic medicine. :)
TheLlamacraft 5 dager siden
You haven’t had your dose of HUGS yet But you wiiiiiiiill
YashasviK29 6 dager siden
It was funny
Sara Kindred
Sara Kindred 6 dager siden
If you've been diagnosed with epilepsy and you know your triggers and are being medicated to the point you're considered controlled, what should you do if you start having a lot of seizures out of the blue that aren't via your normal triggers and you can't understand anything that your neurologist says because his accent is so thick? Mine is Korean. He literally won't tell his patients his last name because he says we wouldn't be able to pronounce it if we knew it. So he has all his patients call him by his first name. We literally call him doctor Jo. Another part that is so hard is not being able to afford insurance because I can't keep a job. What should I do?
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones 6 dager siden
The tongue video! 😅😅😅😅
ツ Ranboba ツ
ツ Ranboba ツ 7 dager siden
question: why when i read for too long, (fine lighting and nothing that would interfere) there’s always a small light thing , the thing that shows up when you close your eyes tightly, that decides that it wants to ruin my day and hide the sentence that i was reading?
J Denavardez
J Denavardez 7 dager siden
Why do I get hives or itchiness and a slight burning on my skin after sweating after a workout? I've actually wondered if I could be allergic to my own sweat.
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber 2 dager siden
I also do that sometime. Apparently, they are not sure why... That may be a reaction to heat... but yes, a light allergic reaction of your sweat is also in the list of possibility.
Carlo Hernandez
Carlo Hernandez 8 dager siden
Doctor Mike Good day! I have a question. My friend he said that his sensation is feeling dripping water on his skin. What kind of disease or disorder? Thanks for answering.
Sara Emily Yy
Sara Emily Yy 8 dager siden
Hey doctor mike I was wondering why is it when I get up my head is dizzy and I lose vision for a few seconds
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber 2 dager siden
Did you checked your arterial pressure?
akiru300 9 dager siden
"Appreciate the moisture that leaves your body" I... I can't...🤣
Fathimath Laisha
Fathimath Laisha 9 dager siden
My eye twitch only at night Is there anything I could do 😥😥😥
XDSDDLord 9 dager siden
If someone has a child with diagnosed epilepsy that causes seizures at night, but they refuse to give them medication because they went to a homeopath and they told them their blood cold and they are forcing their child to drink a disgusting tea instead, should you call child protective services?
Naja Berthelsen
Naja Berthelsen 10 dager siden
It's not because "we like natural remedies", it just friggin' hurts and we just hope that something more quick than calling the doctor, waiting for the appointment, give urin to someone (which seems so disgusting and contratictory to natural responses) and then, either get told 'try drinking more fluids' and/or wait for answers before it can be treated, that gives hope that we can drink something that can help UTI.. 😅
Skooma Gnark
Skooma Gnark 10 dager siden
the problem is WHERE you sweat the most :X there are places you dont need to sweat but you do xD
Jade A.
Jade A. 11 dager siden
Whats the video about mind and body connection?
WizNitro 07
WizNitro 07 11 dager siden
Using diluted HCL or HCOOH on warts make it pus out and you'll see results in 2 days and complete healing in a week , tried and tested.
John Cline
John Cline 11 dager siden
Evve C
Evve C 12 dager siden
Question: What exactly causes dry eyes except for age? Im a 18 year old healthy woman with diagnosed chronic dry eyes. I got it diagnosed 5 years ago and I have also had my cornea ruptured because of it. I know for a fact that its not caused by looking at screens, but looking at them now does make it worse and i cant do it for long. Not fun :(
Cole L
Cole L 12 dager siden
What’s the best way to break a caffeine addiction?
A. Koenigs
A. Koenigs 12 dager siden
Question: How is it that I am generally unaffected by industrial bleach while my boss has to leave the building when I'm working on the peristaltic pumps? And also what long term effects can be expected?
ayna omerson
ayna omerson 12 dager siden
Doctor I personally love your videos it gives me motivation for becoming a doctor I wanted to ask that why does your stomach fill so fast after fasting and can please make a video of best workout for belly fat
Oscar A De Aza
Oscar A De Aza 12 dager siden
Making a paper mustache that makes you look cuter as a child.
Brandon Poynter
Brandon Poynter 13 dager siden
My name is Tristen
Hazel Nuts
Hazel Nuts 13 dager siden
That one Indian dude whose parents taught him to drink water while sitting down and not while standing up. Trying to bust this gigantic myth.
Art Generation Studio
Art Generation Studio 13 dager siden
Dr.Mike's new iconic line: *USE IT OR YOU LOSE IT*
Lana Mack
Lana Mack 14 dager siden
I used to have (painful) warts on the soles of my feet. I had them cut out, frozen off, lasered off. They always came back in no time until ... until ... I left my abusive husband. Then they just disappeared.
Artam Studio
Artam Studio 18 timer siden
There ya go, that mind-body connection...
shi 14 dager siden
How do you know if someone has soft or hard drusen coming from someone who has it and wasn't diagnosed until 14
Cheyenne Washington
Cheyenne Washington 15 dager siden
But fr how to make my tongue thin bc its width has given me a lisp since I could talk
Stephen Bough
Stephen Bough 15 dager siden
Question: I sweat a lot, especially when I work out. I can play basketball for 5 minuets and be soaked in sweat. Is there any way to sweat less?
PJ Sin
PJ Sin 15 dager siden
I left an unpeeled to develop the social work program for my doctor's office. It did not work out, and I lost confidence in doctors I'm so blessed I found a doctor I really like and respect. And I found your channel tonight. You guys are one of those same. Keep up the bedside manner!. That means everything
TenTonNuke 15 dager siden
Did he say a 400 mg caffeine cup of coffee was bad? I drink about 800 mg of caffeine in energy drinks BEFORE I then drink an entire pot of coffee. I do this five days a week at work.
Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam
Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam 15 dager siden
The Today Show joke was cute. You can't go by the reactions of Kathie Lee or Hoda Kotb. Kathie Lee is so up her own booty that she hasn't inhaled fresh air since 1992, and I am 89.466% sure Hoda is a semi-sentient mannequin from Lane Bryant. 🤷
Sarcastic slob
Sarcastic slob 16 dager siden
How i got a good memory? I don't remember
Henry Emerson
Henry Emerson 16 dager siden
"because i am dead inside" always have a positive mindset no matter how bad things are and talk to people and open yourself up as that is one of the best ways to deal with stress / depression
Francisca Morais
Francisca Morais 16 dager siden
4:34 FRIENDS😃😂
Bebo Chohan
Bebo Chohan 17 dager siden
its only been 8 secs and i am already laughing
stareye8 17 dager siden
What a handsome doctor. :)
Justice Graceful
Justice Graceful 18 dager siden
That joke was hilarious, they've all just had so much plastic surgery their facial features are unable to express any form of joy or agony.
Justice Graceful
Justice Graceful 18 dager siden
That joke was hilarious, they just had no sense of humor. Those were some stuck up bitches.
Justice Graceful
Justice Graceful 18 dager siden
That joke was hilarious, they just had no sense of humor. Those were some stuck up bitches.
Tana Gill
Tana Gill 18 dager siden
I hope this comment gets seen, I've been wanting to ask you these questions since I started watching your videos! 1. Can swallowing saliva be dangerous to our guts? 2. What is Angular Cheilitis and how do you get rid of it? (I think it's what I have, had it for 5 months and my doctor doesn't seem concerned, just told me to use vaseline but it hasn't worked) 3. Can high blood pressure/hypertension be cured once you've been diagnosed? 4. Why do I get phantom pains 5 years after my gallbladder has already been removed? Thank you!
Siegfried Sieger
Siegfried Sieger 18 dager siden
It was funny. Those dumb hens just didn't have humour. :)
DasObscure 18 dager siden
Is it just me or does Mike intentionally try driving his raving fangirls insane with suggestive physical jokes in his videos 😂
DasObscure 18 dager siden
If you eat a lot your tongue gets a lot of exercise...so if you're fat, you can always comfort yourself with the fact that your tongue is in Olympics shape!
JackJuggernaut 18 dager siden
Memorize the whole chapter?? In 3rd grade?? That seems kinda cruel ngl.
Princess Rosalina
Princess Rosalina 18 dager siden
People: *Are developing physical symptoms due to the stress and emotional distress of lockdown* Me: *Has been completely immune to any form of emotional or physical ailments from lockdown because of severe depression for over nine years* ‘Ayy~ It’s paid off!’
unrealillusory 18 dager siden
unrealillusory 18 dager siden
does pineapple and cranberry juice make your down there smell better
Peyton Teague
Peyton Teague 18 dager siden
Most people i don’t think realize that the question “to be or not to be” is actually the question of living or dying. Hamlet is actually deciding if he wants to commit suicide or not when he ponders this question😬😂
Daniella Boye
Daniella Boye 19 dager siden
My obgyn told me to take cranberry pills because I get frequent UTIs. Should I not even waste money on it?
Crackhead Kenma Kozume
Crackhead Kenma Kozume 19 dager siden
NervousBunnyGaming 19 dager siden
Mistake making this NOwindow channel cause now everyone is gonna want you as their pediatrician.
Myki Adama
Myki Adama 20 dager siden
"It's thermo-regulation" *Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song starts playing*
dread 20 dager siden
1.Near black outs like not blacking out but very close and the duration 1 to 2 seconds 2.somehow always tired
Tetrahy Drocannaboi
Tetrahy Drocannaboi 20 dager siden
Harry potter is a doc? Sweet
Jess Humphreys
Jess Humphreys 20 dager siden
Question: "I'm only 22, why does my knee and my ankle ache when it's about to rain and while it's raining?"
JackJuggernaut 18 dager siden
I’m not a doctor, but “barometric pressure headaches” are a real thing. Just before a storm, the atmospheric pressure drops and many people experience this change of pressure in their sinuses, resulting in the sensation of a headache. Perhaps the same principle is at play in your joints? I can pop my knee and ankle. This indicates that nitrogen gas can build up in those joints. (The cracks/pops you here in joints is that gas escaping) My unscientific theory is that you have nitrogen gas in those joints that expands when the atmospheric pressure drops before a storm, leading to an achey internal pressure. A test for this hypothesis would be to try popping those joints next time you experience those aches.
kripa A
kripa A 22 dager siden
Why are you soooo cute 😍;(
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